Everlasting Immortal Firmament - Chapter 97 - Another Arrow

Chapter 97 - Another Arrow

Chapter 97 - Another Arrow

Outside the array, in the Golden Tong, just a short time ago...

Suddenly, Meng Tai rocketed out of the 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array.

Seeing this, countless onlooking cultivators eyes went wide in astonishment.

Luo Tiange, still covering his wounds, watched the fleeing Meng Tai, his face ugly to behold. Meng Tai quickly flew to a cottage, where he grabbed Feng Ling in his arms and rose into the sky, flying off into the distance. He didn't even look back, his face furious but unwilling.

"So it's him, whom Gu Hai used me to bait!?" Luo Tiange's eyelids twitched like crazy. A gush of anger flooded his heart.

The Ninth Young Master, who was drinking tea under the eaves, was watching everything from the distance.

"Ninth Young Master, Luo Tiange is injured!" one of his subordinates informed him in a low voice.

But Ninth Young Master didn't pay him any heed, and kept on gazing after Meng Tai. Narrowing his eyes, he said, "So, Gu Hai, the trap was for this Meng Tai? It seems Meng Tai was fooled into opening Grandmaster's barrier! Golden Tong! The Golden Tong's mission has also come to an end!"

"Ah?" the Ninth Young Master's subordinates gasped in confusion.

Only the Ninth Young Master was aware of the Golden Tong's mission. The Ninth Young Master's eyes turned gloomy as he stared into the distance.

"Grandmaster's calculations are far-reaching. Even if Gu Hai has discovered the dragon's tail, it should not affect anything. However, his potential is certainly out of the norm!" Slowly but surely, the Ninth Young Master's eyes flickered with a calculating gleam.

"Ninth Young Master, have you settled on Gu Hai?" a subordinate asked, curious.

"From his overall performance, Gu Hai is indeed stronger than Luo Tiange!" The Ninth Young Master indicated neither consent nor dissent.


Suddenly, another silhouette rose into the sky.

"Who is he? Why is Li Wei in his arms?"

"He is blind!"

"Can a blind man still fly? He is also a Nascent Soul cultivator!"...

Surprised looks arose on countless cultivators' faces in the vicinity of the array.

It was none other than Wei Yang, who flew away with Li Wei.

A Nascent Soul Stage cultivator wasn't someone that any ordinary cultivator dared to stop.

Luo Tiange, with a darkened face, gazed after the flying Wei Yang. Had it happened earlier, Luo Tiange would have stopped anyone, no matter who it was. However, Luo Tiange was now injured, and unable to muster any strength. All he could do was watch the proceedings with ever-increasing confusion.


Suddenly, a dragon's roar resounded from the grand array.

A tremor immediately followed it. The ground and the mountains all around the Golden Tong started quaking.

"Dragon's roar? How can there be a dragon's roar here?"

"This dragon's roar is far louder than a flood dragon's roar!"

"What is the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l is happening inside the array? Why is the ground shaking?"...

Once again, the cultivators all around were taken by surprise.

The ground continued to shake. And with time, its intensity kept on increasing. Some of the timid cultivators started to back off.

Countless cultivators turned their confused and alarmed gazes towards the array.

Suddenly, a loud crash rumbled out. Much to everyone's dismay, a fierce tremor ran through the 28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array before the swirling ma.s.s of clouds dissipated ever so quickly.

"The array is broken?"

"No, it's Gu Hai who has dispelled the array!"

"The array has been withdrawn! What on earth is Gu Hai planning to do?"...

Luo Tiange was also staring at the distant array intently. Because of this very array, Gu Hai had put himself in an una.s.sailable position. And now, he had dispelled the array, why?

Under this horrific rainstorm, the clouds scattered in no time.

But what garnered the attention of every cultivator wasn't the earthquakes, but the countless corpses that were lying everywhere.

The blood shed was in such a huge quant.i.ty that a river of blood was flowing along the ground. The ground was littered with corpses. All twenty thousand attacking cultivators were wiped out, no one was spared, everyone was dead.

After seeing the corpses lying in the inner section of the Golden Tong, countless cultivators were filled with dread. No matter what the ident.i.ty of the twenty thousand cultivators was, what their background was, all of them had been slaughtered. Everyone had now labeled Gu Hai as someone to stay away from him.

