Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 377 – Reinforcing the Formation with Laws

Chapter 377 – Reinforcing the Formation with Laws

Chapter 377 – Reinforcing the Formation with Laws

Boom! Boom!

The explosive sounds coming from the other side of the dimensional crack had become even more intense. At the same time, the faint roaring of those furious Dimensional Creatures had become clearer, and more cracks had formed on the Skymend Formation

Everyone’s expressions were ugly. If the situation went on like this, it wouldn’t be long before the Skymend Formation was completely destroyed, and at that point of time, Dimensional Creatures even stronger than those before would come into their world, and with that large group of Dimensional Creatures, even the Ice Demon King wouldn’t be able to kill them all. The possible scenario they had to face was devastating.

“d.a.m.n it! It looks like all our effort is going to go to waste!”

Big Yellow gloomily said. Faced with such a situation, even with his mastery of the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, he just had no other solutions. They were simply just too weak, and it was very difficult for them to make the Skymend Formation operate at full strength. They one they made just now cost them all effort, and if it failed, there really wasn’t much else they could do.

Everyone were panicking, only Jiang Chen could still maintain his calm expression. This caused Big Yellow to feel much admiration for him. No matter what kind of situation he was facing, it seemed like nothing could make this young man panic. He always had the same calm att.i.tude.

“All of you, stand back.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

Hearing what he said, the group was startled for a moment, and immediately flew back from the place, including the Ice Demon King. All of them fell back to a place far away from the dimensional crack, even Big Yellow kept far away from the Skymend Formation.

“Does Little Chen have any other ways to solve this problem?”

Nangong Wentian asked in a shocked manner. He just couldn’t think of any possible solutions Jiang Chen might come up with.

“It’s hard to tell. This guy is an amazing man, he might really have some secret trick, so let’s just wait and see. He always has a calm att.i.tude when dealing with problems, and the Dimensional Creatures is a huge threat to the safety of the Red City region, so I’m certain he’ll handle it with utmost seriousness.”

Big Yellow said.

The group held their breath as they looked at Jiang Chen. They eagerly wanted to know what other solutions Jiang Chen had, and how he was going to reinforce the Skymend Formation and completely seal the dimensional crack.


Jiang Chen moved his arm and drew the Heavenly Saint Sword. He looked at the buzzing sword in his hand and gently stroked it, then he said, “Don’t disappoint me.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen closed his eyes to communicate with the Heavenly Saint Sword. Right at this moment, there was only one way left to reinforce the Skymend Formation and completely seal the dimensional crack. He was going to use the leftover Great Saint Laws located in the Heavenly Saint Sword!

This sword was once the ultimate Saint weapon, and although he had only found two parts of it so far, those two parts still contained some of the Great Saint Laws. However, the Great Saint realm was too far away from Jiang Chen, so even if there were some remaining Saint Laws, with Jiang Chen’s current strength, he couldn’t utilize them.

However, the actual situation was a little different, because the Heavenly Saint Sword was made by himself, and the Great Saint Laws within were infused by him. If there was a person who could utilize the Great Saint Laws while in the Divine Core realm, that would be Jiang Chen. Only, he would have to call the laws from the Heavenly Saint Sword.

The Great Saint Laws sat above everything else, they were the ultimate laws that existed in this realm. Although Jiang Chen couldn’t use them to attack, he could still call them out to reinforce the Skymend Formation. With that, the formation would become extremely rigid, and the dimensional crack would be tightly sealed.


One minute later, Jiang Chen waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng an invisible force from the Heavenly Saint Sword. When this invisible force appeared, it instantly froze the dimension in front. Han Yan and the others could feel a supreme pressure pus.h.i.+ng down from the sky above, a pressure so mighty their souls trembled and their breaths became heavy. Although that pressure only lasted for a split second, it still gave them a strong desire to wors.h.i.+p it.

When the invisible force entered the inner parts of the Skymend Formation, the shaking formation instantly calmed down, and the slamming sounds from the other side of the dimensional crack also disappeared, while the sky once again returned to its original bright blue color. Now, the dimensional crack was completely sealed.


The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a loud cry. Then, Jiang Chen stored it back into his storage ring. Right at this moment, peace had finally returned to Mount Origin, and no Dimensional Creatures’ auras could be sensed any longer.

Struck by this sudden change, Han Yan and the group were greatly terrified to the point where their mouths were wide open. They had no idea what just happened, they only felt a sudden pressure, and then, nothing.

With their eyes, they could feel a formation right at the spot where the dimensional crack was found. Other than that, they could find any changes. In fact, with their eyes, it was impossible to sense the existence of the Great Saint Laws. For them, it was an invisible existence.

Not only them, even if the Imperial Emperor who was a Combat King warrior came here, he would only be able to see the Skymend Formation, and not the Great Saint Laws within.

