Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 2012 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! I

Chapter 2012 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! I

Chapter 2012 The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique! I

As if the surrounding Seas of raging blue went enough, an even heavier and more oppressive eruption of Mana bloomed with Noah at the center as ridiculous prompts cascaded down!


Torrential waves of Mana surged out in a magisterial fas.h.i.+on as a potent restructuring came to a finish within Noah, the product revealing itself as his whole body was filled with countless thin blue lines of raging essence that were termed Quintessential Kainos Mana Circulation Vessels!

Circulation Vessels that were becoming smaller, but throughout concentration of Mana surging within them and nouris.h.i.+ng Noah's aspects of Existence was becoming ever greater.

Just like the arteries and veins carrying his stellar viscous blood within him, these Vessels felt like they would course and supply his body and other aspects of Existence constantly with a Refinement in Mana.

And just like how his Vessels could circulate throughout his body with the help of an organ


His body began to tremble as the circular lines of Vessels that connected to each other in a loop shook.

Even though this loop seemed pristine and complete, the countless converting blue lines instantaneously snapped all at once near the area of Noah's chest, causing an influx of Mana that could shred the body of a normal Suzerain as after this action.the broken ends of the Mana Circulation Vessels weaved across Noah's bones and Musculature to arrive at a single organ and connect to it like it was what should have always happened!


His Heart.

Like the most powerful electric shock, Noah felt the many lines converging together and nearly putting the illusion of them forming into a single great vessel that connected below his heart, and another one right above his heart as they formed a perfect closed-loop system.


Then his heart felt the vibrant and ma.s.sive waves of Mana surging into it as it shone with a stellar blue l.u.s.ter- its beat came powerfully, nearly bursting the Heart right then and there but the foundation of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor was too strong!

His Heart remained firm while accepting the coursing Mana from one end and out of another like a Conduit, beginning to experience unimaginable Trillions of Units of waves of Mana every second!


His heart beat again as even the blood surging from it was affected, everything becoming illuminated with an even greater hue as brilliant prompts with cerulean borders came down.


Noah's Will surged with profound luminescence as he gazed upon what he wanted.

As he gazed upon what was crucial to stand against unreasonable enemies!

The transformation of any of his abilities into a type of ability that released its effects in terms of pure Mana.

When he cast any of his Annihilation Techniques as they took in the essence of Natural Laws and Decreta, all of this would be transformed during the output as the formed skill would contain only pure Mana!

Beautifully cerulean-bordered prompts cascaded down as Noah's pure blue eyes released arcs of light while gazing at them, seeing a spam of the same prompts about an increased understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics until his total understanding reached 20%.


He felt even more closely connected to the surging Seas of mana around him as he nearly had the illusion of his body being made of pure mana, an illusion that was only broken when he felt more prompts cascade over him!


The cycles of the Mythical Natural Born Infinite Dream Physique were recalibrated into the Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique as they were 96 in number, and each one had fantastical boosts!

With each cycle granting 2,500 Base Damage Values, Noah had just instantly gained 240,000 extra base Damage Values to add to an already obscene tally.

In terms of his Maximum Reserves of Decreta Essence- the 20 Billion number he currently had for his established Dimensions was getting blown up exponentially.

Then there was the count of Infinite Reality Pa.s.sages.

The number had now risen to 12 per cycle as with all other Physiques being devoured and a.s.similated, it meant Noah could forge up to a maximum of 1,152 Infinite Reality Pa.s.sages!


This number was extremely significant as when one looked at the daily boosts each Infinite Reality Pa.s.sage granted to the Decreta of the Dimensional Layers he had forged, and the additional percentage to a Law or Decretum of his choosing, and the Resource was enough to cause Noah's origin to surge out commandingly to build the maximum number of Infinite Reality Pa.s.sages as soon as possible!