I Married A Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating - Chapter 1

Chapter 1



Wanwan, your complexion looks so bad, are you alright? The delicate voice in her ears became clearer and clearer. The gentle voice called Mu Wanwans name insistently, and she couldnt ignore it even if she wanted to.

Her skull hurt like it had been hit by an awl; it felt like something was gushing madly inside. Her knees seemed to have hit a wall too; she was almost breathless from the pain.

It hurts, Mu Wanwan couldnt help but shout out. But in the next instant, she suddenly awoke with a starther voice shouldnt be this hoarse.

Mu Wanwan forced her eyes open, and came face to face with a facade as pure as a lotus

The person before her had a pair of affectionate peach blossom eyes1; she was dressed in pure, white silk, and her black hair was held in place with a translucent jade zan2. Her lips had a reddish tinge, and she wore a slightly shy expression.

Behind the maiden were a few lit lamps. In the glow of the dim light, Mu Wanwan could clearly see the several golden tablets that were placed on the mahogany table.

At this moment, the words of the novel about the little runaway wife that she had been reading before going to bed last night somehow surfaced in her mind with horrifying clarity

That ancestral hall was also different from the rest. Although the light was warm, its magnificent splendour, the several golden tablets, and slippery floor made Bai Shuiyao feel cold after just one glance. But Mu Wanwan had to kneel there for an entire week. Even though Mu Wanwan was stupid, she was still Bai Shuiyaos mistress in name after all, so Bai Shuiyaos heart still ached somewhat.

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This large and opulent hall, this cold and slippery floor, these several golden tablets Wasnt this wasnt this the ancestral hall where the female supporting character had been punished to kneel?

Could she have transmigrated into the novel? How could this be possible, she was just lying at home sleeping! But the scene in front of her was so real, and the face of the person by her ear was exactly the same as described.

Mu Wanwan felt dizzy, like she was in a trance. The pain in her knees made her wobble and fall to the ground.

She recalled the book that had suddenly appeared on her temporary bookshelf on a particular mysterious green website before turning in last night

During this period of severe censorship, when she discovered that the book was titled

Love that Grows Over Time3: The Disabled Tyrants Little Runaway Good-luck Wife , Mu Wanwans eyes brightened wickedly.

Love that grows over time?

A runaway wife?

A disabled tyrant?

She clicked on the details, and there was only one tag: Overbearing ML!

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With some expectation that she might be able to enjoy some meaty scenes, she clicked on the novel. But after reading for a long time, not only did she not get any meat, she instead saw the cannon fodder side character with the same as herself eventually getting stabbed and turned into human mush all because she had connived with her handmaiden, the female lead Bai Shuiyaos insistence on taking the road to ruin

The story began with the wedding day. The two met the disabled, ugly and seriously injured tyrant who couldnt maintain his human form, and burst into tears from fright. Ao Qin, who had rushed over to officiate his good friends wedding, punished them to kneel in the ancestral hall.

But because the heroine looked too piteous and beautiful, she had been spared. Only the dim-witted female supporting character had to kneel on and off for seven days.

And now, she had unfortunately transmigrated to become this cannon fodder female supporting character that was about to become human mush.

Mu Wanwan pinched herself over and over again. She closed her eyes, only opening them again when she felt the pain, hoping to return to her warm bed in the 21st century and wake up from this nightmare.

Because she had read an unfinished, logical and moving novel, then couldnt help but curse when she saw the miserable fate of the female supporting character, did she then have to experience this sort of cruel transmigration?

Even though back in the 21st century, she had no car, no house, and both her parents had already passed away, so it could be said that there was nothing to worry about, but that didnt mean that she was willing to transmigrate into an indecent smutty novel as cannon fodder!

Mu Wanwan stared vacantly into space, looking dull and inert. Bai Shuiyao felt a little twinge in her heart as she looked at her, Wanwan, whats wrong with you?

Mu Wanwan responded unthinkingly, Bai Shuiyao?

Its me. Bai Shuiyao frowned slightly, a little dissatisfied, Why are you suddenly calling me by my name and not Yaoyao?

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Mu Wanwan said dumbly, You are Bai Shuiyao, I am Mu Wanwan, and this is the tyrants manor.

Yes, Wanwan, are you having problems with your memory? It must be because Lord Ao Qin was too ruthless. Why dont why dont we just make our escape tonight! Bai Shuiyao cried, This place is too scary.

I never want to see that tyrant again.

Mu Wanwan rubbed her red and swollen knees silently. She remained silent for only a moment, tried hard to straighten her knees that had almost lost all feeling after the long period of kneeling, then mumbled, Im not going to run away anymore.

Bai Shuiyao blinked several times before it sunk in. Huh? Wanwan, what are you saying? You dont want to leave this place anymore?

She looked a little angry, But Wanwan, didnt you just promise me? And look at the kind of life weve been having here in the tyrants manor these past two days. Fortunately, I havent suffered much, but look at you, youve only just got married and have been punished to kneel in the ancestral hall. Your knees are all swollen

As she spoke, she couldnt help crying again; the rims of her eyes were red, and it seemed as though there were some genuine sentiments.

Mu Wanwan sneered inwardly. Even if she had only read a little, it was enough to make her understand that Bai Shuiyao was not a good sort at all.


1 peach blossom eyes: A kind of eye shape that resembles a peach flower petal and typically looks lovely. The eyes are long; the upper eyelid has a large curvature; a slight blush around the eyes; the inner corners of the eyes are sharp and deep, and the tails of the eyes are thin and slightly curved. They have a glassy watery look and form a crescent shape when smiling.

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2 zan: ; A hairpin used to hold/ decorate hairstyles

3 Love that Grows Over Time: is an idiom that means develop feelings after spending days together. But in this title, the word is in parentheses, referring to the modern lingo of feelings that are developed after two people have spent time engaged in physical activities together.