Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 321 – Grand Feast

Chapter 321 – Grand Feast

Chapter 321 – Grand Feast

With a hideous grin on his face, Shangguan Yilei leapt forward and flew into the sky above. He too didn’t want to fight in the sky garden. If he and Jiang Chen fought with everything they had, many herbs would be destroyed by their devastating energy. Since all these herbs belonged to the Shangguan Clan, it would be a devastating waste if they were to be destroyed during the battle.

“Jiang Chen, since you’re courting death, don’t blame me for killing you later on. But, I really want to know, with what are you going to fight me all alone?”

Violent energy waves fluctuated around Shangguan Yilei’s body. To satisfy his curiosity, he asked Jiang Chen this question.

“With this.”

Jiang Chen flipped his palm, then a thousand year old Ginseng appeared in his hand, emitting a strong medicinal fragrance. Using his Yuan energy, Jiang Chen crushed the Ginseng into ashes and absorbed all its essence in the blink of an eye.

The Dragon Transformation skill started circulating at great speed. The medicinal strength and energy contained within the thousand year old Ginseng had completely turned into Yuan energy, and gave Jiang Chen another 3 Dragon Marks. Furthermore, the medicinal strength penetrated into Jiang Chen’s viscera and bone marrow, strengthening his vitality at the same time.

Shangguan Yilei went blank for a moment, then a grin emerged on his face, “Haha, Jiang Chen, don’t tell me you’re going to use those herbs to increase your cultivation at this point of time? This is funny, don’t you think it’s a little too late to do this now?”

In Shangguan Yilei’s mind, what Jiang Chen did was a joke. Progressing further along the cultivation path was no easy task, and trying to do so during a battle was just stupid. The gap between the Divine Core realm and Combat Soul realm was not small, and furthermore, no one could absorb herbs straightaway like that. Usually, all herbs had to be concocted into pills before a warrior could absorb them, and only in pill form could the warrior absorb the herb essence. Devouring a herb like Jiang Chen did would just make most of the medicinal strength go to waste.

“It’s not too late.”

Jiang Chen didn’t mind what Shangguan Yilei said. He repeatedly took out herbs and absorbed them like they were worthless. No one could actually see the Dragon Transformation skill circulating extremely quickly within his body. All the herbs’ medicinal strength were completely absorb by him with nothing going to waste, and at the same time, new Dragon Marks were constantly forming within his body. With each new Dragon Mark formed, Jiang Chen’s combat strength would increase.


Shangguan Yilei furrowed his brows. He could clearly feel Jiang Chen’s aura transforming at this moment. Although the fluctuations weren’t significant, Shangguan Yilei could tell that Jiang Chen had become stronger.

“You’re courting death!”

Shangguan Yilei didn’t want to delay any longer, so he attacked in a resolute manner. The lightning that burst out from his body caused him to look very mighty. He unleashed a ma.s.sive thundercloud that brought forth a violent storm, and sent them at Jiang Chen.

When a Combat Soul warrior attacked, the wind and clouds would fluctuation. Their every single attack was like a huge mountain, and no one could run away from it.

“Nine Murdering Flood Dragons!”

Jiang Chen knew that Thundercloud Storm was one of Shangguan Yilei’s favorite skills, so he dared not neglect it. He immediately unleashed the Nine Murdering Flood Dragons. He had absorbed a Flood Dragon’s blood essence, giving him the bloodline of a Flood Dragon. Therefore, he was able to unleash the Nine Murdering Flood Dragons to its maximum potential.


The Flood Dragons’ roars resounded throughout the entire area. Three Flood Dragons more than 30 meters long suddenly appeared, and they flew through the violent Thundercloud Storm in a most formidable manner.


The thunder interweaved, and the surrounding air shook from the tremendous force. Shangguan Yilei had proven himself to be a genius of the younger generation, and his combat strength was many times stronger than that of ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors. All three Flood Dragons unleashed by Jiang Chen were instantly destroyed by his Thundercloud Storm.

“Hmph! True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, the continued attacking with the True Dragon Palm. The huge blood red dragon claw collided with the Thundercloud Storm, shattering it in an instant. However, Jiang Chen was knocked back a few steps by the backlash before he could regain his balance.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you’re not my match at all! I’m going to let you suffer in the most humiliating way possible before I kill you! Earth Shattering Palm!”

Shangguan Yilei seemed very mighty as he unleashed the Shangguan Clan’s most famous skill, the Earth Shattering Palm. The attack flew toward Jiang Chen in an unavoidable manner. Shangguan Yilei had found out in their previous exchange, although Jiang Chen was really strong, he was not his match at all.

Jiang Chen had a grin on his face. The more strength Shangguan Yilei showed, the happier Jiang Chen got. He needed Shangguan Yilei’s pressure in order to improve his cultivation and look for an opportunity. With tremendous pressure, not only could he absorb all herbs quickly, it could also help him squeeze out the hidden potential in his body and improve his foundation. Therefore, he had no worries about his foundation becoming unstable upon experiencing a great surge in his cultivation in such a short amount of time. This was the perfect solution to his current situation, and that’s the reason why Jiang Chen accepted Shangguan Yilei’s challenge to fight one versus one.

Furthermore, although Shangguan Yilei was really strong, and was able to suppress Jiang Chen, with all the abilities Jiang Chen had, it was impossible for Shangguan Yilei to kill Jiang Chen.

“Six Profound Solar Fingers!”

