Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 537 – Fire Dragon Seal

Chapter 537 – Fire Dragon Seal

Chapter 537 - Fire Dragon Seal

Staring at Yuan Ji’s disappearing back, Great Master Ran Feng let out a helpless sigh. Of course, he knew that relying on the Great Leiyin Temple was the better choice, but he also knew that the Great Leiyin Temple only wanted the Sutra and those three major seals. Once they received those things, they wouldn’t be bothered by Great Master Ran Feng’s problems any longer.


A shadow flickered, and Jiang Chen revealed himself next to Great Master Ran Feng. Without much emotion, he said, “The Great Leiyin Temple only wants this Greenlotus Mountain and that Sutra left behind by Ancestor Greenlotus. However, the Great Leiyin Temple is the supreme holy land of Buddhism, the existence that rules over the Western Region. It will do you no good to reject them too many times. They are determined to get the Sutra and those three major seals, but they’re also constrained by the Buddhist teachings, as well as Ancestor Greenlotus’s reputation. That’s why they keep inviting you. However, this situation won’t last much longer.”

Jiang Chen’s words startled Great Master Ran Feng. With an astonished expression, he stared at Jiang Chen and said, “You,- you could hear our conversation?!”

Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t suppress his shock. Every time he talked with Yuan Ji, he would seal up his surroundings, making it so that even an Eight Grade Minor Saint would be unable to hear what they were talking about. However, Jiang Chen was just a mere Fourth Grade Combat King, and he was able to hear what they were talking about clearly. However, when he recalled that Jiang Chen was a man who could attract Heavenly Tribulation, he knew that there must be something mysterious about Jiang Chen.

“I didn’t mean to do it. I hope Great Master won’t blame me.”

From their conversation, Jiang Chen realized that Ancestor Greenlotus might not have ascended at all. The reason why Great Master Ran Feng trained Tyrant and placed so much hope in him was because of Ancestor Greenlotus. However, since Great Master Ran Feng didn’t want to tell them the true story, Jiang Chen wouldn’t ask either. After all, Jiang Chen was still very weak, and once he grew stronger, if Ancestor Greenlotus had really gotten himself into trouble, he wouldn’t just cross his arms and look on.

“Ancestor did leave behind an ancient Buddhist Sutra, as well as three great seals. I’ve taught Tyrant the Fudo Seal, and once he reaches the Combat Emperor realm, I will teach him the other two as well, including that ancient Sutra. However, the Great Leiyin Temple has been vying for the ancient Sutra for a long time, and this really worries me.”

Great Master Ran Feng sighed. He wasn’t angry that Jiang Chen had eavesdropped on their conversation. Truthfully, he would only become happy upon seeing Jiang Chen do amazing things.

Right at this moment, Tyrant and Tan Lang had also come out from the hall and arrived in front of Great Master Ran Feng and Jiang Chen. The two men didn’t say anything, because Tyrant knew his master well. Unless his master wanted to tell him something, he wouldn’t get anything from asking him.

Jiang Chen’s eyes landed on Tyrant, and a smile emerged on his face. “Great Master, I do have a plan.”

"Oh? Little friend, tell me about it."

Great Master Ran Feng turned to Jiang Chen. In regards to this young man, he dared not underestimate him.

“Why don’t you let Tyrant join the Great Leiyin Temple? With this, Tyrant will become a disciple of the Great Leiyin Temple. With the Great Leiyin Temple’s status, and taking Ancestor Greenlotus’s reputation into account, even if they have ill intentions, they wouldn’t act on them in a flagrant manner. Furthermore, there are two benefits for letting Tyrant join the Great Leiyin Temple. First, you’re showing them that you haven’t turned your back against them. Second, Tyrant would benefit greatly. What do you think?”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing this, Great Master Ran Feng and Tyrant’s eyes lit up. Jiang Chen’s plan was indeed a good one. The ancient Sutra and the three great seals were all with Great Master Ran Feng, and as long as he didn’t join the Great Leiyin Temple, they wouldn’t be able to openly take them from it. Meanwhile, letting Tyrant join the Great Leiyin Temple would show them Great Master Ran Feng’s att.i.tude, which would also indirectly shut their mouths. In the future, peace would once more return to Greenlotus Mountain.

“Master, what brother Jiang said is correct. I can go to the Great Leiyin Temple and become a disciple there. After that, I’ll leave the Western Region and continue my training. This is a win-win situation, and it can also let you live in peace.”

Tyrant agreed with Jiang Chen’s suggestion.

“Alright. I’ll bring you to the Great Leiyin Temple tomorrow. With my disciple’s talent, even if you’re at the Great Leiyin Temple, you won’t be weaker than any of their geniuses.”

Great Master Ren Feng nodded his head.

After that, Jiang Chen flipped his palm, revealing three pills. When the pills were revealed, Greenlotus Mountain was instantly filled with a strong fragrance of herbs. The three pills immediately attracted the eyes of Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant and Tan Lang. The pills were emanating a pure Yang aura, and shadows of dragon and lightning strikes could be seen flickering within them, as if the pills were alive.

“What?! Three more Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills?”

Great Master Ran Feng was the first one to cry out in shock. Previously, he had seen Jiang Chen take out one Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, and that alone struck him with great astonishment. But now, Jiang Chen had taken out three more of them. He felt as if the world he knew had been turned upside down. d.a.m.n it, since when could Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills be produced in ma.s.s quant.i.ty?!

