Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 933 – The Roar and Howl of Dragon and Phoenix

Chapter 933 – The Roar and Howl of Dragon and Phoenix

The Roar and Howl of Dragon and Phoenix

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The scene, which had just been silent for a moment, once again began bustling with commotion. Although the s.h.i.+ and Gu Family weren’t battling anymore, with the s.h.i.+ and Huo Family in front of the two families, neither of them would be able to help Jiang Chen.

The Qi of destruction pervaded the air. Any action from a Great Saint could destroy a portion of the heaven and earth, so the destruction of one side of the void was something common.

Presently, the four major families had sealed the whole spatial zone to prevent Jiang Chen from escaping. The Bin Family who had been standing in the neutral side was now involved because they now understood the terrifying potential talent of Jiang Chen. A brat who had just advanced to Great Saint realm was able to withstand the attacks of so many experts. If they did not see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed that there was actually such an abnormal being in the world. It was imaginable that if they let Jiang Chen continue to develop, he was going to be a ma.s.sive trouble to their family. As such, there was no way they could stay neutral anymore.

Today, the Bin Family chose to eliminate Jiang Chen. So if Jiang Chen grew very strong one day, he would seek revenge on them. Given the advantage they had, they might as well combine with the other three major families to get rid of this potential problem eternally.

Presently, Jiang Chen was absolutely not putting these experts in his eyes anymore. Although his current strength wasn’t enough to defeat Fifth Grade Great Saints, he was certainly not afraid of them. He was now focusing all his concentration on the heart of blaze. It was truly amazing because it had helped him condense another thousand dragon marks in this brief moment, making the total 81, 000 dragon marks. He would only need a thousand more to advance to Second Grade Great Saint.

*Hong Long*

The attacks of the four major families approached him again, fracturing the void as they pa.s.sed and making the atmosphere of the spatial zone turbulent. He was now drowned by a violent storm, but he lifted his head and his eyes glowed with ferocious light.

Five elemental combat dragons were frantically struck out, hitting against the incoming waves of attacks.

A whirlwind was formed. Jiang Chen was completely sucked into it and fell into its centre. A joint attack like this was too strong. To put in bluntly, if a Fourth Grade Great Saint fell into this whirlwind, he would die instantly, or even a Fifth Grade Great Saint would be seriously injured. After all, this was a joint attack of 8 Fifth Grade Great Saints and 20 Fourth Grade Great Saints. It was imaginable how strong their joint attack was.

*Deng Deng Deng … *

Jiang Chen was thrown out by the manic energy. All the dragons he struck was totally destroyed. Once again, he was badly hit and many mouthful of blood gushed out his mouth.

“Jiang Chen, you are indeed a miracle—a newly-advanced Great Saint brat can stay alive after two rounds of our joint attack, but you are still too weak compared to us. With our combined strengths, you will die!” A Great Saint of Desolate Family yelled.

“Kill him and retrieve the heart of blaze!” An elder of Dan Family cried in a serious tone. He wanted to rush forth at once to tear Jiang Chen apart.

“A bunch of old people. It’s you all who forced me to do this.”

Jiang Chen rubbed the blood at the corner of his mouth, his eyes glistened with ferocity. It infuriated him that this bunch of old experts disturbed him while he was concentrating on condensing the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and comprehending the heart of blaze with their joint attacks. In that case, they should not blame him for being rude.

“You little beast, you have just advanced to Great Saint realm, do you still have ways to fight us?” A Great Saint of the Narang Family smirked at him.

“Hehe, this group of old people is going to taste the bitterness.”

Big Yellow was standing in the distance, smiling sinisterly. Others didn’t know what Jiang Chen was up to, but it was very clear to him. Everything would be alright the moment Jiang Chen advanced to Great Saint realm. No one would be able to oppose him.

“Big Yellow, could it be that Brother Jiang has some great skills left?” Kong Yu was in doubt.

“That’s right. Although Brother Jiang has advanced to Great Saint realm, he is merely a First Grade Great Saint. He is already considered very heaven defying, the fact that he can stay alive after the joint attacks of so many experts. But, the huge gap between them won’t give Brother Jiang a chance to achieve victory.”

Leopard Wei was looking at Big Yellow in surprise, because he really had no clue about what other means that Jiang Chen have to fight those Fifth Grade Great Saints.

“You have all neglected one thing. It’s true that Jiang Chen has advanced to Great Saint realm, but why hasn’t the heavenly tribulation struck him?” Big Yellow said, chuckling.

