I Raised An Obsessive Servant - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

As if nothing had happened, he stopped crying .

Raynard lifted his head as he supresses his emotions . Yurina carefully wiped his red eyes with her handkerchief and looked at him .

“It’s true . It’s pretty . It looks like sparkling rubies . Do you know what a ruby is? It’s a red gem just like your eyes . I would show you one but I’m sorry, I don’t have any ruby jewelry . ”

To be honest, rubies cannot compare to Raynard’s beautiful eyes . There were times when Yurina would encounter him in with dark, unfamiliar red color .

Nevertheless, she liked his eyes .

Was it because it’s a symbol of the G.o.ddess? Because he is the only one who can save her?

Of course, that’s not the case .

She liked it the moment she laid her eyes on it .

Ever since she came here, Yurina only had a few instances where she could genuinely be herself in a conversation . She even felt uncomfortable interacting with her family sometimes .

They always looked at her with such warm eyes, but what they see before them is a daughter and a sister who has been with them for 10 years . Not the stranger named Sena who just suddenly became Yurina one day .

However, Raynard was different . He didn’t know “Yurina” from before . She could just be herself without having to pretend to be “Yurina” .

“I like your eyes, Ray . ”

With Yurina’s genuine remark, Ray’s natural red cheeks grew deeper in color . Raynard grunted silently and slipped out of her arms just like a fish .

“You, saying those things all of a sudden . Why would you call a boy pretty? That’s not good at all!”

And in an instant, he backed away from Yurina and crossed his arms over to cover his chest similar to the time when the maids tried to help him take a bath .

That’s not what’s important right now .

Besides, what’s up with that reaction? Why is he guarding himself? He even screamed? All she just said was his eyes were pretty, right?

Not like she wants a deadpan response, but she was not expecting such a reaction either and this made here speechless for a moment .

It seemed like it was going in a different direction somehow than what she had intended, but she was glad that Raynard was a bit more energetic now .

“Why can’t I call it pretty? Although, if you don’t like it, would you prefer if I said it was cool instead? Your eyes look cool”, Yurina shrugged nonchalantly .

Raynard stared at her silently . Not so long after, he looked away from her and wiped his tear-streaked face with the back of his hand .

Yurina suddenly reached out and clasped both of his hands .

“You can’t wipe it like that . It’s already wounded . ”

“Ah, mhm . ”

Yurina gently wiped his face with a handkerchief . Raynard stayed silent with his eyes glued down on the floor while Yurina’s hand stayed on his face .

“Hey . ” (Ray)

“Hm?” (Yurina)

“……Your eyes are pretty . ” (Ray)

She stared at him . Yurina thought that that compliment was like getting a ‘My teacher is the best!’ from a child which made her feel like a kindergarten teacher .

I always thought you were rough, but you have a cute side too .

Somehow, she has the urge to tease him a little more so she lowered her head and looked straight at his eyes .

“Yes? What about my eyes?”

“They’re… . ”

Raynard hesitatingly tried to answer however, after looking at Yurina’s eyes, he gave her a surprised look .

“Well, what is it?” (Yurina)

“Huh? That?” (Ray)

Stop stammering and just tell the truth .

Right after that, Raynard reached out to her face and touched her wound that stung her .

“It wasn’t there before…”

He murmured quietly to himself . He kept pondering why and soon gave a hollow strangled voice .

“This… . . Did I do this? Did you get hurt because of the vase I threw earlier?”

Yurina laughed and covered the scratch with her hand .

“No . ”

“You’re lying . ”

“Why would I lie?”

Even a child would know it was a lie . Even so, she thought she would be able to fool him due to his naivety .

He was already in anguish, she didn’t want him to blame himself again for it .

“You should worry about your wounds and not me . I just messed up . ”

She pressed on his forehead hard . Who should be worried about who when in fact he suffered a lot worse than her?

“I can ask Dave to treat me with magic, can’t I? I’m sure he can heal me without leaving a scar,” she awkwardly smiled . It was an attempt to change the subject .


He was definitely not falling for it . If something was badly wounded, it was his face, but why would he be so concerned about hers?

Raynard was biting his lips for a moment, then he touched Yurina’s hands which was on her cheeks .

“Put your hand away . ”

“I don’t want to . ”

“Don’t be so immature . ”

Fighting against Yurina’s will, she tore her hands off her cheeks and let him scrutinized the wound .

His face was now looking at her from up close which was slightly more scrunched up than before .

“Does it hurt?”

He lightly pressed on the wound with his fingertip . Yurina flinched .

“It hurts . ”

It’s not like there was totally no pain at all however, it wasn’t that significant . If she wasn’t conscious of her injuries, it’s just a little pain that she can barely feel .

Only the maids would make such a fuss about a scar on a precious lady’s face .

“So it hurts . ”

“It does hurt . ”

“I think it really does hurt . ”

Raynard came closer to her and sat down while he blew over the wound .