The Saint realm was too far away from a Combat King warrior, the gap between them was huge. A real Saint could easily kill millions of Combat King warriors in the blink of an eye.

“d.a.m.n it, buddy, quickly tell daddy, how did you do it?!”

Big Yellow leapt toward Jiang Chen and bared his teeth. He had witnessed many miraculous actions from Jiang Chen, and today, Jiang Chen had shocked him once more. Big Yellow was unable to find out what kind of method Jiang Chen used to reinforce the Skymend Formation, completely sealing the dimensional crack.

“Little Chen, what method did you use just now? Also, what was that pressure we felt just now?”

Han Yan jumped in and threw his questions at Jiang Chen. Although Nangong Wentian didn’t say anything, his eyes were filled with curiosity. He was astonished by what Jiang Chen did, in just a short amount of time, the Skymend Formation on the brink of destruction had become so rigid, and completely sealed the dimensional crack. This was really amazing!

“That’s my secret.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. He decided to keep it a secret, as he couldn’t just tell them he actually used the Great Saint Laws, as they would just think he was bluffing.

“d.a.m.n you!”

Two men and a dog cursed out at the same time. Although they had already guessed Jiang Chen wouldn’t tell them how he did it, when they heard Jiang Chen say it, they still couldn’t help but curse.

“That’s enough. Since the problem has been solved, let’s go back home before we return to the Martial Palace. The Red City region has suffered badly from the Dimensional Creatures’ attacks, and many innocent lives have been lost. There’s a lot of things we need to settle, and I barely even returned, so if I just left without informing anyone, my dad will scold me to death!”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He felt a warmth in his heart whenever he thought of Jiang Zhenhai. The feeling that a family gave him was something he really cherished.

“En, many member of the Yan family were seriously injured. Chen Gege has a lot of pills that are good for healing them, so we need to help them recover as soon as possible.”

Yan Chenyu said. She was really worried about Yan Zhanyun and the others’ injuries.


Right as the group was getting ready to proceed to the Red City, a loud laughter suddenly sounded out from behind their backs. After that, a man suddenly landed in front of them from the far distance.

This was an old man wearing imperial clothes. He looked to be in his fifties, and he was unleas.h.i.+ng an extremely powerful aura from his body, giving the group a tremendous pressure.

The expressions of Jiang Chen and his friends changed instantly upon seeing this old man. This old man was no stranger to them, he was amongst those men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect who went to the Martial Palace, a respectable elder of the Shangguan Clan. He was a Late Combat Soul warrior, and a frightening enemy.

“Hmph! The Shangguan Clan is truly shameless, you really followed me here.”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. He was really angry when he saw this man. Although he didn’t know his name, but he did know that this man was from the Shangguan Clan, and he was clearly no here to chit-chat.

Jiang Chen felt really disgusted about what the Shangguan Clan did. They knew he was in the middle of a difficult mission, but they still sent someone here to kill him. This really p.i.s.sed him off.

This old man was Shangguan Yiqing’s grandfather, Shangguan Ying. His hatred toward Jiang Chen couldn’t be imagined by others.

With Shangguan Ying’s sight, he could clearly see the Skymend Formation in the sky, which brought him extreme shock.

“I never expected you to really solve this problem, using a formation to seal the dimensional crack. My grandson had amazing talent in the field of formations, and if he wasn’t killed by you, he would definitely become a generational master of formations!”

Shangguan Ying said. When he saw the Skymend Formation, he couldn’t help but recall his grandson, the pride of his life. With Shangguan Yiqing’s talent in the field of formations, his future achievements would definitely have been extraordinary.

“You’re Shangguan Yiqing’s grandfather?”

Jiang Chen finally knew who this guy was.

“That’s right! Jiang Chen, you have killed my grandson, and I am going to rip you into a thousand pieces today! You don’t have the Ninth Emperor here to protect you, there is no way you can escape from me now!”

Shangguan Ying said with a sneer on his face. In fact, it wasn’t the Shangguan Clan’s idea to send him here, but his own. The mission to fix the dimensional crack was given by the Imperial Emperor, and even the Ninth Emperor was forbidden from helping in this matter. So, he had actually violated the rule set down by the Imperial Emperor.

But, in order to get revenge for his grandson, Shangguan Ying didn’t care too much about that. He just wanted to kill Jiang Chen, and nothing was going to stop him!

However, Shangguan Ying had his attention fully focusing on Jiang Chen, causing him to completely neglect the Ice Demon King standing next to Yan Chenyu. He never expected Jiang Chen to have such powerful help.

“d.a.m.n it, the Shangguan Clan is really despicable! We’ve accepted this impossible mission, but you still want to sneak attack us! You guys just don’t want to keep your face anymore!”

Han Yan couldn’t help but curse.

“Hmph! I thought the Shangguan Clan was a supreme power in the Jian Province, but your behavior is really disgusting!”

Nangong Wentian showed a loathing expression as well.