Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 681 – Deep down Under the Ground

Chapter 681 – Deep down Under the Ground

Deep down Under the Ground

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Li Long was dead, so was Yan Hui. Five Eighth Grade Combat Emperors had fallen. The disciples of the Freedom Palace and Skyhill School were on the verge of mental breakdown, but none dared to voice a complaint against their enemies and just left silently. The other cultivators did the same, all of them were shaking their heads while sighing. They were now leaving the place as all the herbs had been taken away. It would be meaningless for them to stay any longer, they should continue to search the other areas for potential treasure.

However, today’s battle had confirmed Jiang Chen’s standing amongst the young generation in the Mysterious Domain. A single battle of this calibre could create a reputation among thousands of people, now there is no one that didn’t know about this incident. He was a peerless wild man which no one could afford to offend. Opposing him wouldn’t bring any favourable consequences. It was imaginable that if Jiang Chen wasn’t gotten rid of by the two major powers, the Skyhill School and Freedom Palace, he would become one of their greatest foe in the future.

The people of Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion hadn’t left the place yet unlike the other two major powers. Their faces were full of delight. It was so exciting! The battle just now made their hearts pump faster. All the disciples of Nebula Sect who were present were of a higher grade than Jiang Chen. Comparing themselves with Jiang Chen while they were still at the Second Grade of Combat Emperor, they were nothing but a piece of garbage.

Jiang Chen kept his Qi and landed from the sky, and said to his fellow disciples, “You all continue to search for treasures. If anyone tries to offend you, don’t be merciful to them. No matter who it is, just kill them.”

“Yes, brother Jiang.”

The core disciples jointly replied. Despite Jiang Chen being an inner disciple, they still called him ‘brother Jiang’ even though they were above Jiang Chen in rank. This world required true power to decide one’s rank. By having such a powerful brother, they naturally feel more secure and proud.

“Grandmother! If we see anyone who tries to create trouble next time, brother Jiang said we just have to kill them!”

The disciples of Nebula Sect continued to travel to the other unvisited places. Han Yan had given a two-sentence speech to his fellow disciples and they all left. Only the friends of Jiang Chen were left with him. Jiang Chen came towards Mo Sang and held his fists.

“Thank you for lending me a helping hand today.”

“Brother Jiang is too polite. Brother Jiang is young master’s friend and is naturally considered my friend. It is my utmost pleasure to be able to make friends with a genius like brother Jiang.”

Mo Sang said with a smile. People of the devil religion didn’t like to beat around the bush. Most of them were forthright and decisive in their actions. Jiang Chen particularly liked this kind of people except those who were very deeply enchanted by the devilish aura. These ferocious and ruthless people gave Jiang Chen a favourable feeling to make friends with them.

“Ah Nan, bring out the herbs so we can divide it amongst ourselves.”

“Alright, these are all yours. I don’t want them.”

Nangong Wentian unrestrainedly retrieved them from his Qi Sea. Their eyes glittered when they saw these ancient herbs. The only one who didn’t have any interest was himself as his entire body, from top to bottom, was fully instilled with medicinal effects. It seems that this dude wouldn’t be interested with herbs, pills or medicine anymore for the rest of his life. Also, even if he continued to consume these herbs, it wouldn’t have any more effects on his body.

“Mother! These were some rare treasures. This is luxurious!”

Mo Sang couldn’t help but say.

“Brother Mo, simply take anything that catches your eye.”

Jiang Chen smiled. His impression of Mo Sang was quite good. If it wasn’t for his help today, Jiang Chen would need to use his broken pot to kill Yan Hui, which would be a waste and that would mean revealing all his trump cards to the public. Now they had a.s.sumed that his broken pot could only be used once, if anyone tried to look for him for trouble, that person would definitely underestimate him.

“Erm...Is it ok?”

Mo Sang was stunned because he never thought Jiang Chen to be so forthright. If such rare treasures were placed outside, it would cost more than a city, or even be priceless. Now, Jiang Chen wanted him to simply choose. Wasn’t this overly exciting for him?

“Mo Sang, if you don’t want to, then we can divide them now.”

Han Yan smiled while his hand grabbed onto a blood red lotus.

“I want it! I don’t want to waste this opportunity.”

Mo Sang didn’t attempt to be polite anymore. This was a great opportunity. If he continued feigning courtesy, it was a big slap to his face as he would be getting nothing in the end.

Very quickly, herbs which were piled up like a small hill were divided and taken by a few of them. Big Yellow had taken most of the herbs. Currently, he didn’t dare consume those herbs as he was afraid that he couldn’t digest them all. He should wait until the herbs that he had consumed before were fully absorbed before eating the new herbs. When that time comes, he would be able to improve his grade.

“Little Chen and Ah Yan you all haven’t told me what the h.e.l.l is this place called. Furthermore, you guys look very domineering, especially Ah Yan. You actually became the young master of a religion. Quickly, tell me what had happened.”

