Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 929 – The Mantis stalks the Cicada, but behind them lurks the Oriole

Chapter 929 – The Mantis stalks the Cicada, but behind them lurks the Oriole

The Mantis stalks the Cicada, but behind them lurks the Oriole

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The magma dragon roared once more. Then, it gave a sarcastic sneer to everyone around. Yes, that was a taunt, a challenge, a direct challenge. The expression of the magma dragon showed that it didn’t put humans in its eyes.

The dragon seemed to have intelligence due to the heart of blaze. Although it was sneering at them, it still noticed that there were some who it couldn’t afford to offend. Therefore, instead of attacking the experts, it went back into the ocean of magma to stay hidden.

*Hong Long Long…*

The magma rolled and layers of flare rippled outwards.

Coincidentally, one man and one dog emerged as the scene disrupted the others attention. They then quickly retreated far away so as to not alert anyone.

“This is precious, truly a precious treasure. Did you see that? My luck has come. As long as I can get the heart of blaze, I will be able to advance to the Great Saint realm. If that happened, the condensation of the first floor and second floor of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da will be complete. The third floor may even be condensed out.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glowed with scorching light. No one knew better than him about the preciousness of the heart of blaze. He was now at the very peak of the Ninth Grade Minor Saint, a stage which was very difficult to pa.s.s. The last five hundred dragon marks were no longer a matter of energy, it was about luck, to spark up the potential from his origin and stimulate his advancement to the Great Saint realm.

Luck was undoubtedly very difficult to obtain. The heart of blaze was a great luck because it would certainly be enough to let Jiang Chen advance to the next realm. Given his ability, his combat strength would surely increase exponentially after the advancement. At that time, it would be easy for him to kill a Fourth Grade Great Saint and even a Fifth Grade Great Saint if he was in the half-dragon form.

“You are right. The heart of blaze is really a rare treasure, but it is impossible to get it given the present scenario.”

Big Yellow pursed his lips. Aside from the other Great Saints, sixteen Fifth Grade Great Saints from the eight large families were present here. Now that the heart of blaze had emerged, which of the large family wouldn’t want to seize it? It was no different than a fool’s dream when Jiang Chen wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h this treasure under the various experts eyes.

“What do you know? As the saying goes, when the mantis stalks the cicada, behind them lurks the oriole. Let me tell you this, that magma dragon was condensed by the heart of blaze, or the heart of blaze is inside the dragon’s body. This dragon has intelligence and its cultivation has already reached the Third Grade Great Saint. It isn’t easy to deal with the life of heaven and earth. The true strength of the magma dragon is equivalent to a Fifth Grade Great Saint human expert. With its ability, it would be very difficult for an ordinary Fifth Grade Great Saint expert to match it. If, without the help of the eight large families, depending on your strength and mine alone would only get us swallowed by the magma dragon and we’ll get nothing in the end.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled to one side and his eyes shone with wisdom.

“Hehe… I know. You want to exploit the effort of the eight large families to deal with the magma dragon and be the one to profit in the end, like the fisherman who captures the snipe and clam.” Big Yellow gave a shady smile.

The tacit understanding between the two of them were exceptionally good. He could understand what Jiang Chen meant by just looking at his eyes.

“Yes, the heart of blaze is indeed very precious. This group of people will never put their hands away from this thing. But, the effort of one family won’t be enough to take the heart of blaze. Thus, all of them would have to combine their efforts to grab ahold of this heart of blaze and then decide how to allocate it. As for us, we’ll just wait for the right opportunity.”

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. His eyesight was powerful enough to see through the outcome of the situation.

Presently, there was a tense atmosphere among the experts of the eight large families. They were all thinking about how to get the heart of blaze in their hands. The relations.h.i.+p between the eight large families had always been bad. They were always fighting for their own, not allying with anyone until the Gu Family and the Demon Race took advantage of the situation.

Because of Jiang Chen, the Gu Family and the Demon Race had formed an alliance. At least they weren’t enemies now and could stand together during at critical moments.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the heart of blaze plays a vital role in the Huo Family. I hope you all will show us the courtesy today by letting us get it. We will give you the appropriate treasures someday.” The Fifth Grade Great Saint of the Huo Family said.

“This must be a joke. What kind of face do you, Huo Family, have? The heart of blaze is equally important to our Gu Family as well, and this treasure isn’t only discovered by your family.” The Fifth Grade Great Saint from the Gu Family said with a sneer.

