Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 964 – Aggrieved

Chapter 964 – Aggrieved


The 4th!


Gu Firmament let out a cold humph, no longer paying attention to Desolate Emperor as his eyes were fixed unblinkingly on the two combatants in the battlefield. He might look very confident and determined on the surface, but he totally had no idea about the outcome of the battle, but since the bet had already been made, he could say nothing more about it.

Inside the battlefield.

“Gu Chen, I can’t deny admiring your boldness and arrogance. I really have no idea where you get your self-confidence from.”

Desolate Yitang’s face was full of mockery.

“You will know soon.”

Jiang Chen was too lazy to converse with him. Billowy Qi burst out from his body all of a sudden, forming into a light that charged at Desolate Yitang. Time seemed to stop at this moment as Jiang Chen’s strike reached Desolate Yitang.

“He’s fast!”

Desolate Yitang exclaimed in his heart, quickly putting away his underestimation for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s fist glowed reddish golden. The waves of Qi that was radiated from it shredded the void into pieces. This punch was enough to blow a mountain apart.


Desolate Yitang reacted very quickly with a punch, which also carried an explosive energy. Then, the two punches clashed violently.

*Hong Long……*

Powerful energy pounded against the hundred-mile large battlefield. Desolate Yitang felt an immense energy that he couldn’t resist. Under the push of the great force, he retreated a distance of 50 meters. Qi and blood was pulsing unpleasantly in his body.

On the contrary, Jiang Chen just maintained his punching posture, standing there as if he had never moved once.


Desolate Yitang exclaimed again, he couldn’t believe that he was forced to retreat by a Second Grade Great Saint.

Outside the battlefield, all of the elders were shocked. Desolate Emperor’s smiling face hardened. With his eyes, he could instantly see how powerful Gu Chen was. He had a deep understanding of Desolate Yitang’s power. Considering the fact that they had staked a lot in this battle, Desolate Yitang wouldn’t dare to be careless even in the slightest in this fight. In other words, the exchange of blows just now was no accident.

“Haha! Good, kid!”

Gu Firmament laughed loudly. The scene seemed too thrilling. All the elders of Gu Palace had a delightful look on their faces. If the Law Enforcement Palace fell into the hands of Gu Palace, it would be too good to be true, it had been many years since they took its control.

Heavenly Peng King also marvelled. His impression of Gu Chen changed.

“Desolate Yitang, you are not bad seeing that you could withstand my attack, but this will be the only time.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi dashed to the sky. His remark stabbed Desolate Yitang’s heart like sharp blades. Gu Chen’s last phrase was an embarra.s.sment and an insult to him.

“Gu Chen, don’t get too arrogant. I was just testing your power with the first strike. Baking Sun!”

Desolate Yitang wouldn’t dare underestimate Jiang Chen anymore, he struck his most powerful combat technique out. A 30 meter reddish golden sun was materialized. For a moment, the entire battlefield was filled with golden light and scorching Qi that came from the hot baking sun.

Even Jiang Chen was shrouded by the sun. The air current that flowed out of it was like sharp knife lights. If he was replaced by an ordinary person, he would’ve been cut to death by this piercing current.

“The combat technique isn’t bad, but the person using it isn’t good enough. Let’s not waste any more time.”

Jiang Chen was absolutely not concerned of Desolate Yitang’s combat technique, the difference between this Baking Sun Combat Technique and the Golden Dragon Seal was too wide.

*Hong Long…*

Jiang Chen flicked his arm, striking out with the Golden Dragon Seal. A dazzling reddish golden dragon roared and dashed out, smas.h.i.+ng against the rolling hot sun.

The fierce impact was like an intense fight between two ancient wild beasts. The hundred-mile battlefield was completely incinerated, but this was the battlefield constructed by Desolate Emperor after all. The energy inside wouldn’t leak out of it regardless of how frenzied the clashes were.

The huge baking hot sun was torn into countless pieces. Desolate Yitang was once again, sent flying away by the destructive force, causing him to spurt out three mouthfuls of blood.

This was a round that clearly showed the winner without any suspense.

Even though Desolate Yitang was a great genius with a peak Fourth Grade Great Saint strength, he still couldn’t fight against Jiang Chen. It was impossible to guess the difference between a genius and a monstrous talent using common sense.

Desolate Emperor’s facial expression completely darkened. At this point in time, it was impossible for him not to see the outcome. This Gu Chen was far more powerful than he had imagined. Gu Chen was the scariest monstrous talent that he had ever seen. He could already imagine how terrifying he would become once he grew up.

Gu Firmament and Heavenly Peng King’s face revealed solemnity, but their eyes were blazing, particularly Gu Firmament’s, it was as if he had already seen the future of Gu Palace from Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen had the upper hand now, he would surely not show mercy and waste any more time; he certainly wouldn’t expose his other combat techniques and trump cards. So, he immediately drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword, slas.h.i.+ng at Desolate Yitang’s direction.


