Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 943 – Gu Chen

Chapter 943 – Gu Chen

Gu Chen

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“My apologies for letting patriarch worry for me. It won’t be that easy for them to kill me. After refining the heart of blaze, I have acquired a pair of fiery wings. If combined together with my spatial skill, I will be able to penetrate through voids even if the six Sixth Grade Great Saints are present. In fact, I can also achieve that even if there are sixty of them.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He had nothing to hide from these people.

“Smart a*s! That means that you are the biggest winner of the trial in the ancient battlefield this time. Not only have you made the major six suffer incredible losses, you have also obtained such a valuable treasure.”

Gu Xuantian was very delighted. Before this, Jiang Chen’s death had really affected him emotionally. When it was revealed that Jiang Chen was still alive, he felt a huge sense of relief and was also very pleased. He truly believed in Jiang Chen’s ability to escape. One should realise that he too, didn’t sense Jiang Chen’s presence before he revealed himself. This was enough to explain how horrifying Jiang Chen had become.

It would render anyone speechless to know that a First Grade Great Saint had such a heaven defying ability. In fact, he had been creating a lot of miracles along his way here. The miracle that he created this time was the one that really shocked Gu Xuantian’s.

“If I didn’t fake my death, the major six would certainly not let me go. Given my current strength, I’m still too weak to handle the wild bombardment from the six major families. When that time comes, Gu Family and Demon Race will also be involved, throwing the entire Pure Land into chaos. Now that I am ‘dead’, it will save me from a lot of troubles. They will face their end when I wage a war on them next time.”

Said Jiang Chen with a smile.

Gu Xuantian nodded slightly while staring at Jiang Chen with praise. This young man was too scary. Not only did he have a heaven defying talent and potential, he also possessed incredible wisdom. Even he had to admit that this plan of him faking his own death was good. It could help Jiang Chen to completely get rid of the six major families’ attention while allowing himself the time to enhance his strength.

“What are you going to do next?”

Gu Xuantian asked. He believed that Jiang Chen wasn’t a man without goals.

“I am going to Saint Origin Palace.”

Jiang Chen told everything about this plan to Gu Xuantian. Gu Xuantian nodded following the conversation, feeling that there was nothing wrong with Jiang Chen going there. After all, someone like Jiang Chen had to come into contact with Saint Origin Palace sooner or later. This suggested that the chaos would finally descend in Saint Origin Palace. Jiang Chen’s arrival would stir up an upheaval across Saint Origin Palace, this would disrupt the growth plan of Desolate Family which would benefit Gu Family and Demon Race.

“You should have a more concrete plan, right?”

Gu Xuantian asked.

There was a trace of happiness on Jiang Chen’s face. His facial structure twisted, sounds of cracking were heard from within his body. In the blink of an eye, he had completely changed into a person with a different appearance. The current Jiang Chen looked a lot more ordinary but he was unable to conceal the overbearing aura that exuded from between his eyebrows.

“From now on, I am called Gu Chen. It is up to patriarch to decide what kind of ident.i.ty I shall a.s.sume when entering Saint Origin Palace.”

Jiang Chen said. Gu Xuantian wasn’t a fool, so Jiang Chen need not say what he was going to do next. The patriarch would know what to do after seeing Jiang Chen change his appearance right in front of him. Jiang Chen believed that the patriarch would make the proper arrangements for him after this.

“Got it, you don’t have to worry about the matter in Saint Origin Palace. Take a few days of rest in Lan Ning World. Gu Liufeng is now in his seclusion period and he has taken a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, I believe that he will be able to break into the Great Saint realm within these few days. After that, I will send the two of you to Saint Origin Palace.”

Said Gu Xuantian.

“All right.”

Jiang Chen nodded. His impression of Gu Liufeng was quite good. Gu Liufeng’s cultivation grade was originally half a step away from Great Saint, meaning only one step away from the Great Saint realm. After consuming the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, advancing to the Great Saint realm would definitely not be a problem.

In the following three days, Jiang Chen stayed in Lan Ning World, accompanying Wu Ningzhu and her family while waiting for Gu Liufeng to break through to the Great Saint realm.

On the third day, lightning hovered in the sky above Gu Family. The thunder clouds were thick and dense. Gu Liufeng had successfully reached the Great Saint realm. A beam of light shot out from the seclusion chamber at a quick speed towards the outer region of Gu Family.

Like Big Yellow, Gu Liufeng must find a remote place to undergo his heavenly tribulation, otherwise, it would turn the entire Gu Family into ruins. It was difficult to defend against the heavenly tribulation because the more defensive you become, the more powerful its strikes would be.

The emergence of a Great Saint genius from the young generation was a rare occurrence and was considered a good thing to Gu Family. Gu Liufeng’s advancement has created enormous movements. Even experts across the Pure Land could sense the vibration of the heavenly tribulation.

