Magi Craft Meister - Chapter 607

Chapter 607

Chapter 607

Magi Craft Meister 607

18 Further Progress Arc

18-27 Presents

The morning of October 29th had arrived with good weather.

Ah, I slept like a baby.

Good morning, Father.

Oh, Reiko, good morning.

After a big stretch, Jin got up from his futon. Since he hadnt brought any pajamas, he had slept in his underwear. He quickly put on his clothes and headed to the washroom.

Then I will prepare breakfast.

Reiko promptly headed to the kitchen.

Maybe I slept so well because I got so tired yesterday

For Jin, remodeling an entire house was more immersive and tiring work than repairing ancient Golems.

Good morning, Brother Jin.

Oh, good morning.

Elsa was already up as well, so she joined Jin at the washroom and washed her face alongside him. Then she realized she hadnt brought a towel with her, so she had no choice but to use the Engineering Magic spell Heat and the Wind Magic spell Breeze in order to dry her face.

We could make a hot air dryer with those spells

Jin and Elsa headed to the kitchen while thinking about new Magic Tools for daily life they could create.

Since they hadnt bought any groceries yet, Reiko had prepared bread, citran marmalade, bean soup, bacon and eggs, salad, and fruit juice using the ingredients Laojun had sent over from Hourai Island.

This breakfast made both Jin and Elsa feel at home.

What are you doing today, Brother Jin?

Elsa asked this while sipping fruit juice.

Well, Im thinking of calling Barrow and Belle over, and Hanna as well.

Elsa put down her cup after emptying it.

In that case, we should have a place in this estate where you can land your blimp.

Ah, thats for sure. If I were to prepare such a place

It would have to be on the roof

, Jin thought.

Should I take the existing roof apart and build a terrace? Or maybe just turn it into a proper rooftop?

After thinking about it for a moment, Jin decided to build a proper rooftop.

Anyway, we ought to get permission for aerial departures and arrivals first

Jin had to go to the Imperial Palace soon to get his blimp back, so he planned to take that opportunity to get that permission as well.

Ive been thinking about making an


Magic Tool to offer as a present as well.

Jin thought that this would make for a fine present, as it could be indispensable for the royal family and government officials.

He then immediately had some Magi Crystals sent over from Hourai Island.

Elsa, what shape do you think is best? A ring? A bracelet? A pendant?

Elsa thought about it for a brief moment before replying.

When it comes to detoxification, I think its better to have it closer to the center of the body. So a bracelet would be better than a ring. And a necklace would be even better than a bracelet.

I see. So a pendant would be better.

Jin then went on about how he would have to show the Empress and the other officials how to use this Magic Tool, as well as making the chain adjustable so that it would fit perfectly right in front of the users chest.

Yeah, that sounds good. The chain should be Mithril silver

Alright. Ill leave the design to you, Elsa. Ill be making the chain.

After having some Mithril silver sent over as well, Jin made the chain for the necklace. It was designed like a Kihei chain, which was a chain made with regular links that had been twisted 90 degrees and flattened.

Even Jin knew about this type of chain.

Since pure Mithril silver was rather flimsy, he made 925 Mithril silver instead, which had copper mixed in. This was the same material Jin used for the dagger he gave Elsa for her birthday.

He started by making an ordinary necklace chain, and then manually twisted and flattened each of its links. Elsa was surprised to see that the chain Jin was making was about 10 meters long.

What are you going to do with such a long chain?

Well, Im making enough chains for at least 10 pendants.

Elsa was even more shocked by that remark.

Brother Jin, first of all, its important to make this a gift to Her Majesty. What Im trying to say is that it should be a single item. That would emphasize its value.

Elsa told Jin that that would be the value of something made by the Magi Craft Meister.

I see

Having understood Elsas advice, Jin nodded obediently.

But I cant let this go to waste now, right? I could make a pendant for you, Elsa, and for Mine, Martha, Hanna, Saki, Stearleana, Vivian And Ah, yes, Beana and Lithia.

Elsas eyebrows twitched when Lithias name was mentioned.

Once again I realize that youre just that kind of person, Brother Jin.


It seemed that Jin couldnt hear what Elsa had just muttered after a weak sigh.

Anyway, the first thing to do is to finish this particular present.

Got it.

At Elsas suggestion, they decided to make a diamond-shaped pedestal for the pendant with Mithril silver and inserted the processed Magi Crystal into it.

