Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 390 – The Nangong Family’s Upheaval

Chapter 390 – The Nangong Family’s Upheaval

Chapter 390 – The Nangong Family’s Upheaval

“The f.u.c.k #%&¤…”

While climbing out from the huge crater, Nangong Wentian was cursing loudly. This guy obviously wasn’t prepared, and had no prior experience at all, that’s why his was covered with dust. Compared to him, Jiang Chen’s image was much better. Although he too had been thrown into the ground, he just looked calm.

After Nangong Wentian came out from the crater, he immediately found out something wasn’t right, because he was welcomed by countless enquiring glances.

“d.a.m.n it, what are you looking at?! Get lost!”

Nangong Wentian was truly p.i.s.sed off, he was in a bad mood after being thrown into the ground like that, and now there were so many people looking at him as if he was a monkey. He was unable to endure it.

“Why are you guys still looking at me?! Never seen such a handsome man before?! f.u.c.k!”

Nangong Wentian kept cursing at those bystanders, and while getting rid of the dust on his body, he was walking away from where he landed.

Cough, cough…

Jiang Chen faintly coughed a few times and quickly kept distance from Nangong Wentian, pretending he didn’t know that guy. At least, he was pretending he wasn’t familiar with Nangong Wentian. Although Nangong Wentian was the young master of the Nangong family, he just didn’t want to live that image out.

The bystanders didn’t wake up from their shock until the two walked far away.

“Who was that idiot? Is there something wrong with his brain?”

“What the h.e.l.l, an idiot just fell down from the sky?”

“If not for there being something wrong with his brain, I would have delivered him a slap just now!”


Far away from the scene, Nangong Wentian shook his body with his Yuan energy and got rid of all dirt. After that, he took out another set of green clothes from his storage rings and quickly changed into it. Only now had he recovered from the messy fall.

“d.a.m.n it, that dimensional tunnel is just not meant for humans! That fall just now was too hard!”

Nangong Wentian said in a gloomy manner.

“I can only say; you don’t have any experience at all.”

Jiang Chen responded with a mocking smile.

“I’m finally back! But, we are at the border of the Southern Continent, I think we’ll need to travel another one or two days to reach the Nangong family.”

Nangong Wentian threw an examining look at the surrounding area.

“The Southern Continent’s climate is really different from the Eastern Continent. Although it’s hot, the air is pretty humid and full of natural Yuan energy, it is a nice place to live.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head and said. Although the climate between the Eastern Continent and Southern Continent was different, but the natural Yuan energy was almost the same. For him, or any other cultivator, a slight difference in the climate didn’t affect them much.

“But, there are a lot of demons and devils in the Southern Continent. We humans and they have never gotten along well, and there are frequently battles where some demons besiege the human cities. This place is much messier than the Eastern Continent.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“This is a cruel world.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile.

“Let’s go, time to return home!”

Nangong Wentian looked in the direction of the Nangong family, then both men turned into two trails of light and started flying at incredible speed.

Right now, within the city closest to the mountain range where Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian had arrived, a young man was resting in a courtyard with eyes closed. He was wearing white clothes, and looked to be in his early twenties. Besides him, a mighty white eagle was lying on the floor, seemingly overcome with boredom.

Suddenly, the vulture stood up and threw its bright eyes into the far distance.

“Eagle, you’ve found brother Wentian?”

The eyes of the young man in white lit up.


The white eagle let out a loud cry, then it swung its wings and flew into the sky. On the other side, the young man’s face had a joyful expression. Without hesitating, he stepped into the sky and stood on top of the eagle’s back, then they flew out from the city together.

In the far distance, Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian who were in the middle of flying heard a loud eagle cry. The sound instantly shocked Nangong Wentian. He quickly turned to the direction where the sound came from, then saw a white dot quickly approaching them.

“That’s my family’s white eagle!”

Nangong Wentian was thrilled. He was very familiar with this white eagle, it was specifically raised by the Nangong family. Not only did it possess a powerful attack strength, it could also fly with incredible speed. Most importantly, this white eagle had a special ability, it could easily track down anyone. Just like now, the white eagle had sensed Nangong Wentian’s aura, and had come straight for him.

Soon, the white eagle arrived in front of Nangong Wentian. It clearly had a close relations.h.i.+p with him, as it was letting out cries of excitement upon seeing him.

“Brother Wentian, you’re finally back!”

The young man in white was thrilled to see Nangong Wentian. He immediately left the white eagle’s back and walked up to Nangong Wentian.

“Wenyang, why are you here?”

Nangong Wentian was surprised. He never expected to meet a family member right after returning to the Southern Continent.

“Brother Wentian, you’ve been gone for too long this time, I guessed you must have gone to a place far away, that’s why I brought the white eagle here to wait for you in that city. It’s still not too late, I’ll inform the Family Chief right away!”

Nangong Wenyang took out a golden message talisman and shattered it with his Yuan energy, causing it to turn into a trail of golden light and disappear in an instant.

“Brother Wentian, this is?”

Nangong Wenyang turned to Jiang Chen and asked.

“Let me introduce you, this is my brother who has gone through life and death together with me. Jiang Chen, this is my cousin, Nangong Wenyang.”