Gu Liufeng’s heavenly tribulation made the major six uncomfortable, especially Desolate Family and s.h.i.+ Family where their former geniuses – Desolate Yuan and s.h.i.+ Han – were supposedly considered to be greater geniuses than Gu Liufeng. Currently, Gu Liufeng was going to finish his advancement in Great Saint realm whereas Desolate Yuan and s.h.i.+ Han had gone to the netherworld. Their hate towards Jiang Chen intensified when they thought about Kong Yang, who had also advanced to the Great Saint realm. They felt that Jiang Chen was too lucky to have such an instant and quick death.

In any case, the man known as Jiang Chen no longer existed in this world which relieved their worries. Despite being the enemies of Jiang Chen, they couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was a rare genius that only appeared once in ten thousand years. If someone like him was given time to grow, his achievements in the future was bound to be limitless.

In the main hall of Gu Family, more than a dozen higher ups had gathered together. Gu Xuantian was sitting on the top, beside him was an ordinary man in white clothes. He was none other than Jiang Chen. Everyone who was present here was the most trusted members of Gu Family, so Gu Xuantian didn’t conceal Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty from them.

After learning that Jiang Chen wasn’t dead, everyone was shocked, each of them having the exact same expression as Gu Xuantian had the moment when he saw Jiang Chen, but there was joy within their shocked face.

Jiang Chen currently had gotten greater. More importantly, he had gotten the acknowledgement from all the higher ups. How crazy was the fact that one could flee away from the joint strike of six Sixth Grade Great Saints, unharmed? Not to mention, Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Great Saint. By now, almost no one would doubt the ability of this monstrous genius. They also no longer dared to foresee the future of this extraordinary genius, however they could imagine that in the near future, the Saint Origin Palace would be thrown into chaos because of Jiang Chen’s existence.

They have already known all the things that happened in Eastern Continent. They considered that the number of miracles he had created was just too many, something that others term as heaven defying. If they were judging him in the aspect of luck, he was certainly a man with great luck.

At this point, Gu Liufeng went into the main hall elegantly and casually. The heavenly tribulation he experienced was a Six Major Tribulation, which wasn’t really a scary one. That meant that he was able to recover very quickly and had almost no after-tribulation injuries. When he thought about the Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation initiated by Jiang Chen, he sighed.

After the completion of his advancement, he was called by Gu Xuantian to proceed to the main hall. Without making any delays, he headed straight to the main hall.

“Patriarch, elders.”

Gu Liufeng greeted everyone. He felt robust and high-spirited after the advancement, but when his spotted the young man in white who was sitting beside Gu Xuantian, he froze. He knew everyone in the main hall except that white youth. What puzzled him was that this youth was ent.i.tled to stand beside Gu Xuantian. One should know that even he, the number one genius of Gu Family, didn’t have the privilege to stand beside Gu Xuantian.

“Liufeng, let me introduce him to you. His name is Gu Chen. He was just a little beggar when I adopted him last time. I have been secretly training him and today, he has also advanced to Great Saint realm. I am going to send you both to Saint Origin Palace for further cultivation.”

Gu Xuantian said with a smile. This was the ident.i.ty that he had designed for Jiang Chen. Without a doubt, this ident.i.ty worked perfectly. It wouldn’t draw any suspicion when people learnt that the youth in white was a secretly adopted kid of the patriarch.

“What? A beggar? An adopted child?”

Gu Liufeng felt dazed. What kind of joke was this? When had the patriarch adopted a beggar? Besides, this youth looked even younger than him, but still had advanced to Great Saint realm. How could it be possible for Gu Family to hide this peerless genius for so many years?


Seeing Gu Liufeng’s expression, Gu Xuantian and the others burst into laughter.

“Brother Gu, congratulations on your advancement. Take a look again at who I am.”

Jiang Chen approached Gu Liufeng and restore his original appearance.

“Jiang, Jiang Chen…”

Gu Liufeng cried, as if he had seen a ghost, feeling a sense of dizziness in his head. It was a truly astonis.h.i.+ng scene.

Immediately, Jiang Chen switched back to Gu Chen’s face while Gu Xuantian told everything to Gu Liufeng, including the plan of sending Jiang Chen and him to Saint Origin Palace.

Gu Liufeng sighed, feeling as if he was in a dream, but he knew that it was the reality. Jiang Chen wasn’t dead. His eyes was like the others, amazed at the fact that Jiang Chen was able to get away from the joint attack of six great experts.

In any case, the fact that Jiang Chen survived naturally made him happy and excited. One should know that Jiang Chen had once saved his life in the ancient battlefield. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s help, he probably would’ve died. On that day, seeing Jiang Chen being struck to death by six great experts, he could do nothing about it, creating a non-refillable huge void of guilt in his heart.

Now that Jiang Chen wasn’t dead, the void of guilt in his heart dissipated.

“Jiang Chen, Gu Liufeng, these are the tokens to enter the Saint Origin Palace. Take it. Shortly after this, I will help you two create a spatial pa.s.sageway that connects straight to Saint Origin Palace. You will use these tokens to enter Saint Origin Palace, but I have to remind you that Saint Origin Palace isn’t like Pure Land. Be careful in whatever you do.”

Gu Xuantian reminded in serious tone.

Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng took the token. It was made of unknown materials that gave people a feeling of heaviness, and there was a large word ‘Gu’ carved distinctively on the surface.

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