Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 810 – Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion

Chapter 810 – Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion

Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion

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The three of them were dumbfounded. They couldn’t help but shake their heads. In fact, they shouldn’t be overly surprised when mysterious things happened on Jiang Chen. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had absorbed the lethal poison of a Green h.e.l.lish Python into his body. It proved that his body could refine any kinds of poison, let alone the insignificant Dark Orchid.

“Brother Chen, that Dark Liu Yun already thought that he had poisoned us. He would certainly attack us six hours later. What should we do when that happens?”

Yan Chenyu said worriedly. After all, this was the prefecture of Dark Mulberry City. If they began a fight here, it would certainly draw plenty of attention outside.

“It would be midnight six hours later. If Dark Liuyun really comes, we will make sure that he doesn’t have the chance to return.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth and turned to Tyrant. “Tyrant, I would need your help this time.”

“What do you need me for?”

Tyrant's eyes widened.

“I am not really interested in ‘using’ you. I won’t be needing your help if Big Yellow is here but unfortunately he is not. Summon that divine stone monument of yours to a.s.sist my formation.”

Jiang Chen said.

“I understand now. You intend to set an invisible grand formation here, covering the entire courtyard, and making Dark Liuyun stuck in here. At that time, no one would be alerted outside even if a big battle occurred here.”

Tyrant wasn’t a fool. He already understood Jiang Chen quite well after following him for so long. However, Tyrant didn’t know that this was not the first time that Jiang Chen would be doing this. Last time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow used this method to attack the stronghold of the Dark Shadow—Moon Pavilion—and successfully annihilated the entire place.

If they talked about setting a formation, Jiang Chen alone was already enough but this was the prefecture of the city. There might be some powerful experts hiding somewhere in this area. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was merely a Third Grade Minor Saint. In order to prevent any mistake from happening, he needed Tyrant’s stone monument to help build a grand formation that would stay undetected even before the eyes of an Eighth Grade Minor Saint.

If Big Yellow was around, Jiang Chen could set such a formation perfectly without needing Tyrant’s help. After all, Big Yellow was the master of the Holy Book of Formation.

“Brother Chen, do you think that Big Yellow would also come to Void Triangular Domain this time?”

Yan Chenyu asked when Jiang Chen mentioned Big Yellow’s name.

“That is hard to say. If the people of the Demon Race is coming, Big Yellow would probably come due to his disposition.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“I don’t think so, he should have informed you and brought you along if he is really going.”

Tyrant shook his head.

“Well, we have started our journey earlier than the others. Besides, the Demon Race has their own private pa.s.sageway. They would usually arrive later than the usual time.”

Dan King said.

Tyrant nodded. In that case, they weren’t really sure if Big Yellow would come to this virtual domain. The day when Jiang Chen and his friends arrived back at Mysterious Domain, they were instantly briefed by Dan King and had started their journey the next day. They were afraid that at the time, Big Yellow had just reached the Demon Race. If Jiang Chen and the rest waited for Big Yellow’s news, they wouldn’t be able to get here on time.

“Let’s put Big Yellow aside for now. If he is coming, we will still be able to meet him in King City. Our top priority now is to get rid of this Dark Liuyun and obtain all the high grade True Meta Stones in this city.”

Jiang Chen’s pupils sparkled. He had already seen a furniture made of True Meta Stone in the garden just now. He confirmed that the stone was just like what Dan King had described, rare. He would need a lot of these stones in his path as a Great Saint in the future. When he saw the table that was made of high grade True Meta Stone, he knew that there were plenty of stones here in this city.

In this trip to Void Triangular Domain, Jiang Chen had to make sure that he would get a vast amount of True Meta Stone, it would relieve his worry of needing Saint Rank Restoration pills in his path towards the Great Saint realm. For a consumption king like Jiang Chen, it was hard to imagine how much energy he would need to consume from the First Grade Great Saint to Ninth Grade Great Saint. It would surely be an astronomical figure. That was why he needed True Meta Stones to subst.i.tute Saint Rank Restoration pills, otherwise, his advancement would be impossible.

Tyrant’s eyes glittered when he heard what Jiang Chen said. They were going to accomplish a major mission. Dan King couldn’t help but shake his head. He knew that there wouldn’t be peace in this trip to Void Triangular Domain; Dark Mulberry City was just the beginning.

