Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 690 – Big Yellow’s Special Abilities

Chapter 690 – Big Yellow’s Special Abilities

Big Yellow’s Special Abilities

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The piece of land was fully wrecked. Jiang Chen was holding his Heavenly Saint Sword and was continuously attacking the monster. Besides the sharp sword Qi in his attack, it also consisted of a strong light of fire. Flames was the nemesis of the monster, so Jiang Chen naturally had to use that to fight against it.


The sharp Heavenly Saint Sword which carried an intense fiery light on its surface, slashed on the monster’s claw and produced a metal clas.h.i.+ng sound. The monster’s claw was covered by a golden light and it easily blocked the sword’s slash. The sharp sword didn’t make any marks on the claw.


On the other side, Guo Shao Fei unleashed all of his power. However, his attack power wasn’t very strong as his injuries hadn’t fully recovered. He pierced his long sword through the back of the monster, but the sword was reflected by a wave of force that was shot out of the monster’s bone, it also pushed him forty meters back before he found his balance.

“This monster is truly powerful.”

Traces of blood flowed out of Guo Shao Fei’s mouth. He had battled this monster and knew how terrifying it was. Even if it was suppressed by Jiang Chen now, it was still hard to deal with.


The monster was mad, it kept letting out roars. Its entire body was surging with power. Its bones were unbreakable. Every part of its body could be used as a weapon, and it would be stronger than any Emperor Weapons. This monster was so powerful that it made Jiang Chen feel baffled on what to do next.

“s.h.i.+t! This isn’t going to work.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse. This monster was after all a Minor Saint beast before. Its demon soul was preserved for many years and had turned into the dark soul that it is today. Although it couldn’t unleash the power of a Minor Saint, it wasn’t a monster that an ordinary Combat Emperor could handle. In short, if it wasn’t due to Jiang Chen’s flames suppressing it, they wouldn’t be able to get near it and their only choice was to run.

Even with the help from the flames, it would still be very difficult to eliminate it. If Jiang Chen sacrificed his broken pot, this monster would be incinerated into powder but that was his trump card. He failed to kill Nan Bei Chao with it last time and now he was left with only one more chance to use it, so how could he simply use it?

On the side, Big Yellow was strangely quiet but his Dragon Horns were continuously rippling with electric sparks, preparing for an ultimate strike. Big Yellow had awakened three special abilities up until now. One was the Soul Crunching Tune, another was the Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart and lastly, the power of the Dragon Horns. He had never used this special ability, not even Jiang Chen knew how strong it was.

The Soul Crunching Tune and Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart were useless for this kind of situation. The monster was a mere frame of bones, it had no soul nor nose. Thus, he was forced to use his most powerful ability.

“Little Chen, I have sensed that its demon soul had ways of releasing the scorching Qi, indicating that this ancient descendant property was partially leaned to heat. Use your Fire Dragon Seal and Water Dragon Seal simultaneously to suppress its dark soul Qi and the power of its demon soul. Once it is suppressed, I can kill it instantly.”

Big Yellow conversed with Jiang Chen using Divine Sense.


Jiang Chen didn’t say another word and casted his Water Dragon Seal. A huge amount of Heavenly Earth Pure Water rushed out, decreasing the temperature of the battlefield. Both Qis’ that were the exact opposite were present at the same time. This scene would undoubtedly give fearful chills to people.

It was like what Big Yellow had just said, the golden demon soul of the monster shook wildly the moment it touched the Qi of the Pure Water. Its brilliant golden light turned dim. At this time, all the properties of the dark soul and demon soul had been suppressed, it became more infuriated.

“This is the time!”

Big Yellow’s pupil turned brilliant. The Dragon Horns on his head suddenly grew an inch longer, and was marked with divine talisman symbols. Layers of golden light which looked like spider webs rippled out, emitting sounds that were similar to electrical sparks.

*Hong Long*

All of a sudden, a heaven and earth shaking sound was created when a seven-coloured pillar of light was shot out of Big Yellow’s Dragon Horn. The pillar of light travelled at a very fast speed, its Qi was divine and it reached the monster in a flash.

*Hong Long*

This terrifying attack broke through Jiang Chen’s fire and crashed against the monster’s body. The fact that the monster was completely suppressed allowed this attack to hit, its piercing shriek s.h.i.+vered everyone’s soul. The light pillar that was shot out of Big Yellow’s Dragon Horns was too powerful, it shredded off the divine body of the monster and the huge skeleton fell apart after letting out a deep cry.


Even so, the monster wasn’t dead yet. It continued to let out a piercing howls, as the golden demon soul between its eyebrows trembled intensely and the bones that fell apart started to integrate again.

“Quickly! Remove the demon soul from the skeleton, don’t let it reform again.”

Big Yellow shouted hastily. After he casted the final move, his energy was almost used up and he became so weak that it is as if he had wilted.


