Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 702 – The Arrival of Destruction

Chapter 702 – The Arrival of Destruction

The Arrival of Destruction

Everyone instinctively got further away when they saw the gang. Everyone in the Death Mountain was informed of their bold acts. The three leaders of the major powers had been killed by them and the remaining two were their friends.

Now at this final moment, if they were to wantonly plunder everyone’s valuables, the disciples would be in big trouble as there wasn’t anything that this audacious group of people couldn’t do.

However, all of their concerns were unnecessary because Tyrant and his friends didn’t intend to commit any acts of plundering as they had already obtained huge benefits for themselves, which made the treasures of the others unattractive to them.

At this time, Han Yan and Zuo Ling Er appeared, and Mo Sang―who was coming from far away. Fundamentally, everyone would be here as there were only three more days left before the next opening of the Death Mountain. In this remaining period of time, there weren’t anything valuable that they could see anymore as the spatial zones here were tremendous and most of them were filled with danger. They had to avoid those kinds of situations in case they were trapped in one of the spatial zones and couldn’t come out in the next three days, as this would mean that they would miss the date of the exit. Once they were trapped, they had to linger beneath this mountain for another thirty years. If there were any unforeseen mishaps that would happen in those thirty years, the person would be finished.

Han Yan quickly flew over after seeing Big Yellow and the others. No one knew what precious things Han Yan had obtained because he was already an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor now. The little girl was also another rare genius who only appeared once every ten thousand years. She too had advanced to the Fifth Grade Combat Emperor from the Second Grade Combat Emperor in just a month.

It was like what Jiang Chen had said, this gang of geniuses possessed a big fortune. They could only seek their fated fortune if they moved alone. Now, Han Yan and Zuo Ling Er had found their own good fortunes and their level of grade soared.

Naturally, both parties felt delighted to meet their buddies again, especially when they noticed the growth of their friends, it somehow gave them a sense of relief. All of them were standing on the same side, they were all brought together by Jiang Chen. There’s a big chance that they would fight side by side in future battles. Thus, the higher their grades, the better.

“Where’s big brother?”

Zuo Ling Er’s eyes swept around but didn’t see Jiang Chen, she felt doubtful all of a sudden.

“Ya, Big Yellow, why is Little Chen not here yet?”

Han Yan was surprised. He wouldn’t be surprised if Big Yellow and Jiang Chen weren’t here together because he knew that Big Yellow and Jiang Chen were inseparable. It was weird to see Big Yellow without Jian Chen.

“Mother! That dude is nowhere to be found. Now we are only left with three days, this is very worrying.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but spat out his concerns, he then told everything that happened in the ancient tower to the two of them.

“You mean Little Chen hasn’t appeared yet since he was taken away by the light beam?”

Han Yan frowned and his facial expression appeared to be slightly worried.

“That’s right, no one knows where the light beam has brought him to.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Will big brother be in danger?”

Zuo Ling Er’s face was full of worry.

“Be at ease, I believe that he can handle any danger that he faces. We just have to wait here. There are three more days, I’m sure he will reach here in time.”

Even though Tyrant was also worried about his friend, he comforted everyone since Jiang Chen wouldn’t encounter any serious trouble so easily.


Jiang Chen was currently engaged in a life-and-death struggle with a dark soul…

*Howl* *Howl*

The dark soul was in a frenzied state as before. Jiang Chen was sitting not too far away from the dark soul―controlling his spiritual force and flames all the time. They had been locked in a stalemate for twelve days already. Jiang Chen wanted to edify the dark soul using The Edifying Light while disturbing its mental capacity using his spiritual force and flames. Their stalemate had reached its peak, this was a trial that required extreme endurance and willpower.

Two weeks had already pa.s.sed since the start of their battle. If a handful of people faced such a trial while also stopping the monster, their will would crumble and have mental breakdowns, but Jiang Chen remained outwardly composed. This was because he knew that he had no ways of retreating, his only way out was to edify this dark soul.

What pleased Jiang Chen was that his injuries had already fully recovered within this period of time. Under the condition of activating his potential strength during the recovery, one thousand five hundred dragon marks had been condensed. The total dragon marks in his body had reached forty seven thousand five hundred, it made him reach the peak of the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. He only needs five hundred more dragon marks to reach the Fifth Grade.

In comparison, the dark soul was constantly consuming its energy during this period of time, which made the ending imaginable. The power of The Edifying Light, flames and spiritual force would be enhanced as Jiang Chen’s level of grade improved. Thus, the suppression power of his flames would become stronger, which would greatly reduce the probability of the dark soul forcing the light out.

