Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 679 – Brothers of One Mind Could Cut Through Gold

Chapter 679 – Brothers of One Mind Could Cut Through Gold

Brothers of One Mind Could Cut Through Gold

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Han Yan responded right away. His face was filled with excitement. He was also the person who knew what Jiang Chen was planning to do. Now that Mo Sang had come, it created a chance for them to prevent anyone from leaving. Moreover, they hadn’t fought side by side in a battle for a long time.

Han Yan made a sway of his body and flew up to the sky as he approached Mo Sang. He said to him, “Mo Song, these people want to kill me. You will handle Yan Hui and leave the rest to us.”

Although Mo Sang had no idea what had happened before he came since receiving his master’s order, the tension on the scene was very obvious, especially the opposing aura between Jiang Chen and Yan Hui. He had never forgotten that Jiang Chen and Han Yan were good brothers.

“Yes, young master.”

Mo Sang held his fists towards Han Yan. He didn’t care whether if it was a conflict or unsettled dispute. What he knew was that he had to listen to Han Yan’s words. If his young master was hurt in any way, he wouldn’t be able to face his master when he returned.

The murderous-aura that was bursting from Yan Hui dissipated as he had kept all of his Qi after seeing Mo Sang’s arrival and said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, I will never forget today’s incident and we shall meet again as long as time stands.”

Yan Hui knew how to act according to the situation. They wanted to kill Jiang Chen and his friends with their combined strengths, but with Mo Sang’s existence, killing them became impossible. Mo Sang was a genius like him and there wouldn’t be a definite winner in a battle with him. In other words, if he could only handle Mo Sang, how could he find the effort to kill Jiang Chen?

“There won’t be a next time, we’ll settle this today!”

Jiang Chen shouted. It was too late for Yan Hui to leave now.

Mo Sang had received Han Yan’s order. With a sway of his body, he appeared before Yan Hui, locking all of his escape routes. His face was carrying a bloodthirsty expression.

“Yan Hui, since you intend to kill our young master, you shouldn’t leave.”

“Mo Sang, do you think you can stop me if I want to leave?”

Yan Hui was angered.

“Then we’ll fight!”

Mo Sang’s devil aura was blazing as if he was a fighting maniac. He waved his hand and sent a devil wolf that raced to Yan Hui. There wasn’t much talking while battling. This was the att.i.tude of the devil religion. They had never written any letter of battle before battling.

“Ah Yan, and Ah Nan, the two of you handle the other three men.”

Jiang Chen yelled at Han Yan and Nangong Wentian.


“Hehe, I have been so bored in this herb garden that it felt as if I’m dead. Today, I’ll express my stifled feelings through these three dudes.”

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian’s Qi were booming. They flew together, lunging towards the other three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors. The two that were flying towards them were merely Seventh Grade Combat Emperors, especially Nangong Wentian who just recently reached the Seventh Grade. Without really being concerned, the three people met their charge.

*Hong Long*

A big battle started instantly. The spatial zone was filled with rumbling noises from the impacts. Mo Sang and Yan Hui were occupying one side and was busy launching attacks and deflecting them at the same time. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were engaging in a battle with three enemies. Although there were only two of them, they didn’t feel scared or demotivated. The cultivators below were muttering that the battle had begun so quickly, without even a sign or warning. Li Long had already died, so it was hard to conclude who would end up dying.

“Big brother, what do we do now?”

Zuo Ling Er asked.

“You just stand here and watch the battle.”

Jiang Chen patted Zuo Ling Er’s forehead. With his strength, he couldn’t even join them in the fight. If he rushed up - not only he could not help - he would become a nuisance instead since he was merely a Second Grade Combat Emperor. Without the help of the broken pot, he would be able to defeat a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor at best. If he met a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, he would be no match for him. His combat strength now didn’t match his ambition.

Of course, Jiang Chen still had other ways to deal with this even if he didn’t join them. He looked at Big Yellow.

“Big Yellow, you and me shall set up a huge formation together to lock this entire battle field. He won’t allow any one of them to leave. If we want to kill our enemies, we cannot let even one of them escape.”

This had always been Jiang Chen’s style of action. He wouldn’t do if he chose not to, but if he did, he would go all out and would show no mercy to anyone. In the Death Mountain, the highest combat strength was the Eighth Grade Combat Emperors. If he allowed these people to escape, he would have great troubles in he future, plus what he hated the most were unsettled problems. Since he had decided to kill them, he would leave them no chances of survival.


Big Yellow responded as he flew up to the sky from below. Both he and Jiang Chen were moving quickly. They turned into two rays of light and moved around the battlefield repeatedly. They couldn’t join the battle, so they could only circle the battle field. If someone’s eyes were sharp enough, he might be able to see that the two of them were travelling at the same rhythm while their palms were moving, as if they were casting out some kind of mysterious talisman symbols.

The status on the battlefield was becoming more intense, none of them had noticed Jiang Chen and Big Yellow because they were busy enough with their own affairs.

