Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 405 – Combat Soul

Chapter 405 – Combat Soul

Chapter 405 – Combat Soul


Heaven and earth were both shaking, and the strong Heavenly Pressure caused everyone to panic. Human or demon, every living being stayed as far away from the scene as they could.

Jiang Chen slowly raised his head and looking to the sky. He saw the second red line had started wriggling; then it transformed into a gigantic Thunder Dragon in the blink of an eye. This Thunder Dragon was twice as big as the first one. For this Minor Three Tribulations, there would be a total of three tribulations. Each tribulation would be stronger than the previous one.


The seven-colored lightning continuously crawled throughout the sky, as if some living snakes. Not only that, but it was also producing sounds that made people feel a numbness in their heads. The Thunder Dragon soon locked onto Jiang Chen; then it immediately flew down toward Jiang Chen.

The people looked into the sky and stared at the Thunder Dragon with great fear. Almost everyone stopped breathing as they looked at the Thunder Dragon. No one doubted that if this Thunder Dragon’s target was them, they would instantly be killed by its attack. There would be no possible second outcome.


Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Right when the Thunder Dragon started moving toward him, he threw his glance over at Baoshan Xiong.

“Not good!”

Baoshan Xiong had a bad feeling and immediately flew into the far distance. He knew Jiang Chen’s intentions, and if he didn’t run away in time, he would follow Yunzhong He’s footsteps.

“Too late.”

Jiang Chen said in a cold manner. His body flashed, and he charged toward Baoshan Xiong was flying away as fast as he could. Although Baoshan Xiong was a Late Combat Soul warrior, Jiang Chen was already infinitely close to the Combat Soul realm. With his incredible abilities, Baoshan Xiong was no match for him at all, much less in terms of speed.


The second Thunder Dragon collided with Baoshan Xiong whom Jiang Chen had already caught up to. It instantly exploded into a lightning-like web, flooding both Jiang Chen and Baoshan Xiong.


Another miserable shriek was heard. Within seconds, Baoshan Xiong’s gigantic body was seen falling down from the lightning. He died in a miserable manner, and not only that, his head had been cracked open. His demon soul had been taken by Jiang Chen.

The thunder was still wreaking havoc in the sky, and lightning continuously flashed. The furious thunder continued making noise from the lightning web. n.o.body were able to see what happened to the white-clothed youngster, but since the thunder was still acting so violently, the young man had yet to die.

“Oh heavens, this is too frightening!”

“What an eye-opening day! The formidable guardians of the Demon King Palace were actually killed with this method, and they didn’t even have the ability to fight back! Just who is that young man? And how can he attract Heavenly Tribulation?”

“Who knows, but we really have to thank him! If not for him, this city would probably be doomed today, and young Miss Wu Ningzhu would be in great danger as well!”


If the people here hadn’t witnessed this themselves, they would not believe it. A heavenly-defying human had been born in front of them; this was an existence who had to face Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm! This was the first time in the Southern Continent history that such a heavenly-defying monster had appeared.

This time, the lightning lasted longer than it did during the first tribulation, and it only disappeared slowly after a few minutes. The youngster was revealed once again, and right now, Jiang Chen’s aura had clearly become a bit weaker, and his dark hair was in a chaotic state as well. His clothes weren’t as clean as they had previously been either. He had obviously suffered some injuries from the second tribulation bolt.

However, these injuries weren’t threatening to him. The Dragon Transformation skill gave him a natural regeneration ability, so the injuries he suffered didn’t mean much.


Both tribulation bolts failed to make this heaven-defying existence perish. This immediately angered the Heavenly Tribulation. Without any delay, the third tribulation bolt appeared; an even larger Thunder Dragon was formed.

Right when this Thunder Dragon appeared, Tieyi Ying and Heixin Fu looked at each other and cried out at the same time, “Run!”

After saying that, the two guardians increased their speed to their maximum and started fleeing in different directions. That youngster was too fierce; he had used the Heavenly Tribulation to kill Yunzhong He and Baoshan Xiong. As for the third tribulation bolt, it would be for either one of them.

Their plan to slaughter everyone in the Dancing Sun City had obviously failed. The unexpected appearance of this young man had destroyed their big plot, and caused them to lose two great guardians as well as some Combat Soul demons. For the Demon King Palace, this was a great loss.

Faced with the third tribulation bolt, the only thing Tieyi Ying and Heixin Fu could do was run for their lives. If they slowed down, they had no doubts they would be killed by this Heavenly Tribulation.

“One of you will have to stay behind.”

As if Jiang Chen had predicted their movement, he immediately chased after Heixin Fu. Although Tieyi Ying and Heixin Fu were demons with great speed, Heixin Fu was still a bit slower than Tieyi Ying. Not only that, Jiang Chen had to pay attention to the Heavenly Tribulation; so he couldn’t focus on both of them. Chasing one of them was still an easy thing for him to do, though.