Desolate Yitang roared furiously. Today’s battle was utterly humiliating and his honour was at stake. If Desolate Emperor lost the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master because of his defeat, he would be guilty and be expelled from Desolate Palace.

Presently, he had no way out. He could only bet his life to fight as his eyes turned bloodshot.

A golden handheld fan appeared in his hand, illuminating a brilliant light. Under his control, it turned into a giant fan that was as large as a sky barrier, covering the entire battlefield.

It was a powerful Great Saint Weapon that could deal considerable damage.

*Chi La!*

It was undeniable that Desolate Yitang’s handheld fan was terrifying, but compared to the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was nothing. Out of the seven fragments, five had already been fused together. Although it still lacked two more fragments, the sword was Jiang Chen’s natal weapon. It was incomparable to any ordinary Great Saint Weapon.

The power of the Heavenly Saint Sword wasn’t the only factor. The one who wielded the sword was also very important. Jiang Chen could instantly fuse with the sword and become a single unit.

Under the frenzied attack of the Heavenly Saint Sword, Desolate Yitang’s giant fan was like a paper, chopped into halves.

The destruction of the combat weapon caused Desolate Yitang to suffer a serious injury. A large opening broke open on his chest, and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out.


Desolate Yitang gave out a shrill scream. He and Jiang Chen had only exchanged for three rounds, however, he was already pushed to the brink of defeat.

At the present moment, he no longer had the strength to fight back. With such serious injuries, he couldn’t even use half of his strength. So, how could he be an opponent for Jiang Chen now?


Jiang Chen didn’t give Desolate Yitang a chance. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a divine light that shot forth, arriving above Desolate Yitang’s head in a blink.

Innumerable light rushed out of the sword, turning into a sword web, enshrouding Desolate Yitang and sealing the entire void, leaving him no chance to escape.

An extremely dangerous Qi rose from the bottom of Desolate Yitang’s heart. That was the taste of death he had never felt this before. Intense dread instantaneously flooded his heart.

He was certainly going to die soon. No one wasn’t afraid of death. People who lived comfortable lives dreaded death the most.

“Stop, Gu Chen!”

Desolate Emperor shouted from the outside. He hadn’t thought that Gu Chen would actually be this powerful. The great Desolate Yitang was about to be killed after three rounds of battle. How could he not be angry and impatient? That was a genius of Desolate Palace, losing such a genius would certainly incur a great loss.

However, Jiang Chen pretended as if he didn’t hear Desolate Emperor’s warning. From the moment he and Desolate Yitang started the battle, Desolate Yitang’s fate was already doomed.

*Chi La!*


Accompanied by a mournful cry, the genius of Desolate Palace, Desolate Yitang, was severed into half by the Heavenly Saint Sword and instantly died.

For a while, in the main hall of Law Enforcement Palace, all of the elders’ eyes went wide, not believing what they just saw, especially those from Desolate Palace. It was really too hard for them to accept it as they all knew the strength of Desolate Yitang very well. This was the reason why Desolate Emperor summoned him here to fight Jiang Chen in the first place.

It wasn’t just them, even Gu Firmament stood petrified on the floor. A while ago, he had underestimated Jiang Chen despite his high expectations. A genius like Gu Chen was literally heavenly defying. This time, Gu Firmament was sure that he had picked up a real treasure.

Jiang Chen slowly kept his Heavenly Saint Sword, and then walked out of the battlefield and back into the main hall. His mouth was curved into a smile. He looked at Desolate Emperor and said, “Desolate Emperor, I a.s.sume that you still remember our previous bet.”

Including Desolate Emperor, all of the elders from Desolate Palace turned unpleasant all of a sudden. Just now, their minds were all focused on the monstrous talent, Gu Chen, and the death of Desolate Yitang, they had forgotten about the bet until Jiang Chen reminded them.

This time, the situation had gone out of their hands.

Desolate Emperor was very unwilling to believe this fact, but he couldn’t deny it. It was true that he was an old man who had lived for a few hundred years, and the strongest of the entire Saint Origin World. It was also true that he was scammed by a brat, Gu Chen. To him, this was an ultimate disgrace.

He was no fool, but why did he not see that this was a trap of Gu Chen? It started when Gu Chen demanded to fight any Fourth Grade Great Saint. Instead of retreating, he still continued and dived deeper into the trap that Gu Chen set. Thinking about this gave him an urge to cough up blood.

“Haha! Desolate Emperor, I don’t want to be disrespectful and decline the seat of being the Law Enforcement Palace master. This is the seat that I have longed to have.”

Gu Firmament was afraid that Desolate Emperor wouldn’t be furious enough, so he sent him another insulting remark. He now felt extremely relieved and delightful, Gu Palace had never been as proud as today.


Desolate Emperor felt a little stuffy in his chest, as if there were hundreds of thousands of gra.s.s-mud horses galloping wantonly in his heart.

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