Gu Hai, closely followed by three thousand convicts, slowly walked out of the inner section, stepping on the corpses one after another.

The moment they came out, all the cultivators sank into silence. No one dared to underestimate Gu Hai anymore. Anyone who had planned to rob him of the Hundred Years Longevity Peaches was lying on the ground, completely annihilated.

Good as the peaches were, they had to live to enjoy them.

In the short span of time Gu Hai had been here, he had wiped out the entire Golden Tong, and also annihilated twenty thousand cultivators who wanted to rob him of the peaches. He was far more dreadful than the rumors, far more brutal than he was in the Xiantian Endgame World. Furthermore, there were three thousand devils walking by his side as well!

As Gu Hai walked out at the front of his people, the surrounding cultivators quickly escaped far away.

"Gu Hai, you still dare to come out?" said Luo Tiange in cold voice, his eyes wide. While speaking, a group of his subordinates drew their swords and sabers, coldly looking in Gu Hai's direction.

Three thousand ex-convicts also drew their respective swords and sabers. Each and every one of them had an ominous glint in their eyes.

Gu Hai, gazing at Luo Tiange, laughed coldly and said, "Mister Luo, believe or not, I can still arrange the '28x28 Heaven and Earth Grand Array' once again!"

"Huh?" Luo Tiange's pupils shrank immediately upon hearing this.

The Fang Tian Hua halberd from earlier had left a deep impression on his heart. Luo Tiange halted his footsteps momentarily, a fidgety look on his face.

Noticing Luo Tiange's hesitation, Gu Hai's flickered with satisfaction as he broke into laughter and said, "Hahaha, let's go!"

Gu Hai, while laughing, lead the three thousand ex-convicts with a swagger, as if he had all the cards. Wherever he went, the cultivators gave way to him automatically; no one dared to approach this group of devils.

Luo Tiange grasped the sword in his hand ever so tightly, a disturbed look on his face Nevertheless, he didn't dare to step forward.

Under the eaves nearby, Ninth Young Master, narrowed his eyes, "Is everyone frightened by Gu Hai? Such a good opportunity, yet Luo Tiange is afraid! Ha!"

The crowd of cultivators followed Gu Hai with their eyes as he left. But no one dared to stop him. Slowly, Gu Hai's band disappeared into the forest, disappearing from everyone's line of sight.


Another dragon's roar accompanied by a loud rumble took everyone's breath away as they turned their gazes to the source.

Suddenly, a huge mountain collapsed, and then, another mountain rose from the ground next to it.


The dragon's roar was only getting strong, splas.h.i.+ng lava into the sky again and again. It looked as if fire was raining down from the sky.

"What is going on?" countless cultivators cried out in shock.

If it was an earthquake, the mountains would have collapsed, but how could a mountain possibly rise straight from the ground?


An even louder dragon's roar reverberated across the sky as the ground all around quaked even more intensely.

Suddenly, a golden figure rose into the sky.

The golden figure was a thousand zhang long. In the blink of an eye, it charged straight into the dark clouds, dying the entire sky gold.

The golden figure's turbulence stirred the dark clouds in the sky into utter disorder. Accompanied by the lightning, the sky above the Golden Tong became more chaotic in a flash.

The lands of the Golden Tong, under this heavy storm and earthquakes, seemed as if the world was coming to an end. All the cultivators fled in panic away from the holocaust taking place.

"That golden figure looked like a thousand zhang long tail, didn't it?"

"A golden tail? Dragon's tail figure? A dragon's tail?"

"What the h.e.l.l is this?"

Countless cultivators were surprised.

"We should leave! There is nothing else for us to see!" the Ninth Young Master said calmly.

"Yes!" the congregation of subordinates answered immediately before following the Ninth Young Master away.

Ninth Young Master's departure wasn't noticed by Luo Tiange, for his gaze had been completely attracted by the dragon's tail.

"Dr...dr...dr...dragon vein? Earth dragon vein?" Luo Tiange almost bit his tongue off in surprise.


The earth dragon vein's solemn roar once again came from under the ground.


At the same time, about eight hundred li to the west, the Bixi halted its march, as if it had sensed something.

