Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 971 – The World-Shaking Huge Secret

Chapter 971 – The World-Shaking Huge Secret

The World-Shaking Huge Secret

The 11th!

Hearing Jiang Chen recounting all the past events couldn’t calm the turbulent emotions inside Ancestor Greenlotus. He felt extremely excited after he regained his senses and saw his old friend who died a hundred years ago being reincarnated with a new ident.i.ty. He would never believe such a miracle if he didn’t saw it with his eyes.

Ancestor Greenlotus’ consciousness began to accept Jiang Chen as the old Jiang Chen not because of the reaction of the broken Heavenly Saint Sword, but because of Jiang Chen’s demeanour and expression. In fact, the Buddha teachings were very particular about past and present life. Events like reincarnation were recorded in and recognized by Buddha monks.

“My dear friend, you truly are heaven defying. You survived a great catastrophe. Now, you looked as lively as before. I have been detained here for a hundred years but I have no more regrets now that I saw you again.”

Ancestor Greenlotus showed a rare smile in his face. It was a very difficult to see this old monk smile like this.

“I have been to Greenlotus Mountain.” Jiang Chen said.

Listening to the words ‘Greenlotus Mountain’, Ancestor Greenlotus’ eyes couldn’t help but sparkle. Hastily, he asked, “How’s Greenlotus Mountain now? What about my disciple?”

“Don’t worry. Great Master Ran Feng is doing fine. He is now a Great Saint. Great Master Ran Feng has an outstanding apprentice who has been through many life and death challenges with me. Last time I went to Western Domain and Great Master Ran Feng told me about you. My a.s.sumption at that time was that you must be imprisoned in Saint Origin Palace.” Jiang Chen said.

“That little guy Ran Feng has also recruited an apprentice. Old friend, quickly tell me about the things that happened outside, and how did you enter Saint Origin Palace? I see that you are only at the Second Grade Great Saint. It has to be a miracle for you to find me here.”

Ancestor Greenlotus rarely spoke in this past 100 years. Now that he had reunited with his old friend, he became somewhat talkative.

“That year, when I fell in the Saint Cliff, I was lucky that my soul didn’t die and was reincarnated in a remote area in the Eastern Continent. It was a long and arduous path before I managed to have this cultivation base…”

Knowing how desperate Ancestor Greenlotus was feeling right now, Jiang Chen told him all the things that had happened over the years, particularly the topics concerning Great Master Ran Feng and Tyrant. It was a kind of enjoyment for Jiang Chen to talk about these things. He had been keeping the secrets he knew about this world and wasn’t able to share it with anyone until today. He was afraid that only this old monk could allow him to talk so openly and without restrictions.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s story, Ancestor Greenlotus couldn’t help but laugh. “Haha! Jiang Chen…You haven’t changed, you are still the old Jiang Chen I knew, but you are more heaven defying than your previous self. In your past life, you stirred the entire Pure Land up all by yourself. Now, you are doing the same thing in Saint Origin Palace. I suppose that Saint Origin Palace won’t have its peace soon. Not bad. You are still the ‘you’ I knew.”

“By the way, you mentioned that you could sense the existence the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword and found this place. It isn’t unusual for you to discover such a place given your ability, but how did you break open the seal outside? This seal is set by an Immortal. You won’t be able to break it even if you were at your peak in your past life. Furthermore, I didn’t even sense you when you entered, I couldn’t feel a single ripple and the seal was still intact, it was as if you went through the seal without breaking it. What kind of technique did you use?” Ancestor Greenlotus asked with curiosity.

One should know that he could even sense the presence of the Immortals of Desolate Palace, but he felt nothing when Jiang Chen suddenly appeared into the secret chamber out of nowhere. Such means really amazed and astonished him.

“I have a secret technique that could allow me to travel through s.p.a.ce stealthily. This seal couldn’t stop me at all. Today, I was able to find you thanks to the Heavenly Saint Sword,” said Jiang Chen while sighing.

It was his good luck that he was able to find Ancestor Greenlotus so smoothly. If it wasn’t for the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword, if it wasn’t because Ancestor Greenlotus had taken the fragment out, there was no way that he could find Ancestor Greenlotus, even if he searched every corner of Desolate Palace.

“You said that this seal is created by an Immortal. Could it be that the Immortal is hiding somewhere in Desolate Palace now? If you are under close surveillance, wouldn’t they sense me as well the moment I appeared?” asked Jiang Chen with a frown.

“It doesn’t matter. The Desolate Palace’s men had just left. They will only show up once a year. No one will pay attention to this secret chamber in normal days because I can’t run away. However, they wouldn’t have expected for you to be here. If those old guys know that the Greatest Saint is still alive, I wonder what kind of response they will have.”

Ancestor Greenlotus said with a smile, totally not worried that his old friend would be discovered by someone.

“What the heck is going on here? Why did Desolate Palace want to hold you captive here?” asked Jiang Chen.

This was the question that he was concerned the most. Back then, Ancestor Greenlotus was a peerless Buddha and had no grudge with Desolate Palace, but why did they attacked Ancestor Greenlotus during his tribulation. What kind of conflict did they have between them?

