Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 628 – Ninth Grade Combat King

Chapter 628 – Ninth Grade Combat King

Ninth Grade Combat King

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Hu Song had consumed the Taboo Pill, helping advance to the Second Grade Combat Emperor, albeit temporarily. Pus.h.i.+ng his level from First Grade to Second Grade was out of Jiang Chen’s expectations. Nevertheless, it still made sense when he thought of Hu Song’s preparation to fight the devil leader, it wasn’t unnatural for him to have such a trump card.

Seeing his enemy became formidable after the sudden change, Jiang Chen knitted his brows. As an Eighth Grade Combat King, there was no way he could defeat Hu Song which was now a Second Grade Combat Emperor. There wasn’t any advantage of restraining force or inhibiting of attributes now, which wasn’t equal to his fight with Kong Yang. If the two Combat Emperors were compared, Hu Song was now many times stronger than Kong Yang.

“Not good, brother Jiang’s life is endangered. The Taboo Pill is supposed to be used when facing the devil leader, but Hu Song used it to fight him.”

Yu Wei’s expression changed. No one had expected that Hu Song’s trump card would be this. An increase of grade was enough to defeat Jiang Chen, even if it was only for a short period of time.

“How? Big brother will lose to him.”

Zuo Ling Er was worried and looked anxious.

“No need to worry. This guy must have ways. In this world, there are no things that are unsolvable to him.”

Big Yellow said. He was very confident in Jiang Chen. He had followed him all this while from Red City. No one understood Jiang Chen better than him. Along the way, Jiang Chen had faced many different kinds of danger, and confronted a lot of formidable opponents. It was no big deal comparing his current situation to the past.

“Jiang Chen! You forced me to consume the Taboo Pill. It is indeed unacceptable. Today, I must teach you a lesson. If I accidentally kill you in battle, it is still fine since you aren’t an official disciple of Nebula Sect yet.” Hu Song’s shouted while saying this to his hateful opponent.

Jiang Chen’s cultivation of Great Soul Derivation Technique made his senses sharper. He could sense the murderous aura coming directly from Hu Song. He had decided to kill Jiang Chen. This caused Jiang Chen’s eyes to become cold-blooded. Every time someone wanted to kill him, they always end up in unpleasant circ.u.mstances.

To Hu Song, Jiang Chen was terrifying. Today he had completely spited Jiang Chen. There was no turning back, he had to kill him this time. He had only one Taboo Pill which gave him only one chance to eliminate this extraordinary being. Otherwise, he would lose his chance to kill Jiang Chen forever. He feared that Jiang Chen’s insane talent would attract a lot of attention from the high ranks in Nebula Sect. At that time, he wouldn’t get any benefits from the elders like he used to.

Therefore, Hu Song initiated his murderous aura on Jiang Chen. He wasn’t afraid of killing Jiang Chen even if there were a few hundred pairs of eyes watching him. Every newbie who came to Nebula Sect for the first time would need to go through the Brilliant Mirror check and detention. In order words, Jiang Chen still wasn’t an official disciple of Nebula Sect. It would be foolish to not kill him now. The punishment he would get the most when he got back to the sect would be a few words of scolding from an elder.

“You think you can really kill me?”

Jiang Chen said with a cold tone.

“Haha…you still have a greater technique to fight me? Even if you have, it will be useless. I am now a Second Grade Combat Emperor. My strength is many times stronger than my previous form, killing you will be effortless.”

Hu Song laughed in delight. He was sure that he had reached a level where Jiang Chen would have no choice but to succ.u.mb, as the gap of grade couldn’t be easily overcome.

“Of course, I do.”

Jiang Chen said in a plain tone. Now, he had only two ways to defeat Hu Song. One was to muster the force of the Saint Bone, emptying out all its power to fight him but it would cost a vast amount of his energy. The crucial point was that there were too many people here, more than a few hundred pairs of eyes. When today’s battle ended, everything that happened during the fight would be conveyed to Nebula Sect. His Saint Bone was his secret, he didn’t want to expose it in front of everyone, no one should know about it.

It seemed that only the second way will work for him. He would refine all the devil and devil souls in his Dantian, which would push his grade to the Ninth Grade Combat King. This would allow him to defeat Hu Song easily. But, this kind of advancement would bring some detrimental effects to his foundation.

“In my hand, there are two devil leader souls which will be exchanged to two Emperor Pills. One for Ling Er and the other one for me. This makes the advancement to the Ninth Grade worth it. It is because it’s an Emperor Pill, not only can it advance my grade further to the Combat Emperor realm it can also offset all the negative effects created by the advancement using devil souls.”