At 9 AM, Jin and Elsa headed for the Imperial Palace, carrying their present with them.

The Magi Craft Meister, Jin Nidou, was already a celebrity, so he was instantly allowed into the palaces waiting room.

Elsa and Reiko, who were always seen with him, were also well known, so they were let through as well.

Then, after a nearly 20-minute wait

Ah, Jin, to what do I owe the honor?

Just when Jin and Elsa were thinking that it would be nice to see the Chancellor, they were let into the Empresss office instead.

If the Magi Craft Meister has something to say, well always be here to listen.

The Chancellor was sitting right next to the Empress, but seemed to be a bit tired, so Jin pretended not to notice that and instead started talking about the purpose of his visit.

A detoxifying Magic Tool That sounds wonderful!

Elsa designed it, and I made it.

Jin presented the pendant, which they had put it in a box made of black wood similar to ebony.

So if I put this on, I can protect myself from toxins?

Yes. Even just wearing it has a light effect. For example, you cant get sick after drinking if youre wearing this

Jin then proceeded to explain the pendants effects in detail.

So, for example, if youre wearing this, even if you were to drink a deadly poison, you wont collapse right away. Its pa.s.sive effect will allow you to perform basic functions for a short period of time, so youll be able to activate it even in that scenario.

The goal behind making it like that was that, if one were to try to activate the pendant after the poison has taken effect, it might be too late.

If you ever feel like something strange is going on in your body, just press the pendant to activate it.

The fact that one could become unable to speak due to the effects of poison was also taken into account.

Thanks to its light detoxification pa.s.sive effect, I believe its unlikely that your hands will become paralyzed under such circ.u.mstances.

Jin also added that activating the pendant by mistake would have no adverse effects on the body.

Thank you, Jin. I appreciate it very much.

The Empress received the pendant with a smile

So, is that it? Dont you have a favor to ask me?

then showed her perceptiveness.

Ah, yes. Theres a permission Id like to get from you

Jin then explained that he wanted to set up a blimp landing spot on the roof of the residence he had been given.

I see What do you think, Chancellor? Can we do that?

After thinking it over, the Empress asked the Chancellor for his opinion.

Yes, Your Majesty, indeed. I believe it would be a good idea to have Sir Jin Nidou set a precedent here. In the future, people may own hot air balloons of their own, and it would be good to be able to issue such permissions to them as well.

In other words, the Chancellor wanted to set Jin as an example to create the first draft of such permissions and use it as a reference for the future.

Thank you for your prompt permission.

Jin thanked them, then left. As expected, the Empress didnt have time for idle talk.

You did it, Brother Jin!

Ah, but it was all thanks to you, Elsa.

Jin, Elsa, and Reiko triumphantly arrived at the blimps mooring, holding a piece of parchment with the details of the permission written on it.

Reiko, tell the Smiths that we left on standby to start working.


Since Jin already knew that he was very likely to get that permission from the Empress, he had already made preparations in advance to get the renovations going as soon as possible.

The 10 Smiths received Reikos call and immediately began remodeling.

The production capacity of the Smith Golems was about a tenth of Jins. But that didnt mean that 10 Smiths would be the same as 1 Jin.

The numeric advantage allowed them to work on dismantling the roof, removing the dismantled roof, redevelopment of the attic, construction of the new roof, and the preparation of the blimps parking ap.r.o.n at roughly the same time.

Even omitting the detailed work, to be able to divide so many processes was extremely convenient.

The entire renovation work would be already completed by the time Jin and Elsa left Magiroots Village after picking up Barrow and Belle.

The distance between the capital Loizart to Magiroots Village was about 130 kilometers.

Jin headed for Magiroots Village in a high-alt.i.tude flight, trying to spend the least amount of time possible. Once he wanted to get something done, Jin would get impatient like this.

They reached the village in less than an hour. There was no surprise in the villagers eyes this time, they just looked at the approaching blimp with curiosity.

Welcome, Lord Jin.

After landing in a vacant lot on the outskirts of the village, the village chief welcomed Jin and Elsa.

What can I do for you today?

We just came to pick up Barrow and Belle.

Jin explained that he thought it was time they got back to work.

As long as they continue to work, thats only natural. Please take good care of them.

After saying that, the village chief bowed to Jin.