Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 733 – Fated to be a Tragedy

Chapter 733 – Fated to be a Tragedy

Fated to be a Tragedy

This is the Seventh.

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Jiang Chen and the gang didn’t look to anyone other than themselves. After they were done, they left the Blue Moon Lake and returned to their inn. Consequently, Wu Ningzhu’s boat also left. However, the geniuses who stood at the pavilion felt dejected one after another. It was a depressing night that a man that came out of nowhere stole their only chance.

“Junior Jiang. I saw the geniuses of Freedom Palace and Tan Family at the pavilion. There were four of them. They are the geniuses who are ranked first and second on the Sky ranking.”

In the courtyard, Guo Shao Fei spoke.

“So what?”

Jiang Chen didn’t put them in his eyes at all. After all, everyone who came for the compet.i.tion were all just Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. The strongest was the at the peak of the ninth grade. This was the peak power of the geniuses from the eight big domains. The reason for that was that it wasn’t an easy task to break through from the Combat Emperor realm to the Minor Saint realm. One should know that the geniuses of Minor Saint rank only existed in the Pure Land. However, Dan King’s influence and fame wasn’t great enough to spread to the Pure Land. Furthermore, none of the eight families would come to humour Dan King as they had powerful alchemist of Great Saint realm.

Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t feel a tiny bit of stress from the compet.i.tion of son-in-law. His current strength was sufficient to defeat all the geniuses present this city.

“Although those four aren’t your opponents, we can’t underestimate them. Their hatred for you has reached the core of their being. They will find ways to get rid of you, especially after noticing your rapid advancement. Before you entered the boat, I observed their movements closely. I saw them joining together and secretly allied themselves with the other geniuses of other major powers. It seems as if they are planning something at your back.”

Guo Shao Fei said.

“Dammit! We should just get rid of them and the matter will be done!”

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth.

“That’s right, just kill them.”

Nangong Wentian smirked coldly.

“I really want to see how much they can plan.”

Jiang Chen simply smiled without any concern. In his heart, those four couldn’t create an impact on him.

Midnight. In a desolate mountain range located a thousand miles outside of Dan Yuan City. The darkness of the night made the desolated mountains look even more tranquil. At this moment, six silhouettes appeared above the desolate mountains soundlessly. Each and every one of them possessed powerful combat strength. All of them were, in fact, Ninth Grade Combat Emperors. They just came out of the Dan Yuan City. Anyone who was at the lakeside a while ago would be able to recognize them. That was because the two of them were part of the group that was forcefully thrown into the lake by Jiang Chen. One of the two was Lu w.a.n.g.

The other four were the geniuses from Freedom Palace and Tan Family. From the fact that these people had gathered outside of Dan Yuan City one could imagine what they would be doing next. They now had a common enemy. Naturally, they would be allies.

“Brother Tan, is your formation reliable? That brat is not easy to deal with.”

Lu w.a.n.g looked at the handsome youth as he said with a frown.

“You can rest a.s.sured about that brother Lu. Brother Zhi Peng has been proficient in different kinds of formations since young. Even though Jiang Chen have gotten stronger than we had imagined, once he is trapped under brother Zhi Peng’s formation and with the strength of the six of us combined, he will only have the path of death.”

A disciple of Tan Family replied with confidence.

“That Jiang Chen is extremely arrogant. He didn’t even give the slightest respect to Brother Lu and threw him into the lake. This is truly detestable. I believe that Brother Lu won’t be able to nurse such grievance. We will get rid of him ahead of time. Not only would we be able to express our hatred to him, we will get rid of a powerful compet.i.tor before the day of the son-in-law compet.i.tion.”

A man of Freedom Palace said.

“Don’t forget Brother Lu. We have six of us and also the aid of the formation. This formation that I set will be the ultimate killing formation for Jiang Chen. It is formed by the heavenly earth bagua. In addition, there are traps everywhere in the formation. We are going to control it with the combined strength of the six of us. Even if there are two Jiang Chen, they will be fated to die inside. Moreover, besides the killing formation, there are also trapping and illusionary formations. Once Jiang Chen falls into either of the formations, he won’t be able to see us, but we can see him clearly. Furthermore, our strength can be switched via the formation. With all of these advantages, how can Jiang Chen be our opponent?”

Tan Zhi Peng was full of confidence. He was the number one figure of Tan Family on the Sky ranking and was also called the peerless genius of his family. Not only was his combat strength great, his proficiency of formations was extraordinary. As a matter of fact, he had started to study different kinds of strange and unusual formations since young. The ultimate killing formation was invented by him, making him very terrifying. However, the formation required the strength of six people to execute it. Therefore, Tan Zhi Peng had to get the help of Freedom Palace and Lu w.a.n.g’s team to use it.

He had also gotten the order to kill Jiang Chen on sight. And if he killed Jiang Chen, he would be able to reap great rewards from it. He didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes at the very beginning. He had thought that once he had met Jiang Chen, he would be able to eliminate him with just his basic moves.

However, the scenario was completely different when he met Jiang Chen today. Jiang Chen had improved too fast. Unless the person was of Minor Saint grade, it would be impossible to get rid of him. Hence, Tan Zhi Peng had thought of allying with Freedom Palace. It just so happened that Jiang Chen had offended several people in Blue Moon Lake, creating a chance for Tan Zhi Peng to recruit two more geniuses to join his plan. With six Ninth Grade Combat Emperors working together, he didn’t believe that they couldn’t kill a mere Sixth Grade Combat Emperor Jiang Chen.

