Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 877 – The Eighth Floor, Three Candidates

Chapter 877 – The Eighth Floor, Three Candidates

The Eighth Floor, Three Candidates

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This was not the first opening of the Suspended Tower. Every time it was opened, people were more concerned about the situation in the seventh floor. The eighth floor was extremely difficult to enter and it was even more impossible to enter the ninth floor. The sixth floor was merely a threshold for the geniuses to get through. As such, the seventh floor was the most important floor.

Currently, the seventh floor was already lit up, but the spectators didn’t feel too excited about it, they knew that the light was coming from Leopard Wei. He had already entered the seventh floor last year. Naturally, he could also enter the seventh floor again this year. The other geniuses were the ones that caught their attention now.

Another two hundred geniuses had entered the sixth floor. According to their initial estimation, it was already considered not bad if ten geniuses managed to enter the seventh floor. It would all depend on their luck when it comes to obtaining the treasures on seventh floor.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow weren’t in a hurry to step across the doorway to the seventh floor. The time given for the hunt was a day. It was more than enough for them.

The number of geniuses who arrived before the doorway was steadily increasing. A youth from the Eagle Race walked animatedly to the door. His face was full of confidence.

“Leopard Wei has already entered. I will be the second one to enter the seventh floor. Open your eyes and see.”

This man’s cultivation wasn’t weak and he looked peremptory. He strode towards the door while igniting the bloodline in his body. A clash occurred very quickly between him and the illusory door.



A cry was heard. That animated youth from the Eagle Race was rebounded by the illusory door roughly forty meters away and landed with his b.u.t.t. All the confidence on his face was replaced by frustration and annoyance.

After failing in his attempt, he went to the other places dispiritedly. Since there’s a day left and he couldn’t enter the seventh floor, the only option for him was to try his luck in this floor.

After the failed attempt of the youth from the Eagle Race, the remaining geniuses were itching to try, but unfortunately, all of them were rebounded back. Not a single one managed to enter the doorway.

“Let me try.”

This time, the son of the Peac.o.c.k King, Kong Yu walked towards the door and unleashed his bloodline. He took a deep breath and strode into the doorway. When his body was in contact with the door, it trembled intensely but there wasn’t a sign of him being rejected.


Kong Yu disappeared with a flash just like Leopard Wei. He had entered the seventh floor.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow nodded. Kong Yu was the son of Peac.o.c.k King. He possessed a very strong bloodline. It wasn’t surprising for him to enter the seventh floor.

In the subsequent time, over two hundred of them were trying to break past the doorway to the seventh floor, one after another. Majority of them failed and left. They headed towards different directions in the sixth floor. There might be some treasures that were still left behind in this floor. If they could obtain any of them, their trip would not be in vain.

Jiang Chen had calculated the number of people who entered the seventh floor. Besides he and Big Yellow, there were a total of ten people who entered the seventh floor.

“It seems like it would only get harder as we move higher. Out of all of them, only ten managed to enter the seventh floor. Now it’s our turn.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He and Big Yellow strode forth to the door. Their bloodlines were too powerful. There wasn’t a single resistance coming from the doorway. They walked through it smoothly.

Twelve light spots were moving in the seventh floor. The higher ups of Demon Race were quite satisfied with this number.

“This is better than last year. There were only ten of them last year. However, there are twelve of them this year.”

“As a matter of fact, it’s still the same as before. The extra two were Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. It seems like Jiang Chen really possessed the bloodline of a Divine Beast, otherwise he won’t be able to enter the seventh floor so easily.”

“That’s right, but he is still an outsider after all. Wouldn’t it be an insult for us if he gets the ancient inheritance of the Demon Race chieftain?”

“I don’t think it will happen. Although he has gotten pa.s.s the bloodline recognition of the entrance gate, he would be unable to hide the human bloodline flowing in his body. The chieftain of the Demon Race won’t allow an outsider to inherit their scripture. The most that he can find is some other items. As for Big Yellow, I think it would be difficult for us to estimate what he would obtain because he possessed the Dragon-horse bloodline.”


The spectators were discussing about the candidates outside the tower. They were able to distinguish the ident.i.ty of the candidates through the light spot. Besides the ten who were from the Demon Race, the other two were Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Those people were already considered rare geniuses for being able to enter the seventh floor. Every one of them were proud and arrogant. The lowest cultivation among the ten of them was a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. After entering the seventh floor, they immediately flew towards the door of the eight floor without any hesitation.

Most of them were already very satisfied, to be able to enter the seventh floor, but they still wanted to try whether they could enter the eighth floor. That year, Kong Yang was able to enter the eighth floor and obtained an unimaginable benefit which pushed him to the third rank of the Sky Ranking.

Who didn’t have a dream? Who didn’t want to stand at the top? Who would be willing to stay ordinary?

