Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable - Chapter 849: Power Of Spiritual Essence

Chapter 849: Power Of Spiritual Essence

Chapter 849: Power Of Spiritual Essence

Earths core.

It had an extremely hot environment with magma flowing everywhere.

This was similar to the river of fire described in the depths of h.e.l.l.

Luo Tian and the other four landed on a huge rock. Looking at the world of magma, his face darkened as he said to himself: The earths core molten rocks Based on what Mount Huas progenitor said, Devil Monarch Veil should be somewhere around the level of molten rocks. What will appear here at this level though?

Luo Tian opened up the system interface and didnt see any alert messages. There werent any updates to the quest, rankings, or the usual alert that the system was going to obliterate him in a certain amount of time.

The system interface acted like nothing special had happened.

Its so hot!

This is the earths core? Fatty Lei flicked off the sweat covering his bald head. The demon Buddha image on the top of his head had turned even redder than usual as if it was about to burst out.

Xuanyuan Yi said: There arent any aura fluctuations in the area so theres no one around. Boss, what are we doing here?

Thats right, what are we supposed to do here? asked Blindman Liu.

Wild Blade looked at Luo Tian wondering why he had to enter the earths core.

It wasnt just them. Luo Tian also didnt know what he had to do right now. He glanced around the area and replied: I really dont know what I need to do right now but you guys need to be careful. This place is definitely more dangerous than the Geocentric Tower.

The second part of an ultimate quest is definitely more dangerous than the first part.

Everyone nodded.

Luo Tian lightly exhaled before saying: Lets go deeper and take a look.

Since they were here, they might as well beat this first level.


Luo Tians figure blurred and instantly appeared on another large rock a few hundred meters away. Below the rock was bubbling magma that could easily take a normal persons life away.

It was still a bit unbearable for a person like him at the Profound G.o.d Sovereign 9th rank. If he happens to fall down accidentally, most likely even his bones wouldnt be left behind.

Everyone just looked at Luo Tian for directions.

Half an hour later.

Luo Tian and the others had gone deeper into the earths core. The surrounding area hadnt changed much. Apart from the heat from the molten magma, there wasnt anything else.

Luo Tian became depressed, Why is it like this? Logically, there should be at least some demonic beasts appearing. Could it be that this level is empty and all I have to do is find an exit? It cant be that easy, can it?

The system still didnt give him any alerts.

There were no demonic beasts or humanoids. Whats going on here?

Luo Tian was utterly baffled at this point.

He didnt continue going forward and paused to think.

Fatty Lei cleared his throat and yelled out: Is there anyone here?! If there are no humans around, at least have a ghost come out! Your granny! Come out here and let me see anything!

Luo Tian jumped from the yell, You stupid fatty, can you lower your d.a.m.n voice?!

Boss, weve been here for so long yet theres nothing here. They have all said that the Geocentric Tower was dangerous but the earths core was even more dangerous. But theres not even a ghost here now so wheres the danger? Fatty Lei grinned. He was hoping that a bunch of people would come out right now so he would have a good fight. Now that would be fun for him right now.

This was the same thought the other three had.

They were kind of irritated since there werent any battles to fight.

They wanted to brave dangers with Luo Tian since this was the excitement they craved for.

Fatty Leis scream was like a ghosts wail that constantly echoed throughout the place. There was still silence and not a breath of aura fluctuation. If there were demonic beasts here, they would certainly be woken up and have killed their way over now.

This meant the place really didnt have anything.

Luo Tian frowned as he muttered: This earths core is considered the second level while the molten rocks is the third level. If this second level really doesnt have anything, then we can only search for the exit to the third level.

Fatty Lei scratched his head, Boss, could they be underneath the magma?


Luo Tian was faintly stunned by those words.

Fatty Lei immediately continued saying: Im afraid that even a great perfection Profound G.o.d Sovereign expert may not dare to enter the magma recklessly. The exit cant be located under the magma, right?

How could they exit this level if the exit was really under the magma?

There was no easy way to go to the third level if thats the case.

How can they kill Devil Monarch Veil if they cant go there?

Luo Tians expression changed as he said to himself: We have been paying attention to the surface of the magma and havent seen anything. Since they arent on the surface, then its only logical that they are underneath.

Luo Tian looked at the magma below and said: You guys wait here. Ill go down first.

Boss, this is the magma from the earths core. Can your cultivation handle it? Fatty Lei asked with unease.

Luo Tian replied: I should be able to handle it. Even if I cant handle it, I should be able to escape with my life. Theres no need for you guys to worry. Without my command, you guys cannot go into it. Uncle Wild Blade, please watch those three for me.

Wild Blade nodded, Dont worry, if you dont come back, I will bring them all down there to look for you.


You guys

Luo Tian was speechless and too lazy to continue speaking nonsense with them. These four guys were people that didnt care about their lives.

Luo Tian immediately made a thought: Magma Fire, great perfection level!

Plop~, plop~, plop~

Plop~, plop~, plop~

Plop~, plop~, plop~

Luo Tians body turned into magma before flowing into the magma from the earths core.


A cloud of mist rose up.

The system suddenly gave off a series of alert tones.


Your health has decreased by 100 points. Cannot be healed

Your health has decreased by 100 points. Cannot be healed

Your health has decreased by 100 points. Cannot be healed

Luo Tians health was going down by a hundred points every second which annoyed him. d.a.m.n it, Im magma and youre magma. What right do you have to deal damage to this daddys life?!

He did feel a little pain when his health bar was being decreased.

The worst thing about this is that you couldnt use Healing Art to heal yourself. This place should be similar to those special maps inside the game where you cannot drink any potions or teleport back to the city. You had to find the exit or you end up dying.

Luo Tian kept swimming deeper and deeper down.

It seemed like there was no end to the magma.

As Luo Tians health kept dropping every second, he suddenly noticed a golden glow in a certain direction.

A boss?!

Luo Tian was startled as he saw a red-browed and red-haired old man sitting on top of a fiery red stone door. There was a golden light around him and was very eye-catching even amongst all the magma.

The old man looked like he was cultivating.

His expression looked like he hadnt moved in tens of thousands of years. Strands of spiritual essence were constantly being sucked into his nose.

Could this be the spiritual essence spoken of in Tianxuan Continents legend?

If an expert from a higher realm is absorbing this power, it definitely is something good! Heehee

Luo Tian immediately revealed a sinister smile.