Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 886 – The Super Betrothal Gift

Chapter 886 – The Super Betrothal Gift

The Super Betrothal Gift

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After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Gu Mu was stunned, leaving his mouth open. He didn’t think that he heard him correctly. He had never expect that Jiang Chen would use such a method – proposing marriage. It was too stimulating anyway, not to mention, those crazy betrothal gifts that could stimulate you even more.

1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones… For G.o.d’s sake, does anyone know how much was that? Back in Void Triangular Domain, Jiang Chen promised to give away 500 million but he had increased it by a billion just now. With such a vast amount of fortune, even Gu Xuantian, the patriarch of Gu Family would be emotionally moved.

The 1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones are merely the appetizers. There were also three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills to be given. He couldn’t believe that such a pill existed in the world, that pill is a holy pill that only exist in legends. One Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill was already priceless, let alone three of those pills.

Besides these two items, there were also ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water. All of these seemingly non-existing holy items were given out by Jiang Chen in the simplest and easiest way. It was totally unimaginable how much these items could improve the overall strength of the Gu Family. Gu Mu could not settle his excitement. He was sure that this would shake the entire Gu Family.

“Prince has extraordinary generosity and is truly an outstanding hero that is rarely seen. Miss Ningzhu absolutely has a far-sighted vision.”

Gu Mu took a deep breath, trying his best to calm his emotions down. Jiang Chen was an overbearing person who also defied trivial conventions and had powerful strength. Plus, he had an innate spirit of a king. If you were his enemy, you had certainly meet your greatest misfortune, but if you were his friend, it would be your greatest fortune.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.


Gu Mu nodded. After settling himself down, he took the lead and headed to the Gu Family, followed by Jiang Chen. There were four youths standing outside the gate. They moved forth when they saw someone coming. When they saw Gu Mu, their facial expression revealed reverence. They quickly bowed to Gu Mu.

“Elder Gu Mu.”

They didn’t dare to show any sign of disrespect. Gu Mu was an inner member of Gu Family and had a strong cultivation – Ninth Grade Minor Saint. Compared to them, either in the aspect of ident.i.ty or status, they were on different level.

“Go and inform miss Ningzhu that Jiang Chen has come to propose marriage.”

Gu Mu said to the four of them. Wu Ningzhu must be informed that Jiang Chen has come.

“What? Propose marriage? To whom?”

“He is that Jiang Chen?”

The four of them were stunned. They weren’t able to grasp the meaning of Gu Mu’s words. What was the relation between Wu Ningzhu and proposing marriage? Hadn’t the patriarch already betrothed Wu Ningzhu to Gu Liufeng?

“Listen, I am Jiang Chen. Wu Ningzhu is my woman. My purpose of coming here today is to propose marriage. If that Gu Liufeng can’t get over it, ask him to find me. You can also tell him that I have just killed s.h.i.+ Han.”

Jiang Chen crossed his arms behind his back while saying that to the four of them. Then, he followed Gu Mu’s lead to the interior of the Gu Family.

The four of them heard Jiang Chen clearly. They were astonished. Their eyes widened. They were doubting if their ears had heard wrongly.

“Is that man really Jiang Chen? He is really young. What did he say just now? He had killed s.h.i.+ Han? How is that possible? s.h.i.+ Han is the second genius on the Sky Ranking. Not even brother Liufeng is his opponent. I can’t believe this.”

“Did you all hear that? He said that miss Ningzhu is his woman and he is here to propose marriage.”

“Dang! Something big is going to happen. Patriarch had already announced that he will betroth miss Ningzhu to Gu Liufeng three days later. I didn’t expect that Jiang Chen will come within this period. But if he had really killed s.h.i.+ Han, I’m afraid that Gu Liufeng isn’t going to be his opponent.”

“Let’s go. Spread the news to the others. We will inform miss Ningzhu. You two will find brother Liufeng. Tell him that Jiang Chen has come for a marriage proposal. I’m sure that patriarch won’t agree to this. It’s not that easy to marry a genius of the Gu Family.”

The four of them divided into two teams and flew towards the interior of the Gu Family. This matter was undeniably big. Jiang Chen’s arrival would s.n.a.t.c.h peace away in Gu Family. Today, Jiang Chen’s name had given rise to numerous discussions and conversations across the Pure Land. He would descend chaos in wherever he went. If he was right about killing s.h.i.+ Han, there would be no one else in the young generations that could defeat him. Gu Liufeng wouldn’t be an exception, even if he had gone through the toughest trials.

Gu Mu brought Jiang Chen to his home. Given Gu Mu’s current ident.i.ty and status, it earned him a hilltop and a personal training ground.

“Prince, you are an outsider. You aren’t allowed to intrude into the inner palace of the Gu Family. Take some rest in my place first. I will go and inform the inner members of the Gu Family about your message of proposal. I believe that patriarch won’t decline in meeting you.”