“Desolate Palace has a savage heart of a wolf. They wanted to rule the entire Saint Origin World, and I have coincidentally become the most important tool in their hands.”

Ancestor Greenlotus’s eyes twinkled with two rays of cold light, thinking of his past encounters. It was impossible for him not to resent them.

“How?” asked Jiang Chen, feeling that there must be some kind of a secret.

“That year, after you fell in the Saint Cliff, I was there and found this broken sword. So, I kept it as a memorial. This broken sword has really been of really great help today. If it wasn’t for this broken sword, I’m afraid that I’ll never see you again.”

Ancestor Greenlotus seemed to be immersed in his past memories. “Later, I went to the Immortal Possessive Mountain, I found an Immortal Mark. It was incomparably mystical. It is still inside my body even until now, but I can’t show it to you. The experts of Desolate Palace have been trying to get this from me, which was why they put me here. If I took out this Immortal Mark now, it is very likely that they will sense it. This Immortal Mark has a great function. That is to fool the Heaven. Any Immortal who possessed this mark won’t be pulled by the the Immortal World, and could remain in Saint Origin World.”

“Therefore, Desolate Palace captured you, to use the Immortal Mark you obtained to deceive the Heaven. That is to say, there are really Immortals that exist here?”

Jiang Chen was clever enough to guess the crucial factor in those events.

“Exactly. I have no idea how the experts of Desolate Palace knew that I possessed the Immortal Mark. On the day of my tribulation, I have already predicted that there would be great changes. Subsequently, I was secretly framed by them, causing me to fail my tribulation. Many people thought that I was dead. The fact told otherwise. At that time, I was captured and imprisoned here. They used the Qi of the Immortal Mark to deceive the Heaven. As such, over the past 100 years, none of the Immortals of Desolate Palace ascended to the Immortal World. All of them are hidden here,” said Ancestor Greenlotus.


Jiang Chen almost exclaimed. He had already expected that Desolate Palace had been hiding some big secrets, but he didn’t imagine that it would be this shocking. In 100 years, none of the Immortals of Desolate Palace rose to the Immortal World while the Immortals of the other seven palaces did. He wondered how strong Desolate Palace had become.

“The ancestors of Desolate Palace have a big very plan. They wanted to see the entire Saint Origin World become one before ascending to the Immortal World. All these years, they wanted to get the Immortal Mark from my hands, but I refused. They had no other choice but to hold me captive here. As long as I am here, the effect of blinding the Heavens will still be here,” said Ancestor Greenlotus.

“You did the right thing by not handing out the Immortal Mark. If you did, given Desolate Palace’s means, they will kill you immediately. The Immortal Mark is your life-saving amulet now. But I don’t understand why didn’t you straightaway refine the Immortal Mark? I believe that you can get lots of benefits out of it,” said Jiang Chen with doubts.

“I tried but it didn’t work. There is a great luck that existed indistinctly inside the Immortal Mark. Perhaps, it was probably because my luck isn’t enough to earn the recognition of the Immortal Mark. Therefore, I couldn’t refine it.”

Ancestor Greenlotus shook his head.

“I see, but even if the Immortals of Desolate Palace are here, they won’t be able to fight in Saint Origin World. The power of an Immortal is too strong, it will probably cause the entire world to collapse. In that case, what’s the point of them staying here?” asked Jiang Chen, puzzled.

“There is a great significance if they stayed. You should know about the present situation in Saint Origin Palace after arriving here. After years of development, Desolate Palace had become stronger than before. Its overall strength is enough to suppress any one of the other seven palaces. In the process, the Immortals of Desolate Palace have made an indelible contribution. They contributed their resources to Desolate Palace. One could already imagine how powerful those resources are. As far as I know, the Immortals would pick excellent geniuses and train them personally, infusing Immortal Qi to them all year round. These geniuses have been hidden by Desolate Palace. They were the treated like divine beings, they are the real secret weapon of Desolate Palace. Right now, I’m afraid that their strength have become so strong to such an extent. One day, when they are all released, it will also be the day when Desolate Palace dominates the whole world,” said Ancestor Greenlotus.

Hearing this gave Jiang Chen an unsettling feeling. It seemed like Desolate Palace’s plot was really too much.

“Sure enough, Desolate Palace has been plotting against all of us. Their Immortals didn’t intend to directly help Desolate Palace rule the entire Saint Origin World. Instead, they greatly strengthened the army of Desolate Palace, so that Desolate Palace can utilize these forces to dominate the world. For a major clan to rise, it has to have a firm foundation, it has to build an unshakable foundation by producing more and more elites. This is the best way to prepare for either a war or domination. It seems like Saint Origin World really isn’t far from chaos.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled.

“That’s right. I initially thought that Desolate Palace would certainly become the ruler of the world, and would watch the other seven major palaces disappear, but I see a turn for the better after seeing your presence. Only you, my old friend, can turn the present situation around.”

Ancestor Greenlotus looked over at Jiang Chen with blazing eyes, like he was a hero.

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