Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 833 – The Ultimate Plan

Chapter 833 – The Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan

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“Big Yellow, how are you doing in the Demon Race?”

Jiang Chen asked as if this was the thing that concerned him the most. Big Yellow was just like Wu Ningzhu, unfamiliar to the place when he got to the Demon Race in the Pure Land. Big Yellow was invited to go there, unlike Wu Ningzhu, who was forced to return. So, there would certainly be a difference in them.

“Still fine. Those old men’s eyes glittered when they saw me. It made me feel so uncomfortable when I think about how they will abuse me. Luckily, they are sane people. It was actually quite messy in the Demon Race. That old man peac.o.c.k said that it happens to any clan in the Pure Land. Someone wanted to train me to be the next patriarch of the Demon Race but of course, there were many oppositions. I almost got overly frustrated by these political issues until I got the chance to let out some steam in this trip to Void Triangular Domain.”

Big Yellow said in faint tone. These few sentences were enough to allow Jiang Chen and the others imagine the intense compet.i.tion in the Demon Race. In fact, this was present in any major power. As the major sect grew stronger and more influential, the internal compet.i.tion would be greater. Big Yellow had certainly suffered a lot of rejections when someone suggested to nurture Big Yellow into the next leader of the race.

“Big Yellow, in which case, you have to be careful. The race to become the next patriarch would garner support from others but at the same time, also attract other people’s envy, and would try to stop you from achieving your goal. As such, improving yourself is the most crucial.”

Said Jiang Chen.

“I understand, I am not a fool that can be controlled by anyone. The reason that I stole that the demon soul was improve my current strength. Besides the cultivation grade of the demon soul, it could also provide great help to enhance my innate abilities. My cultivation rose to the Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint after refining it. But, it hadn’t been fully refined yet. It won’t be a problem for me to advance to the Sixth Grade after refining it completely. Adding the metamorphosis of my Soul Crunching Tune, it won’t take long for me to reach the Seventh Grade Minor Demon Saint. After that, I would be capable enough to defeat a Ninth Grade Minor Saint opponent.”

Big yellow said. Don’t let his usual carelessness and rashness deceive you. He was in fact very shrewd. Anyone who failed to see that would suffer unexpected losses.

After hearing what Big Yellow said, Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Dan King couldn’t help but shook their heads and smile bitterly. This was a proof of how powerful a divine beast’s bloodline is. Besides, the Dragon-Horse bloodline in his body was unlike any other ordinary divine beast’s bloodline. This advantage alone was incomparable. As Big Yellow’s advance further in his cultivation path, his bloodline would be enhanced as well, increasing his rate of advancement. As such, his future advancement would be faster than his previous advancement.

“Stop talking about me. Why are you all in Void Triangular Domain? Before the Void Triangular Domain was opened, I have gone to Nebula Sect to find you all, but none of you were there. After that, I heard about the incident of the dragonman here. It goes without saying that it was you, because only you could do such a thing.”

Said Big Yellow.

“Father is a renowned alchemist that had been here before. He had brought all of us here with the Spatial Talisman a few days ago.”

Yan Chenyu said.

“No wonder.”

Big Yellow shook his head before turning to Jiang Chen and said. “Are you trying to cast me aside for not asking me to join your wonderful activities? By the way, why did you kill those princes of rich the families? And destroyed one of their cities? I wonder how huge the conflict was.”

Big Yellow sounded confused despite his good understanding of Jiang Chen. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t a reckless man and wouldn’t just cause such a big movement in a new world.

“Big Yellow, those princes died for good reasons.”

Yan Chenyu told him everything that happened in Dark Mulberry City. He became enraged when he heard that Dark Liuyun wanted to poison them, and how he treated the female humans in the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion.

“Dammit! This group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are worse than war-mongering beasts! Good work, killing them! I believe that the entire Dark Generation should be annihilated!”

Big Yellow bellowed.

“I am certain that the Dark Generation would have to pay their fair share for what they have done; they would surely come and find me soon. This is a conflict that has no solution. We’ll just see who’s stronger. Big Yellow, in fact, you have come just at the right time. I have a big plan that would require your help.”

Jiang Chen said to Big Yellow.

“What’s the big plan? Tell me more. I know that master dog is an indispensable member of the team. You have never excluded me before when you were doing great things.”

Big Yellow sounded like a narcissistic freak. His eyes almost fell out when he heard that Jiang Chen had a big plan for him. He was undeniably a being who feared peace and felt excited when there was trouble.