Jiang Chen went into a monologue. Emperor Pills were very valuable to him. Even a large sect like the Nebula Sect wouldn’t simply give it to anyone else. People normally needed it when they had successfully reached the Ninth Grade Combat King and it would push their grade to the Combat Emperor realm. If the pill was used in any level before Ninth Grade, it would be deemed wasteful. If Jiang Chen used the Emperor Pill while he was a Eighth Grade Combat King, it would increase his pool of energy and push his level to the Ninth Grade. And, He would still need a period of time to step into the Combat Emperor realm. He was now having a life and death battle with Hu Song, he had no other alternatives other than to push his grade to the Ninth Grade by refining the devil souls. Once he was done with this obstacle, he would obtain the Emperor Pill and continue his advancement to transcend the Combat King realm.

Jiang Chen wasn’t an indecisive guy, he is a guy with conviction. He would get what he wanted once the goal was set. He adjusted the s.p.a.ces in his Dantian. All the devil souls flew out together and started refining them. During the conversion of energy of the Dragon Transformation Art, the souls crumbled into nothing and turned into an enormous amount of intangible energy that penetrated into his limbs and bones.

Jiang Chen had stored a lot of souls, especially during the extermination of those Ninth Grade devils. His consumption of energy while advancing to the Ninth Grade Combat King was great but the amount of souls was enough to satisfy the need. He left the two devil souls of the Devil Emperor aside as they were the items used to exchange for Emperor Pills.

*Buzz* *Buzz*

Everyone beside the battlefield were witnessing the event. Jiang Chen was undergoing the same process as Hu Song. His Qi was rising continuously. Inside his body, new dragon marks started to form with great speed. It was hard to imagine the speed of formation with so much energy pumping into his body.

Very soon, a thousand dragon marks were formed. Before, Jiang Chen had thirty five thousand dragon marks, now it increased to thirty six thousand dragon marks at the Ninth Grade Combat King. Also, Heaven Rank Restoration Pills were something that couldn’t be lacked in the process of advancement. Thus, a lot of the pills were swallowed by him as if they were free.


A formidable aura rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body, and he immediately reached the Ninth Grade Combat King. The change stunned everyone again, this was another miracle created.

“What? Ninth Grade Combat King? He actually advanced to the Ninth Grade. Is it even possible?”

“Mother of G.o.d, this is absurd, isn’t it. Pus.h.i.+ng to the Ninth Grade in the blink of an eye. When has advancement of grade become so easy? Is this the true meaning of ‘abnormal’?”

“He is mad. Brother Jiang has created another miracle. And do you all realize that Hu Song’s advancement was only temporarily supported by the effect of the pill. Once the effect is over, his power will return to his original state and his body will be affected negatively. Brother Jiang’s scenario is entirely different, his advancement doesn’t seem like he will slip back to his previous grade at all.”


The scene made their hearts quiver, leaving them no peace. At first, everyone expected Jiang Chen to lose the battle. To their surprise, Jiang Chen advanced his grade instantly, without showing any signs of it.

Of course, the distinction between a Ninth Grade Combat King and a Second Grade Combat Emperor was very large. But, the situation changed when Jiang Chen came to the picture. Both of them successfully advanced by one grade, this suggested that Hu Song was very unlikely to defeat Jiang Chen, and would probably be defeated.

Hu Song was the one who was stunned the most. He saw it with his own eyes when Jiang Chen was advancing. He doubted that there were problems in his eyesight when he saw how an Eighth Grade Combat King could advance to Ninth Grade Combat King so easily. He saw it clearly that Jiang Chen wasn’t using the same kind of pill he swallowed when he advanced.

“Hu Song, are you confident to kill me now?”

Jiang Chen looked at him with his cold-blooded eyes.

“Humph! So what if you have advanced by a grade? You are still a Combat King. But I am a Second Grade Combat Emperor. Killing you is still as easy.”

Hu Song made a cold humph.

“Then do it now. If you wait, the effect of the pill will fade away.”

Jiang Chen said. He was now a Ninth Grade Combat King. He felt unusually charged up, the desire for a large battle was burning inside of him.


Without waiting for Hu Song to attack, Jiang Chen initiated by casting his True Dragon Palm. The giant dragon claw was forty meters long, big enough to cover the sky above his head. It then lunged towards and clawed at Hu Song.

“Frenzy Quake Hand!”

Hu Song exclaimed. He also sent another attack, and at the same time his Incredible Solid Physique resurfaced.

*Hong Long!*

The Frenzy Quake Hand collided with the True Dragon Palm but it was destroyed instantly. Hu Song’s body trembled and he was pushed back three steps. Although the two of them had advanced their grades and their gap still remained, the attack proved almost everything. Hu Song was defeated in their attack just now, he wasn’t powerful enough to defeat Jiang Chen!

In truth, relying on the effect of the Taboo Pill wasn’t a solid plan. Hu Song’s Second Grade Combat Emperor wasn’t his true power. He wasn’t comparable to Jiang Chen’s advancement which was real and permanent.

“Why is he so powerful?”

Hu Song’s face turned very ugly. He started to get nervous and his heart beat like it wanted to escape his ribs, ripping away his confidence for the very first time.

“Azure’s Dragon Five Steps.”

Jiang Chen ignored his opponent’s state, he instantaneously made the first step to cast his technique on Hu Song.