Nangong Wentian introduced both of them to each other. After that, he gave Nangong Wenyang a light punch to his shoulder and said, “Not bad! You’re a Mid Divine Core warrior now!”

“Hehe, but I am still far away from brother Wentian!”

Nangong Wenyang responded with a laugh. Both of them were clearly close.

“You a.s.shole!”

These brothers were clearly happy to see each other.

“Brother Wentian, something big is happening back home, we need to rush back now!”

Nangong Wenyang’s expression became serious.

“Wenyang, what’s going on? My dad only asked me to come back as soon as possible, but he didn’t mention anything else?”

Nangong Wentian asked in an impatient manner.

“It is eldest uncle, he just couldn’t get over the fact that grandfather made your dad the next Family Chief. After he left with his family, he has now come back, and he wants the Family Chief to hand over the position.”

Nangong Wenyang angrily said.

“I knew it had something to do with Nangong Yunzheng, that guy just won’t stop causing trouble! However, it won’t be easy for him to fight for the position of Family Chief!”

Nangong Wentian coldly harrumphed.

“It’s different this time, because the Profound River Palace is involved.”

Nangong Wenyang said.

“What?! Why does the Profound River Palace want to involve themselves in the Nangong family’s internal conflicts? Is it because of grandpa’s treasure?”

Nangong Wentian exclaimed.

“What is the Profound River Palace?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“The Profound River Palace is the number one sect in the Southern Continent, and its status is equal to the Martial Saint Dynasty in the Eastern Continent. It is the superpower that rules the entire Southern Continent, and they usually don’t interfere in the internal conflicts of other powers and families, but this time they’re involved. I don’t think the reason behind them doing so is simple.”

Nangong Wentian’s brows were tightly knitted in a frown.

“What brother Wentian said is correct, when a superpower like the Profound River Palace decides to put their hands on the Nangong family’s internal conflict, there must be a big motive behind it. Our Family Chief is guessing that it’s highly possible that it’s related to eldest uncle, Nangong Yunzheng. He believes he has made an agreements with them and told them about or secret family treasure.”

Nangong Wenyang said while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger.

“Using the Profound River Palace to get rid of your father, and then help him obtain control of the Nangong family, fulfilling his own desire for high power and authority. As an exchange, Nangong Yunzheng might have promised to give them your secret family treasure.”

Jiang Chen said.

Nangong Wenyang threw a glance at Jiang Chen. He didn’t feel much regarding this friend Nangong Wentian had brought back with him, but what Jiang Chen said was correct.

“Brother Jiang’s conclusion is the same as the Family Chief’s. A few days ago, eldest uncle gave the Family Chief his final warning, and in two weeks’ time, he will hold a compet.i.tion. The final result of this compet.i.tion will decide who will get to be the next Family Chief, and who gets to control the treasure left behind by grandpa.”

Nangong Wenyang said.

“What kind of compet.i.tion?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“Although he said it is a compet.i.tion, but in fact, it is a deathmatch, because the Profound River Palace is involved, and the Family Chief can’t just reject this proposal. There will be three matches, the first one is between you and Nangong Wenyen, and the second match is between Family Chief and Nangong Yunzheng. Because you are the Nangong family’s young master, you can’t escape from the match, and the top of the Nangong family has the same thought, only the strongest man from the younger generation can be the Nangong family’s young master.”

Nangong Wenyang continued, “This battle will decide survival or extinction for the Nangong family, the treasure left behind by grandpa is our biggest foundation, and we can never give it to any outsider. Furthermore, Family Chief doesn’t want to ruin the Nangong family under his hands, that’s why he called you back in such urgency, as he needs you to fight for the survival of the Nangong family, but…”

“But what?”

Nangong Wentian’s expression turned real ugly, because he never expected his eldest uncle to actually sell his own family to outsiders.

“Brother Wentian, I need to warn you, Nangong Wenyen broke through to the Combat Soul realm not long ago, and with your current cultivation, I don’t think you will be a match for him.”

Nangong Wenyang said in a worried manner.

“Looks like eldest uncle is really determined to win this battle. How long do we have until the match?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“Two weeks.”

Nangong Wentian felt time was too short. Even for a genius like him, trying to break through to the Combat Soul realm was not an easy task.

“Two weeks? Fine, Nangong Wenyen, I’ll definitely fight you! I won’t give up even though I only have two weeks, and since this concerns the survival of the Nangong family, I, Nangong Wentian will never surrender!”

Nangong Wentian clenched his fist so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

After calming himself down, Nangong Wentian turned to Nangong Wenyang and asked, “My dad’s strength is similar to eldest uncle, I think it will be very difficult for them to defeat each other. I’m sure eldest uncle think I will be defeated, so who will fight in the third match?”

“The third match will be fought with any helper we can find. I’m sure Nangong Yunzheng has found a formidable warrior to help him, and that person might be a mighty warrior from the Profound River Palace. However, for us, we still haven’t found anyone strong enough. Therefore, our only hope is that you and Family Chief can win the match.”

Nangong Wenyang said.

“Looks like Nangong Yunzheng has properly prepared this time.”

Nangong Wentian clenched his teeth. He could suddenly feel a tremendous pressure resting on top of his shoulders.