Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 46 – Killing a Black Striped Rhino with Two Punches

Chapter 46 – Killing a Black Striped Rhino with Two Punches

Chapter 46 – Killing a Black Striped Rhino with Two Punches

Within seconds, the men from both parties had entered the mountain. On the Yan family side, there were a total of 11 people, including Jiang Chen. As for the Lee family, there were 13 people including Lee Chang Ming.

It didn’t matter if it was by numbers or strength, the Lee family were currently superior to the Yan family.

Outside the mountain, Lee Shan Yue’s face had a bright smile, the scar on his face trembling. On the other side, Yan Zhan Yun stood there with a frown.

“Yan Zhan Yun, I bet you’re worried and scared right now! If Ming’er attacks with his full power, do you think any of the men from your Yan family would be able to leave the mountain alive?”

Lee Shan Yue said without the slightest hesitation.

“You’re very despicable to let a Mortal Core warrior partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment.”

The Mortal Core warrior from Yan family scolded in anger.

Yan Zhan Yun waved his hands, signaling the man to stop arguing. Since it had already been decided, they could only hope that both groups only encountered and killed beasts in the mountain with their own abilities, and that they never b.u.mped into each other, especially Lee Chang Ming.

The relation between them was like fire and water. If they b.u.mped into each other while inside the mountain, a fight would be unavoidable. And once they did get into a fight, it would be a matter of life and death.

Chen Shuang and the other two stood aside with relaxed expressions. They didn’t really care about what Yan Zhan Yun and Lee Shan Yue said, they knew that both families were enemies. As for whether or not someone died during this a.s.sessment, and how many, they didn’t really care. This was a norm in any fight. In the Qi Province, the fights between the four big sects were far beyond the imagination of the Yan family and the Lee family.

Within the mountain, the Yan family group were gathering. Everyone looked at Yan Yang and Jiang Chen. Here, both of them were their leaders.

“Brother Yan Yang, what should we do now?”

Someone asked.

“Everyone split up and kill the beasts with your own abilities. We’ll gather here again in 4 hours, then we’ll count the numbers of beasts we have killed. This will be a great experience for us. While hunting, try your best to stay away from the Lee family group, especially Lee Chang Ming.”

Yan Yang told everyone with a serious expression.

“Alright, understood.”

Everyone nodded their heads before splitting up. They all went in different directions.

“Brother Jiang, we will fight on our own as well. Lee Chang Ming’s target is you, so you have to be careful.”

Yan Yang looked at Jiang Chen.

“Sure. You should also be careful.”

Jiang Chen patted Yan Yang’s shoulder before he turned around walked into the mountain.

At the same time, on the other side, the men from the Lee family were gathering as well.

“Brother Ming, what should we do now. Stay in group or split up?”

Someone asked. Everyone was looking at Lee Chang Ming; he was their leader now.

“Everyone listen, killing beasts is not our main goal. Our goal today is to kill everyone from the Misty Rain Tower! Once we’ve killed them all, we can take the beasts they have killed and use them to join the Heavenly Sword Sect! Besides, once all the Yan family’s young generation dies, Yan Zhan Yun will collapse. It won’t take a lot of time before the entire city falls into our Lee family’s hand. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Lee Chang Ming let out a cruel laugh. He was smart and evil. He could always look into the future further than others.

“Brother Ming is a Mortal Core warrior. With Brother Ming here, the men from the Yan family will be finished! We’ll start moving towards the area where the Yan family group are located!”

Someone said with an extremely pleased expression.

“Let’s go! a.s.sign your own position and split up, I’ll go find that Jiang Chen.”

When he mentioned Jiang Chen, an insidious look filled Lee Chang Ming’s eyes. This Jiang Chen was the most important target for him in this mountain. Both his brothers had been killed by this man, and he wanted Jiang Chen to pay him for that with his own blood.

The Demon Beasts at the Qi Hai realm were the ones who could be considered Demon Beasts. The beasts underneath the Qi Hai realm could’t awaken their intelligence. Therefore, they could only be called wild beasts.

Once a Demon Beast reached the Qi Hai realm, their intelligence would completely awaken. Their intelligence was almost no different than a human, but the Demon Beasts were born with stronger qi, blood, and also a powerful body. Therefore, when a human and a Demon Beast at the same level met each other, the Demon Beast would have a natural advantage.

Jiang Chen ran with great speed, and soon, he had gone more than one hundred miles into the mountain. The Demon Beasts at the outer section of the mountain were mostly weak. They couldn’t really attract Jiang Chen’s attention. His goal for this trip was a Demon Soul.


Right in front of Jiang Chen was a bush with withered vines. Rustling reverberated from there. Jiang Chen’s ears moved slightly, and he turned his gaze towards it. He immediately saw a huge black figure coming out from the withered vines.

It was a Black Striped Rhino that was two meters tall. Its body was black, and golden stripes could be seen on its head. Right now, the Black Striped Rhino was staring at Jiang Chen with a bloodthirsty look, as if it had just encountered its prey.


The Black Striped Rhino growled as it walked towards Jiang Chen, step by step. Every time its iron hoof struck the ground, large booms sounded out. The Black Striped Rhino’s most powerful weapons was its hoof. The Black Striped Rhino in front of him had reached the Mid Qi Hai realm. Its black hoof could easily smash the hardest rocks. Truly powerful. If the hoof hit the opponent during a fight, the result would be terrifying.

“Come on.”

Jiang Chen taunted the Black Striped Rhino with his fingers and spoke in a teasing manner.