Jiang Chen had already moved before Big Yellow’s reminder. He had discerned the problem by using his eyes. This monster fully depends on the demon soul to live. Even if its bones were scattered, the demon soul could reintegrate them again.

However, this monster was fated to have a sad ending by the time he met Jiang Chen. Its reintegration wasn’t going to be possible.

Jiang Chen’s speed was fast, and he reached the monster in a blink of an eye. The Heavenly Saint Sword touched the demon soul and easily plucked it out from the monster, and caught it with his hands. He circulated his Dragon Transformation Art and a terrifying Divine Sense penetrated into the demon soul, disintegrating the remaining Qi of the monster into powder.

This was the demon soul left by a Minor Saint. Even with his current level of grade, Jiang Chen wasn’t confident that he could drive out the Qi of the monster even if he circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique. However, this was a descendant from the ancient times, the long years had already turned its soul into a dark soul and even its bloodline had vanished along with the existence of Qi of the beast in the demon soul.

*Hua La*

After the Qi of the demon soul was cleansed by Jiang Chen, the bones trembled and fell to the ground and they ceased moving. Jiang Chen and Guo Shao Fei could finally heave a sigh of relief after this, the monster was considered to be thoroughly eliminated.

Guo Shao Fei hadn’t recovered from his state of shock yet, he was looking at the terribly fatigued dog that was lying on the ground with a surprised expression. He couldn’t imagine how this dog became so powerful. Its special abilities were very scary, it had the aura of a Divine Saint. Even with his level of grade, Guo Shao Fei might not be able to withstand that attack head on.

Guo Shao Fei was an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, he had seen a lot of stuff. Even an idiot could discern Big Yellow’s extraordinary power. To be able to have such a scary special ability, this dog had to be a rare beast.

Jiang Chen turned to look at Big Yellow and asked, “You ok?”

Before, Jiang Chen didn’t have any idea of the uses of his Dragon Horns. However, he had finally witnessed the power of it today. That was Big Yellow’s most terrifying special ability. Although he was only a Fifth Grade Demon Emperor, the power of this special ability was sufficient to handle an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, but he could also see Big Yellow’s fatigued condition. It only meant that this special ability of his consumed a considerable amount of power, it seemed that all of his energy had been fully utilized.

“Give the demon soul to me so that I can fully recover.”

Big Yellow eyes fell upon the demon soul on Jiang Chen’s hand: it was releasing a scorching heat.

“Take it.”

Jiang Chen smiled and waved his hand, throwing the demon soul to Big Yellow. This thing would undoubtedly bring great benefits to Big Yellow. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were like brothers, they had no distinctions between each other’s possessions. Big Yellow’s enhancement and improvement would be very beneficial for him, since it meant that he would have a capable ally beside him. Big Yellow also possessed the bloodline of a Divine Beast, it would be excellent if he could grow as powerful as the White Tiger.

Big Yellow opened his mouth and swallowed the demon soul. Then, he laid on the ground and started to absorb it. He didn’t need to worry about his own safety as Jiang Chen was by his side.

“Big Yellow is really awesome.”

Guo Shao Fei praised him. He kept his long sword and came before Jiang Chen then held up his fists. “Junior Jiang, I am truly indebted to you for saving my life.”

It was clear that it was Jiang Chen who had saved his life. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, he would have died by now. He would never forget this debt.

“Brother Guo is being too polite. We are disciples from the same sect, we will naturally help each other out when we are faced with difficulties. You backed me up when we were still outside the Death Mountain, remember? I owed you one there.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He had a good impression of Guo Shao Fei, at least this man knew the meaning of unity.

“I think Big Yellow will require a lot of time to absorb the demon soul. It is also a good time for brother Guo to heal your injuries. I have a Dragon Ginseng here. Take it and absorb it, it will be advantageous to you.”

Jiang Chen’s gave the Dragon Ginseng to Guo Shao Fei. This Dragon Ginseng was mature. Before they came here, this ginseng attempted to escape but was captured by him. It was collected by Nangong Wentian in the herb garden and Jiang Chen had gotten some of them. The medicinal effect of this Dragon Ginseng was graded highly, it would definitely help Guo Shao Fei. Moreover, Guo Shao Fei received something good out of today’s misfortune, he could advance to the Ninth Grade after consuming the Dragon Ginseng.

“This is a rare Dragon Ginseng that had matured. Brother Jiang, this is too precious.”

Guo Shao Fei’s face changed instantly to one of bewilderment. With his discerning eyes, it would be impossible not to see the value of this Dragon Ginseng. It had already matured and became a fine Dragon Ginseng. It would easily cost a city if it was auctioned outside.

“The most important thing to do now is to heal your wounds. We still have a long way to go in the Death Mountain.”

Jiang Chen threw the Dragon Ginseng towards Guo Shao Fei.