Gu Mu said to Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen nodded. He agreed to what Gu Mu said. He was an outsider who came to a foreign land to propose marriage. If he walked into the inner palace of the Gu Family, it would be viewed as a rude conduct. One should know that the inner palace of the Gu Family was the core of their family. Even Gu Mu didn’t get a lot of chances to enter such a place.

However, that didn’t really concern Jiang Chen because he was confident in his deal. If the higher ups of the Gu Family heard about the betrothal gifts, they would certainly be shaken up by the vast amount and value of the gifts. At that time, they would need to view Jiang Chen as a distinguished guest. Plus, there were no conflicts between him and the Gu Family. He had also given plenty of benefits to the Gu Family back in Void Triangular Domain.

Gu Mu hadn’t returned from the inner palace yet but the entire Gu Family had already turned chaotic. The news was spreading very quickly, like a wildfire. Now, nearly everyone in the family knew about the latest news.

“That Jiang Chen has come to our family to propose a marriage? I have witnessed his divine powers in Void Triangular Domain. He was undeniably amazing. I heard that miss Ningzhu was supposed to get married with Jiang Chen but she was brought back to the Gu Family by Gu Mu. According to elder Gu Mu, at that time, he was able to break through the bottleneck because of Jiang Chen’s pointers. After that, he continued to advance until he reached the Ninth Grade Minor Saint, which is truly terrifying to me.”

“I heard that Jiang Chen had just killed s.h.i.+ Han. I don’t know whether it is real or not, but it is seems more like a boast to me. One should know that s.h.i.+ Han is the second genius of the Sky Ranking. How could he be killed so easily?”

“This man’s action will definitely affect brother Liufeng’s reputation, but the family meeting hasn’t ended yet right? That means we don’t know the patriarch’s view on this yet. Anyway, I don’t think that patriarch will approve Jiang Chen’s proposal of marriage. He is just a rogue cultivator. What rights does he have to marry a genius of the Gu Family.”


Every conversation and discussion in the Gu Family was about Jiang Chen’s arrival. As the news of s.h.i.+ Han’s death hasn’t spread to the whole Gu Family yet, majority of them didn’t believe that Jiang Chen has killed the second genius of the Sky Ranking. How could he possibly kill s.h.i.+ Han so easily? Especially since his opponent wasn’t as weak as his previous opponent, Desolate Liang

Gu Mu came to the inner palace and saw a Second Grade Great Saint elder on guard. He conveyed Jiang Chen’s message to the elder.

“This is outrageous. This man is overly audacious. He dares to come to our family and propose a marriage? If there is a conflict between us, I would chase him out of our family. Gu Mu, never come to the inner palace if you only have trivial matters. This isn’t a place for you to come.”

The Great Saint elder berated Gu Mu. Although Jiang Chen’s monstrous ability had already spread across the Pure Land, he had also offended a lot of people. It was fine if he just want to visit our family, but coming here to propose a marriage was absurd.

“Calm down elder. Jiang Chen has come here with utmost sincerity. He was already betrothed to miss Ningzhu before she came to our family, it was me who brought miss Ningzhu back. Jiang Chen had presented a generous betrothal gift to us – 1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones, three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills, ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water, s.h.i.+ Han’s head and his natal weapon.”

Gu Mu was frightened. He quickly told the elder everything he knew about Jiang Chen’s betrothal gifts.


The Great Saint elder exclaimed after listening to Gu Mu’s words, even though he was a Second Grade Great Saint. The Gu Family could not give away this kind of gifts to anyone. Even if they could, they wouldn’t be willing to give them away to other people.

“He killed s.h.i.+ Han?”

The Great Saint elder asked Gu Mu again to confirm.

“Yes, sir. I was at the scene when he killed s.h.i.+ Han.”

Gu Mu said.

“Good. He actually have the power to kill s.h.i.+ Han. Our Gu Family won’t oppose in establis.h.i.+ng a friendly relations.h.i.+p with a genius like him. Wait here for a while. I will go and inform the patriarch.”

After he spoke, he vanished. There was no way that he wouldn’t be amazed by Jiang Chen’s betrothal gifts and his ability to kill s.h.i.+ Han. Adding the legends that he had heard about Jiang Chen all this time, it was enough to show that Jiang Chen was really a remarkable genius.

More importantly, s.h.i.+ Han was the person who killed the patriarch’s youngest son in a life-and-death battle. Gu Xuantian could not do anything about it because this could only be explained by the incompetence of his youngest son, but that didn’t mean that Gu Xuantian had forgotten about the vengeance. Bringing s.h.i.+ Han’s head to him today would undoubtedly resolve an unsettling problem that had existed in his heart for a long time. This fact alone would prompt Gu Xuantian to meet Jiang Chen.

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