Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 431 – Apologize to my Brother!

Chapter 431 – Apologize to my Brother!

Chapter 431 – Apologize to my Brother!

His voice immediately caused everyone to throw their glances toward the source. What they saw was two golden trails of light shooting toward them at an incredible speed, and in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the outer perimeter of the Fragrant Sky City. One of these two was a handsome young man dressed in white clothes, and the other one was a big yellow dog that looks as big as a bull. A combination like this was truly unique underneath the heavens.

“Chen Gege!”

Yan Chenyu was extremely thrilled upon seeing the incoming man, and tears burst out from her eyes in an instant. During the past few days, she had been suffering from huge pressure all by herself, and it nearly caused her to suffocate, as she was still just a young girl in her teens. She had never expected such a huge crisis to emerge before. She just couldn’t compare to Jiang Chen who had a mind that had gone through over a thousand years of hards.h.i.+ps.

When Jiang Chen returned, Yan Chenyu felt as if the huge burden on her shoulders had finally been lifted. She knew that as long as her Chen Gege was with her; everything would be fine.

“Jiang Chen!”

The emperors and Yuan Long cried out in shock together. However, their shock soon turned into excitement. Their primary target was here; Jiang Chen had finally shown himself!

“Haha, we’re safe now!”

Yan Meng suddenly started laughing. He was the first person in the Yan family who met Jiang Chen, and he was also the one who brought Jiang Chen to the Yan family. Had had an unspeakable confidence in this young man, as if there would no longer be any danger for them now that Jiang Chen had returned.

“Look, young master Jiang Chen is back! This is great! With young master Jiang Chen’s return, everything is possible! He will definitely wipe out all of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

“I told you young master Jiang Chen would definitely return! But too bad, he is two days late, sigh…”

“No matter what, it is good that he has returned! I hope he can chase those butchers out from the Fragrant Sky City and bring back peace!”


During this period, the people of the Fragrant Sky City felt indignant, but none of them dared to speak out. They could only watch as the people from the Jiang family and Yan family got bullied without the ability to do anything. But now, with Jiang Chen’s return, they had finally found their backbone.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve decided to stop being a coward and show yourself? With your current strength, don’t you think you’re just seeking death by showing yourself now?”

The Seventh Emperor’s face was covered with a victorious sneer. As long as they killed Jiang Chen, this incident would come to a perfect end. Once Jiang Chen was dead, they would be able to execute the will of the Imperial Decree and slaughter all his friends and family. They would show the Martial Saint Dynasty’s sovereignty to the entire world.

Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered by what the Seventh Emperor said, he didn’t even look at him. His gaze was fixed on Jiang Cheng’s head right now. He couldn’t remove his gaze from it, especially when he saw the smile and satisfied expression hanging on Jiang Cheng’s face. He suddenly felt as if his heart had been stabbed by something sharp, and an unbearable pain instantly struck him.

Taking the opportunity where all three mighty enemies had their eyes fixed on Jiang Chen, Yan Chenyu escaped from their surrounding and arrived next to Jiang Chen.

These three men weren’t bothered by Yan Chenyu’s escape. In their minds, Jiang Chen was far more important than Yan Chenyu.

“Chen Gege, Jiang Cheng asked me to let you know that he still wants to be your servant in his next life. He was willing to die for you, and he had no regrets doing so. Little Yu is useless, I was unable to save his life.”

Yan Chenyu said with a sorrowful voice, tears raining down from her face.


Yan Chenyu’s words caused Jiang Chen’s fury to erupt like a violent volcano. He couldn’t suppress his fury any longer. A golden colored flame of fury shot out from the top of his head. It looked like a golden dragon capable of burning anything in its path.

Two human heads, as well as Yan Meng and the other two’s positions allowed Jiang Chen to immediately understand what had happened. These people must have lost their patience as he hadn’t showed himself. Therefore, they decided to use such a brutal tactic.

Anger, anger, anger!

Jiang Chen’s flame of fury was burning stronger and stronger with each pa.s.sing moment. These guys had jumped long past his bottom line, causing his fury to burn like the most violent flame. Under the impact of his fury, his Dragon Transformation skill once again began circulating without his control. As his flames of fury raged above his head, Jiang Chen didn’t notice that new Dragon Marks had started forming within his body.

Agitation; a transformation! Jiang Chen was now becoming stronger.

“Servant? No, he is my brother; my family.”

Jiang Chen spoke word by word as he stared at Jiang Cheng’s head. His voice was soft and gentle, yet it was cold at the same time.

“You have killed my family; killed my brother. I want you to die, all of you!”

Jiang Chen was still looking at Jiang Cheng’s head, but his words were obviously targeted at the ones from the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Kill them all!”

Someone within the crowd suddenly shouted out in a furious manner.


Jiang Chen finally moved! With a sway of his body, he arrived in the sky. He stretched both hands forward and grabbed both heads. He bowed toward the alchemist’s head and put it into his storage ring. As for Jiang Cheng’s head, he placed it on his shoulder and covered it with golden light, causing it to look extremely sacred.


A bright light flickered; Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Saint Sword and held it in his hand. Freezing killing intent instantly spread across the scene. Jiang Chen slowly turned around and looked at the Seventh Emperor and the others.

“Attack together and take him down!”

The Seventh Emperor shouted out. With a prideful smile, the Tenth Emperor and Yuan Long were about to attack together. In their minds, Jiang Chen was still the same genius with unique talents, but he was far too weak when compared to a Late Combat Soul warrior.

However, they had made a terrible mistake, as the growth speed of a genius was not something they could imagine.

“Brother, let’s kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds together.”