“You already know my cultivation method; the consumption of energy would only become larger every time I advance, although it isn’t obvious right now. The moment I stepped into Great Saint realm, I’m afraid that the amount of Saint Rank Restoration Pills needed would be tremendous for each advancement. It is an unknown figure even to me. Plus, Saint Rank Restoration Pills were rare and precious item. Even the eight families could not afford my cultivation needs. As for the True Meta Stones here, they are the perfect subst.i.tute for the Saint Rank Restoration Pills. You should have already heard that I have emptied the vaults of three different cities and an ore mine. Now, there are 200 million True Meta Stones in my possessions but it is still far from enough. My goal is to possess all the True Meta Stones in this domain.”

After he spoke his main objective, Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled with two beams of brilliant lights.

“d.a.m.n! Aren’t you being too greedy?! But I like it!”

Big Yellow was stunned for a moment before it turned into a smile. “It just means that we are going to confront the Dark Generation sooner or later, but they are very powerful. The two of us are certainly no match for them, especially your strength, it isn’t enough for that kind of battle.”

Big Yellow sounded a little worried.

“Naturally, we can’t act right now, first and foremost– our strength is still insufficient, second – there are people from three different worlds here. The scene would certainly be chaotic and uncontrollable if we act now. I am just a mere Third Grade Minor Saint, but I have already collected a huge amount of dark spirit. It won’t be a problem for me to advance to the Fourth Grade Minor Saint after refining these spirits. However, as far as my foundation is concerned, I’ll keep this advancement method as a last resort. In the auction event of Dark Surge City and King City, I believe that there will be different kinds of items and weapons that would be beneficial to my advancement.”

Jiang Chen continued. “My flames can significantly suppress the dark energy. After I transformed, I can even defeat an Eighth Grade Minor Saint. If I advanced to the Fourth Grade Minor Saint, a Ninth Grade Minor Saint would no longer be my opponent, but the number of Ninth Grade Minor Saints is just too many, it would be hard for me to fight all of them. So, I need to advance to the Fifth Grade Minor Saint, the auctions would certainly provide the chances for my advancement. After the major auction, the people of three worlds would surely leave simultaneously. We will act as soon as they left.”

This was the plan that Jiang Chen was talking about.

Dan King couldn’t help but gasp in a cold breath of air after knowing what Jiang Chen’s goal was. This kind of audacity couldn’t just be described as being overly bold. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen could plan this out. A lot of people would surely be freaked out if this plan was leaked to the public.

“Alright. This is a world-shaking plan. Master dog liked this kind of plan the most. What’s my role in this plan? Why do I feel like I wouldn’t be of any use in this plan?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen.

“Of course, you are useful. My ultimate target is those ore mines. The small ore mine of Dark Mulberry City alone consisted of 50 million True Meta Stones. I am confident that the super large ore mine controlled by King City would be many times more bountiful than this amount. However, those mines are hidden from our eyes and senses. Only the people of Dark Generation are able to find them. So, I’m afraid that only you can help me find those mines. Do you think your role is useless now?”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow.

“*Wakaka* No! There is nothing that master dog cannot find, even if those ore mines are nicely concealed from our eyes. They could never hide it from my special senses.”

Big Yellow laughed when he understood his great role.

“I also think so. When little Chen becomes powerful enough, he can just force King City to give the location of those ore mine. Wouldn’t that help save you more effort than finding the ore mine yourself?”

Tyrant sneered.

“Go f*ck yourself, bald donkey! Do you know what the consequences are for saying that master dog is useless?”

Big Yellow immediately bared his teeth at Tyrant.

“That isn’t certain. Although I might need to fight the Dark Generation, there are still a lot of uncertainties. If they destroyed the ore mines during the war just to ignite my temper, the losses would surely be great, but right now, we have to focus on the ore mines first, dug the entire mine off the ground without them knowing. This would require finding the exact location of the ore mine first.”

Jiang Chen said, emphasizing Big Yellow’s importance in this plan. In other words, the ore mine was more important than getting rid of the Dark Generation to Jiang Chen.

“Good. We will proceed as planned.”

Big Yellow sounded happy.

“But, there are still uncertainties in the plan.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you talking about Nan Bei Chao?”

Tyrant suddenly recalled.

“What? Hasn’t that b.a.s.t.a.r.d died long ago? He has appeared again?”

Big Yellow jumped surprisingly, back then, he personally saw Jiang Chen eradicate Nan Bei Chao with his own eyes. But now, he just heard Nan Bei Chao’s name again.

“It is true that Nan Bei Chao is dead, but this is another Nan Bei Chao that came from the Boundless World.”

Tyrant said.


Big Yellow’s head was spinning.

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