Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 475 – Profound River Palace’s Palace Chief

Chapter 475 – Profound River Palace’s Palace Chief

Chapter 475 - Profound River Palace’s Palace Chief

The b.l.o.o.d.y scene could not stop the excitement these humans were feeling, especially that of those who had previously been captured. It was as if each of them had just been given a new life. The only expression that could be found on their faces was that of enthusiasm and joy. The battle was now over, and everyone were resting their eyes on this white-clothed youngster who was hovering in the sky. Aside from looking at him with wors.h.i.+p and respect, a strong sense of grat.i.tude was also present.

None of these geniuses knew who this young white-clothed man was, but this man was their savior. More importantly, Jiang Chen had killed Lord Nether, defeating the army of demons, and strengthened the spirit of all humans.

While everyone’s eyes laid on Jiang Chen, no one noticed the young man in black clothes who stood at the back of the crowd. He bowed toward Jiang Chen, then gracefully took his leave. Only Jiang Chen saw the action of this young man. He furrowed his brows, but didn’t really take it to heart.

Meanwhile, a faint golden glow was being emitted from Big Yellow’s body. He had obtained a lot of benefits from this battle, as he had eaten quite a lot of demon souls and turned them into the energy he needed.

Of course, the man who obtained the most benefits was Jiang Chen. The value of a Demon King’s demon soul was immense to him. If Jiang Chen absorbed this demon soul, not only would he obtain the poison of the Venomous Nether Toad, his cultivation base would improve significantly. With Jiang Chen’s current status, perhaps a First Grade Demon King’s combat soul could bring him another 2,000 Dragon Marks.

Wu Ningzhu arrived in front of Jiang Chen. She was staring at him with deep affection. Who wouldn’t love a man like this?

“Little Chen, many demons escaped just now. The news about Lord Nether’s death will soon spread throughout the entire Southern Continent, and it will surely reach the Demon King Palace as well. In my opinion, we should rush back to the Profound River Palace now and prepare ourselves for the final battle against the Demon King Palace.”

Wu Ningzhu said

"Alright, we'll do as Elder Sister Ning said."

Jiang Chen nodded his head in agreement. Wu Ningzhu was wise and experienced, and she was capable of making good decisions at critical moments. Judging from the current situation, a final all-out war against the Demon King Palace was inevitable. This was a major way between humans and demons of the Southern Continent, and Jiang Chen was here to offer his help. Furthermore, he was drooling for the demon souls of the other two Palace Masters.

Wu Ningzhu turned to the human geniuses, and with a loud voice she said, “This is Jiang Chen, the strongest warrior of the Eastern Continent. He is here to help the Profound River Palace in the fight against the Demon King Palace. You all come from different territories and clans, and since you’re free now, you can choose to return to where you came from, or follow us to fight the Demon King Palace!”

“Fight! Let us destroy the Demon King Palace! All of us nearly died because of them! From now on, my life belongs to young master Jiang Chen and Holy Maiden! Whatever you ask me to do, I will do no matter what!”

“Me too! I’m very grateful to young master Jiang Chen for saving my life! There is nothing I can offer except my strength! I will slaughter those demons with all my strength, and defend the dignity of us humans!”

“We’re not leaving, we’ll follow you to fight against the Demon King Palace! One way or another, we’ll provide our strength for this war!”

“Demons are destroying out homes, and it’s really fortunate for us humans of the Southern Continent to obtain young master Jiang’s help! As a human, we have no reason to not fight in this war!”


All the geniuses were filled with righteous indignation. A deep appreciation toward Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu could be noticed from their words; an appreciation that came from the bottom of their hearts. As there was no way they could repay the kindness of saving their lives, and with the war against the Demon King Palace approaching, they had no reason to not kill those foul enemies.

“Alright, if that’s what you want. Let us proceed to the Profound River Palace!”

Wu Ningzhu started flying in the direction of the Profound River Palace, Jiang Chen and the others following closely behind, as well as the other geniuses. As they were slower than Jiang Chen and the other mighty warriors, they quickly lagged behind. However, as some of them were disciples of the Profound River Palace who knew where it was located, they could still return without losing their way.

“Little Chen, with your help, I’m sure we can destroy the Demon King Palace. I really want to thank you.”

Along the way, Wu Ningzhu said to Jiang Chen with a sweet smile on her face. She felt that she had made the right decision when she decided to follow the Nangong Family to the Eastern Continent, and her decision to invite Jiang Chen to help her was an even greater idea. She believed that when the Palace Chief saw Jiang Chen, he would be very happy as well.

“Elder Sister Ning, do you need to be so courteous with me?”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile as well.

“You’re right. I won’t be so courteous with you in the future.”

In front of everyone, Wu Ningzhu looked at Jiang Chen with her beautiful eyes, causing him to let out two coughs and avoid her gaze. When he thought of Wu Ningzhu’s vow that she had told him about, Jiang Chen’s heart trembled, and he scolded himself inwardly for wanting to remove her veil.

"Wait, where is that guy in black clothes?"

Han Yan suddenly said. Only now did the group remember that they had all seen a young man in black clothes ferociously fighting in the battle just now. His strength was similar to Wu Ningzhu’s, and he was already half a step into the Combat King realm, and was easily able to kill a guardian of the Demon King Palace. After the battle ended, that young man had disappeared.

"He has left."

Jiang Chen said.