They still wanted to try it despite knowing that they only have a slim chance. Even if they failed, but at least they tried. They wouldn’t regret it if they had made their attempts.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow did the same thing as well after entering the seventh floor. They followed behind them to the doorway of the eighth floor. A few moments later, they reached the doorway. The doorway was no different than the other doorways except for the ancient mysterious feeling and the mighty Qi that they felt from it.

When the others arrived, Leopard Wei was already there, attempting to break past the doorway to the eighth floor. Half of his body had already stepped on the eighth floor, the other half of his body was trembling intensely, as if he was going to be rebounded at any time.

*Ka* *Ka*

Cracking sounds were heard from his body. That was the sound of his bones compressing. It was imaginable that Leopard Wei was bearing an enormous pressure that came from the illusory door. It was like the pressure of a mountain. It was the pressure that no ordinary being could withstand.


Leopard Wei let out a wail as if he was enduring an extreme pain, but he still persisted. Both of his eyes had already turned red but he didn’t give up. Half of his body had already gotten past the doorway, which meant that he still had a chance.

The geniuses behind all had their faces darkened. Even the half-a step-Great-Saint Leopard Wei had to endure such a painful process when entering the doorway. It was hard to imagine what their situation would be if it was their turn. Probably, they would be rebounded instantly just like those weaker geniuses.

They had already come this far, they had to try it anyway.

Jiang Chen met Big Yellow’s eyes. They both nodded, admiring Leopard Wei’s spirit. They couldn’t help but want to put aside their conflicts with Leopard Wei. This perseverance alone was enough to prove how extraordinary he was.

Outside the Suspended Tower, pairs of eyes were looking at the eighth floor. They saw half of a light spot was already in the eight floor and the floor was currently shaking.

“Look, someone is going to break past the eighth floor. It’s Leopard Wei.”

“Leopard Wei is really awesome! It seems he is very likely to succeed this time.”

Some of their blood were stirred. Anyone who was able to enter the eighth floor would be considered as a monstrous genius. As long as the genius could enter the eighth floor, the genius wouldn’t return with an empty hand. Besides Kong Yang, no one else had managed to enter the eighth floor until now.

The Heavenly Leopard King’s eyes sparkled, Leopard Wei’s performance was better than what he had expected. However, the current situation was still very clear, Leopard Wei hadn’t truly entered the eighth floor yet. He was still trying hard to enter it right now.

Many of them became nervous. They were all gazing at the eighth floor without blinking their eyes. This situation lasted for a minute before the eighth floor glowed all of a sudden. A brilliant light spot drifted in the eighth floor back and forth.

“Haha! Leopard Wei finally succeeded.”

The Heavenly Leopard King laughed happily.

“The eighth floor. He finally entered the eighth floor. He would surely obtain an ancient inheritance of a chieftain when he gets out. At that time, he will surely become one of the top ten geniuses in the Sky Ranking and be comparable with Kong Yang.”

“Amazing, truly amazing! He has seriously gotten into the eighth floor. Leopard Wei is truly amazing!”


Many of them were overwhelmed with excitement. Although Lang Xingtian didn’t have the similar bloodline with Leopard Wei, he still felt happy to be able to see the birth of another rare genius in his race.

In front of the eight floor, the others also turned up when they saw Leopard Wei went through the eighth floor successfully. They started to make their attempts to get past the doorway, but all of them failed including Kong Yu. Then, they had no choice but to go to other places in search for their treasures.

Although they felt frustrated, they didn’t feel dispirited. They were merely betting on their luck to get through the doorway. They were well aware of their chance of success in getting past the doorway. In fact, they were already considered a bunch of decent geniuses for being able to enter the seventh floor. So, they just have to depend on their luck now to search for their own treasures.

Now, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were the only two left, standing in front of the doorway. They just acted like before. Big Yellow unleashed his bloodline while Jiang Chen circulated his dragon transformation art to the maximum. A dog and a man clashed with the illusory door. Despite their bloodline, they still needed to bear a powerful resisting force. That was a shapeless force that worked against their bodies, as if it was trying to thoroughly examining their bodies.

The both of them bore the pressure and pushed forward. Half of their bodies had already reached the other side, just like Leopard Wei. Due to their bloodlines being higher than Leopard Wei, they should have no problems entering the eighth floor, just like Leopard Wei could.

“Look, another two geniuses are going to enter the eighth floor.”

Someone saw the changes in eighth floor and exclaimed.

“They are Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.”

Peac.o.c.k King gleamed.

“I don’t know whether they can get past it or not.”

The Golden Fur Lion King became excited.

As soon as his voice faded, two brilliant light spots appeared in the eighth floor.

“Haha! They are in.”

Lang Xingtian laughed happily.

“This is amazing! There are three geniuses who managed to enter the eighth floor. Except for Jiang Chen who is an outsider, Big Yellow is another genius of our race just like Leopard Wei. The opening of the Suspended Tower this year was very fruitful.”

Many of the people felt delighted.

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