There was a momentarily tingling sensation . Yurina tried to turn away but Raynard used his hands, that were on her cheeks before, to pull on her shoulders and prevent her from running away .

As he approached closer to her, he could smell something fragrant . It’s the scent of spring flowers that he once proudly said that smelled good .

Once again, he blew on her cheek . The wind felt somewhat hotter than usual on Yurina’s cheek .

She couldn’t tell if it was because his eyes were red like fire or…

“Sorry . It’s because I threw the vase… . . ”

Every time he gently rubbed his thumb around the wound, she could feel a ticklish sensation .

She had a slight tinge of urge to scratch the newly made wound . And instead, she scratched her other cheek . Raynard, who was tending to her wound, looked at her in surprise .

“Huh? This is?”

She looked at him, his thumb stained with blood from her wound .

“What is it?”

Raynard glanced at Yurina who was touching her cheek with a curious face . She went speechless as if she saw a ghost in the middle of the night .

“Wah, the wound is gone! It was certainly there before!”

“What does this mean?”

Raynard poked on the area of her cheek where the wound was before .

“There was obviously a wound here, but it disappeared! What is this?!”

“All of a sudden it… . . ”

Yurina, who was still feeling the part of her cheek, soon realized she could not feel the pain from the wound anymore .

“The pain is really gone?’

Yurina checked her cheek with the handkerchief that was left on the table . In other words, Raynard made her supposedly wounded face spotless . The situation was beyond common sense .

“How did you do it, Ray?”

“I don’t know . I-I just thought that I didn’t want to see you hurt…… . ”

“It’s magic . ”

She didn’t understand how the untrained Raynard was able to do a healing spell that was considered difficult to do among mages . But that was the only explanation for this bizarre phenomenon .

“It’s magic, Ray! You treated me with your magic!” Yurina screamed in excitement .

She knew that Ray was talented, but seeing and knowing were two different things after all . After adrenaline flowed in her body, she gleamed .

“Me? It can’t be . ”

“It’s magic . I told you, you’re gifted . ”

Raynard alternately looked at Yurina’s face and his hands in disbelief .

“Am I really gifted?”


Yurina grabbed his hand and shook it like a 10-year-old child would .

“Ray, You should treat your wounds at once . Then we can confirm it . ”


“Like how you did it to me… . . ”

She took his fingers to his injured eye .

“Can you not just rub it like this?”

Contrary to her expectations, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t heal any of the wounds on his face .

“I heard that Raynard was rude while I was away . Is your hand ok?”

She put down the teacup and smiled at Mrs . Lauren .

Mrs . Lauren was nervous at first, but soon relaxed her shoulders . She placed both of her hands on the table and fiddled with her bandaged hand .

She was obviously telling Yurina to look at what he had done . For G.o.d’s sake . Yurina breathed in deeply as to not cringe .

“I don’t think Ray is a bad child . It’s just that he isn’t used to living here yet . I apologize on his behalf . I am afraid that he has hurt you . ”

Mrs . Lauren was so startled it was as if she was going to jump out of her chair .

“No, pay it no mind . The young lady has already apologized . This is no big deal . When you work with clothes, you tend to accidentally poke yourself with a needle, or cut your hands with a pair of scissors and make a mess . You don’t have to worry too much . ”

“Oh, I didn’t know you that have such a big heart . ”

Yurina covered her face with a fan to hide her facial expression .

How repulsive .

She guessed that she would be younger than her daughter . With her groveling in front of her like that, she doesn’t seriously think that after doing such a thing to Raynard, this would be wrapped up easily?

Actually, this shouldn’t be a big deal for an aristocrat . Mrs . Lauren is the wife of a noteworthy writer . She was still an aristocrat who is sponsored by the Carthia family however, Raynard was a commoner who had yet to learn his manners .

She didn’t touch Raynard, she didn’t swear at him, she didn’t blame him . If she was an ordinary n.o.ble, she would have just dismissed everything .

But Yurina could not simply let this matter go . He wasn’t as important as her family, but for Yurina, Raynard was more important than Mrs . Lauren .

In her mind, Yurina wanted to grab the black-hearted woman by the hair, but she wouldn’t do it .

She could do it if she wanted to . She has a perfectly good reason to do so .

You completely ignored Robert’s warnings to not mention Ray’s eyes .

No matter how much she insisted that it was for the Carthia family, the fact that she disregarded it and offended him also meant offending the Carthia family .

Even if there was a good reason for her to act as such, it’ll still end up the same .

Yurina was given a lame reason not to like Mrs . Lauren and Mrs . Lauren can’t do anything about it .

The Marquis Carthia will create a reason to persuade others and will silence his servants to defend his daughter .

But did she need to get her hand’s dirty to show her what transpired? Yurina knows there are several other ways to give her the shock of her life .

“But I wonder why such a thoughtful woman spout such remarks while ignoring the advice given by the butler of this mansion?”