The taunt had clearly provoked the Black Striped Rhino. It growled out in anger as it dashed towards Jiang Chen in a seemingly unstoppable manner.

Boom! Boom!

The woods were shaking as if there was an earthquake because of the Black Striped Rhino’s iron hoofs. .h.i.tting the ground. When the distance between Jiang Chen and the Black Striped Rhino was only two meters, the huge Black Striped Rhino suddenly jumped into the air, its s.h.i.+ning iron hoof flying towards Jiang Chen’s head. It was fast and furious, just these actions alone would have frightened anyone to death.

But unfortunately, the Black Striped Rhino had encountered Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen clenched his fist tightly until it produced a cracking sound. Powerful energy emitted from his fist, and like a strike of lightning, his fist clashed with the Black Striped Rhino’s iron hoof.

After cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, his qi and blood had become stronger and stronger, his body strengthening as well. Even those powerful Demon Beasts couldn’t compare with him. Fighting face to face with a strong Demon Beast like the Black Striped Rhino was just what he wanted right now.

Discovering that the tiny little human in front of its eyes was trying to fight against its iron hoof with just a fist, the Black Striped Rhino looked at Jiang Chen with a mocking expression in its eyes.


The fist and the hoof collided with each other. The impact created powerful waves that blew the leaves on the ground away. Under such great impact, the mocking look in the Black Striped Rhino’s eyes immediately turned into fright.


The Black Striped Rhino’s leg had been completely shattered into pieces. Blood was pouring out from its skin, and the strong hoof even had some cracks.


The Black Striped Rhino howled out in pain. The huge and strong body fell back flying, cras.h.i.+ng onto the ground two meters away. The great impact had made a huge crater on the ground.

Jiang Chen jumped into the air right above the Black Striped Rhino’s head and threw a punch towards it. The punch struck the Black Striped Rhino’s head accurately. This punched cracked open its head, and a bright bead immediately flew out from its skull. Jiang Chen immediately grabbed this black bead.

The Black Striped Rhino trembled a few times before it stopped moving. It had died a horrible death.

If anyone witnessed this fight, they would be so shocked that their jaws would drop. How could a man be so strong and kill a Black Striped Rhino at the Mid Qi Hai realm with just two punches?

To Jiang Chen, a Black Striped Rhino at the Mid Qi Hai realm was just too weak. Even if it was at the Late Qi Hai realm, he would be able to kill it with ease.

The Black Striped Rhino’s Demon Soul was as big as a fist. It was translucent, and a strong energy could be clearly felt from within.

A Demon Beast’s Demon Soul was the most important part of their body. It represented the source of a Demon Beast, it's most essential component.

Jiang Chen opened up his mouth and swallowed the demon soul into his stomach. This action, if seen by anyone else, would cause them to faint from shock as well.

Eating a Demon Soul directly was the stupidest thing in this world. Everyone knew that there was a huge difference between humans and Demon Beasts. Although a Demon’s Beast Demon Soul contained great amounts of pure energy, it also contained a lot of impurities that humans couldn't absorb. These impurities belonged to a special part of the Demon Beast.

That was why whenever someone obtained a Demon Soul he would exchange it for money or pills, or use it himself to concoct pills. Even if one wanted to absorb it, he would need to get rid of all impurities in the Demon Soul bit by bit. Eating a Demon Soul directly like Jiang Chen just did was the same as committing suicide.

Of course Jiang Chen was not going to kill himself. There was a reason why he did what he just did. The Dragon Transformation skill was the ultimate heavenly skill. When he reached the peak of this skill he would be able to transform into a dragon. What was a dragon? It was a mythical being, the n.o.blest existence amongst all species.

Besides, the scripture with the Dragon Transformation skill did mention that when cultivating with this skill, one would be able to absorb any rare bloodline in this world. Those strong Demon Beasts were all Jiang Chen’s absorption targets. He could absorb bloodlines, not to mention Demon Souls.

When the Demon Soul was swallowed, he immediately started cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. The five Dragon Marks received some instructions and immediately gathered around the Demon Soul.

A few minutes later, the Demon Soul had been completely absorbed by Jiang Chen. The pure energy within had turned into pure Yuan energy. As for the impurities in the Demon Soul, they had been cleansed and turned into pure Yuan energy that was absorbed by the few Dragon Marks.


After some trembling within the Qi Sea, the sixth Dragon Mark that could previously barely be seen became more vivid.

“The Mid Qi Hai realm Black Striped Rhino was too weak. Even after absorbing the Demon Soul, it doesn’t really provide much help to me. If I want to reach the Late Qi Hai realm, I will need more high level Demon Souls. Those Demon Beasts’ will need to be a higher level than I currently am.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. The Black Striped Rhino was strong, but the Dragon Transformation skill he was cultivating had made his potential much greater than others, which was why he was like a bottomless hole who required much more resources than others.

“Besides, the Black Striped Rhino is just a normal Demon Beast. It doesn’t possess any special bloodlines. The Demon Beasts who possess special bloodlines have G.o.d given abilities. If I can absorb one of those beasts’ Demon Souls, then I will be able to use their G.o.d given ability with my Dragon Transformation skill.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself with bright eyes. This was the most powerful part of the Dragon Transformation skill, merging numerous special bloodlines into one and possessing special G.o.d given abilities by absorbing bloodlines. The future potential of the Dragon Transformation skill was beyond Jiang Chen’s imagination.

Of course, Jiang Chen had tons of expectations towards his future. His life right now was destined to be more amazing than his previous life.