Me and Ojou-sama - Vol 1 Chapter 1

Vol 1 Chapter 1

Missere Meow here

Is this a pure love story you ask?


Do you even trust me?

The first time I met with Harukawa Kotono、goes back to the first grade of Elementary school。

In the cla.s.sroom that I entered after finis.h.i.+ng the opening ceremony、she was sitting next to my seat。

I’m Nukui。She’s Harukawa。

If Negis.h.i.+-san was beside me or if Hara-san who is in front of her then I would have not been able to seat next to her。Only by just a mere chance would just be enough to decide one person’s fate。

My parents wore a business like attire at the new opening ceremony and I beat my chest at my new exciting school life。

Furthermore、the girl by my side was as cute as a doll and my heart was going wild with a *DokiDoki* sound while I’m just sitting here。

With her skin that whiteness、rosy red cheeks and bright chestnut colored long hair。

It was not only me。All of the people in the cla.s.sroom including even the teacher was nervous from her beauty。

My parents and other guardians were lined up behind the cla.s.sroom and the remarkable looking people surrounded by normal looking people were definitely Kotono’s parents。

That handsome and beautiful couple were waving at their beautiful daughter that looked back at them。

――So our children are seatmates。Though she is a spoiled kid、please continue your favors toward our daughter。

My parents bowed their heads to the Harukawa couple when they said that since they were quite grateful。

I wasn’t aware of the fact that they were from a distinguished family from old times that had a Harukawa group of companies that were extremely earth shatteringly rich so I really didn’t understand why my parents were so 。


「People who really have a good pedigree really have a good att.i.tude after all。It’s a good thing that they are openhearted」

「She’s truly a beautiful girl。I was really surprised」

「I heard that her mother has the blood of an aristocrat from Sweden。She’s exactly a genuine princess」

On the way back、the conversation of my parents can be heard even by me which is what I did。

About Harukawa Kotono being a princess。

About her being a person which is worlds away from me in standing wise。

Even if I become friends with her as seatmates but she would someday return above the clouds to he castle。It was like she was princess Kaguya that I read in books。


If Harukawa Kotone was a gentle kind child、if she wasn’t selfish、if she followed what the teachers said or if she a.s.sociated with other people in the school in her school life then I wouldn’t have been able to become so intimate with her so much。

Though we fairly had a fast conversation between us but I’m not sure if she remembered my name。

And thus、she became so spoiled that she didn’t follow what the teachers say and she didn’t even have any consideration towards her cla.s.smates。

Sarcastically speaking, I didn’t want to advance my friends.h.i.+p with her any further。

Harukawa Kotono、in every sense、is a child that is outside of my a.s.sumption。