“This is the thing that I have been wondering about. Anyone should know that the advancement to Great Saint realm will lead to heavenly tribulation, but why hasn’t the heavenly tribulation struck after Brother Jiang advanced to Great Saint realm? What’s going on?”

Kong Yang looked over at Big Yellow. As a senior, he had greater influence in his speech and knew better about the advancement to Great Saint realm. During his advancement, the heavenly tribulation struck him the moment he advanced, but the present situation that Jiang Chen faced was undoubtedly very strange.

“It’s because Jiang Chen can control the time of the heavenly tribulation will strike. You all will see.”

Big Yellow had a look of confidence. He not only knew that Jiang Chen had the ability to release the heavenly tribulation, but also that Jiang Chen would advance to Second Grade Great Saint after the tribulation. When that happens, killing Fifth Grade Great Saints would be very easy. He might even be strong enough to fight a Sixth Grade Great Saint. When that happens, no one in the Pure Land would be able to kill him. It gave Big Yellow a thrill while thinking about it.

“What? Control when the heavenly tribulation will come? I have never heard of something like this.” Kong Yang exclaimed.

He couldn’t believe his own ears. Even with the experience and knowledge he had, he had never heard of people who could control when the heavenly tribulation will strike.

The experts of the four major families were ready to launch another attack. They had totally viewed Jiang Chen as their prey. Today, they were bound to destroy him here. But then, due to the anger caused by the matter of the heart of blaze, they had neglected one important thing—the heavenly tribulation of Jiang Chen. Although they were in an ancient battlefield that existed eons ago, it wouldn’t stop Jiang Chen from releasing the heavenly tribulation which existed at anywhere. No matter where you he was or what types of spatial zone he’s in, he could unleash the heavenly tribulation at any time. No experts, even the high and mighty beings in the Immortal World, could ever escape from the wrath of the heavenly tribulation.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glowed with cruelty. He had already known that these old people would not let him go, making it impossible for him to study the heart of blaze. In that case, he wouldn’t need to be polite anymore. He would just unleash the lightning tribulation to let these people taste the wrath of it.

*Hong Long*

The moment the experts attacked, a rumble was heard from the heaven and earth. The colour of the sky changed. Sounds of thunder was everywhere, and clouds covered the sky. It all happened in only a few blinks of an eye. Endless lightning flashed. Then, a huge tornado of lightning appeared right above Jiang Chen’s head.

“It’s the heavenly tribulation, get back!” A Great Saint of Desolate Family hurriedly yelled.

The heavenly tribulation wasn’t a joke. Once a person was caught by it, he or she would have to confront the tribulation and will most probably die within it.

Seeing the present scene, all the experts hastily retreated. Who would still want to kill Jiang Chen at this point in time? It would be over if they were captured by the heavenly tribulation.

“Why is this brat’s heavenly tribulation so strange? Why did the heavenly tribulation strike him now and not at the moment when he advanced to the Great Saint realm?”

“We can’t care about that anymore. Everybody, retreat! If you are caught by it, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

“Humph! Jiang Chen will surely die. After the heavenly tribulation, he will certainly be severely injured. Then, it will be a piece of cake to kill him.”


The entire spatial zone shook intensely. Everyone started to retreat, they wouldn’t dare to neglect the gravity of this situation. No one would dare to joke around with their own lives in front of this tribulation.

The faces of the experts of Gu Family and Demon Race were filled with worries. They didn’t know that the heavenly tribulation was deliberately released by Jiang Chen, and how proficient Jiang Chen was at surviving the tribulation. They were worried about Jiang Chen’s condition after the heavenly tribulation. He would surely fall into a state of weakness, who would be able to save him at that time?



The thunderbolt in the sky trembled! A long, golden dragon a few hundred meters long swirled in the deep thunderclouds, roaring. Aside from the long dragon, there was also a large bird beside it, emitting nine-coloured light. The huge bird looked incomparably divine. Its body was flowing with an exuberant aura. Although it wasn’t a real physical being, it gave people an urge to admire and wors.h.i.+p it.

Divine Bird Phoenix. That’s right, it was the legendary Divine Bird Phoenix!

“G.o.d, the roar and howl of the dragon and phoenix. Could this be the legendary Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation? How can this be possible?”

“T-ttt-this…this is really the legendary Dragon Phoenix Major Tribulation. The roar and howl of the dragon and phoenix are their symbol. Nothing like this have ever happened in the history of tribulation.”

“When a person advances to Great Saint realm, the person will face the Nine Major Tribulations which is a very scary and deadly tribulation. Nothing like this tribulation has ever occurred in any experts’ tribulation. This is the first time I am seeing this.”


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