Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 869 – The First Battle

Chapter 869 – The First Battle

The First Battle

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Big Yellow stuck out his tongue behind Peac.o.c.k King’s back. He had the urge to go forward and bite him on the b.u.t.t but this old Peac.o.c.k wasn’t someone he could afford to have beef with, so he had to tolerate it.

At this time, Tyrant said to Jiang Chen, “Little Chen, I intend to return to Western Domain for I have gained a lot of benefits from the trip to Void Triangular Domain. One such particular gainis the relic. I wish to go on a secluded period in Greenlotus Mountain.”

“Very well. Greenlotus Mountain is a very suitable place for seclusion. Take this Signalling Talisman with you on your journey. I have infused my natal essence inside it; even if you are far away in Western Domain, you can signal me through the talisman should you face anything. There are some high grade True Meta Stones in this spatial ring. The pure light energy contained in these stones will provide beneficial aid to you, even to Great Master Ran Feng. It is a lot better than concocting Saint Rank Restoration Pills ourselves.”

Jiang Chen took out a golden talisman and spatial ring, and gave them to Tyrant. This talisman wasn’t like any ordinary Signalling Talisman, it was infused with Jiang Chen’s natal essence. Tyrant would be able to communicate with Jiang Chen in Pure Land despite how far the Western Domain was.

“Alright, I shall take my leave now. Be careful.”

Tyrant left immediately. He knew that Jiang Chen was going to face many kinds of dangerous obstacles in the following days. However, given his current cultivation grade, he could not help Jiang Chen much even if he stayed here.

“Chen Er, I will need to return to Dan Yuan City as well. This is Demon Race after all, I am an outsider to this place. The result of me staying here isn’t very favourable.”

Dan King came to Jiang Chen. He was feeling a bundle of different emotions when he saw his son-in-law in front of him. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t an ordinary man the first time he saw him. He would become a person with great accomplishments to his name but Dan King wouldn’t have imagined that Jiang Chen would grow in such a short period of time. The most he could do now was to admire Jiang Chen. He felt very proud of him for turning into a famous figure across the Saint Origin World. To put it in another way, he was one of the major reasons that Jiang Chen could achieve such terrifying results. If it wasn’t for him who brought Jiang Chen to Void Triangular Domain, these incidents wouldn’t have occurred.

“Father, this is the Source of Dark Fire robbed from the auction in King City. After refining and fusing with this fire, I am sure your cultivation grade will rise to another whole new level, not to mention your mastery in alchemy. Soon, I will pay a visit to Gu Family to settle the matter of sister Ning. After I build a true relations.h.i.+p with Gu Family, you can go there for cultivation. Given your status as an alchemist, you will be acknowledged and respected by the people there as well.”

Jiang Chen brought the Source of Dark Fire near Dan King. Regarding the ways to refine this fire, he needed Jiang Chen’s guidance given the fact that he was a powerful alchemist. Jiang Chen strongly believed that this fire would provide significant help to him.

“Alright then, I won’t be polite.”

Dan King kept the Source of Dark Fire immediately before he left in a hurry like Tyrant.

“Little Chen, now that you have declared a direct challenge upon the geniuses of Pure Land, I’m afraid your subsequent days won’t be as pleasant.”

Big Yellow said. The incidents in Void Triangular Domain had caused a storm to surge across the peaceful Pure Land. And Jiang Chen was destined to play the main role amid the chaos.

“I don’t need you to worry about my matters. The most important thing you have to do now is focus on the Suspended Tower hunt that will be held three days later.”

Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow’s head.

“In fact, I’m not interested in the Demon Race.”

Big Yellow mumbled.

“I know that you don’t have a strong interest in Demon Race, but we have to rely on their support for now. Besides, we owe Peac.o.c.k King and Heavenly Wolf King kindness. We aren’t people who will forget and not repay people’s kindness. Currently, the internal situation of the Demon Race is a mess. Only you can solve their conflicts and make them unite again.”

Jiang Chen said with a sigh. He knew Big Yellow too well. He knew that Big Yellow hated being controlled. Big Yellow wanted to be free from any restrictions and do whatever he wanted to. Disengagement was the life he was pursuing. He wanted to fight, roam, kill and run whenever he liked without a leash on him.

“I know.”

Big Yellow shook his head. He was clear about his current situation, plus Peac.o.c.k King and Heavenly Wolf King were nice to him.

“I can guarantee another grade of advancement in these three days, reaching the Sixth Grade Minor Demon Saint. I have no idea how the situation is like in the Suspended Tower. If there are fights in the tower, I’m sure I will be no match for those monstrous genius of the Demon Race given my current strength.”

Big Yellow said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I will go in the Suspended Tower together with you.”

Jiang Chen said.

“You aren’t an expert of Demon Race, I’m afraid you’re not qualified to go in. The bloodline of Heavenly Leopard King will definitely stop you from entering.”

Big Yellow said.

“I have my ways. You should go into seclusion now. I want to take some time to digest the advancement I have achieved during our time in Void Triangular Domain.”

Jiang Chen finished his words and turned to Yan Chenyu. He then took out the three drops of Nine Yin Water.