It would be a great joke to pull their hands away from the treasure because this wasn’t the style of the Gu Family.

“That’s right, this treasure was found by everybody. There is no reason for the Huo Family to solely possess it.” The elder of the Bin Family said.

This family had been standing in the neutral position even with regards to Jiang Chen. Furthermore, this situation didn’t involve Jiang Chen. They naturally wouldn’t give in because the heart of blaze was a significant matter for the eight large families.

“Fine. Stop the argument, everyone. I don’t think that the Huo Family has such capability of subduing the dragon by themselves. I believe you all aren’t fools. You should have seen how terrifying the power of this dragon. Do you think that the two Fifth Grade Great Saints of the Huo Family alone can take down the dragon and obtain the heart of blaze?” An elder of the Dan Family said.

His sentence had put many people in deep thoughts, including the elder of the Huo Family. The elder of the Dan Family was right. The heart of blaze was no doubt a good treasure, but it wasn’t that easy to obtain. After all, the highest grade among them was just a Fifth Grade Great Saint. Not a single family would be able to obtain the heart of blaze easily. If the Huo Family acted alone, not only could they not get the heart of blaze, many of them might be severely injured or die.

“Dan Family is right. I suggest that we attack together to take down this dragon first, we will decide about the distribution later. What do you all think?” An elder from the s.h.i.+ Family said.

“How will you distribute it?” A man from the Narang Family asked.

This was the most important question to everyone. A world-shattering war would certainly begin if the distribution wasn’t properly done.

“Isn’t it obvious? Just divide the heart of blaze into eight portions. One family will get one portion.” An expert of from the Demon Race yelled.

“Agreed.” An expert from the Desolate Family responded after a moment of consideration.

The experts of the other families nodded as well. Although the experts of Huo Family felt reluctant about the development of the matter, they couldn’t do anything about it. The effect of the heart of blaze would severely be affected once it was split into eight portions, but this was without a doubt the most equitable distribution. Otherwise, the experts from the other families would certainly start a war and that would lead to unimaginable consequences.

Ultimately, the experts of the eight large families reached a compromise. All of the Fifth Grade Great Saints and Fourth Grade Great Saints released their Qi, ready to strike the ocean of magma.

“Look, they are ready to go.” From far away, Big Yellow was chuckling.

“The show has begun.”

Jiang Chen had a look of delight on his face. The eight large families reacted according to his expectation. This was the only way that they could deal with the dragon.

“Let me try the power of this magma dragon.”

One Fifth Grade Great Saint elder of the Huo Family stood out. He made a step forward while rotating his Qi. The flames in his palm expanded into a burning light beam. This was a light beam that contained unknown amount of destructive force. It then charged towards the ocean of magma.

*Hong Long*

As the powerful strike reached the ocean of magma, a layer of bright flame barrier became visible on the outer surface of the magma, blocking the attack of the elder from entering it.


A furious roar came out from the ocean of magma. The action had undoubtedly enraged the magma dragon. The dragon reappeared, spitting out huge fireb.a.l.l.s made up of high temperature magma, rus.h.i.+ng out in all directions with great speed.


Screams resounded. Although the experts of the eight major families were able to defend themselves in time, the fireb.a.l.l.s caused a certain number of casualties when they lashed the weaker juniors.

“Retreat everyone! Leave! only Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Great Saints are to stay here.”

The elder of the Huo Family was in shock. The other experts combined their efforts to destroy the fireb.a.l.l.s. Even so, they still lost some men which wasn’t supposed to happen. This scenario made the experts from the eight major families to grind their teeth in frustration.

“What the heck? This T-Rex is quite scary. You are right and thanks to these experts, we don’t need to risk our lives.” Big Yellow was shocked by the current scene.

“The life of Heaven and Earth is the most terrifying creature. I can see that the magma dragon was just condensed not long ago. If it continues to evolve, in less than three years, it will surpa.s.s all the experts in the Pure Land,” said Jiang Chen.

This was all due to the credit of the heart of blaze. Today was a luck which he couldn’t miss. Not only was the heart of blaze a great treasure, but also the magma which contained ma.s.sive amount of scorching energy. The magma alone could help the Huo Family produce many geniuses.

All the experts didn’t dare to neglect the existence of the ocean of magma. They, especially the elder of the Huo Family, had finally witnessed the horrors of the magma dragon. They finally understood that working together was the wisest choice. If they only relied on their Huo Family alone, it would be impossible to get the job done, unless their Sixth Grade Great Saint was present.

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