Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 636 – Make a Trade

Chapter 636 – Make a Trade

Make a Trade

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Jiang Chen didn’t answer Nebula Kidd’s question, but instead he scanned the man’s body from top to bottom a few times. A while later, he turned his gaze away and said, “You are injured, a serious internal injury.”


As soon as his voice dropped, a wave of Qi suddenly blasted from Nebula Kidd’s body. Some surplus Qi touched Jiang Chen, and sent him flying, hitting the solid wall of the main hall.


Jiang Chen coughed slightly, drops of blood spilled out of his mouth. The Qi’s power from a Fourth Grade Minor Saint wasn’t defendable by a mere Combat King, even if it wasn’t a direct hit. But, he didn’t worry in the slightest about the minor injury he just got. It’s because he could easily heal it using Dragon Transformation Art. The thing that surprised him was Nebula Kidd’s sudden and big reaction. Although Jiang Chen had seen through his injuries, as a Minor-Saint-Grade master, his disposition shouldn’t be unsteady. His doubts seemed to have touched Nebula Kidd’s tender spot.

“You know that I’m injured?”

Nebula Kidd’s gaze were as sharp as a blade, locking on Jiang Chen’s Qi. n.o.body knew about his injuries, not even his opponent. That battle had certainly left a serious wound on his physique. However, he was able to disguise it well that not even Hua Gu Yi could find out about it. But Jiang Chen, a mere Ninth Grade Combat King, had seen through him. There would be only two possibilities. First, Jiang Chen was overly divine that he had the ability to see through everything. Second, Jiang Chen had known about his injury all this while.

“You are wounded by an enormous demon. There is still a wisp of a demon’s aura inside of you, and you can’t get it out. You are currently using your combat force to suppress it, but it won’t totally heal it. Your injury will get worse over time.”

Jiang Chen ignored Nebula Kidd’s frozen expression and continued his statement. His eyesight could see through in an instant that Nebula Kidd was badly injured. It made him think of the bright light sword he saw in Heavenly Devil Palace. His injuries must have been left after the battle. He reaffirmed that that man was Nebula Kidd and the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword was under his possession.

Jiang Chen was calm and wise when facing difficulties. After knowing Kidd’s secret, he discerned his dreadful expression, giving him a great opportunity. Since his ident.i.ty had been exposed, he needed to think of another way to retrieve his item. It wasn’t necessary to oppose Nebula Kidd as his grade wouldn’t do much help on that.

“What did you just say?!”

Kidd was completely shocked. Even with the disposition of a Minor Saint, he couldn’t take it easy. A wave of cold and chilling murderous aura was released from his body, wrapping all over Jiang Chen. He was surprised not only because Jiang Chen could detect his injury but could also see through the seriousness of it in just a glance. The wisp of demon aura was tangled on his body, not even him could get rid of it. Its existence in his body was a serious threat to his recovery, making it harder to heal.

“Jiang Chen, what’s your relation with White Tiger and that mysterious youth? And what’s your purpose of coming to Nebula Sect?”

Nebula Kidd demanded.

“White Tiger? Mysterious youth?”

Jiang Chen was stunned, not knowing what Kidd was talking about. Nevertheless, his wisdom quickly guessed the connection between these two people and his injury.

“You aren’t together with them?”

Nebula Kidd’s murderous aura reduced. A person’s eyes couldn’t lie. When he raised the question about White Tiger and the mysterious young man Jiang Chen froze momentarily. That was enough to indicate that he wasn’t an ally of the two.

In other words, Jiang Chen didn’t know about his injury before this. He only knew it after seeing through him. This had amazed Kidd again. The young man before him was too calm. Jiang Chen didn’t feel nervous or affected by his murderous aura, there was no fear in his eyes which meant he wasn’t afraid of him at all.

“I have no idea who you are talking about. But, I know how to heal your wound.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? You said you can heal my wound? Why do I believe you? And, youbreaking the Brilliant Mirror indicated that you have. You better tell me your background and your purpose of coming to my sect, or else I will kill you.”

Nebula Kidd’s tone was cold, but he had lowered his guard after he found out that Jiang Chen wasn’t related to White Tiger and that mysterious youth.

“Hmm. There’s no harm telling you anyway. My only purpose in coming here is because of your sword.”

Jiang Chen said. His eyes released a forceful aura that came from the depths of his soul. The invisible suppression made Kidd astonished once more. What was the origin of this young man? Why would he have such incisive eyes?

“My Nebula Sword?”