“Humph! I have aces that are waiting to be used to kill Jiang Chen. They are supposed to be used on the day of compet.i.tion, but he has to die for provoking me earlier. We will eliminate that man today!”

Lu w.a.n.g made a cold humph! The disgraceful scene had infuriated him. He had never been treated as such before given his ident.i.ty and status. While imagining that young lady Wu Ningzhu had seen the scene of him being thrown into the lake and also the bad impression that had been remembered by young lady Wu Ningzhu, he was itching to skin and eat Jiang Chen alive.

“But, we have to lure him here first.”

The genius who followed Lu w.a.n.g said.

“I will lure him here.”

The Qi of a genius of Freedom Palace fluctuated. He was called Lu Shuang, the number one genius on Sky ranking.

“Be careful Brother Lu.”

Tan Zhi Peng said to Lu Shuang.

“Don’t worry, that man is wildly arrogant. He will be lured by me. You guys can set the ultimate kill formation before I return.”

Lu Shuang said.

“This is the perfect place to place the formation. I will start the formation now, and arrange everyone’s position before brother Lu go.”

After Tan Zhi Peng finished his words, both of his hands struck seals of mysterious patterns. His body swayed and moved back and forth above the mountains like a lightning strike. After a while, they’d seen that the ultimate killing formation covered about ten miles radius.

One had to admit that Tan Zhi Peng was truly a genius of formation, to be able to place such a formation. It was truly profound, virtually flawless. Once the prey was trapped in the formation, he would be akin to a turtle in a jar.

After completely setting up the ultimate killing formation, Tan Zhi Peng, Lu w.a.n.g and the others hid themselves. Lu Shuang made a sway with his body and flew at the direction of Dan Yuan City, disappearing in a blink.

In the courtyard, three men and a dog surrounded a rock table while drinking satisfyingly. Now that Jiang Chen had already become a famous figure in Dan Yuan City, no one didn’t know of him. There were only a few days left until the day of the compet.i.tion. Jiang Chen had pa.s.sed these few days peacefully. Days like these were spa.r.s.e for him.

The geniuses came here with only one priority. That was to fight in the compet.i.tion to marry Wu Ningzhu. So, they wanted compete using their true strength. Despite the fact that Jiang Chen had offended many geniuses, none of them would show their aces before the day of compet.i.tion. Even if they were pumped up with extra boldness, they wouldn’t dare to use their trump cards against Jiang Chen.


Nonetheless, at this moment, a golden light pierced through the night sky and shot towards Jiang Chen like a sharp blade. Jiang Chen’s eyes caught it and his limbs moved instantly and grabbed the light.

It was a talisman messenger.

Jiang Chen casted his divine sense and the talisman bursted open. A line of message appeared in front of the group, “Jiang Chen, I dare you to have a battle with me. Come over to the top of the mountain range located a thousand miles away from Dan Yuan City. From Lu Shuang of Freedom Palace.”

“Dammit! Master Dog was worrying about being too bored. This dude still dares to come and challenge you.”

Big Yellow immediately jumped up from his seat. This was a letter of challenge but there wasn’t the slightest fear on Big Yellow’s face. Instead, he was full of excitement.

“Seems like they want to eliminate me for good.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

“Junior Jiang, this is probably a trap. Lu Shuang isn’t a fool. It has to be that they have combined their strength with Tan Family when they realised that they aren’t your opponent anymore. It is possible that they allied with other geniuses as well. I a.s.sume that they have escape-proof traps there and are waiting for you to get over there.”

Guo Shao Fei said while knitting his eyebrows. At the present moment, there were quite a lot of people who had intention to kill Jiang Chen.

“Haha! What kind of escape-proof trap? I will still go there and kill them.”

Nangong Wentian was laughing heartily. These few beings were the same, the only thing they were afraid of was to be in a peaceful world. Nangong Wentian had lost control when he saw someone coming to his doorstep to challenge them. He was already at the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor and his Qi was waiting to erupt. Thus, the tendency of pus.h.i.+ng his grade to the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor was very high and the most desirable thing was to have a battle.

He had obtained tremendous benefits in the herb garden of the Death Mountain, which has nourished his body, making it precious. Hence, the others wouldn’t feel the suddenness when he advanced unexpectedly.

“Let’s go. Since they want to kill me, we will go there and find out what escape-proof trap they have.”

Jiang Chen stood up. Lu Shuang and the other geniuses intended to kill him. The feeling of being fixed on the spot by poisonous snakes didn’t please him. In that case, he would have to personally initiate the attack, eliminating the poisonous snakes once and for all.


Three men and a dog disappeared in the void and appeared outside Dan Yuan City in the next moment. They headed northwest and reached the distance of a thousand miles in the blink of an eye.

There was a chain of mountainous terrain in front of them. Lu Shuang, Tan Zhi Peng and the other geniuses appeared at the same time as Jiang Chen and his friends. Six people had stood at a unique position. Every one of them exuded a cold smile because Jiang Chen had already enter the range of the formation.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance after realizing the current condition. They couldn’t help but laugh. With their eyesight, they could naturally see through the formation placed in this area. Although Tan Zhi Peng was a genius in formations, he was fated to meet a tragedy for showing off his formation in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

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