“Xiao Yu, this Nine Yin Water will have a strong effect on your cultivation. After refining it, you probably will be able to condense out the embryonic form of the Heart of the Ice G.o.d, and advance your cultivation grade.”

Jiang Chen pa.s.sed the Nine Yin Water to Yan Chenyu.


Yan Chenyu nodded. She kept the Nine Yin Water and went into seclusion. Jiang Chen felt a sense of pain while watching Yan Chenyu’s back. She had tried very hard along the way to ensure herself not becoming a nuisance to him. She never had uttered a word of complaint towards him. She always focused on her cultivation to fill in the gap of difference between her and him.

This courtyard was a very quiet and secluded place—a very well suited place for cultivation. Jiang Chen had also gone into seclusion like the others. The rewards from Void Triangular Domain this time was considered very big. Besides the ten billion high grade True Meta Stones, he had also gathered over a hundred Ninth Grade Minor Saint dark spirits. There was a special ability in dragon transformation art that made the refinement of these dark spirits effortless. In other words, Jiang Chen could refine these dark spirits at any time to advance his cultivation grade further. With these amount of dark spirits, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to reach the Seventh Grade Minor Saint but he didn’t intend to do this because his previous advancements were too quick. He must stop advancing and start establis.h.i.+ng his base of cultivation grade.

Besides that, Jiang Chen could feel some kind of pressure as his enemies were too strong. Although he could defeat Nan Bei Chao with his current strength, Nan Bei Chao wasn’t an actual Ninth Grade Minor Saint genius. He was merely a Seventh Grade Minor Saint who boosted his cultivation by two grades using his Eternal Immortal Wind. Of course, Nan Bei Chao’s domineering power was undeniably strong. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s interference, Nan Bei Chao would have dominated the entire Dark Generation with ease.

Now, he was going to face those monstrous geniuses of Pure Land, particularly the rare geniuses on the Sky Ranking. Each of them was only half a step away from Great Saint realm. They possess first-cla.s.s natural endowments. Some of them even possessed bizarre physiques. In addition to the fact that their cultivation grade was only half a step to Great Saint, not even Jiang Chen had the confidence in defeating them.

However, he wouldn’t back off. He wouldn’t feel the slightest fear while battling these monstrous geniuses. Instead, it would boil his blood. His path wouldn’t to stop at Pure Land. He had already set his next goal, which was the terrifying and imposing Saint Origin Palace.

Judging from the current circ.u.mstances, he will be paying a visit to the Gu Family once Big Yellow had established a firm status in the Demon Race. Currently, the five families had a grudge against him, so he must build a strong relations.h.i.+p with Demon Race and Gu Family. Although he had a good relations.h.i.+p with Gu Mu, he still needed to go there in person because Gu Mu didn’t hold any significant position in Gu Family. Besides, Wu Ningzhu was still there. He had no idea how she and her mother were doing now.

Furthermore, it was fundamentally impossible to calm himself down after those geniuses of Pure Land were provoked.

While they were all in seclusion, the courtyard were silent, but the other places in Pure Land was very lively. The big incidents of Void Triangular Domain were spread across the Pure Land. Jiang Chen had become the universal topic across the families in Pure Land.

The news about the failure of the five patriarchs who went to the Demon Race to personally kill Jiang Chen due to Jiang Chen declaring that he would challenge all the geniuses of Pure Land was spread across the geniuses. One should know how arrogant these five families’ geniuses were. Some of them were furious the moment they got the news.

On the second day, Desolate Liang was the first person who accepted the challenge. He declared that he would chop off Jiang Chen’s head outside the Spatial s.p.a.ce Mountain to avenge his comrades’ deaths and safeguard the reputation of Desolate Family.

“Let’s go to Spatial s.p.a.ce Mountain to watch the show. Desolate Liang has flown over there to confront Jiang Chen.”

“That Desolate Liang is a rare genius. I heard that his cultivation grade is now at the peak of Ninth Grade Minor Saint but I’m not sure whether he can kill Jiang Chen.”

“It’s still a mystery. According to others, Jiang Chen had killed a lot of Ninth Grade Minor Saints in Void Triangular Domain. Any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saints is no match for him. Although Desolate Liang is more powerful than them, he is only ranked thirty on Sky Ranking. He may not be a match for Jiang Chen.”

“That isn’t certain. There are a total of fifty people in Sky Ranking. Any one of them is considered the genius of the geniuses with unusual techniques and trump cards. Desolate Liang isn’t comparable to any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saints. The fact that Jiang Chen can kill any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint doesn’t mean he is stronger than Desolate Liang.”

“What’s the use of continuing the talk here? Let’s go. We would like to see what kind of person Jiang Chen is. The Pure Land had never been this lively.”


A great deal of young cultivators were shaken by the news. Due to the fact that Pure Land had been peaceful for a long time, Jiang Chen’s twisted-devil-like emergence had naturally attracted plenty of attention. Many of them were excited to watch the battle between Jiang Chen and a rare genius, Desolate Liang. As this was the first battle between Jiang Chen and a genius of Pure Land, it had attracted many bystanders regardless of how the outcome would be.

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