Jiang Chen gently said to Jiang Cheng’s head. In his mind, all the memories he had with Jiang Cheng flashed by. The flatterer who had always loyally followed him around; he could imagine how Jiang Cheng had died with no regrets yesterday.

The Seventh Emperor was the first one to approach Jiang Chen. With imposing energy and sword in hand s.h.i.+ning brightly, he forcefully swung his sword toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up and he attacked with his sword. The Heavenly Saint Sword was engulfed in flames. The True Dragon Flame, the Heavenly Thunder Flame, and Jiang Chen’s flame of fury had merged together, causing it to become a dazzling sword of flame as it descended toward the Seventh Emperor.


Both sword collided! The Seventh Emperor’s sword was like a bubble that couldn’t even withstand a single blow, and it immediately shattered into two pieces after colliding with the Heavenly Saint Sword.


The Seventh Emperor instantly cried out in shock, and he looked at Jiang Chen as if he was looking at a ghost. His Combat Weapon was a top-tier Superior Weapon, and it was considered a weapon that could destroy everything. But now, his opponent had just broken it with but a single strike. This was really frightening.

However, what made the Seventh Emperor even more shocked was that after exchanging an attack with Jiang Chen, he had finally found out about Jiang Chen’s frightening strength. This young man’s strength was like a gigantic mountain pressing down on him, causing him to feel so heavy that he could barely even breathe.


Jiang Chen didn’t slow down his attack even when the Seventh Emperor was startled. His sword shot forward and immediately sliced off one of the Seventh Emperor’s arms, causing blood to instantly burst out. Underneath the sunlight’s reflection, it looked extremely s.h.i.+ny.

Before the Seventh Emperor could cry out, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword had already arrived near his throat. The razor sharp sword tip had cut his skin, causing him to start bleeding.

This was incredibly fast! Before the Tenth Emperor and Yuan Long could even come near him, the Seventh Emperor had been defeated in a miserable manner. His life was now in Jiang Chen’s hands.

“So strong!”

Big Yellow was momentarily shocked, then great joy emerged on his face shortly afterwards. He knew Jiang Chen would be very strong after breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, but he never expected him to be this strong. On the other side, Yan Chenyu just stood on the side with a smile on her face. In her mind, Jiang Chen had always been an invincible existence, so she didn’t feel any shock.

The Seventh Emperor’s forehead was covered with sweat, and his body was trembling with fear. He no longer portrayed the same mighty att.i.tude as before. Sensing the freezing killing intent coming from Jiang Chen, he became afraid. He knew about Jiang Chen’s approaches very well, but he just didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be this strong.

“Kneel down and apologize to my brother!”

Jiang Chen’s black hair was dancing in the wind, and he was portraying a cold and indifferent image like a mighty G.o.d of Slaughter. He now controlled the Seventh Emperor’s fate, leaving this enemy with no alternative.

“What did you just say?! You asked me to kneel down?!”

The Seventh Emperor was furious! He was a man of great n.o.bility; the Lord Emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty! He was a man who sat on the peak and overlooked thousands of people; he would never kneel down before a servant’s head.



A tremendous force immediately came from the Heavenly Saint Sword, forcing a miserable shriek out of the Seventh Emperor and his knees to bend, pus.h.i.+ng him down and making kneel toward the sky. Right at this moment, he was unable to control his own body; he couldn’t stop himself from kneeling.

“Presumptuous! How dare you insult the Imperial Lord Emperor?!”

Yuan Long shouted out loudly. Together with the Tenth Emperor, they immediately went to attack Jiang Chen. Both men were now aware of Jiang Chen’s formidable combat strength, so they didn’t hold anything back, and attacked with all their strength. They didn’t believe that Jiang Chen was strong enough to withstand their attacks.

Jiang Chen threw an indifferent look over at these two men. He wasn’t a man who had just broken through to the Combat Soul realm. He had a total of 7,000 Dragon Marks in his body, and a moment again, because the Dragon Transformation skill had gone through another transformation, he had formed another 500 Dragon Marks. At this point of time, he was getting stronger with every pa.s.sing minute.

Jiang Chen stretched his hand forward and unleashed the True Dragon Claw. The gigantic blood red dragon claw that looked like that of a genuine dragon slapped the Tenth Emperor away with just a single strike. A Late Combat Soul warrior couldn’t even withstand a single blow from Jiang Chen, and with 7,500 Dragon Marks, since the Tenth Emperor was weaker than Wu Ningzhu, if Jiang Chen didn’t hold back, he would have killed the Tenth Emperor with this single strike.

“Seize him!”

Jiang Chen shouted out. However, before his words left his mouth, Big Yellow had already flown forward and arrived in front of the Tenth Emperor.

On the other side, when Yuan Long who was das.h.i.+ng toward Jiang Chen with incredible speed saw what happened, he was instantly struck with panic. The situation had taken away all his desire to fight, and he simply turned around and tried fleeing.

“No one can run away from here; no one can stay alive!”

Like a G.o.d of War, Jiang Chen swung his Heavenly Saint Sword with lightning like speed. It was so fast that Yuan Long didn’t even have the chance to dodge, so he was forced to try and block the attack with all his strength.

However, he just didn’t have the strength to block this attack.


Yuan Long instantly let out a miserable shriek. Half of his body was chopped off by Jiang Chen’s sword. However, since he was still alive, Jiang Chen grabbed his body and made him kneel down together with the Seventh Emperor.

On the other side, Big Yellow had also thrown the severely injured Tenth Emperor with a powerful kick.

“Kneel down!”

Big Yellow shouted to the Tenth Emperor.

“Apologize to my brother!”

Jiang Chen unleashed his aura and covered all three men with it, causing them to feel extremely suffocated.