Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 659 – The Young Master of Dark Devil Religion

Chapter 659 – The Young Master of Dark Devil Religion

The Young Master of Dark Devil Religion

Sot Old Man tried hard to suppress the excitement inside him the moment he obtained the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. He immediately refined the pill in the cave. He was already at the peak of Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, only a small step was required to reach the next grade.

With the help of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, it took less than a day for the old man to push his grade to the sixth grade. It was pushed to the peak of the sixth grade, which was just one step away to seventh grade. Besides that, Sot Old Man’s entire appearance remoulded, his potential power was ignited and his physique was enhanced enormously. In other words, the old man’s hope for achieving the Minor Saint realm in this life wasn’t merely a hope anymore, because the amelioration of the pill proved otherwise.

Sot Old Man was full of vigour. He looked at Jiang Chen, without saying a word, and bowed slightly to him. This action represented all his unsaid grat.i.tude. He wouldn’t be able to forget Jiang Chen’s kindness. If Jiang Chen ever required his help, he would honour what he had said before and do his best to a.s.sist him.

“Very well. The Death Mountain will open today. We have to hurry there. No more delays.”

Jiang Chen saw the colour of the sky. Although it was just daybreak, the Death Mountain was going to be opened soon. With their fast speed, they could reach there without being late.

The Death Mountain was located at the north of the Mysterious Domain. The atmosphere surrounding the mountains was filled with black fog. Seeing it from the outside, it looked like numerous black layers of mountains overlapping one another, similar to the stairs to heaven. It was like a sharp heavenly sword piercing into the thick clouds.

The area opposite the Death Mountain looked like a giant skeleton of an old man’s face opening his enormous and ferocious mouth, anyone who had looked at it directly could feel their souls s.h.i.+vering due to the fierce aura coming out of the big mouth.

This was truly a forbidden area. In a hundred miles radius of the Death Mountain, there wasn’t any greenery, their lives were inhibited by the ghastly Qi of the area. This was a desolate and inhabited place. Some high grade cultivators might need to pa.s.s through this place. While these high level Combat Emperors were wandering around the mountain, some were sucked in by a vortex that bursted out of the Death Mountain randomly and never came out.

This was the reason they named this mountain as the Death Mountain. This mountain only opens every thirty years, and cultivators only chose to enter during this time which roughly lasted for a month.

At this moment, although it was only daybreak, the Death Mountain was crawling with people. Cultivators could be found everywhere even in mid-air. There were also people in groups of threes and fives. Some wearing the same uniform gathered together, obviously, they were of the same sect.

These people’s faces showed arrogance as they thought that they were superior to the cultivators who had no sect.

There were a lot of cultivators present. Although it was the five major powers who led the opening of the Death Mountain, they didn’t dare to dominate it, as disallowing the minor powers’ cultivators to partic.i.p.ate would cause dissatisfaction to many minor powers all over the domain. Once their loyalty to the major five is lost, their control over the domain wouldn’t last long. Moreover, there were many strange things in this world, these minorities weren’t as lowly as they thought, many of them were gifted with special abilities.

For instance, some of these cultivators were gifted with unique techniques enabling them to detect the location of lost and hidden treasures. However, even if these people could find the treasure, they would all be taken away by the major five eventually. Only beings like Big Yellow was monstrous.

“The Death Mountain only opens every thirty years. Most people only have one chance in their lifetime to enter the mountain. I hope to obtain some inheritance of some experts under the mountain, my name will be known among the upper ranks, allowing me to be famous.”

“Stop dreaming. Only lucky ones can obtain treasures. Why don’t you take a look at yourself? Your mouth sticks out just like an ape! Proving that you are the epitome of unluckiness”

“You’re quite right. The true treasures doesn’t belong to us. The Death Mountain is opened by the five major powers, they are generous enough for them to let us enter the mountain. You dare to compete with the geniuses of the major five for the treasure? Isn’t that seeking death yourself?”

“I have heard that the lower limit and upper limit of entering this Death Mountain are Combat Soul and Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. And those core disciples of the five major powers, every one of them is stronger than the other. I wonder what kind of people will be present. Plus, the relation among the five major powers aren’t that good. When these disciples meet, there will be conflicts.”

“That is the compet.i.tion among the five major powers. It is not related to us. We just have to take care of ourselves. Once we enter the Death Mountain, we should stick together. Many have said that inside the mountain is dangerous. This place is the ruins of an ancient super large sect, and most of the dead disciples have turned into dark souls. It is truly scary.”


Noises of discussions were everywhere. They had known about the legend of the Death Mountain. Although the opening of the mountain was a golden opportunity for many, they knew the risks behind it. By just strolling around the mountain, they would need to put their lives at stake. However, the path of cultivation had been always challenging. Despite the fact that there were a lot of dangerous obstacles that lay before them, many of them were still willing to give it a try.

