Martial Peak - Chapter 5855: A Fierce Battle

Chapter 5855: A Fierce Battle

Chapter 5855: A Fierce Battle

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At the Barren Territory, the battle was still ongoing.

This used to be a battlefield where four Giant Spirit G.o.ds fought in pairs, and others found it hard to interfere with their violent battle; however at this moment, several figures were working together with Ah Da to surround and attack a Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d. Those figures were the Ninth-Order Masters led by Yang Kai.

There was Xiang Shan, Ou Yang Lie, Wei Jun Yang, Luo Ting He, Xiao Xiao, and even Wu Qing, who had been guarding the Shattered Heaven Territory Gate.

Since the war in the 3,000 Worlds had basically ended, the Human Race Armies were dispersed into Divisions to hunt down and eliminate the remnants of the Black Ink Clan; therefore, it was just a matter of time before they could reclaim their lost land.

Among the challenges the Humans now had to face, the first would be how they would retake the No-Return Pa.s.s.

If they wanted to recapture the No-Return Pa.s.s, the first issue they had to deal with was the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds in the Barren Territory. That was why Yang Kai immediately contacted the other Ninth-Order Masters after handing over Pure Yang Pa.s.s and the resources he took from the Black Ink Clan to Mi Jing Lun and came straight over to the Barren Territory to join the battle.

Every Giant Spirit G.o.d was exceedingly powerful. In terms of combat strength, each Giant Spirit G.o.d had power that exceeded Ninth-Order Masters and Royal Lords by a wide margin. Up until now, the Humans only had one successful attempt at killing a Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, which was back when the Black Ink Clan invaded the Barren Territory for the first time, and even that was only accomplished with a.s.sistance from Ah Er.

Whats more, back then, the Humans had many more top Masters. There were dozens of Ninth-Order Masters and the leaders of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, as well as many other powerful Divine Spirits.

Even with such a lineup, they had paid a huge price to kill that Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, with several Ninth-Order Masters dying in the battle.

Although the Human Race had far more Eight-Order Masters now, there werent nearly as many Ninth-Order Masters; therefore, this battle wasnt to kill the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d.

Yang Kai only wanted to gauge how powerful a Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d was!

In the past, he wasnt qualified to fight with such existences. Now that he was a Ninth-Order Master, he had the qualifications to do so. Being one of the current top combat forces, Yang Kai had to know the difference between his opponents strength and his own to plan for the future.

Dao Strength surged and the s.p.a.ce-Time River swirled as a figure flickered about. Even though they had Ah Da helping them distract the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, the several Ninth-Order Masters still werent at an advantage.

Their opponents attacks were extremely simple, but the raw strength behind them was more than enough to overcome any difference in skill or method. It could take on all the Ninth-Order Masters continuous attacks, but the Ninth-Order Masters couldnt ignore a single one of its strikes.

Fortunately, every one of the Ninth-Order Masters present was a veteran of thousands of battles, which was why no one had been hurt yet.

All the new Ninth-Order Masters now experienced the pressure the Old Ancestors felt back then. Back then, Ah Da had not been around, so the Old Ancestors had to face such a being on their own. The Old Ancestors bravely fought that humongous thing, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

Black Ink Strength surged again and Ou Yang Lie, who was closest to the front, was sent flying. His arms blocking the attack shook uncontrollably while a trace of fresh blood seeped out of the corner of his lips.

Even though he was sent flying, he managed to work with the other Ninth-Order Masters to contain the enemy.

Having noticed such a good opportunity, Yang Kai summoned the Great Sun and Moon Marks. A bright light was released, transforming into a Great Sun that enveloped the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d.

The white light only appeared briefly before it was dispelled by dense Black ink Strength and vanis.h.i.+ng without a trace.

This move did manage to injure the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, but it didnt cause any substantial damage to it.

Without giving the enemy a chance to recover, Yang Kai stepped forward and arrived on top of the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d. The next moment, he summoned the Azure Dragon Spear. While the s.p.a.ce-Time River swirled around the spear, Yang Kais figure also began spinning like a top.

A loud Dragon Roar sounded as Yang Kai merged with his spear, transforming into a bright beam of light and shooting down at the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds forehead. Afterwards, black blood spurting out of the spot Yang Kais spear landed.

The Dao Strengths acc.u.mulated inside the s.p.a.ce-Time River increased the force of the spear attack to the extreme, creating a terrifying attack that would pierce a hole in the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds head if it didnt react in time. Feeling the sharp pain, the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d roared in anger before slapping its large palm on its head like it was swatting an annoying fly.

How could the group of Ninth-Order Masters let that happen, though? While the Dao Strengths gradually dispersed, several Secret Techniques were sent out, forming a kind of restraint that bound the Black ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds raised arm. However, those restraints failed to work because its raised hand was still swinging at an unstoppable speed.

At that crucial moment, Ah Da suddenly made a move and lunged at the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, grabbing its shoulder and locking it in place while letting the palm land on his own body like raindrops.

*Hong Hong Hong*

The Universe shook and the Void split. Ah Das body trembled from the beating, and he couldnt help but let go.

Hou! The Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d roared madly.

When the other Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d noticed this situation, it didnt bother with its own enemy and quickly abandoned Ah Er before charging towards its companion.

Even though Ah Er wanted to stop it, he couldnt react in time.

The next moment, the second Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds arrived on this part of the battlefield. The enormous creature came cras.h.i.+ng over without any extra actions and sent Ah Da and his companions flying.

