Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 399 – Annihilation

Chapter 399 – Annihilation


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Chapter 399 - Annihilation

The sky was filled with rainbow colored lights as well as thick smoke. At the same time, the atmosphere surrounding them was saturated with the pungent smell of blood. The misty white fog that had always covered the valley had been completely dispersed. Right now, the entire valley resembled a fiery h.e.l.l. Severed body parts could be seen everywhere, collapsed building smeared with fresh blood; this place had become a living h.e.l.l!

All demons from the Demon Palace looked at this scene with ghastly expressions on their faces, and when they recalled the slaughter just now, they couldn’t help but feel extremely frightened. The Lion King and the Wolf King were both trembling in fury as they looked at what had happened. They threw their vicious gazes onto Jiang Chen. This uninvited guest had nearly destroyed the Demon Palace’s foundation with an irresistible force, killing countless demons.

This was a huge challenge to the Demon Palace! No, this couldn’t be considered a challenge any longer; this was an insult! As the masters of the Demon Palace, the Lion King and the Wolf King both felt a strong desire to rip this mysterious young man into a thousand pieces, only then could they appease their fury.

“Did you do all this?”

The Lion King asked with a loud voice. His voice was so loud that it echoed through the entire valley, showing just how angry he was. He knew it was this young man who had done all this, but he still couldn’t help but ask, because he wanted to know what this young man was thinking; why he dared come to the Demon Palace and act so recklessly.

“What do you think?”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. With his senses, he was easily able to see how strong the Lion King and the Wolf King was. The Wolf King was only an Early Combat Soul demon like the Hawk King. An opponent like this was one Jiang Chen could defeat with just a single strike. On the other side, although the Lion King was a Mid Combat Soul demon, Jiang Chen had killed many existences at that level. Furthermore, after absorbing the Dimensional Purplesand Crystal and the Hawk King’s demon soul, Jiang Chen’s combat strength had increased by a lot. He was now at the peak of the Divine Core real. Even without using the Heavenly Saint Sword, he was still confident he could kill the Lion King. Today, he was going to wipe out this Demon Palace completely.

“Who are you? Who gave you the audacity to attack the Demon Palace?!”

Wolf King asked with a loud voice.

“As a power established by demons, your Demon Palace could easily live together with humans in a peaceful manner, but you did not want that. You have cruelly and brutally bullied us humans, and because of that, you are someone I must kill. Your third master, the Hawk King, is now dead, and I am the one who killed him. Next, I will kill you two.”

Jiang Chen said with a calm voice. There was only a cold and indifferent expression on his face.

“What?! You killed our third brother?!”

The Wolf King immediately cried out in shock upon hearing what Jiang Chen said. The Demon Palace had three masters, and it wasn’t difficult to tell that they all had a good relations.h.i.+p. Now, when they heard that their third brother had died, they were naturally very angry.

“Don’t be so impatient; you’re both going to meet him soon.”

Jiang Chen slowly raised the Heavenly Saint Sword and pointed it at the Lion King and the Hawk King. The tip of the sword was blinking with dazzling energy, and it looked amazingly beautiful. However, underneath this beautiful look, there was an endless h.e.l.l. In the eyes of Jiang Chen’s enemies, the Heavenly Saint Sword was a h.e.l.lish sword that only death.

“Hmph! All human geniuses just simply put on airs and looked down on others! You think you’re so talented that you can disregard anything? I don’t care which superpower you came from, since you’re daring enough to intrude the Demon Palace, the only thing that awaits you is certain death! I will cut you a thousand times; then I’ll pull your soul out and inflict pain you’ve never before experienced before finally sending you to h.e.l.l! I will avenge my third brother!”

The Lion King coldly harrumphed. After that, he simply unleashed his energy, causing his golden armor to dazzle. In the following second, he stretched his arm forward and unleashed a gigantic golden lion claw toward Jiang Chen.

Facing this Lion King’s powerful attack, Jiang Chen’s expression remained calm. He casually waved his arm and unleashed a sword beam from the Heavenly Saint Sword. It was an extremely brilliant sword energy containing tremendous force, more than enough to slice through the void.


The gigantic lion claw was no match for the Heavenly Saint Sword’s sword beam; it was instantly cut in half and disappeared.


The Lion King was incredibly shocked, and the way he looked at Jiang Chen changed. This young man with just a mere Divine Core cultivation base was far more frightening than he could imagine. A full force attack unleashed by him, a Mid Combat Soul existence, had just been destroyed by a casual sword strike from this young man!

“If that’s all you got, your Demon Palace will perish this day.”

Jiang Chen said in a casual manner.

“Second brother, this guy is really strong, let’s turn back to our original form and attack him together!”

The Lion King shouted at the Wolf King. Without hesitation, he transformed into a huge lion. His body was over 40 meters tall, and his body was fully covered with golden scales. He looked incredibly mighty, and he gave off a powerful demonic energy.


On the other side, the Wolf King had also completed his transformation. He had turned into a black wolf. After transforming into his original form, he howled toward the sky, dispersing all the black clouds hanging over their heads.


