Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 839 – All of Us Want Some Benefits

Chapter 839 – All of Us Want Some Benefits

All of Us Want Some Benefits

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Instead of becoming unexpectedly noisy after the 100 million bid was called, it became unexpectedly quiet and oppressive. All of them looked at Jiang Chen as if they had seen a monster. ‘d.a.m.n, did he think that 100 million was a piece of trash?’

“This is too fierce for an auction. This is more exciting than a fight. I think that there would be a real show soon.”

“Yeah, anyone knows where did this youth in white came from? This time, Desolate Family is really mad because someone has just out bid them. If we were not obliged to follow the rules of this auction, I’m afraid that they would have already attacked the man in white.”

“I really don’t know what he’s thinking for directly challenging Desolate Family in bidding. Didn’t he know the consequences of offending that family?”


Everyone was sighing, they were unable to understand Jiang Chen’s actions. Today’s incidents weren’t only about competing for the treasures. These people were not that stupid to believe that. It was obvious to them that this youth was deliberately provoking Desolate Family. Someone guessed that this man must have harboured some kind of deep grudge against the family, otherwise he wouldn’t confront them directly.

*Ka* *Ka*

Desolate Ning clenched his fists hard, green veins popped out under his skin. He had reached the point where he could no longer hold his fury. Of all these years, no one had ever defied him like this youth in white. No one would dare to go against him openly in public. Although he and Jiang Chen hadn’t clashed directly, Jiang Chen’s action was no different than slapping his face.

“Brother Ning, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d just bid 100 million. Does he even have this fortune? Do we have to continue? You should know that it is a relic that was left behind by a great monk who wanted to break through to Buddha realm. If you can obtain it, the benefits would certainly be huge.”

A youth said.

“There is no need for that. We’ll let him get the relic first for now. The relic belongs to me, I will get it sooner or later.”

Desolate Ning’s tone was cold. He decided not to continue bidding. He would only get more enraged challenging such a mad man, and in the end, the one who would get all the profits would be the auction authority. As for the relic and the broken sword, he would need Jiang Chen to spit them out later.

“It seems like Desolate Ning isn’t going for another bid.”

“We have met a mad man today. Desolate Ning must be extremely frustrated right now. But this brat’s cultivation is too weak, a mere Third Grade Minor Saint. I don’t think he has the ability to protect his treasures once he left Dark Surge City. Desolate Ning wouldn’t be able to swallow this grudge. He would definitely give that brat a good lesson after this auction is over.””

“The fact that he can bid a 100 million proved that he has a great fortune. Since he has killed the people of Dan Family, he has already offended us. When Desolate Family deals with him, we will join them. We can’t let Desolate Ning to get all of them.”


Many geniuses in the guests’ rooms had set their target to the mad youth, they wanted to interfere during their fight and scavenge the leftovers. They could clearly see that the youth in white was certainly a rich person, he was able to spend a 100 million just for the relic.

“Okay, since no one is calling for a new bid, this relic will be owned by this prince.”

Wei Er looked over at Jiang Chen in an excessively courteous manner. They wouldn’t have thought that the main bidder for this auction was a youth in the audience section instead of the guests on the second floor. This was what they called, don’t judge a man by his looks.

For the following moment, the treasures were revealed in an endless flow, but Jiang Chen didn’t make a single bid because they were useless for him. However, it was a different case for the others. The bidders this time around were not the rogue cultivators on the ground floor but the privileged cultivators on the second floor as the compet.i.tion among them was too fierce for the rogue cultivators.

The auction continued for another hour before it ended.

“Everyone, the auction has ended. Privileged guests in the honourable section, please stay in your room while waiting for our staff to bring you the auctioned items. Guests in the audience section please come forth to the platform to receive your treasures.”

Wei Er said. Then, her eyes s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen. “Prince, I will specially prepare another guests’ room for you. Wei Er will bring you there personally.”

This was an exceptional hospitality from the people of the prefecture. They had specially found a new guests’ room for their main client – Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stood up and walked towards the direction of the second floor. He could feel that divine senses of different people had already surrounded him. These divine senses comprised of rage, murderous intent, greed and the likes. They all viewed Jiang Chen as prey.

Dan King couldn’t help but exude beads of sweat when he realised that the matter had intensified to such an extent. He never imagined that Jiang Chen made so many enemies in this short period of time. He was currently thinking how to resolve this matter.

However, Jiang Chen looked as calm as usual, as if those concerns weren’t a big deal. He strode towards the second floor.

“Prince, this way please.”

