Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 735 – Give Up All Your Hope

Chapter 735 – Give Up All Your Hope

Give Up All Your Hope

This is the Ninth.

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Boundless Stars Transformation was used by Nangong Wentian. Its Qi was also as powerful as the others. He rushed directly at Tan Zhi Peng. Although Tan Zhi Peng was stronger, his combat strength had dropped due to damage on the formation. Hence, he became a manageable opponent for Nangong Wentian.

Jiang Chen smiled when he saw Nangong Wentian lunging towards Tan Zhi Peng. He didn’t have any intention to lend him a hand because he knew that his friend was on the verge of advancement. He could use the pressure of the battle with Tan Zhi Peng to make a breakthrough in his current grade. To Nangong Wentian, this was a favourable thing.

After Lu Shuang was killed, Tan Zhi Peng and the geniuses of Freedom Palace were targeted by Nangong Wentian and Guo Shao Fei. there were six people initially but three went to confront Jiang Chen. The three of them didn’t have any confidence in battling the overpowering Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow stood at a distance without doing anything and watched the show. The battle did not require his partic.i.p.ation. Jiang Chen alone was enough to get rid of them.

“Kill! We will strike together!”

Lu w.a.n.g bellowed. More than a dozen sword lights instantly appeared from the blade in his hand. Every sword-like light was so sharp that it could cut open the spatial zone. It then rushed towards Jiang Chen. How could his other two comrades delay their attacks? Jiang Chen was too powerful, no one could handle him alone. Even if the three of them combined their strengths, it didn’t give them a glimmer of hope in defeating Jiang Chen.

“Nine phantom wolves!”

Jiang Chen was as imposingly composed as before. He turned into a G.o.dly killer as he casted his nine phantom wolves. In a moment, the entire sky was filled with his shadows. The three men blanked out for a moment, but such moment of pause was undoubtedly fatal in front of Jiang Chen.

*Pu Chi*

The Heavenly Saint Sword pierced through the skull of a Tan Family’s genius. He died instantly.

The event horrified Lu w.a.n.g and his friend. Both of their faces instantly turned pale white. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was undoubtedly scary. He wasn’t human at all, he was a peerless devil, a true devil who slaughtered humans.

“Brother Lu, don’t hide it anymore. Quickly use your trump card to eliminate him!”

The other genius of the Vertical Domain was so scared that his soul partially left his body. He hastily shouted at Lu w.a.n.g. It was not just him, Tan Zhi Hao and the genius of Freedom Palace who was fighting against Guo Shao Fei had placed all of their hopes on Lu w.a.n.g. They all knew that Lu w.a.n.g was hiding a very powerful trump card. Today, their ultimate killing formation had failed, and thus it was impossible to stop Jiang Chen anymore. If this continued, it wouldn’t take long for all of them to die here. At this moment, only Lu w.a.n.g could save them.

“Lu w.a.n.g, what trump card do you have? Show it, I will give you the chance now.”

Jiang Chen pointed his long sword at Lu w.a.n.g. Although Lu w.a.n.g’s blades were fast, it wasn’t a threat to Jiang Chen at all as his sword was quicker.

“F***, Jiang Chen, don’t force me. We will not interfere with each other’s business from today onwards. All of the matters today will be resolved, what do you say?”

Lu w.a.n.g said to Jiang Chen. He would rather attempt a possible truce with Jiang Chen than to use his trump card because this was the only trump card that he had. He wanted to use it against the compet.i.tors on the day of compet.i.tion. If he use it now, he would lose the advantage of winning the compet.i.tion, and also lose the chance of marrying Wu Ningzhu.

“No way, if you don’t use it now. I won’t give you a chance anymore. I will kill you. Lu w.a.n.g, you still intend to live after offending me? Let me tell you, you will surely die today. You will still die even if you use your trump card!”