Nebula Kidd sounded unfriendly. No one had ever tried to own his sword. He had spent a lot of effort and time to make the Nebula Sword. Now, the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword had already been fused as one in his sword and it was inseparable.

“Your Nebula Sword consists of the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword that isn’t yours. It’s mine and I will retrieve it back.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glitter with dazzling light. A stronger wave of Qi was spilled out of his soul. With each step he took, he came closer to Nebula Kidd which forced Kidd to move back irresistibly.

“You, what did you say? What are you?!”

Nebula Kidd was petrified. The news that he acquired the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword had been spread to many people, so it wasn’t a secret anymore. He wasn’t surprised that this young man knew about it, but he still unreasonably feared him.

“Who am I? I’m Jiang Chen. I’m the one who slashed through the heavens, the Greatest Saint who fell into the Saint’s Cliff a hundred years ago. I’m the reincarnation of myself. What right do you have to possess the Heavenly Saint Sword?”

Jiang Chen barked with a strong tone. All the hidden Saint aura in his body were all released. Nebula Kidd felt that he was facing the Greatest Saint. His opponent supposedly should be weaker than him a hundred or thousand times, but he felt intimidated from the aura coming from this young man. It sounded absurd, wasn’t it?


Nebula Kidd exclaimed. Only an unprecedented and shocking news could make him, a Fourth Grade Minor Saint, to s.h.i.+ver and cause him to exclaim. His eyes were staring intently at Jiang Chen, his impression of him now was mixed with surprise and fear.

No way, this is impossible! The Great Saint had died long ago. This kid was bulls.h.i.+tting.

However, why could he feel the Saint aura coming directly from Jiang Chen’s soul? Jiang Chen’s composure while facing him and the profound expression in his eye would never exist in a teenager. Could he really be the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint?

Now that he recalled, the Greatest Saint was also called Jiang Chen. Many knew of his alias but not his real name. He heard the real name from someone else by chance last time.

The Greatest Saint possessed the power to slash a rift in the heaven and the power to reincarnate. Which Nebula Kidd didn’t feel unfamiliar as this matched his knowledge.

Nonetheless, Nebula Kidd still didn’t believe it.

“How would you make me believe you?”

He couldn’t find the extent of this young man.

“Draw out your Nebula Sword.”

Jiang Chen said with a calm voice.

To test Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty, he drew his Nebula Sword out. He wasn’t afraid that Jiang Chen would rob it away. Even if the young man was right, even if he was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, he is merely a Ninth Grade Combat King now that can be killed by just using his fingers.

The long sword was resplendent, it was as thin as cicada’s wings, and was illuminating a plain blue light. Anyone could recognise that this was a treasured sword by just a look. This was the Nebula Sword, the weapon of Nebula Kidd’s life force. Jiang Chen’s gaze fell on the sword, it was only a glance but...

*Weng* *Weng*

the initially silent Nebula Sword turned aggressive all of a sudden, it trembled intensely and created a piercing buzzing sound, as though it had found its true owner.

“How can this happen?!”

Nebula Kidd was shocked once again. He had never encountered such a situation. He had fully fused the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword into his sword. His Nebula Sword had become a part of him but it reacted in a friendly way to a stranger.

“Nebula Kidd. Did you see it clearly? You thought you can completely fuse the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword into your sword? Absolutely absurd! Under the heavens, only I have the power to wield the Heavenly Saint Sword. Your Nebula Sword will become my weapon if I so willed it.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression was cold as if he was sticking a sharp sword at Nebula Kidd’s heart using his words.

“You? You are the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint?”

Nebula Kidd had already found his answer to that. A sense of respect was added into his eyes. It was a sincere respect that he wanted to give to Jiang Chen. He now believed what the young had said. His Nebula Sword was the best proof as it wouldn’t lie.

“You don’t have to worry, I won’t take your sword away for now.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, stopping his connection with the Heavenly Saint Sword, letting the Nebula Sword return to its original state.

“I will make a trade with you.”

Jiang Chen said. This was the first time he revealed his true ident.i.ty. This was also the first time he told someone his secret, but he had his own reasons for doing so. In addition, he wouldn’t steal the Nebula Sword as Kidd would kill him if he forced him to. That would be a nonsense and worthless sacrifice. Also, he wasn’t in need of the fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword now. He only needed to determine the whereabouts of it. Later on, he could continue to find the other fragments of the Heavenly Saint Sword. He would rather establish a friendly relations.h.i.+p with Nebula Kidd instead of starting a conflict. It sounded quite good to settle down and build his own path in Nebula Sect.