Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - Chapter 1688 - 1688 Trying To Cover Up Something

Chapter 1688 - 1688 Trying To Cover Up Something

Chapter 1688 - 1688 Trying To Cover Up Something

1688 Trying To Cover Up Something

Miss Fu, thats my biological nephew. After my brother and sister-in-law pa.s.sed away, I watched him grow up, Liang Husheng said with a smile. But later, he did something and went to prison. He has a problem here.

He was pointing at his head.

Fu Yujia nodded. Then dont let him ruin the reputation of the production team.

Liang Husheng was in his 50s and had been famous for a long time. Liang You was at most in his 20s. It was normal for Fu Yujia not to believe Liang You.

I know, Liang Husheng replied immediately.

He was secretly angry at Liang You for being insensible. He dared to come to the set after taking his money.

He took out his phone and said something on WeChat.

Liang You was still waiting at the entrance of the set. Fu Yujia refused to listen to him. Was there no one else?

When he saw a group of people, he pulled them aside and said, I wrote the script for b.l.o.o.d.y World. My uncle didnt write it at all!

The men all looked impatient.

The woman in his grip screamed and ran away in fear.

The security guard came forward and rained punches on him.

Not only did Liang You not dodge, but he still insisted on what he said just now. In return, he received even more ferocious attacks.

The others were all frightened by him, so they could not feel any sympathy for him. Instead, they praised the security guard for being serious and responsible.

Liang You persisted until he collapsed.

When Su Bei was talking to Yue Ze, he was obviously a little tired.

Im sorry. The child had a fever last night and we had to go to the hospital at the last minute, Yue Ze said.

Are the child and Lv Shan okay? Su Bei asked.

Theyre okay. Its always like this with children, Yue Ze said as he pinched the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows.

Su Bei smiled. If youre busy, take two days off. Dont tire yourself out and make your family worry.

Yue Ze nodded and thought of something. By the way, I saw Liang You in the hospital last night. I heard that he looked for the production team of b.l.o.o.d.y World and told them that he wrote the script himself. In the end, he was knocked out by the security guard. A kind person sent him to the hospital, and he only woke up this morning.

Su Bei frowned. Brother Yue Ze, do you think theres something fishy about this?

You think what Liang You said might be true?

Su Bei shook her head. I dont have any evidence to say that. Besides, Liang Husheng has indeed written many good scripts before. Im sure that Liang Husheng is talented. But this matter makes me feel like I should get to the bottom of it.

Yue Ze said, I heard that Liang Husheng told someone that theres something wrong with Liang Yous brain, so hes always talking nonsense. Hes probably delusional. Although hes very pitiful, its not worth spending too much time on him.

Su Bei pondered for a moment.

Yue Ze left.

After a while, Liang You called Su Bei.

Su Bei thought for a while and answered the call.

President Su, its Liang You.

Go ahead.

His voice was a little weak, and it was not particularly clear. I might not be able to give you the first half in 20 days. I might have to spend more time.

Liang You, do you know that theres already a company filming this script?

What Su Bei meant was that she definitely wouldnt want his script anymore.

There was a moment of silence.

Liang Yous weak but persistent voice sounded stubborn. Its okay if you dont want to invest in it, but I promised to give you the first half and I will.

Okay, Su Bei agreed.

She felt a little suffocated for no reason.

Although Yue Ze did not believe Liang You, he still went to the hospital and asked the nurse to pay attention to Liang Yous movements. If possible, he wanted to observe what he was doing.

On the internet, the video of Liang You being beaten up was posted.

The details of the incident were also attached.

An insider posted: [This is the nephew of the big screenwriter, Liang Husheng. His parents pa.s.sed away early, and he grew up under Liang Hushengs care. He went to jail for a crime and only came out recently. His brain was injured during his time in jail. This time, he went to the production team of b.l.o.o.d.y World and claimed that he wrote the script himself. He also hara.s.sed the female staff. In the end, he was beaten up by a security guard.]

No one in the comments cared about Liang Yous injuries. No one even cared about his name. Instead, they said expectantly: [I have a new movie to watch! Ill wait for the premiere!]

[I really like Liang Hushengs works. Ive been watching his previous works, The Past of Nujiang, Divine Punishment, and The Mystery of Longling with great interest!]

[Ive finally received good news.]

[Such a person should be locked up in a mental hospital. Otherwise, what if an innocent pa.s.serby is hurt?]

[Thats right, thats right. Its very scary for such a person to fall ill! Sheng Tang Entertainment and the production team, please protect our actors and staff!]

Seeing this news, Su Bei frowned even more.

It was clearly a small matter, but it had blown up so much. Fu Yujia must have wanted to use this matter to publicize the production, but it also gave Su Bei the feeling that she was trying to cover up something.

It didnt seem normal for Liang Husheng to criticize Liang You at a time like this.

At night, she was still thinking about it.

Lu Heting knew that with her personality, she would regret it if she missed out on a good script.

However, no matter how good the script Liang You gave you is, its similar to Liang Hushengs script. Even if you get Liang You to complete the script, you wont be able to use it.

What if Liang Yous script is the original?

Wheres the evidence? It wasnt that Lu Heting didnt believe her intuition.

He believed her, but neither his belief nor hers could convince the public.

It would make no sense.

Sheng Tang Entertainment had already invested in the production. If Su Bei did not have enough evidence, she would only be criticized.

Su Bei laughed. Youre right. I dont have any evidence. Im only relying on my womans intuition.

Ill get Lu Hang to accompany you and see Liang You again. Lets give him a chance to clear his name. But if he cant come up with any evidence, I wont give him a chance to see you again.

Lu Heting didnt care what was going on between Liang You and Liang Husheng. He only knew that he couldnt let anything happen to his woman.

Okay, Ill give myself one last chance too.

The next day, Yue Ze gave Su Bei a report on Liang Yous daily routine.

He was constantly writing with a pen in the hospital. The nurse quietly recorded the scene and found that he wrote very quickly. The things he wrote were indeed very thrilling.

The script of b.l.o.o.d.y World was a secret. Only the actors and actresses had it. It was unlikely that Liang You had seen it.

This meant that his words were credible.

However, they could not rule out the possibility that Liang You had seen Liang Hushengs original ma.n.u.script.

After all, the two of them were uncle and nephew.

Ill meet him and ask him if he has any key evidence, Su Bei said.