Outside the Death Mountain, there were five awe-inspiring groups. The people around them were crouching on the ground at one fixed side. No one dared to stand near these five groups. These people were the disciples of the five major powers. There were at least a hundred of them in every group. These were just the early birds, the high rank disciples have yet to arrive.

“The true geniuses of the major five are not present yet, but they will be here very quickly. They will definitely be here before the opening of the Death Mountain.”

“Look, quickly. Those are the geniuses of the Nebula Sect. They are the first to arrive.”

Someone cheered at their arrival, and raised their heads to look at the direction. They saw a very strong Qi lingering in the air, a young man in blue was flying rapidly in the sky along with many elders who wore their uniforms. The requirement for entering the Death Mountain was only limited by the level of grade, not the age of the cultivators.

This group had at least forty people, it was a blend of Combat Kings and Combat Emperors. They came before the temporary campsite of the Nebula Sect. The disciples who arrived early looked at them with respectful gazes.

The leader of the group seemed to be a mere twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. This youth’s Qi was overwhelming, and his extremely good-looking face was as sharp as blade. His grade had reached the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor which was only a step away from Ninth Grade Combat Emperor.

He was called Guo Shao Fei, one of the disciples in the Hall of Fame and also a figure from the Sky ranking.

Besides him, there were also a few more powerful Eighth Grade Combat Emperors that came, each of their faces was carrying an intimidating arrogance. Zuo Ling Er was one of them. She stood at the front of the line beside Guo Shao Fei, looking around her surroundings as if she was looking for something. She had improved so much since her entry to the Nebula Sect. Currently, she was a Second Grade Combat Emperor.

A newly advanced Second Grade Combat Emperor shouldn’t be qualified to stand beside Guo Shao Fei, but her ident.i.ty was different from an ordinary one. She was an origin disciple of Hua Gu Yi, which meant that her status was even higher than a core disciple. Plus, she was a rare gift to the sect given her gifted talents. It was definitely what the sect had been targeting for, so who would dare to neglect her existence?

“Look, he is the leader of the Nebula Sect’s group, Guo Shao Fei. Even an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor like him has to listen to him. I heard that he is number five of the Sky Ranking, truly terrifying.”

“All of you, look at that little girl. Someone said that the Nebula Sect has accepted two rare geniuses, one of them is this little girl who is only twelve years old and has already reached the Combat Emperor realm. This is what they call a monstrous genius, very scary. The other one is even scarier, he is the Jiang Chen who was able to initiate a heavenly tribulation.”

“What? Jiang Chen has joined Nebula Sect? I also heard that, previously, there is a rumor that Jiang Chen is a true monster. His technique is violent and cruel, meaning that he is someone who shouldn’t be trifled with. He is really a twisted devil king but I’ve never thought that he will join Nebula Sect.”

“Faster, look, a very strong devil aura, it’s the people from Dark Devil Religion.”


Not very far away in the sky, a black devil clouds appeared all of a sudden. A part of the sky was fully covered with a cold devil aura like a mat. In the blink of an eye, the aura approached them and morphed into roughly forty men in black. Each one of their faces had a cold expression.

Judging purely by their Qi, they weren’t slightly inferior to Nebula Sect, but one thing is doubtful, it was that their leader was a young man of only Sixth Grade Combat Emperor.

This person’s white hair was dancing in the air, and had a very good-looking appearance. Both of his eyes were so deep, you couldn’t see its end. A side of his mouth was slightly tilted which told everyone that he was an inhibited guy. Behind him was a few powerful Eighth Grade Combat Emperors. They included both young and old men but they were all standing behind the young man’s back. Apparently, even with their high grades, their status wasn’t above him.

The white-haired guy wasn’t a stranger, he was Han Yan. Currently, he was now a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. If his two friends saw this, they would feel so startled their mouth would be left wide open. The Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline could finally develop its potential power. By the time he came out of the devil blood pool, his level of grade rose to Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, he improved at a very scary rate.

“Look quickly, that is the new young master of the Dark Devil Religion. I heard he is a foster child who is picked up by the master of the religion.”

“According to the rumors, this man is have the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, a rare genius that appears every ten thousand years. There is a time when he entered the Devil Blood Pool for cultivation, never has anyone thought that he will reach the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor in that amount of time. I believe that even with his grade, his power is on par with those Eighth Grade Combat Emperors.”

“Yeah, this man is adored by the master of the Dark Devil Religion, his status in the religion is very good. No one have received the same status as him, not even the geniuses and elders.”