All the Ninth-Order Masters were sent tumbling under the violent attack, and each flew out in different directions. All of them felt helpless as they had no way of dealing with such a savage rescue method.

When they finally found their footing and looked over, they saw the two Black Ink Spirit G.o.ds had taken the chance to escape towards the Territory Gate and even send Ah Da flying out on the way.

Trying to escape? Xiang Shan coldly snorted before chasing after them, followed by the rest of the Ninth-Order Masters.

Again, Yang Kai took one step forward and arrived before the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds. When the second Black Ink Spirit G.o.d arrived earlier, he was sent flying out. Since his killing technique was interrupted halfway, his vitality was now messed up, and his complexion seemed pale.

When facing the two incoming humongous beings, Yang Kai didnt hesitate to use his Dragon Transform to a.s.sume his 100,000-metre Dragon Form.

Even after transforming into his Dragon Form though, he was still incomparable in size to the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds, which showed just how enormous these two were.

The Divine Dragon swept his tail and used his body to block the way, but the two opponents instantly broke through his blockade, sending the huge Dragon flying once more.

Once Yang Kai steadied himself, he saw that the two Black Ink Spirit G.o.ds had arrived before the Territory Gate. One of them placed its hand on the Territory Gate and madly released its Black Ink Strength. Then, a slight crack appeared on the sealed Territory Gate.

As for the other Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, it stood before its companion and took on all the Ninth-Order Masters attacks. Meanwhile, Ah Da and Ah Er also attacked from both sides and began throwing punches and kicks at it, causing s.p.a.ce to warp and tremble.

If ordinary Masters encountered such a violent storm of attacks, they would have been rendered a blood mist, but the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds werent ordinary by any definition. Even though it was in a disadvantageous state, it wasnt life-threatening.

By the time Yang Kai arrived, the sealed Territory Gate already had a hole in it, and through it was a vague image of the No-Return Pa.s.s on the other side.

Right then, the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds bodies quickly shrank. They ignored the attacks from all directions and entered the Territory Gate one after another.

On the other side, the No-Return Pa.s.s clearly felt the movement and Mo Na Ye and Mu Yu hurriedly led the many Black Ink Clan Masters over to help.

Ah Da and Ah Ers bodies were also beginning to shrink, as they clearly wanted to chase after the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds.

Though Giant Spirit G.o.ds were mighty, they didnt have high sentience, so they couldnt stand the idea of letting their enemies run away, especially Ah Er, who had been fighting his opponent for thousands of years.

Fl.u.s.tered, Yang Kai dashed over and stopped them.

After some time persuading them, he managed to calm Ah Da and Ah Er down. He then turned around and looked through the swirling Territory Gate to stare at the many Black Ink Clansmen.

Mo Na Ye opened his mouth and briefly said something, and though Yang Kai couldnt hear what he was saying, he knew without having to think about it that it was some sort of provocation.

Ignoring him, Yang Kai glanced at them momentarily before using s.p.a.ce Principles to re-seal the Territory Gate. Sealing the Territory Gate wasnt much use, but it was better than not sealing it.

The battle ended just like that.

The ones partic.i.p.ating in this fight were the strongest Masters from both sides, and the Humans had even sent out all the Ninth-Order Masters they could. Although they managed to force the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds back to the No-Return Pa.s.s, they didnt achieve any substantial victory.

However, this experience was enough because Yang Kai never intended to do anything to the two Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds today. With the Human Races current strength, they couldnt kill such a being, so forcing it to retreat was their only goal.

Now that all of the Black Ink Clans forces had gathered inside the No-Return Pa.s.s, the Humans would only have to deal with one target in the future, which made their goal even clearer.

But Ou Yang Lie felt discouraged and spoke up after a while, How did the Old Ancestors manage to kill such a thing back then?

Ou Yang Lie didnt partic.i.p.ate in the battle at the No-Return Pa.s.s either because he was separated from the Great Evolution Army back then while retreating. Many of the soldiers retreated to the No-Return Pa.s.s while Xiao Xiao covered for them back then, but some, like Ou Yang Lie, became remnants of the army, forced to hide on the Black Ink Battlefield. In the end, Yang Kai returned from deep within the Black Ink Battlefield, gathered them to attack the No-Return Pa.s.s, and killed their way into the Barren Territory.

It wasnt strange that Ou Yang Lie would feel discouraged because after becoming a Ninth-Order Master, even if he wasnt invincible, he was at least one of the strongest Humans alive. It wouldnt be a problem for him to beat up a few Pseudo-Royal Lords, but after todays battle with the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, he thought that being a Ninth-Order Master seemed like nothing.

Wu Qing said, They were quite lucky back then. The Black Ink Clan had already decided to sacrifice that Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, which is how they were able to take it down. Whats more, several Ninth-Order Masters died in that battle.

We still dont have enough Ninth-Order Masters, Xiang Shan frowned. At this point, the Humans only had eight Ninth-Order Masters that could be deployed, including Mi Jing Lun. Such a lineup of Ninth-Order Masters was nothing compared to the lineup from back then.

But it was already difficult for Humans to become Ninth-Order Masters, and it had taken over 100,000 years of acc.u.mulation to achieve the glorious lineup of over 100 Ninth-Order Old Ancestors on the Black Ink Battlefield. No one knew how long it would take for them to return to such glory.

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