Being entangled by Mo Sang, Yan Hui’s limbs were moving non-stop. The two of them were forced to fight at a high level of fervor and couldn’t get a moment to gasp for air. No one knew who had the upper-hand at this moment.

On the other side, despite Han Yan and Nangong Wentian not meeting each other for a long time, their tacit cooperation were near perfect. The other three Eighth Grade Combat Emperors were no match for them even though they had jointly faced the two. They kept retreating from their aggressive attacks.

“All of you should look at this, the young master of the Dark Devil Religion and the medicine container are really scary. They are merely Seventh Grade Combat Emperors, but their attacks forced their opponents to back away. Aren’t they overpowered? Each of Jiang Chen’s friends is more abnormal than the other.”

“The circ.u.mstance was not uncommon. The young master’s body possesses the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and he has already cultivated in the Devil Blood Pool, which means that he cannot be compared to an ordinary genius. In spite of his Seventh Grade Combat Emperor rank, he can handle even Eighth Grade Combat Emperors. As for the medicine container, he had eaten so much herbs that his body has already become a magical container, it can’t denied that he is an abnormal being.”

“It seems like the three disciples of the Skyhill School and Freedom Palace were losing their ground, but since they have the speed of an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, they won’t have problems in fleeing.”


Many were astonished by the development of the battle. As the garden were already s.n.a.t.c.hed empty, everyone’s attention fell on the battles above them. This was undeniably a splendid action movie. The battles of the major five powers were always the most thrilling.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stopped flying. They had used up a few minutes to completely seal the battlefield. It would be impossible for any one of them to leave or flee.

If it was an ordinary man who set up the formation, it is very difficult to prevent an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor from fleeing. However, it was Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who set them up. Jiang Chen alone was enough for such a formation, he was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, and thus he had boundless techniques and was proficient with a lot of formations and had profound ways of setting them up.

Big Yellow was another scary individual. This dude was proficient with the Holy Book of Formation, which allowed him to know any formation and seal in the world at the back of his head. The combination of these two beings were like stringing jade and pearls together as they complement one another. No one would be allowed to fly out of this formation silently.


The big ruler in Nangong Wentian’s hand hit an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor along with a deep wail, throwing him away. That man’s facial expression changed drastically when he was staring at the dynamic Nangong Wentian as if he had seen a ghost. He couldn’t imagine that a newly advanced Seventh Grade Combat Emperor could have such a strong combat strength.

Nangong Wentian’s potential power was too strong, and it was enough to say that his current power wasn’t any weaker than the one who possessed the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, Han Yan. Every one of his cells had absorbed the essence of the herbs, making him more abnormal than Han Yan.

“Haha…grandchild, it is your honor to die under grandfather’s Million Stars Ruler.”

Nangong Wentian’s dark hair fluttered in the wind and laughed, holding his Million Stars Ruler to strike his target.

On the other side, Han Yan became more violent. He was fighting two enemies alone. He struck using the Ninefold Devil Waves, the force from his bloodline was completely unleashed. His white hair danced in the breeze like a peerless, ferocious devil that had descended. Under the enormous impact of the devil wave, the two Eighth Grade Combat Emperors trembled and was thrown flying away. They had lost their direction in the devil wave, and the silhouette of Han Yan vanished.


The moment Han Yan casted the Ninefold Devil Wave, with a ‘keng’ sound, a scary devil blade appeared in his hand. His speed was at the maximum. He reached one of the target in the blink of an eye, then the sharp and ruthless blade moved to chop the man’s head.

The man was extremely panicked, but Han Yan was just too fast. Han Yan’s powerful Devil Emperor Qi suffocated the man. The rapid slash went through the man’s neck and a human head flew up as a red light pillar rippled in mid-air.


Nangong Wentian cursed after seeing that. He was supposed to be the first to cut off his enemy, but Han Yan had stolen his place.

“The young master of the Dark Devil Religion is very terrifying, he killed an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor with his Seventh Grade Combat Emperor’s power. He’s truly extraordinary.”

“So, this is why Wu Yi Mo had chosen him. With his means of killing, even if he faced Yan Hui, he would still gain the upper hand. Even if Mo Sang didn’t come, Yan Hui would still have a hard time eliminating Jiang Chen.”

“One Eighth Grade Combat Emperor is down. This battle won’t last long. If those two choose to escape now, they may still have the chance to live.”


Everyone was shocked, completely stunned by these two unexpectedly violent man, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian. The battle status was crystal clear, the remaining two Eighth Grade Combat Emperors had to flee to protect their lives. Even if a powerful Eighth Grade Combat Emperor couldn’t fight his enemies, he would have no problems in fleeing away.

In truth, those two and the onlookers were having the same thoughts, it was to flee now as they didn’t have a chance in the battle anymore. Their enemies were too strong. Their enemy’s power was beyond their expectations, only through escaping can they stay alive.

Before the disciple was. .h.i.t by Nangong Wentian’s big ruler, he twisted and fled then disappeared in a twinkle. However, when he entered the spatial zone, he found that the entire place was locked down. There was no route for escape.