With the combination of the Nine Phantom Wolves and Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skills, Jiang Chen easily caught up to Heixin Fu in the blink of an eye. When Heixin Fu turned around, he immediately saw the gigantic Thunder Dragon descending toward him from the skies.


Immense fear emerged into Heixin Fu’s heart. He knew he was going to die and let out another miserable shriek. He wasn’t scared of this young man who was facing Heavenly Tribulation; he was scared of the Heavenly Tribulation itself.

No amount of fear could save him from his fate. When the Thunder Dragon fell onto his body, Heixin Fu’s fate had been determined.


To no one’s surprise, Heixin Fu let out a miserable shriek as he died miserably within the lightning sea. His demon soul was forcefully dug out by Jiang Chen. It was another Late Combat Soul demon soul, and it would bring Jiang Chen a lot of benefits.

On the other side, Tieyi Ying shrank his neck back when he saw that Heixin Fu had been killed. Without hesitating, he issued a loud cry, and instantly transformed into his original form, an Ironwing Hawk. After that, he continued flying into the far distance, disappearing from the scene.


Following the death of three great guardians and Tieyi Ying’s fleeing, all demons started crazily fleeing from the city. They continuously increased their pace, scared that if they flew just a little bit slower, they would get burned by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Out of the four great guardians, three of them were dead, and one had fled. The war could no longer go on. Ever since that huge golden sword appeared, the demons’ fighting spirit had weakened more and more with each pa.s.sing moment. Faced with the current situation, if they kept fighting, it wouldn’t result in the Dancing Sun City’s destruction, but the Demon King Palace.

These demons of the Demon King Palace came fast and left fast. In just a few breaths time, there were no longer any living demons in the city; peace had finally returned. However, it wasn’t completely peaceful yet, as the lightning sea was still roaring in the sky above.

The demons had fled, and the Dancing Sun City had been saved from annihilation. It was only natural that people would start cheering because of that, but none of them were cheering, as everyone were staring at the lightning sea, including Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying.

Within that lightning sea was today’s hero. Without him, the city would have perished. Right now, everyone were capable of feeling that this third tribulation bolt was clearly much stronger than the previous two. They couldn’t even begin to imagine how that youngster could withstand its mighty power; they were all worried for their hero.

Right now, within the lightning sea, blood had started flowing down from Jiang Chen’s lip. That’s the reason why he didn’t chase after Tieyi Ying. He knew how powerful the third tribulation bolt was, and after killing Heixin Fu with it, he would have to resist it using all his strength.


Jiang Chen pointed his head toward the sky and let out a dragon’s roar while the lightning continuously hammered against his body. When the lightning entered his body, all the Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea started experiencing a transformation at their very source.

After some time, the Divine Core in his Qi Sea cracked. Following that, a palm-sized blood-red dragon appeared above his head. When Jiang Chen raised his head up to look at this tiny dragon, he immediately felt a perfect intimacy with it, as if this tiny dragon was a part of his body.

“So, this is my Combat Soul?”

A look of astonishment emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. Under normal circ.u.mstances, a human’s Combat Soul was like a tiny human representing that person’s very source. In his past life, his Combat Soul was a tiny Jiang Chen. Now, his Combat Soul was a tiny dragon. However, since Jiang Chen knew about the uniqueness of the skill he cultivated, he wasn’t too surprised upon seeing this tiny dragon.

Right now, together with his Combat Soul, Jiang Chen was experiencing a root transformation within the lightning sea.

With a thought, the tiny blood-red dragon instantly entered his body from the top of his head and sat down firmly within his Qi Sea.

At the same time, Jiang Chen’s body started transforming from within. New Dragon Marks started forming. This was a transformation that happened from his very source, and the growth rate he obtained was unimaginable.

The thunder’s force made Jiang Chen’s body stronger. Each and every single cell within his body was restlessly trembling; they were hungrily absorbing the thunder’s force and tempering his body. With that, Jiang Chen’s foundation got stronger with every minute pa.s.sing, and new Dragon Marks were continuously forming.

Soon, over 1,000 new Dragon Marks had formed. Jiang Chen now had a total of 6,000 Dragon Marks in his body! Such a huge improvement was not something that Jiang Chen expected.

Even with all that, the thunder had yet to stop bringing him benefits. New Dragon Marks were continuously forming, and right now, Jiang Chen only wished for the Heavenly Tribulation to last longer. The longer it lasted, the better it was for him.

All living beings were scared off Heavenly Tribulation. Therefore, it was incredibly rare to find someone like Jiang Chen, who wished for Heavenly Tribulation to last longer.

“After having my body tempered by the thunder’s force, my foundation has become much stronger. I can just take this opportunity to absorb these three demon souls. With that, I can increase my cultivation to a peak level.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He then flipped his palm, causing three demon souls to appear.