God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 1210 - 1210 Fu Tianling's Revenge

Chapter 1210 - 1210 Fu Tianling's Revenge

Chapter 1210 - 1210 Fu Tianlings Revenge

1210 Fu Tianlings Revenge

When the elder saw how Baili Haoling and Lin Xiu were able to defeat all of the warriors that they brought along, he had a stern look on his face.

Attack them together.

Fu Tianyian commanded in a calm tone.


The elder was shocked to hear what Fu Tianling was saying.

This was because only those on the ground were attacking Lin Xiu.

If the warriors who were in the air started attacking, the rest of the warriors on the ground would be killed as well.

Just kill that useless garbage as well!

Fu Tianling screamed coldly.

Be ready to attack!

With his commands, all of the warriors who were next to him, gathered a huge amount of energy.

Then, all of them released that same warrior skills and aimed it onto the ground!

The energy that was released from the attack was intense. It felt as if the entire place started shaking.


The warriors on the ground were still trying to kill Lin Xiu. When they saw such powerful warrior skills being released from the sky toward them, all of them looked shocked.

These men started screaming out loud as well.

They didnt know that in the eyes of Fu Tianling, they were merely insects.

He did not care about them.

Kill all of them!!!!

Fu Tianling raised his arms. Then, there were two strong gold energy beams that were released from his arms.

Be careful!

Baili Haoling screamed as well.

She didnt think that Fu Tianling would disregard the lives of his own men. He had realised such powerful warrior skills toward them!


Then, due to the large impact from the overpowering warrior skill, there was a loud explosion that followed.

There was dust everywhere.

They should be dead now.

The elder standing next to Fu Tianling commented after seeing what happened.

He activated his detecting skills and he could clearly feel that there were no more lives on the ground. If he was right, all of them had dead from the powerful skills that Fu Tianling had released earlier.

Lets take a look first.

Fu Tianling answered in a cold tone.

From his perspective, Lin Xiu was a cunning man. He didnt think that Lin Xiu would die so easily.

The elder nodded his head as well.

The rest of the warriors standing beside him had their eyes fixed on the scene on the ground as well.

Soon, as the dust and smoke, that was caused by the huge explosion earlier, had disappeared, there was a dark blue flame that headed their way!

Fu Tianlings pupil shrunk as soon as he saw it coming.

Then, he quickly released his sphere.


The dark blue flame instantly landed on his sphere and there was a huge explosion.

d.a.m.n IT!

Although Fu Tianling had his sphere protecting him, he could still feel the scorching pain that came from the dark blue flame.

Even with his sphere, he felt as if his body was melting.

If he wasnt careful enough and was. .h.i.t by these flames, it would be likely that his body would be instantly melted.

Boom boom boom

Then, there were countless dark blue flaming birds that came from below them!

Fu Tianling and the rest of them were shocked.

The other warriors quickly released their spheres.

There were some that quickly moved aside, trying to dodge the flaming birds.

However, what they didnt expect was that these birds could track its target!

These flaming birds went straight to their targets!

Boom boom boom

With the sound of the flames. .h.i.tting the warriors, the warriors whose body was in contact with the dark blue flames instantly turned into toasted black charcoal!

The elder next to Fu Tianling gasped as well when he saw what happened.

It was terrifying! Incredibly terrifying!

What on earth were these?!

As for Fu Tianling, he stared at the ground.

The thick dust finally disappeared and he saw Lin Xiu standing firm on the ground.

There was a huge sphere. Inside it was Lin Xiu, Baili Haoling, Rollie and Little Bai.

As long as they stayed inside this sphere, no one would be able to detect any vital signs.

Fu Tianling screamed in rage.

Kill him! Kill him now!!!!

Other than the warriors that had died from being burnt into charcoal by the dark blue flames, there were only 7 warriors left. All of them were warrior G.o.ds.

They were incredibly powerful!

Go on!

After hearing the commands from Fu Tianling, the elder did not hesitate as well. He pulled out the long sword from his back and went straight to Lin Xiu!

The rest of the warriors followed as well.

Each of them had a weapon in their hands. They may look different but were similarly powerful.

Lin Xiu, be careful!

Baili Haoling could obviously feel how powerful these warriors were and her pupils shrunk subconsciously.

Her hands that were holding onto her dagger started trembling.

It wasnt because she was afraid. It was because she was getting excited.

Her eyes slowly turned red as well!

As for Lin Xiu, he tightened his grip around the long spear.

With the control of his mind, he quickly activated his purification domain so that he could shut down their domain energy.

Haoling, be careful. Rollie, Little Bai, move aside!

These warriors were warrior G.o.ds and even with Lin Xius current abilities, he still had to be cautious.

As they got closer, Lin Xiu immediately activated Rage!

He had to kill them all with one move!

They slowly got closer and he slowly reduced the size of his sphere.

Then, the long spear started glowing brightly till it could blind others.

Heaven Breaking Strike!

Lin Xiu did not hesitate. Seeing that the seven warrior G.o.ds were getting closer, he released his strongest sage level warrior skills!

The elder, who was the leader of the warrior G.o.ds, was shocked and his pupil shrunk uncontrollably.

They didnt think that Lin Xiu would instantly use such a powerful skill!

All of them quickly reacted and gathered the energy to strengthen their spheres.

This was because even if they wanted to hide from it, it was already too late!


With the loud explosion, Lin Xius Heaven Breaking Strike instantly threw all the warriors far away from him.

Due to the impact of the attack, there were lots of tear in the s.p.a.ce around them.

What a powerful skill!

Baili Haoling was surprised as well to see what had happened.

Little Bai, Rollie! Leave right now!

Lin Xiu spoke to both his pets.

It would not be that easy for him to kill all these warrior G.o.ds.

Little Bai and Rollie might have improved but they still wouldnt be a match for these warriors.