Afterwards, Tyrant summoned his blood-red stone monument and placed it at a corner in the compound. Jiang Chen borrowed the power of the stone monument and started to set the grand formation. He struck out shapeless dharma seals into the void that covered the whole compound. Then, he casted the five elemental soul. This formation wasn’t the same as the one he and Big Yellow used in Nebula Sect to defend against Nan Bei Chao’s army—Five Elemental Tisura Formation. This formation didn’t have any name. It would function as a barrier and turn the entire compound into an illusory world. Once the formation was complete, anything that would happen inside the formation would be undetectable.

Dan King saw countless of afterimages of Jiang Chen when he was continuously waving his palms to sent out palm seals. Dan King let out a sigh once more. “Chen Er is indeed an unrivalled monstrous genius. There is nothing that could stop him. It's hard to imagine that someone had mastered a lot of things.”

“There are some things or people in this world that couldn’t be judged using common sense. Little Chen is one of them and he is a miracle.”

Tyrant smiled. He had grown accustomed to Jiang Chen’s miraculous actions and skills. Jiang Chen was a person with tyrannical combat strength, immune to all kinds of poison, and mastered the field of alchemy and formations. He was a person who could virtually do anything, a polymath.

Yan Chenyu smiled after hearing that her man was praised. It made her feel happier as if she was the one being praised.

Not long after that, the grand formation was fully set. Looking from the outside, nothing could be seen. Dan King felt the same way. If he didn’t saw the making of the formation with his own eyes, he would not notice the barrier of the grand formation. Dark Liuyun would certainly not notice it.

“Haha! Now we just have to wait for the prey to fall into the trap. Dark Liuyun would have never thought that the hole he dug earlier was for himself.”

Tyrant laughed.

Four hours had already pa.s.sed in a blink. The sky was already dark. The Qi of the entire Void Triangular Domain had changed dramatically. The entire world was encompa.s.sed by the dark energy and the light was entirely blocked by it. There was no moonlight or starlight. The entire world was engulfed by pure darkness.

“There are two more hours left. Dark Liuyun will certainly arrive on time. You all wait here. I will go out for a while.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Brother Chen, where are you going?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

“I’m going to gather some information regarding this prefecture.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Chen Er, be careful.”

Dan King reminded worriedly. Every time the Void Triangular Domain was opened to the public, the cities in the domain would raise their guard. Moreover, this was the prefecture of a city, Jiang Chen would easily be noticed by the experts in the prefecture if he went out at this hour.

Jiang Chen made a sway and vanished in the darkness. Given his ability to hide, he would go anywhere unnoticed even before the eyes of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. He didn’t believe that there was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint in this city. The limit in this domain was a peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint. All the Ninth Grade Minor Saints should be staying in King City. Any other city that was guarded by a Ninth Grade Minor Saint must be a neighbouring city of King City. Dark Mulberry City was only a distant city. As such, Jiang Chen could loosen his alertness while being in this city.

A silhouette was moving back and forth in front the guards like a spectre in the s.p.a.cious prefecture but they could only sense a mild wind.

The silhouette was Jiang Chen. When he came to an empty land, he frowned.

‘How could there be an empty land in the prefecture? It doesn’t go along with the architecture of these buildings. This piece of land was large enough to build a garden. Something must be hidden behind this wasteland.’

Jiang Chen said to himself. His old residence was also a prefecture in the Fragrant Sky City. The prefecture was the most important and respected building in a city. Thus, the quality and style of the architecture was a crucial element. If a wasteland was left in a prefecture, it would certainly affect the artistic and dignified impression of it.

Jiang Chen felt something strange. He immediately circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique. His five elemental soul power had covered the entire area. Suddenly, Jiang Chen found out that there was actually a spatial zone below this land, or maybe it wasn’t an empty s.p.a.ce but a building.

“There is an underground secret chamber.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. Sure enough, there was something hidden in this land. However, he found no entrance to it. The entrance to this hidden building must be hidden somewhere in this area.

Howber, it didn’t matter much to Jiang Chen. With the help of the earth soul, he could penetrate into the ground easily without drawing any attention.


He casted his earth soul and vanished with a swoosh, going underground.

After a few blinks, he appeared right in front of a rocky door. There was a plate etched with three words above the door—Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion.

He knitted his brows. His initial thought was that this was a place for storing treasures. Now, it seemed otherwise. A storage for treasures was named ‘Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion'? There wasn’t a single guard here or any signs of a formation. Who would leave a treasure vault unguarded?

He turned backwards and saw a long and black corridor. It must be the exit and the entrance to this secret chamber. He was interested with the pa.s.sageway of the pavilion. With a sway, he came inside the Fragrance Dispelling Pavilion.


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