Nangong Wentian couldn’t stand it any longer. Even at the start, he wanted to ask them a tremendous amount of questions that he wanted answers for. Until now, he knew nothing about the Divine Continent. After he came out from the cracks of the spatial zone, he was in this herb garden until today, where they finally reunited. He even had no idea what the herb garden was.


Jiang Chen, Han Yan, and Big Yellow couldn’t stop laughing at his friend’s unlucky encounters. They felt absolutely speechless. Nonetheless, they had to say that Nangong Wentian had obtained the luckiest thing in his life or else he wouldn’t have been able to reach such a terrifying level.

Jiang Chen was cultivating in the Dragon Transformation Art, Han Yan possessed the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and Big Yellow possessed the Dragon-Horse Bloodline, Yan Chen Yu possessed the Nine Yin Meridians and Wu Ningzhu inherited her mother’s bloodline. All of these individuals were extraordinary, leaving Nangong Wentian as the most ordinary individual out of them all, but he had reached the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor. It was all because of this herb garden. Currently, his body was like a container of medicines like what they had called him earlier. He was full of medicinal aura, which was on par with the gifted bloodlines the others possessed.

Later on, Jiang Chen and Han Yan told their poor friend all their encounters in the Divine Continent, including the matter of the Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion. He felt extremely envious of them and wanted to knock his head onto the ground when he thought about how he wasn’t in any of the big and earth-shaking incidents. He somehow felt that his life all this while had been in vain.

“Ah Nan, you are actually quite fortunate. The place that you are in right now is called the Death Mountain. A forbidden area in the Mysterious Domain, and one of the eight forbidden areas in the Divine Continent. It only opens once every thirty years. Today is the time for the opening of the Death Mountain and that’s why we are allowed to enter. Luckily for you, the time that you came here was somewhat close to the date of the opening or else no one would know how long you still have to stay here.”

Han Yan said.

Nangong Wentian’s face exuded a cold sweat instantly. If he were to stay in this herb garden for thirty years, the chances of him becoming mad wasn’t impossible anymore.

“You two are very awesome together. One is the young master and the other one has risen in Nebula Sect. When I get out, I too want to achieve something big.”

Nangong Wentian said solemnly.

“Okay, the herbs here have been completely cleared out, but the Death Mountain is a huge place that consists of numerous spatial zone. This is a very good chance that we don’t usually have, so we should value this chance. If we really find something good under this mountain, we may have unimaginable changes in our bodies once we get out of the mountain. I hope that each one of us will undergo extraordinary changes, so we’ll disperse from here and look for potential treasures on our own.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Chance is always the representation of one’s luck. If we continue to stick together, the team can only follow one person’s luck, limiting our chances. If we disperse and look for the treasures separately, we can depend on our own luck to meet different kinds of unexpected things. You all have your own luck and if you follow beside me, your luck may be affected by mine. We can’t really go far even if we separate anyway.”

Everyone nodded in agreement on Jiang Chen’s suggestion. Everyone on the scene was a genius that was capable of protecting themselves. Geniuses like Tyrant and Zuo Ling Er originally had good luck with them. So, if they went and searched by themselves they might be able to find some really good treasures. It would be different if they were to follow Jiang Chen, his luck was too overwhelming and would completely override the other person’s luck.

“Little Chen is right. This place only opened once every thirty years. There are lots of chances to get treasures. We should individually search for those.”

Han Yan agreed.

After that, they quickly flew away from the garden to different places. Only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow remained in the herb garden.

There was neither day nor night here, so they didn’t know what time it was was now. However, judging from the time they entered the Death Mountain till now, it should have been a day. There were still people coming into this spatial zone but left after seeing no treasure.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow approached the center of the herb garden. The two of them exchanged glances and smiled.

“Can you sense where the holy soil is?”

Jiang Chen asked. Big Yellow’s innate talent to sense treasure was even greater than the Greatest Saint.

“Don’t worry, follow me.”

Big Yellow said. With a swoosh, he disappeared and entered underground. Jiang Chen followed closely. They were well-versed with Underground s.h.i.+ft, so they could just travel underground with ease.

A man and a dog continued to move downwards and reached thirty meters deep. In this area, the soil around them became very hard and was as solid as gold, full of Soul Qi.

“Below must be the holy soil. The soil here is very fine, almost turning into its essence and is full of fine Yuan Force.”

Both of Jiang Chen’s eyes released rays of light. The lower they went, the finer the soil became. He knew that without a doubt the holy soil had to be down here. As long as he absorbed all of these essences, it would immediately create a great impact to his Earth Dragon Art.

“We have to continue to drill deeper, the holy soil is at the lowest point.


Big Yellow chuckled. He had always been excited and interested about finding treasures.