Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 2239 Pushed Lei Qiaolin Onto The Bed (1)

Chapter 2239 Pushed Lei Qiaolin Onto The Bed (1)

Chapter 2239 Pushed Lei Qiaolin Onto The Bed (1)

Ye Chen kept looking and observing Lei Qiaolin, he felt quite happy when he saw Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin was not aware that Ye Chen was watching him, he was not aware of Ye Chen's existence.

Ye Chen hid himself very well, so it wasn't strange that Lei Qiaolin couldn't see and know about Ye Chen, it was a very normal thing for Lei Qiaolin.

"The clothes in the G.o.d Realm are starting to become more attractive, I like this." Lei Qiaolin felt that the clothes in the G.o.d Realm became more attractive, he really liked the clothes in the G.o.d Realm.

The clothes that Lei Qiaolin wore were definitely earthly clothes, this must be sold by Yan Fei and also Liu Yue, only the two of them could sell clothes like this.

"But she's also great for getting that s.h.i.+rt." Ye Chen didn't expect that Lei Qiaolin was able to get that kind of clothes, that kind of clothes would definitely be very difficult to get, he was very sure about this.

"Okay time to try on another one" Lei Qiaolin wanted to try another one, she still had enough clothes, she bought too many clothes and wanted to try them on.

Ye Chen really enjoyed the scene in front of him, how could Ye Chen miss this kind of sight.

"maybe I'll take some pictures for memories" Ye Chen decided to take some pictures, he couldn't wait to capture Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin tried on a maid outfit, with Lei Qiaolin's mature body, of course she could easily fit into every outfit.

"This maid's clothing is slightly different." Lei Qiaolin noticed that this maid's clothing was slightly different, it looked more fas.h.i.+onable and sleeker than those in the G.o.d Realm.

"These clothes never disappoint me" Lei Qiaolin is never disappointed, she is never disappointed with the clothes she buys, everything is very good, Lei Qiaolin likes the clothes she buys very much.

Lei Qiaolin circled around, she started to show a side that was never shown to outsiders.

"she's just like a child" Ye Chen looked at Lei Qiaolin, she could see that Lei Qiaolin was just like a child, it was quite funny when Ye Chen saw Lei Qiaolin.

Ye Chen kept looking at Lei Qiaolin, he was enjoying Lei Qiaolin and was starting to get excited.

Lei Qiaolin was too seductive, she had a perverted side and was also coquettish, she made some seductive poses, Ye Chen couldn't possibly stand Lei Qiaolin's poses.

"Judging from her movements, she probably wants to tease you" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that Lei Qiaolin might be teasing Ye Chen.

"He is indeed teasing me." Ye Chen also knew this matter, he knew that Lei Qiaolin was trying to seduce others.

Ye Chen wanted to know what Lei Qiaolin wanted to use this thing for, whether he wanted to use it on other people.

"This is really good, it's a shame I can't show it to other people." Lei Qiaolin couldn't possibly show it to other people, it would be an extremely embarra.s.sing thing.

Ye Chen was shocked when he saw and heard what Lei Qiaolin said.

"she has a naughty mind" Ye Chen didn't expect that Lei Qiaolin would have such a naughty mind, it seems that he has the mind to show herself in front of others.

"I still have unfinished business with her, it seems like this is a good time to finish it." Ye Chen should probably settle things with Lei Qiaolin

Ye Chen used his ability to enter, it was not difficult for Ye Chen to enter Lei Qiaolin's room.

so as not to raise suspicions for Lei Qiaolin, Ye Chen used the original appearance she had.

Ye Chen got on the bed and looked at Lei Qiaolin who was in a s.e.xy nurse outfit.

"I didn't expect that teacher Lei Qiaolin would wear such a thing, aren't you too bold to use that thing" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin was silent for a while, she froze for a while when he heard Ye Chen's voice.

Lei Qiaolin immediately turned around, she immediately looked at Ye Chen who was in front of her.

Lei Qiaolin was speechless, how could Ye Chen be on her bed, this was an unreasonable thing for Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin was shocked for a while. After being shocked for a while, she finally came back to her senses.

"No way, how did you get in this place?" Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen, how could Ye Chen be in his place.

"What a coincidence that I pa.s.sed by and also saw my place, I didn't expect that you would do this, you naughty teacher" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin's face was red, her face was now like an apple, she was really embarra.s.sed by what Ye Chen said, she couldn't imagine that she would be seduced by Ye Chen.

"Get out of my room right now" Lei Qiaolin told Ye Chen to get out of her room.

"why ?" Ye Chen asked Lei Qiaolin.

"You are still asking, don't you know that what you are doing is illegal" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

"Whether what I'm doing is illegal, why don't I know" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

"You are a very annoying person" Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she felt that Ye Chen was a very annoying person.

"You shouldn't say such mean words to me" Ye Chen looked helpless, he looked like he was being bullied by Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin looked at Ye Chen, the more she saw Ye Chen the more angry she got at Ye Chen.

"I will make you regret" Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she would make Ye Chen regret.

Lei Qiaolin headed towards Ye Chen, she intended to attack Ye Chen using the strength she had.

Ye Chen had been waiting for this, he took advantage of this opportunity to attack Lei Qiaolin.

using the strength he had, she caught Lei Qiaolin and directly cornered her on the bed.

Lei Qiaolin was quite surprised by what Ye Chen did, she didn't expect that Ye Chen could do such a thing.

"let go of me" Lei Qiaolin told Ye Chen to let go of her.

"Why should I let you go" Ye Chen asked Lei Qiaolin, he wanted to know why he had to let Lei Qiaolin go.

"You have to let me go" Lei Qiaolin said that if Ye Chen had to let her go, she didn't want to be treated like this by Ye Chen.

"I won't let you go, instead I want to give you something that might make you never forget it" Ye Chen whispered to Ye Chen.

"no don't do that" Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to do that.

Ye Chen started to show his strength, he started to show his technique to fight against Lei Qiaolin.

"ahhh . . . . "Lei Qiaolin groaned, she felt an extraordinary feeling from Ye Chen, this extraordinary feeling was very great, Lei Qiaolin really liked the feeling given by Ye Chen.

"What is this, why is this so fun, do I like being messed with by this brat?" Lei Qiaolin didn't expect that he would like being treated like this by Ye Chen, he really liked what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen's technique was very good, he easily made Lei Qiaolin obey.

Lei Qiaolin had completely fallen, the touch of Ye Chen's gentle fingers had made Lei Qiaolin feel extremely comfortable.