Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy - Chapter 844

Chapter 844

Chapter 844: Third Masters Health and Dog Abuse, The Big Shot Helps His Son Woo His Wife? (3)

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Actually, Sheng Aiyi hadnt gone home yet.

About Changge just now? A certain big shot had been sitting below the stage. Are you angry?

Sheng Aiyi smiled. Whats there to be angry about? Although she calls me master, I cant make decisions for her life. Its her freedom to choose which path she takes.

If she can make a name for herself and promote Beijing opera, itll be a good thing.

I just think shes too tired from going back and forth. I want her to focus on one thing.


Sheng Aiyi even let her son do as he wished. To her disciples, she taught them the fundamentals, and what path they chose was up to themselves. Even if she didnt sing opera, Sheng Aiyi wouldnt say anything. It was just a personal choice.

She thought about it and remembered that this didnt seem to be the way home. Where are we going?

To Beijing Normal University. A certain big shot reached out his hand and stroked his mustache.

Looking for Little Boss Xu?

Hanchuan is really useless. Hes sick, but he didnt say anything. How can he woo his wife like this? I have to give him a hand. A certain big shot shook his head speechlessly.

Hes usually quite smart. Why is he acting like a fool now?

If hes sick, Little Xu can come over to take care of him. Wouldnt this cultivate their feelings?

Sometimes, even if youre not sick, you can pretend to be sick and get some sympathy. Hes even got an old father like me to help him woo his wife. Really

Hearing this, Sheng Aiyi frowned. Pretend to be sick? You were sick a lot back then, and you were pitifully standing guard at my door. Dont tell me you

A certain big shot coughed twice. Look at this snow. Its been so many days, but it hasnt melted yet Haha.

Sheng Aiyi was speechless. She didnt expect him to have so many tricks up his sleeve. Seems like I was too innocent back then.


At the dessert store

After the incident spread on the internet, Xu Yuanfeis shop became an internet celebrity shop. But the popularity didnt last long. A few days later, the popularity faded. Coupled with the heavy snow making it difficult for people to travel, soon, there were not many people in the store.

Since she separated from Jing Hanchuan last time, the two of them had kept in touch with each other through text messages.

A certain someone didnt answer his phone or video call. She wanted to meet him, but he said that heavy snow blocked the roads, making her a little depressed.

After I fell asleep that day, did I say something in my sleep or do something stupid to scare him away?

Actually, Jing Hanchuan pursued perfection in his life. He was too sick this time, and he didnt want to leave a bad impression on his girlfriend, so he hid the fact that he was sick.

Xu Yuanfei was planning to call Jing Hanchuan again today. If he continued like this, she would probably rush to the Jing residence to demand an explanation.

At this moment, the door of the store was pushed open.

She tilted her head and was about to say, Welcome, but the word spun in her throat, and she didnt say it. Why are these two here?

Uncle, Auntie, please come in.

This was the first time Sheng Aiyi had come to her store. She sized up the interior design and furnis.h.i.+ngs and was increasingly satisfied. It was quite cozy and seemed to be doing well.

Please sit down for a moment. Ill get you something to drink.

Mm. A certain big shot put on airs.

He looked fierce to begin with, and there were a few subordinates in black following behind him. The few part-time workers were so frightened that they didnt dare to speak.

While Xu Yuanfei was pouring tea, Sheng Aiyi reached out to nudge her husband. What are you doing? Dont scare her.

How could I scare her? Cant you tell that this girl has never been afraid of us from beginning to end? A certain big shot suppressed his voice. She looks formidable. No wonder Hanchuan is not match for her.

Sheng Aiyi vomited blood. How formidable can a young lady be?

Jing Hanchuan had just fallen asleep after taking his medicine and had no idea that his father was worried about him marrying his wife.