Jiang Chen was cold and ruthless. When he arrived at this desolate mountainous terrain, he had already sentenced these six people to death. No one would be able to escape from him. All of them had to die.

“Jiang Chen, in that case, don’t blame me for doing this.”

Lu w.a.n.g’s eye expression revealed a bloodthirsty and violent glint. His hatred for Jiang Chen was at the peak now. He had to kill Jiang Chen to release his hatred.

Jiang Chen saw that Lu w.a.n.g’s palm turned and a palm-sized golden talisman appeared. The second the talisman appeared, a strong coercive aura was unleashed, making the void tremble.

“Jiang Chen, this is a First Grade Minor Saint Source of Combat Strength Talisman, I’ll see how you can endure this!”

Lu w.a.n.g bellowed. He penetrated the Source of Combat Strength Talisman through the use of his divine sense, activated the talisman, causing it to instantly explode.

Tan Zhi Peng and the other genius heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the talisman. They had guessed that Lu w.a.n.g might have the Source of Combat Strength Talisman. This was a talisman created by a powerful First Grade Minor Saint. It could unleash the deadly strikes of a First Grade Minor Saint. It wasn’t a strike that any Combat Emperors could handle.

“Jiang Chen, you made me use this talisman. Go to h.e.l.l!”

Lu w.a.n.g shouted. Releasing this ace card pained him. The Source of Combat Strength Talisman could never be created by ordinary people because such a talisman would require tremendous amounts of energy from a cultivator. Unless it was created for one’s beloved descendant, one wouldn’t empty their sources of energy to create such a talisman. One could tell that Lu w.a.n.g’s ident.i.ty wasn’t ordinary.

Although Tan Zhi Peng’s social status in the Tan Family was very high, he didn’t have a Source of Combat Strength Talisman.

Jiang Chen also had one of these talisman. It was given to him by Great Master Ran Feng. The talisman was created by a Ninth Grade Minor Saint’s combat strength, which was incomparable to Lu w.a.n.g’s talisman. He too, was reluctant to use it unless he faced a very life threatening moment.

*Hong Long*

The talisman erupted, turning into an old man in white. He was merely an illusory image, even his face was vague. After his emergence, a palm struck Jiang Chen. The palm was a claw, it had completely locked the entire void nearby Jiang Chen, giving him no chance to escape. Jiang Chen had to face it head on.

Lu w.a.n.g’s eyes showed a cold smile and exultation. He absolutely wouldn’t believe that Jiang Chen had other techniques that could handle such an attack. This was a strike of a First Grade Minor Saint. It would certainly crush Jiang Chen into meat paste.

Nonetheless, the next scene that appeared truly disappointed Lu w.a.n.g.

“Such an insignificant amount of skill.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He stood there rooted on the ground. A scary, ghastly and razor-sharp skeletal claw suddenly rushed out of his body and clashed with the old man’s palm.

*Hong Long*

The entire battlefield was reaching its climax. Jiang Chen was forced to stagger two steps backward due to the impact. Consequently, the image of the old man vanished completely. The Source of Combat Strength Talisman could only be used once and it would be gone after it was used.


Lu w.a.n.g exclaimed. He rubbed his eyes to confirm that he wasn’t dreaming. Jiang Chen was still standing there, fine. He couldn’t accept the outcome. The strike just now was his biggest ace, but it couldn’t do any damage to Jiang Chen.

“No, this is not possible.”

Lu w.a.n.g couldn’t believe it. Not just him, even Tan Zhi Peng and the other geniuses were in complete despair. They could feel the death Qi of the sharp claw just now, they were trying to connect the dots. Then, they immediately shouted, “Jiang Chen, you didn’t release the dark soul kings back to the Death Mountain! You have brought them with you!”

“That’s correct, but too bad, it is already too late for you guys to know that.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Lu w.a.n.g’s First Grade Minor Saint Source of Combat Strength Talisman was useless because Jiang Chen had two First Grade Minor Saint by his side.


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