Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 917 – We Are One Family

Chapter 917 – We Are One Family

We Are One Family

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The overlapping spatial zones in those countless of spatial nodes looked like a maze. A dark silhouette flashed past and went into a spatial zone. This was a white-haired youth. He wasn’t a stranger, he was Han Yan.

Han Yan felt an indistinct call not long after he entered the battlefield. So, he followed it until here. Given his present cultivation, it would be very dangerous for him to venture into the deep regions of the spatial zone. If he encountered a strong evil soul, he would undoubtedly die.

However, it seemed like the mysterious summoning force was guiding him. He followed the direction; he had gone past a lot of big spatial zones but he encountered no dangers. Furthermore, many of the spatial zones that he went past were empty and nothing good was found.

“What on earth is calling for me? I have flown for such a long time but there is still nothing. My present cultivation grade can’t protect me if I encounter any powerful monsters, but there is no turning back now. I can only continue following that mysterious summoning force. I would like to see what is actually that’s calling for me.”

Han Yan’s eyes revealed a trace of resoluteness. Now that he had made it this far, going back was no longer be an option. Furthermore, he had an intuition that the mysterious summoning force was his great luck.

Meanwhile, in another spatial zone, a bloodthirsty battle was being played. The whole atmosphere was filled of nose-stinging stench of blood. There were over thirty powerful evil souls surrounding six men. The men were wearing the same uniform and looked similarly young. They were the cultivators of the Gu Family. Many corpses of evil souls had already been piled up around them.

The evil souls looked ferocious. They walked like zombies but their combat strength were incredibly powerful and destructive.

The faces of the remaining six men looked miserable. Two of their members were already lying on the ground and one of them had lost his head. The six who were still alive were covered in blood and injured badly. Some even had their arms missing.

The leader among them was Gu Liufeng, but his current condition was unfavourable. He was gasping for air. It was imaginable that a lot of their energy had been spent battling the the evil souls. When they were traveling into different spatial zones, all of a sudden, they were struck by a spatial whirlwind and they were brought here. This place was full of evil souls. They were able to deal with the evil souls that came out at the beginning, but the ones that came out later was getting stronger and they were gradually losing their stand. The truly powerful evil souls emerged when Gu Liufeng ripped off the head of a First Grade Great Saint evil soul. The strongest evil soul now was a Second Grade Great Saint. There were two more First Grade Great Saint evil souls among them while the rest were also very strong.

Although this group of young geniuses weren’t weak, but compared to these evil souls, they were weaker. Now, they were surrounded by these evil souls, and they couldn’t bear their shrill cries. These monsters were sticking out their long tongues and had totally treated them as prey.

“Brother Liufeng, looks like we are going to die today.”

“Yeah, I hn’t expected that we would be trapped in the siege of these evil souls while looking for treasures. Unless there is a miracle, otherwise we will surely die.”

“What? I don’t want to die yet.”


The spirit of every Gu Clan geniuses dropped drastically. Their hearts were now filled with despair. Although Gu Liufeng was the backbone of the team, he was only a half-step Great Saint. It was already considered very good when he killed that First Grade Great Saint. Now, with the presence of a Second Grade Great Saint, he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself, let alone the others.

“Shut up.”

Gu Liufeng yelled without turning his head. “If we die, so be it! What’s so scary about death? We should still fight hard even if we die.”

Gu Liufeng drew out his combat weapon. It was a large golden s.h.i.+eld. When he held the s.h.i.+eld, a strong roar burst out from it. He then bellowed at those evil souls. “Come one!”

Let’s not talk about other things. His performance alone was already enough to earn the admiration of the people, only a few in the world could stay so calm while facing death.

“Jie! Jie!...” (snickering)

Those evil souls snickered grimly. It gave the geniuses the feeling of madness, as if hundreds of claws were scratching their ears. Then, along with the roar of the evil soul’s leader, all of them charged towards the six geniuses together.

Upon seeing this scene, the geniuses fell into complete in despair. Some have already closed their eyes and had given up on defending, whereas Gu Liufeng laughed loudly, but there was a hint of sadness in his laughter. He was the pride, and the number one genius of the young generation of the Gu Family, how could he be willing to die in this place?

The Second Grade Great Saint evil soul stuck out its scary sharp claw and reached Gu Liufeng in a blink. He was very clear that even if he exhausted all of his available skills, he would still die in the hands of this evil soul.