“I’ve never seen that guy before. He’s most likely not from the Southern Continent, but was accidentally dragged into the conflict here.”

Nangong Yunfan said.

“That’s right. That guy is not any weaker than the Holy Maiden. A man like this can’t go unrecognized, and if he was from the Southern Continent, I’m sure we’d recognize him.”

Tu Yi said.

“It isn’t important who he is. What matters is that he isn’t our enemy.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

After the demons of Mount Nether escaped, the news about the war swept across the Southern Continent like a raging storm. At the moment, the entire Southern Continent was in an uproar, and discussions regarding these news filled every single place. When the humans heard the news, they were instantly struck with wild joy. The Demon King Palace’s Third Palace Master had died; there were no news better than this.

“Excellent! This is truly some great news! The human geniuses have survived; they have all been rescues! Not only that, the demons have suffered a devastating loss as well! We really need to thank the Holy Maiden and the young mighty warrior!”

“Someone told me that the man who killed Lord Nether is the same guy who attracted Heavenly Tribulation in the Dancing Sun City. He disappeared after that event in the Dancing Sun City, but unexpectedly, he has come back, and he even kill a Demon King! What an abnormal monster!”

“Indeed, that young man is truly a monster. With just a Combat Soul cultivation, he was able to kill a Demon King. With the help of this mighty warrior, the Profound River Palace now has enough strength to fight against the Demon King Palace. I believe that we, the humans are going to win this war!”

“Someone said that the Profound River Palace only has two Combat Kings, but if this young man joins in, they’ll have one more Combat King! Originally, the Demon King Palace had three Demon Kings, but after Lord Nether was killed, they were left with only two, causing their high-end combat force to be weaker than the of the Profound River Palace! So, in the upcoming battle, I’m sure they’ll be defeated! Haha, this is great…”


Across all the different regions of the Southern Continent, those who heard the news were immediately struck with great joy, and no one could suppress the excitement they felt. Ever since the war against the demons had erupted, all human cities were under constant attack from the demons, bringing huge losses to the humans. If the Demon King Palace was destroyed, humans would become the ultimate rulers of the Southern Continent, and this was something all the humans were eagerly looking forward to.

The Profound River Palace was located in the most sacred place in the Southern Continent; Profound River Mountain. It was a huge mountain range that stretched across thousands of miles; a boundless area filled with green hills and blue waters, and waterfalls of all sizes could be seen everywhere. Palace of cla.s.sical style stood in great numbers, and the land was draped in a veil of mist, giving it a paradise like touch. It was truly perfectly place for cultivation.

The news of what happened on Mount Nether had spread at an incredible speed. Before Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu arrived, the people of the Profound River Palace had learned about everything. Yesterday, when Xu Danian brought back Wu Ningzhu’s message, the Palace Chief and Great Elder had been struck with great anxiousness. They were well aware of how frightening Lord Nether was, and it was not an easy task to attack Mount Nether. Even if the Great Elder went there personally, he would find it very difficult to rescue those geniuses.

But right now, in the Profound River Palace’s main meeting hall, many people from the upper echelon were sitting on both sides, and each of them wore surprised and excited expressions.

An old man wearing a Daoist robe was sitting at the front of the meeting hall. He looked to be in his fifties, and he had a long, black beard, as well as a pair of bright eyes. He was the Profound River Palace’s Palace Chief – Daoist Profound River. He was a frightening Second Grade Combat King, an existence on the same level as the Old Great Emperor. Sitting next to Daoist Profound River was an old man with white hair of similar age. He too had a powerful cultivation base, and spatial power could be sensed rippling around his body, a sign that he was also a Combat King. He was the Great Elder of the Profound River Palace. Although he was only a First Grade Combat King, in the Southern Continent, who would dare underestimate him?

“So, I suppose you’ve all heard the news. Lord Nether was killed by a man named Jiang Chen.”

Daoist Profound River said. A smile finally emerged on his face.

“Palace Chief, this is truly great news! That Jiang Chen is the man who killed four guardians of the Demon King Palace and saved the Holy Maiden, making a huge contribution to us! Also, not only did this man attract Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, he also broke through to the Late Combat Soul realm in a short amount of time. However, this isn’t the end, he actually killed Lord Nether with his Late Combat Soul strength, a truly frightening man! Now, including Jiang Chen, we have three Combat Kings, while the Demon King Palace only has two! We are clearly in an advantageous position now!”

“That’s right. Once the Holy Maiden brings Jiang Chen back, we’ll have to show him our grat.i.tude. We inevitably need him to help us in our final battle against the Demon King Palace.”

“In my opinion, we should be proactive! We should rush straight to the Demon King Palace and annihilate them!”


Everyone sitting in this hall was at least a Late Combat Soul warrior, and each of them possessed incredible strength. Right now, they all felt a lot of grat.i.tude toward Jiang Chen. Because of him, the Profound River Palace’s biggest problem had been solved.

“I have the same thoughts. Sooner or later, a final battle between us and the Demon King Palace will erupt, so we might as well end this war as quickly as possible, so that we can save the people of the Southern Continent from this agony. However, as for how we’re going to do it, let’s wait for Ning’er and Jiang Chen before we discuss further.”

Daoist Profound River said. With his status and from the words he just spoke, he was clearly treating Jiang Chen as the most prestigious guest of the Profound River Palace, because he wanted to discuss with Jiang Chen before decided on how they were going to deal with the Demon King Palace.