Wei Er gestured and led Jiang Chen and his friends to the new guests’ room. Then, Jiang Chen said, “Miss Wei Er, we are in a hurry. Please quickly bring those treasures to us.”

Wei Er said, “Prince can take a seat first.”

Jiang Chen nodded and found a seat for himself.

“Little Chen, what should we do after this? I think those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds won’t go easy on us, particularly the people of Desolate Family.”

Tyrant sounded slightly worried.

“I have my ways to deal with them. Big yellow, be prepared. The plan may have be executed in advance.”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow.


After hearing this, Big Yellow’s ears stood erect with a swoosh. He became very excited.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was moving the dark spirits, demon souls and devil souls in his Qi Sea, slowly refining them for absorption. He was going to deal with Desolate Ning soon to retrieve his finger bone back. Desolate Ning was a genius of his family, a powerful Seventh Grade Minor Saint. He would absolutely not be an easy opponent even for a normal or a transformed Jiang Chen, as he was merely a Third Grade Minor Saint. Furthermore, if he transformed into a dragon, he would attract the attention of the people of the Dark Generation, ultimately exposing his true ident.i.ty.

Thus, Jiang Chen had no choice but to use an extreme way to enhance his cultivation to Fourth Grade Minor Saint. The amount of dark spirit he collected from killing those princes was enough for him to reach the Fourth Grade Minor Saint. The reason that he didn’t attempt this advancement technique was because it could easily affect his foundation.

In spite of that, he still needed to quickly boost up his cultivation in order to defeat Desolate Ning. If he refined the new finger bone, it would be able to make up for the loss that he would make from the advancement.

*Weng* *Weng*

The souls inside Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea started to ripple. Due to the control of his willpower, the people from the outside would not be able to find out that he was trying to advance his cultivation. Every dark spirit was quickly refined under the circulation of the dragon transformation art. Blood-red dragon marks started to condense in his Qi Sea.

Seconds later, an elder in grey robe walked in, carrying a smile on his face. He was an Eighth Grade Minor Saint. After entering the room, he held his fist at Jiang Chen and said, “My apologies for the extra wait, I am the valuation master for the items of this auction.”

When the elder appeared, Wei Er immediately took out the broken sword and the relic but she didn’t give it to Jiang Chen yet.

“En, I don’t like the stains of ink. The total value is a hundred and ten million. I suppose that all of my things here should be enough for that amount.”

Jiang Chen said. He waved his palm and different kinds of pills came out with a swoosh in front of the elder. These pills were resplendent with variegated colouration. The entire room was filled with a medicinal aura.

“Profound Rank Restoration Pill, Five Elemental Pill, Recuperation Pill and Jade Dew Pill…”

The elder’s eyes reflected the same colours as the pills. He was able to spell out the names of all these pills with just a single look. “Alright, every pill here is deemed high grade pill and of 100% effectiveness. It seems like prince is a powerful alchemist but with these pills alone, I’m afraid that it isn't worth a hundred and ten million.”

As soon as the elder’s voice faded, he saw Jiang Chen’s hands wave. Exactly twenty Minor Saint Weapons appeared. It made the elder and Wei Er widen their eyes in astonishment. Minor Saint Weapons were the weapons that the Dark Generation badly needed and lacked of.

“After adding these, it should be enough.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Most of these Minor Saint Weapons were obtained from killing those young princes of the rich families. He wouldn’t feel hurt at all for using these seized items to exchange for treasure.

“Enough, it’s enough. Prince is really a straightforward person. I’m very glad to see that our trade went so smoothly.”

The elder waved his hand to keep all those pills and Combat Weapons before he spoke to Wei Er, “Wei Er, quickly hand over the treasures to this prince.”

Wei Er responded with a smile and pa.s.sed the relic and the broken sword to Jiang Chen before she saying, “Prince can have your rest here for a while before you leave.”

After she finished speaking, Wei Er and the elder turned to leave, closing the door before they left.

Big Yellow wasn’t trying to be courteous. He took the broken sword and kept it. On the other hand, Jiang Chen took the relic and brought it to Tyrant. “Tyrant, this is for you.”

“Alright, thank you.”

Tyrant knew Jiang Chen’s personality, so instead of acting polite in front of him, he quickly kept the relic up. His current cultivation was too weak compared to Jiang Chen, so he wouldn’t be able to a.s.sist him in the battle. Upon refining the relic, his cultivation would have a dramatic improvement. As for Jiang Chen’s kindness, he would remember it in his heart. Receiving a gift from your brother didn’t need an excessive amount of words or remarks, or else the brotherhood would seem distant.

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