Jiang Chen roared out as he unleashed the Six Profound Solar Fingers. The finger collided with the Earth Shattering Palm, and at the same time, he repeatedly took out many herbs with his other hand. He absorbed every single bit of energy, and formed new Dragon Marks in his body.

“Firethorn Combat Armor!”

Jiang Chen shouted out once again. A golden colored armor appeared outside his body. With the protection of this armor, he was more confident in dealing with Shangguan Yilei.


It was a heated battle in the skies. Every single attack unleashed by Jiang Chen and Shangguan Yilei caused the atmosphere to violently tremble. All those watching the fight had terrified expressions on their faces.

Shangguan Yilei was incomparably ferocious right now. He constantly unleashed powerful attacks, knocking Jiang Chen back again and again. At the same time, he was joyfully laughing, completely immersed in the pleasant feeling of bullying Jiang Chen. He had completely forgotten that he should unleash his most powerful attack, or use his Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon and kill Jiang Chen quickly. Or perhaps, only slowly torturing Jiang Chen before killing him could make him feel joy.

But in the middle of this battle, Shangguan Yilei had neglected one fact: Jiang Chen had become stronger and stronger, and when he reached a certain level, Shangguan Yilei’s goal of killing Jiang Chen would only become a mere daydream.

Right at this moment, Jiang Chen was withstanding Shangguan Yilei’s tremendous pressure, and his potential was constantly being stimulated. He had now finally absorbed all the herbs he had obtained in the sky garden, giving him another 200 Dragon Marks.

“Still not enough.”

Jiang Chen’s dark hair was dancing in the powerful wind. As of now, his potential had awoken, and all the medicinal strength in his body had been fully absorbed! However, his body was like a bottomless hole. Every meridian, every cell, everything was crying for more energy! It was as if no matter how much energy was fed, they would still feel extremely hungry.

The condition he was in now, where his potential had awoken caused Jiang Chen to feel excited in both body and soul. This was a rare opportunity, and he needed to feed his body well. He needed more energy!

Jiang Chen flipped his palm once again and retrieved the tall Glory Lotus King.


Jiang Chen shouted. He punched the Glory Lotus King, causing it to instantly shatter. After that, Jiang Chen devoured every single bit of it into his body in the blink of an eye.

“Jiang Chen must be crazy! He just ate so many herbs directly, isn’t he scared his body will explode from the tremendous energy?”

“The way he swallows the herbs is just a big waste, *sigh*.”

“No matter how many herbs he eats, it just can’t help him win the fight. He was surpa.s.sed by Shangguan Yilei since the beginning, and I don’t see how he is going to continue this. As long as Shangguan Yilei unleashes his strongest attack, this Jiang Chen will die instantly.”

“Shangguan Yilei is clearly just playing with Jiang Chen. He wants to torture him slowly before killing him.”


The situation was quite obvious, Jiang Chen had been on the receiving end since the beginning. Although he had eaten a lot of herbs, it seemed like they didn’t provide any help at all; he was still no match for Shangguan Yilei.

Big Yellow was the only one who had a happy expression. He stared at the ferocious Shangguan Yilei like he was staring at an idiot.

“This idiot is going to die in utter misery.”

Big Yellow said.

“Big Yellow, Little Chen has eaten so many herbs, but why can’t I feel his energy increasing?”

Han Yan asked as he furrowed his brows.

“You know nothing. Buddy is purposely suppressing himself, can’t you guys see that? His body’s potential has awakened, and his actual combat strength is soaring towards the heavens, but he is suppressing it. Once the grand feast comes to an end, Shangguan Yilei will be dead.”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. Jiang Chen had tremendous fighting experience, and even those old seniors from the superpowers didn’t have as much fighting experience as Jiang Chen.

“The medicinal strength contained within this Glory Lotus King is so powerful, and the lotus’s core actually contains natural essence. Just this herb alone should give me another 100 Dragon Marks.”

Jiang Chen was really excited. The medicinal strength contained within the Glory Lotus King pounded into all his limbs and bones. Dragon roars could be heard from within his body, and more and more blood red Dragon Marks were condensed and formed. In the blink of an eye, 100 new Dragon Marks had been formed. Presently, Jiang Chen had managed to form another 350 Dragon Marks. But, his body was still hungry, as if it was a bottomless hole that could never be sated.

“Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen shouted toward Big Yellow.

Hearing Jiang Chen’s shout, Big Yellow immediately understood what he needed to do. Without any hesitation, he opened his mouth and spat out some precious herbs towards Jiang Chen. Although Big Yellow had eaten quite a lot of herbs, he still kept some behind.

“Brother Nan, Brother Yan, give all your herbs to Little Chen.”

Big Yellow said.


Both men nodded their heads as they threw all their herbs toward Jiang Chen. In an instant, all the herbs entered Jiang Chen’s mouth.

“So many herbs! This is incredible!”

Nangong Wentian was amazed.

“The amazing part has yet to come. Let me tell you, the skill Little Chen cultivates allows him to fully absorb all medicinal strength. Furthermore, with so many herbs stored in his body, just his body itself can be considered a ma.s.sive treasure! What Little Chen is absorbing right now is only their energy, he will process all different elemental medicinal strength later to improve his foundation.”

Big Yellow explained. This dog was a haughty being who didn’t admire anyone except himself, but Jiang Chen was an exception. Forget all the other amazing talents he had, just the ability to absorb herbs… was there anyone else who could do the same?

For Jiang Chen, this was a grand feast. All these herbs in front of him could help him fully fill up the bottomless hole, and he might be able to use this opportunity to break through to the Late Divine Core realm.