Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System - Chapter 2366: On the Furious Star Beast Tower

Chapter 2366: On the Furious Star Beast Tower

Chapter 2366: On the Furious Star Beast Tower

"Third Elder, fourth elder, we can't contact the disciples near the star Beast Sea!"

"Third Elder, fourth elder, we went to the heavenly turtle nest, but we didn't find anyone from our star Beast Tower!"

In front of the beach in the star Beast Sea, the third and fourth Senior Brothers of the Star Beast Tower led a group of people and rushed over anxiously!

Soon, they received news one by one!

The disciples of their starbeast tower were not here!

They could not contact the other party!

It was somewhat similar to the situation at the Starbeast Lake. They could almost be sure that the fifth elder and the group of people at the Starbeast Lake had already died!

What about the people here?

Almost 90% of them had already been killed!

"d.a.m.n it, those two fellows actually dared to kill our starbeast tower's disciples!"

"He's trying to challenge the G.o.d King's Dignity!"

Third senior brother's body was trembling slightly. Master had ordered them to capture the other party, but now it was their people who were being hunted crazily instead!

Up until now, more than 500 people had been killed by that guy. The weakest among them had already reached the eternal G.o.d Lord Realm, and there were several peak G.o.d lords!

This was a huge loss for the star Beast Tower!

"How did they know that our star Beast Tower's disciples were moving?"

Fourth senior brother stood there with a gloomy face, clenching his fists!

"Not good!"

Suddenly, third senior brother immediately looked at the war pet on his shoulder!

"Coo Coo Coo!"

The war pet cried out and sent a message to him!

"Is there any movement from our star Beast Hall Disciples in that direction?"

He pointed in a direction and asked with a gloomy face!

"Third elder, there seems to be a desolate beast lair at that place!"

An elder said with a frown!

"d.a.m.n it, inform them immediately. Tell them to immediately escape back to their eternal Divine Empire!"

"We will go there immediately, quickly!"

Third senior brother's expression changed drastically as he shouted at the group!


The rest of the group's expressions also changed drastically. The two of them immediately notified the people in the other direction to immediately flee!

"They actually dare to wantonly hunt down the disciples of our star Beast Tower. We absolutely can not let them off. Destroy the family faction that they belong to!"

Fourth Senior Brother's face was blood red as he roared with a face full of killing intent!

"Eh? Deacon Wu sent us a message. He wants us to run back to our eternal divine kingdom immediately!"

At this moment, an old man who was 50 million kilometers away from them looked at the content on the communication stone plate and said to the people beside him with a slight frown!

"Deacon Wu? Why do you want us to run back?"

The people looked at the old man with astonishment!

"It's an order from third elder and fourth elder. Someone is hunting down our star Beast Tower's Disciples!"

Soon, when the old man saw the following news, his expression changed drastically!

He swept his gaze across the surroundings, and a hint of shock appeared in his eyes!

"An order from third elder and fourth elder. Everyone, immediately return through their eternal divine kingdoms!"

The old man immediately ordered loudly!

The rest of the people were shocked and did not dare to disobey. They were prepared to return immediately!

"If you want to escape, it's Too Late!"

At this moment, they suddenly felt the s.p.a.ce around them change greatly!

A voice entered their ears!

Seeing the change in the s.p.a.ce around them, the expressions of everyone in the star Beast Hall changed drastically!

A bad premonition surged into their hearts!

"Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!"

However, they no longer had the chance to do so. Soon, screams of agony rang out.

There were only about ten to twenty experts at the peak of the Master G.o.d level in the star Beast Tower. This time, there were six of them. This was already a very large number!

Other than third senior brother and the rest, there were only three experts at the peak of the Master G.o.d level at the star Quake Lake. In addition to the combat pets at the peak of the Master G.o.d Level, the star Beast Tower had already attached great importance to the opening of the star Beast Planet this time!

However, without a peak-stage master G.o.d level powerhouse to oversee the operation, it would be too easy for w.a.n.g Xian to kill them!

"Next Place!"

w.a.n.g Xian flew out and spoke to invincible battle tactics. Then, he continued to fly towards another place!

The next hunt would be even easier. This was because all the eternal master G.o.ds had been killed by w.a.n.g Xian!


In the sky above the star Beast Planet, third senior brother and the rest of the star Beast Tower were flying unscrupulously!

"Oh no, third elder and fourth elder, we've lost contact with them. We were able to maintain contact just now, but now it's suddenly cut off!"

All of a sudden, on the body of the Golden Owl Divine Snake, an old man holding a communication stone plate had a drastic change in expression as he cried out involuntarily!


The bodies of the third and fourth senior brothers stiffened, and flames burst out of their pupils!

"I told them to return to their eternal divine kingdom immediately and keep in touch, but they haven't responded to me yet!"

The elder continued, his face changing nonstop!

The other party was totally toying with them!

They were chasing after them, while the other party was constantly hunting the disciples of the star Beast Hall in front of them!

This was a complete provocation and contempt for them!


Third Senior Brother's face was extremely ashen!

"Also, immediately notify the other disciples of our star Beast Tower and have them all escape immediately!"

Very soon, he immediately opened his mouth and ordered!

"Third elder, we can't contact any of the eternal G.o.d Lord level experts of our star Beast Tower. The rest are all G.o.d level disciples!"

"Will he kill us..."

An Elder's expression changed as he spoke!

His words caused everyone's faces to sink. Now that the G.o.d realm disciples were undergoing trials, they could not return to their own divine kingdoms!

If they wanted to return, they had to fly back!

It was too easy for a peak eternal G.o.d Lord Expert to kill them!

"If they dare to kill our disciples, they will fight to the death in the future. We, the crocodile G.o.d King, will not let them off!"

Fourth Senior Brother roared with bloodshot eyes!

They had more than a thousand disciples coming to the trial this time. They were the future pillars of the star Beast Hall. Once they were really lost, the star Beast Hall would not be able to recover without a few thousand years!

Moreover, after these disciples, many of them were people with whom they had a deep relations.h.i.+p!

"Inform them to hide first and see if they can get the experts from the Heavenly Dharma gate or the Overlord sect to help protect them. They definitely don't dare to provoke the Heavenly Dharma Gate and the Overlord sect!"

Third senior brother immediately said!

The Heavenly Dharma Gate and the Overlord sect could be said to be true overlords. To dare to provoke them was simply courting death!

Fourth senior brother and the others nodded slightly, but they knew that the chances of the Heavenly Dharma Gate and the Overlord sect protecting their disciples were not very high!

It was not that the other party did not agree, but that the experts who followed the group of trial disciples could not be stopped without the existence of a peak eternal G.o.d Lord!

Now, they could only quickly contact the trial disciples and let them escape as soon as possible!

A few deacons immediately held the communication stone plates and continuously contacted the disciples!

Starwolf Forest, a forest that was not very big!

This was not a very big forest. It was a very big forest for an eternal G.o.d Lord Level Expert and a G.o.d level expert!

At the very least, they would need more than ten days to cross the forest at high speed!

At this moment, in the Starwolf Forest, about two thousand young people were training inside!

Among the two thousand disciples, there were more than five hundred disciples from the starbeast building and more than one thousand disciples from the Heavenly Dharma sect!