The Lion King opened his mouth and spat out a fireball toward Jiang Chen. The fireball immediately grew bigger as it left his mouth, and it reached Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he threw out a punch. When his fist collided with the fireball, the fireball was shattered into several hundred tiny flames.



With great speed, the Wolf King’s claw cut toward Jiang Chen’s face.

“Too weak.”

Jiang Chen simply shook his head. Just before the attack reached his face, he forcefully stretched out his palm and grabbed the Wolf King’s claw tightly, and he held onto it like a strong metal clamp.

Jiang Chen stood still like Mt. Tai, the Wolf King’s attack unable to make him move even a single inch. It wasn’t until the Wolf King fought Jiang Chen face to face that he understood just how strong this young man was. However, it was too bad, after getting caught by Jiang Chen, he would no longer have the chance to escape.


Jiang Chen squeezed his palm with tremendous force, instantly crus.h.i.+ng the metal-like wolf claw.


The Wolf King issued a miserable shriek. It unleashed all its Yuan energy and attempted to counter-attack, but in front of Jiang Chen, the attack was useless.

With an indifferent expression, using his other hand, Jiang Chen stabbed the Heavenly Saint Sword upwards, impaling the Wolf King’s throat. The sword didn’t stop after impaling the throat; it continued until it came out from the Wolf King’s head. With that, the Wolf King’s gigantic body struggled violently before finally becoming motionless.

An extremely sharp sword energy shot out from the Heavenly Saint Sword, causing the Wolf King’s corpse to explode, and its blood to splash all over the place, with the exception of where Jiang Chen stood. After that, a golden demon soul fell out and landed right in the center of Jiang Chen’s palm.

“Second brother!”

Witnessing the death of the Wolf King, the Lion King immediately let out a furious roar.

All the demons from the Demon Palace were struck with great fear. No one had ever thought that this young man could be this formidable, not even the Lion King. The Early Combat Soul Wolf King had just been killed with such ease; he didn’t even have the chance to resist.

Indeed, this was a frightening moment. The Lion King started hesitating, and the way he looked at Jiang Chen was now filled with fear. Even with his Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he feared this mysterious young man.

Even if the Lion King didn’t know much about Jiang Chen, he sure understood the Wolf King’s strength. Even he was unable to kill the Wolf King so easily. This young man had done something he was unable to do, and with such ease. That could only mean that this young man was stronger than him.

“It is your turn now.”

Jiang Chen dashed toward the Lion King. He didn’t want to waste too much time with this Demon Palace, so he decided to wrap it up quickly.


Fast! He was extremely fast! The Lion King could only see a flicker before a sword that would tear his life away approached his face.

Facing with such an incredibly fast attack, the Lion King was unable even to counter attack. All he could do was defend himself. As a demon beast, he was by nature very formidable in terms of strength and defense. With the addition of the Yuan energy barrier that surrounded his body, no ordinary man would be able to break through his defense.

It was too bad; this incredible defense was only effective in front of ordinary warriors. Jiang Chen was no ordinary warrior.

The Heavenly Saint Sword was an invincible weapon that could cut through anything. It simply cut through the Yuan energy barrier unleashed by the Lion King without even slowing down.


The Lion King felt an extremely dangerous aura. He never thought his opponent’s sword could be so powerful. Not only that, with its great speed, it was too late for him to do anything.


Without any doubts, the Lion King followed the Wolf King’s footsteps. The Heavenly Saint Sword had impaled his body and taken his life away.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he forcefully sliced the Lion King’s corpse in half and retrieved a demon soul with his hand.

All three masters of the Demon Palace were finally dead, and the infamous Demon Palace had been completely wiped out.

With the death of the two Combat Soul masters, all the demons lost their fighting spirit. They were now looking at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a ghost.

“None of you shall remain alive!”

Jiang Chen had a heart of stone when facing demons like these; he didn’t want to spare any of them. He swung the Heavenly Saint Sword around, causing fresh blood to be sent everywhere.

A few minutes later, the entire valley was filled with flames as far as the eye could see. Jiang Chen had set fire to the Demon Palace. In just a few minutes, he had killed most of the demons here. Only a handful of them had managed to escape.

After the scorching flames had burned down the last building belonging to the Demon Palace, Jiang Chen turned around and left the place.

The Demon Palace was considered a pretty strong and famous demon power, but today, it had been annihilated by someone. Everyone and everything was gone, and news about this would soon spread out. It wasn’t difficult to imagine how big of a storm would be created when news about this got out.

Half an hour after Jiang Chen left, many people arrived at the Demon Palace from all directions. All these men were from different human tribes that lived in this mountain range. They didn’t know the exact location of the Demon Palace before this, but since the battle made so much noise, they were able to find this place with ease. When they saw the miserable scene in the valley, each and every single one of them was struck with great shock.

“The Demon Palace has been annihilated; it is now gone! Haha!”

An old man burst into laughter. He was so happy that tears started running down from his eyes. No words could describe how happy he truly was. This old man was Lianyun Castle’s Tribe Chief, Lian Haolong.