In reality, not even Jiang Chen could antic.i.p.ate that the battle would develop into such a degree. No winner could be determined over the past two weeks, but Jiang Chen understood that it would be impossible for him to edify a Minor Saint dark soul given his current level of grade. He felt slightly terrified when he recalled that if it wasn’t for his act, pretending to be dead to lure the dark soul closer and loosen its guard to shoot The Edifying Light, he wouldn’t stand a chance against this giant creature.

“Dark soul, you are dying, give up now.”

Jiang Chen bellowed at the dark soul, attempting to disturb its mentality.

‘It isn’t long until the date of the exit, only three days are left. I have to get rid of this dark soul beforehand or I will be trapped in here.’

Although Jiang Chen had been battling intensely with the Dark Soul for more than ten days, he didn’t lose track of the time and knew that there were three more days before the next opening. Time was of the essence but the good thing was that the dark soul was going to be warded off soon.

Jiang Chen could feel the light through his Edifying Light. It was corroding the dark soul’s mind, going deeper and deeper―making the dark soul’s mental defence weaker.

If this situation continued, it would take at most two more days for Jiang Chen to completely take the dark soul down. At that time, Jiang Chen would be able to relieve his mind and immediately reach Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. By that time, he would have a dark soul as his a.s.sistants. This trip to the Death Mountain wasn’t in vain after all.


Before you can say the word ‘Nangong Wentian’, two days’ pa.s.sed by in a flash.

In the deepest region of the Death Mountain. Everyone who was able to come was present here. Today was the second opening of the Death Mountain. They would be able to leave this place and return to the Mysterious Domain once the exit opened.

Excitement could be seen on everyone’s faces as they have been looking forward for this day. Most of them had gotten great benefits and wanted to digest it when they returned to their own places.

However, Han Yan and the others were starting to feel anxious. This was the last day but Jiang Chen has yet to appear.

“Big brother isn’t here yet.”

Zuo Ling Er looked very sad, her gaze was everywhere―hoping to catch a silhouette that would appear―but was greatly disappointed in the end.

“Dammit! What is that dude doing?”

Big Yellow also started to feel worried. After all, the light beam that took Jiang Chen away was unknown to them after all. They were clueless about where it had taken Jiang Chen to. It had been more than ten days and he should be here by now.

Their minds were all on Jiang Chen while the others’ were on the exit. None of them had actually noticed that the disciples of Freedom Palace had decreased significantly, even until now.

Another thing that everyone didn’t notice was that there was a black and ghost-like silhouette that appeared at the back corner of the spatial zone. This black silhouette wore black clothes, and his head was covered with a black hat―perfectly hiding his face. The black-clothed man raised his head, while the corner of his mouth revealed a sinister cold smile.

This black-clothed man wasn’t a n.o.body but Zhuo Yi Feng. He had estimated the time and said faintly, “It’s time.”

After a while, everybody heard a heaven and earth shaking rumbling sound. A very strong Qi erupted. By the looks of it, the Qi was at least from a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. There was no doubt about it, it was Zhuo Yi Feng who unleashed all of his Qi in this final moment. It was the Qi of a peak Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. The powerful Qi turned into a golden pillar of light and exploded in the spatial zone. In the next moment, he vanished as if he had never appeared. No one noticed his existence.

“What happened? There is a very strong vibration.”

“What was that just now? Like it was the powerful Qi of a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor cultivator.”


Everyone was alarmed as they didn’t know what exactly had happened. After the Qi disappeared, the spatial zone returned to its original condition.

However, a few minutes later.

*Hong Long*

The entire spatial zone shook violently. Cracks could be seen on the surface of the spatial zone, waves of death Qi were flowing in from the slits. This scene was just like an apocalypse.

“What is happening?”

“Is the spatial zone going to collapse? How could this be happening?”


People’s facial expression changed instantly as they felt the life-threatening Qi and the death Qi. Everyone of them here were Combat Emperor cultivators, their sharp senses allowed them to feel the terror of the death Qi.

“Not good, this is the turbulence of the Death Mountain. The strong Qi just now was deliberately unleashed by someone. It was the Qi of a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor! Ninth Grade Combat Emperors were forbidden from entering the mountain as it will only cause a calamity. Mother! Someone wants us all dead!”

Guo Shao Fei shouted after he found the key to what had transpired.

“Dammit! Who wants to kill us?”

Big Yellow cursed.

“When we entered, the mountain was opened personally by the five major powers. Under the supervision of the five major powers, it is impossible to permit a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor in. Who was that person just now?”

Mo Sang’s facial expression changed. At this time, no one would be able to stay calm.