*Hong Long*

At this critical moment, a giant dragon claw descended from the sky. It was a blood-red dragon claw that blocked in front of Gu Liufeng and wrapped around the incoming evil soul.

The earth and mountain shook. The powerful evil soul were immediately pulverised by the dragon claw. What frightened them even more was that the corpse of the evil soul was taken away by the dragon claw and disappeared.

Meanwhile, rays of golden light rushed out from the void, pulverising all the evil souls. After a few blinks, all of the evil souls that besieged the geniuses were all dead. None of them were alive and none of their corpses were complete.

This scene shocked the six geniuses. Gu Liufeng was still holding the golden s.h.i.+eld in his hand, but his opponent was already gone. One strike to kill a Second Grade Great Saint and instantly killing all the other evil souls? The attacker must be a very terrifying person.

The scene didn’t look very chaotic, b.u.t.t was tidy instead. The six geniuses hasn’t recovered from their shock yet. They just stood rooted on the ground with the similar expressions. They couldn’t believe what just happened in front of them. Looking at the bodies of those evil souls that were scattered around, besides feeling shocked, they also felt joyful. They were already in total despair and believed that they would certainly die. It was beyond their expectation that such a miraculous turnaround would happen.

The huge difference between dying and being alive was enough to excite a person to the extreme. At the same time, they were thinking about the same question: Who had just saved them? An Elder of the Gu Family? No, no one in the Gu Family had such a technique. The technique they saw just now was a giant blood-red dragon claw that gave them a sense of familiarity.

At this moment, two silhouettes emerged in front of them. It was a dog and a man. The dog might be unfamiliar to them, but this white-robed youth wasn’t, especially to Gu Liufeng. Back in the Gu Family Meeting, he was defeated by this white-robed young man.

“Jiang Chen.”

“It was you who saved us.”

When they saw Jiang Chen, they were very delighted. The rejection that they had for him had all vanished at this instant. They absolutely regarded Jiang Chen as a member of their family now.

“We just happened to be pa.s.sing by here. Are you all okay?”

Said Jiang Chen. He couldn’t help but sigh when he saw the two bodies of the Gu Family members lying on the ground, but it wasn’t a big deal anyway. This ancient battlefield was originally a dangerous place. This would happen to anyone at any time. Death was a common thing and it could happen at any time.

“Brother Jiang, thanks for saving us. I, Gu Liufeng owe you a life.”

Gu Liufeng kept his golden s.h.i.+eld and saluted Jiang Chen with cupped fists. This was the kindness of saving his life, Gu Liufeng wouldn’t dare to neglect it as he was an upright person. Back in the Gu Family Meeting, he sincerely admitted his defeat in front of Jiang Chen, it erased most of his envy in Jiang Chen. Today, Jiang Chen saved him. Naturally, he would be shocked but at the same time grateful ; he had no idea how much Jiang Chen had grown. Last time, he was only capable of killing someone as powerful as s.h.i.+ Han, but after this short period of time, he had grown to such a point that he could eliminate a Second Grade Great Saint easily.

Gu Liufeng knew that the gap between them was getting bigger. It would only get wider as time went by. He would never be able to catch up with Jiang Chen’s growth in his life.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t expect you to grow so fast. I have to admit, I’m not as good as you.”

Gu Liufeng shook his head with a smile.

“There is no need to be overly courteous with me. You and I are one family. When you all are in trouble, how could I, Jiang Chen do nothing about it?”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Prince Jiang is right. He is already engaged with Miss Ningzhu and that means we are a family. There is no need for formalities in a family.”

“Yes, yes, we are a family now.”

Several other geniuses added their remarks hastily and with humility.

“I see that you guys are injured quite badly. Take these pills, they will help you recover your injuries very quickly.”

Jiang Chen casually fork out a few pills and gave each of them a pill. These pills were vulnerary medicine made out of wood essence. Although these geniuses were badly injured, it didn’t affect their core. As long as they took these pills, they would be able to recover very quickly.

“Thank you, brother Jiang.”

Gu Liufeng no longer used his formal expression. He immediately swallowed the pill the moment he took it. He was crystal clear that he needed to be in his top form all the time as long as he still in this place, because no one knew when would danger befall them.

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