Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 4985: The Legendary Nest

Chapter 4985: The Legendary Nest

Chapter 4985: The Legendary Nest

The divine nest was widely regarded as the most enigmatic location in all of Demon. It was whispered to be the very wellspring of the regional demon dao.

Despite its fabled significance, very little was known about the Nest. Its existence was the only certainty to the demons and monarchs here.

If anyone could answer this question, it might be one of the six commanding G.o.ds. Alas, the G.o.ds never divulged this secret.

Nonetheless, everyone knew that entering the nest meant obtaining a great fortune. This included those who werent demons. Of course, demons would benefit more relatively.

Its not so simple. Goldcrest was a big shot here so he knew more than most: Not to mention people like us, even conquerors and dragon lords have failed to locate it.

Possessing a G.o.d source increases the chance. Ming s.h.i.+ said: My senior aunt told me that the commanding G.o.ds can somehow communicate with the nest. This is the proper method to find it.

Its possible. Goldcrest said: Tendril King is special, she might be able to figure it out through the G.o.d source.

Goldcrest had one piece right now but regardless of his attempt, he didnt notice anything peculiar. As a demon monarch, he naturally wished to enter the divine nest as well. This was one of the reasons behind taking the risk in competing for them.

I heard Wild Dragon had obtained a great fortune and that it might have been from the nest. Is this true? Yunyun asked.

Goldcrest pondered for a bit before responding: Its possible, many believe this notion. Wild Dragon has a high status in Serpent. The commanding G.o.d there rarely shows up in public so normally, Wild Dragon is in charge.

His original form was an earth lava-dragon. However, he was fortunate enough to come across true dragon blood and evolved into a wild dragon.

Many believed that he was lucky enough to enter the nest and gained the ability to travel freely outside of the Ten Mountains.

My aunt just needs the G.o.d source and shell be able to enter the nest. She said with confidence: Rooster, Im warning you, dont try to compete with her or shell really cut off your head, no one can stop her.

She had absolute confidence in Tendril King. After all, this was a great genius with five sacred fruits.

Of course not. Goldcrest shuddered and said: She would have no trouble slaying me.

He knew that despite having the protection of Tiger, it would still be suicidal to go against Tendril King. He didnt have any other backer.

Good. She smiled and then asked Li Qiye: Young n.o.ble, Sister Yunyun, why are you here again?

The young n.o.ble is pursuing Shadowrider. Yunyun revealed.

See, I knew that the young n.o.ble would have no problem dealing with him. Ming s.h.i.+ clapped excitedly.

Who was it that thought I was going to be killed? Li Qiye chuckled in response.

Hey, Shadowrider is a notorious a.s.sa.s.sin but I guess youre still far superior. She turned red and pouted.

Sis, what did Shadowrider look like? Fat or skinny, male or female? Ming s.h.i.+ became curious instead after knowing that Li Qiye was not in danger.

I dont know since I couldnt get a clear look, its like a phantom. Yunyun shook her head. If Li Qiye hadnt defeated Shadowrider, she wouldnt even have gotten a good look.

Remember, this might be the best place for an ambush. Goldcrest was frightened, not because of Shadowrider but because of Li Qiyes ability - defeating and pursuing the a.s.sa.s.sin all the way to Demon.

What is there to be afraid of? Shadowrider cant touch the young n.o.ble. Ming s.h.i.+s confidence in Li Qiye was at an all-time high.

Well see where Shadowrider is hiding soon enough. Li Qiye smiled.

Hehehe, Ill tag along too. Ming s.h.i.+ got next to Li Qiye, not wanting to be left behind.

He smiled and didnt refuse her involvement.

Wont Tendril King look for you? Yunyun asked.

Dont worry, she brought many experts and even several ancestors, they dont need my help at all. Its more fun to follow the young n.o.ble, maybe the world will bring up my name when they talk about Shadowriders capture. Everyone will call me the greatest genius in the world. She laughed and started fantasizing, brightening the mood.

Ill tag along too, this is my home so I know the way. May I be your guide, Young n.o.ble? Goldcrest immediately asked.

Seems like you want to run away. Li Qiye smiled.

Hehehe, of course not, I just want to be a gracious host to my friends. He put on an awkward smile. Although his intentions were to entertain the trio, the thought of making a run for it was also not far from his mind.

Other demons and big shots might come and attack Phoenix if he was still around. Thus, it was best to leave with the group. Moreover, he felt very safe when traveling with Li Qiye.

Thus, he immediately prepared for his departure since Li Qiye didnt refuse.

Demon was ma.s.sive indeed. Now, masters from the lower continents have also arrived. It seemed like the news of Peac.o.c.k Monarchs inevitable demise have traveled far enough. Experts wanted the G.o.d source, hoping for a fortune.

However, Li Qiyes group didnt care about this. They were only here to look for Shadowrider. As for Goldcrest, he wasnt greedy enough to look for more fragments.

They crossed through peaks and valleys while tracing Shadowriders steps.

Shadowrider is absolutely familiar with the land, these are all secretive paths. Goldcrest found new places along the way and commented.

Boom! Suddenly, the power of a sovereign erupted in the form of a towering beam.