Invincible - Chapter 3315: Don’t Blame Me

Chapter 3315: Don’t Blame Me

“Who?!” Yagyu Motoichi roared. The members of the Fierce Tiger Gang, Chen Shaozuo, and his father, Chen Kerui, trembled in their shoes.

“Senior Motoichi, he’s a brat from the Huaxia Alliance!” Chen Shaozuo suppressed the shock in his heart and told Yagyu Motoichi everything that happened.

When they heard how Huang Xiaolong stopped Yagyu Tyrant’s fist before beating him up, Yagyu Motoichi was slightly taken aback. However, killing intent burned in his heart.

“Chinese pig!” Yagyu Motoichi roared in anger as fire spewed from his eyes. He crushed the jadestone in his hand and he snorted, “Regardless of your identity, you will have to die today! I don’t care if you’re the  young master of the Ying Family!”