“When I was facing Heavenly Tribulation, I concocted a few of these pills. I only have a limited quant.i.ty, so here are three of them; one for each of you.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen sent the pills toward the three men. Without hesitating, they quickly picked up the pill. Upon holding it, they immediately felt a scorching hot sensation coming from the pill. Pure energy threads squeezed through their palms and entered their bodies. It was a refres.h.i.+ng feeling.

“Little friend, this treasure is too precious, I can’t take it.”

Great Master Ran Feng was somewhat excited. Being able to personally witness and hold a pill like this, even a Ninth Grade Minor Saint would be unable to contain his excitement.

“Great Master, please don’t refuse it. Since I’m willing to give it to you, it means that I’m not treating you like an outside. Although the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill is a precious pill, every individual can only consume one pill throughout his entire life, as consuming a second one will bring no effects at all, and would be wasted. I previously consumed one, so I’ll have to give the remaining pills to other people. If Great Master can received help from this pill, I’m sure breaking through to the Great Saint realm will no longer be a problem. At that point of time, the Great Leiyin Temple will have to think twice before doing anything to you.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

Great Master Ran Feng felt like he had a hard time breathing normally. What Jiang Chen said was right, he had been stuck at the Ninth Grade Minor Saint realm for a very long time. With his talent, perhaps he would have no chance of breaking through to the Great Saint Realm for the rest of his life. However, with the help of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his const.i.tution would improve tremendously, and he would sooner or later be able to break through to the Great Saint realm. The Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was a peerless pill, and it had unimaginable effects to cultivators in any realm, including the Great Saint realm.

If Great Master Ran Feng managed to break through to the Great Saint realm, the Great Leiyin Temple would be cautious of him, and they would have to think twice before trying anything against him.

“Little friend, thank you for giving me this pill. I will engrave your kindness in my heart forever.”

Great Master Ran Feng said with utmost sincerity. Although Jiang Chen had told them that the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills could only be consumed once per lifetime, and that that was the reason why he gave them his remaining pills, even an idiot could tell that what he said was just an excuse. Who would give out such precious pills so simply? Even if he had no use for them, he could still exchange them for many things he might need. Thus, Great Master Ran Feng could only remember Jiang Chen’s kindness in his heart.

For Jiang Chen, one way or another, he had to help the successor of Ancestor Greenlotus, let alone the fact that he and Tyrant found each other as kindred spirits, and thus became brothers.

“Little Chen, you’re really generous. Since we’re so friendly now, why don’t you shave your head and become a monk as well?”

Tyrant said with a smile.

"Get lost!"

Jiang Chen delivered a powerful kick to Tyrant’s b.u.t.t, knocking him away. It was a misfortune for Buddhist’s everywhere to know that such a guy was a follower of the Buddhist path.

“Great Master, you guys can consume the pills now, I need to help Big Yellow with his condition. Once everything here is stable, I’ll have to leave.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Little friend, why are you in such a rush?”

Great Master Ren Feng asked.

“There are some things that need to be settled. I’ve been staying low for too long.”

Jiang Chen unleashed his aura. Since he had broken through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, it was time for him to make his comeback. The Liang Province would definitely shake under his feet. Once Jiang Chen returned; there would be no peace. He had to seek revenge for Big Yellow, and he had to retrieve Big Yellow’s broken sword.

After that, Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant and Tan Lang went straight into secluded cultivation, and began absorbing the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. After Great Master Ran Feng consumed the pill, he would soon be able to break through to the Great Saint realm. At that point of time, Buddhism would have one more Great Saint. As for Tyrant, he had previously absorbed the sarira, and now, with the absorption of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his const.i.tution would reach new heights. With that, he would break through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm, or perhaps even the peak of the Sixth Grade. At that point of time, he would be able to kill Seventh Grade Combat Kings.

As for Tan Lang, after having his body strengthened by the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his const.i.tution would experience a tremendous transformation. He could already be considered a genius, and at that point of time, not only would he fully recover, his cultivation base would improve significantly as well.

While the three men were in secluded cultivation, Jiang Chen also kept himself busy. Using his Yuan energy, helped Big Yellow recuperate. After that, he simply placed Big Yellow into his Qi Sea.

“Big Yellow, I’ll definitely make you wake up as soon as possible. I’m going to bring a storm to the Liang Province, and fight all those powerful warriors of the Xuan Region. It would be a pity if you’re not there with me.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

After that, Jiang Chen calmed his mind down and began focusing on the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. According to the description, in order to cultivate this skill, Jiang Chen would have to find spirits of the Five Elements, only then could he master the skill. However, spirits of the Five Elements were extremely hard to find, and he might not be able to find them all even if he searched the entire Saint Origin realm.

Of course, even if he couldn’t find spirits of the Five Elements, he could also use other objects containing one of the five elements as replacement. The cultivation of the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal by itself was a process of gradual transformations.

The first seal Jiang Chen wanted to cultivate was the Fire Dragon Seal. This was because he possessed the Fire Spirit of the Five Elements. The True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame, both of them were kings of fire. The combination of the two flames was more than enough for Jiang Chen to cultivate the Fire Dragon Seal to its peak level.

Jiang Chen circulated the Fire Dragon Seal. Working together with the True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame, in an instant, an extremely mysterious looking Fire Dragon made its debut. The body of this Fire Dragon quickly became bigger, and it eventually transformed into a huge Fire Dragon Seal, looking extremely frightening. Influenced by the Fire Dragon Seal, the temperature of the entire Greenlotus Mountain shot up significantly.