The Bixi immediately roared into the sky before continuing its advance much more quickly than before, galloping in the Golden Tong's direction.

The army of sea beast in front of him, who were originally opening a way for the Bixi, were all of a sudden thrown far behind.

"The Bixi has gone crazy, what's wrong with it?"

"The Bixi looks anxious! Where is it going?"

"Look, quickly look there!"

"Quickly look towards the Golden Tong!"...

Countless cultivators raised their heads to look. High up in the sky, the congregation of Divine Battalion soldiers aboard the Divine Battalion's flying s.h.i.+p was also staring into the distance with wide eyes.

Li Haoran's eyes went wide, seeing the golden tail rising up into the air, charging towards the skies blanketed by the swirling dark clouds. The lightning appeared incomparably dazzling after being agitated by the golden tail.

"Dragon vein's tail? Advance in that direction, quickly!" Li Haoran's eyes bulged in shock.

"Yes, sir!"

The flying s.h.i.+p flew in the Golden Tong's direction at breakneck speed.

"What's up ahead there?" Li Haoran roared out with a scowl.

"The Golden Tong, Commander!" one of his subordinates replied right away.

"The dragon vein is born! Faster, the Bixi is ahead of us!" Li Haoran ordered in a cold tone.

"Yes, sir!" his subordinates answered.

The flying s.h.i.+p swiftly raced ahead, catching up with the Bixi. Even though the Bixi was giving its all, it wasn't a match for the speed of the flying s.h.i.+p.


Seeing the flying s.h.i.+p catching up with it, the Bixi roared furiously as countless lightning bolts flew towards the flying s.h.i.+p. A lightning strike immediately landed on the array of the vessel. However, the array was quite st.u.r.dy, and resisted it completely.

Soon the flying s.h.i.+p overtook the Bixi, flying far ahead.


The Golden Tong...

At this moment, countless cultivators also came to realize what the dragon vein was. They anxiously lunged at it.

"Scram, you f.u.c.king wastes! Are you looking for death?" berated Luo Tiange.

Injured as he was, his cultivation wa.s.s nonetheless stronger than anyone else there.

He may have lost the chains, but he still had his long sword. Once he unsheathed his sword, dense sword qi like rainbows charged out, killing all the approaching cultivators one after another.

With just the unsheathing of his sword, dozens of cultivators were immediately sent flying.

"f.u.c.k off, you wastes! The earth dragon vein is mine, whoever wishes to contend for it with me, he is so dead! Hahaha!" Luo Tiange broke into a crazed laughter.

While Luo Tiange was feeling all excited after pus.h.i.+ng everyone off...

An ear-piercing whizz came from the distance. Everyone turned their head to look, only to see a long golden arrow shooting over from the distance.

Streaking across the sky like a rainbow, the long arrow was astonis.h.i.+ngly terrifying. In the blink of an eye, it had already arrived before everyone.

A savage look immediately appeared on Luo Tiange's face as he slashed with his sword. Luo Tiange put his everything into this sword strike. The excitement of the dragon vein had inspired Luo Tiange into unleas.h.i.+ng a strike that surpa.s.sed any other he had made in his whole life.

"Break for me!" Luo Tiange roared ferociously.

With a thunderous boom, Luo Tiange's sword qi, along with his body, exploded into pieces, filling the sky with a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.


As the blood rained down on the faces of desperate cultivators, all the cultivators were startled and panic-stricken as they looked at Luo Tiange, who had just forced everyone to back off...

Just one arrow had blown Luo Tiange into pieces! The largest part of his body that remained intact was just half of his head on the ground.

The long golden arrow, after blasting Luo Tiange into pieces, had plunged into a peak on the opposite side of him, showing a small section of its tail outside that was still vibrating slightly...

Luo Tiange, the Eastern Thief King who had been running amuck in the Thousand Islands Seas for an entire century, was blown apart by an arrow, just one arrow!

Everyone immediately quieted down, staring back along the path of the air, laden with fear.

They saw a flying s.h.i.+p in the distance, flying at a breakneck speed. At the bow of the flying s.h.i.+p stood a man in golden armor with a longbow in his hand, his cold gaze following the path of the arrow he had fired.

"The Divine Battalion!"

"Li Haoran!" And their hearts fell even further...