Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3045: What Do You Call Him?

Chapter 3045: What Do You Call Him?

Chapter 3045: What Do You Call Him?

The journey to Immortal Executions tomb had come to an end. Now, Jiang Chens concern was about Dragon s.h.i.+san since he was still trapped in the Heavenly Dragon Prison. Jiang Chen looked miserable and anxious. That was his dearest brother, he swore to save him from the Heavenly Dragon Prison once he returned to the Profound Connection Divine Palace this time.

What are you going to do next?

Xue Liang asked Jiang Chen.

I am going back to the Profound Connection Divine Palace. My brother is trapped in the Heavenly Dragon Prison and I am afraid that I have to turn against them this time.

Jiang Chen a.s.serted.

Are you ready for that?

Qian Renji said. There was no doubt that his strength was incredibly formidable at the moment, but it seemed it would be difficult even for him to save someone out of the Profound Connection Divine Palace alone. Qian Renji could not help but get worried about him. After all, the Profound Connection Divine Palace existed for more than millions of years and it was exceedingly strong, which was incomparable with the ordinary sects. If Jiang Chen insisted on turning against them recklessly, it was likely that he would end up being killed. That was why Qian Renji asked him if he was well-prepared for the battle. There was no turning back!

Are you talking about the Profound Connection Divine Palace? I have heard that it is incredibly strong, I would like to find out how strong it is.

A smile overspread Xue Liangs face.

It will be a life-and-death battle. I am afraid that it will be a tougher and exhausting journey compared with the journey to the Great Emperors tomb.

Jiang Chen said in a low voice.

Hey, I feel like being treated as a stranger. I have never yielded to anyone, including you. But youre the one who helped me in regaining my confidence and starting a new life. I am born for the sword and my sword fights for you. I am going to fight you and fight against the world.

Xue Liang said seriously.

Thats great.

Jiang Chen remained silent as Xue Liang made his intention clear at the moment. Xue Liang would be treated like a stranger if he continued the conversation with the formalities.

On this return journey to the Profound Connection Divine Palace, Jiang Chen gained some confidence with the help of Xue Liang this time. After all, Xue Liang was the successor who received the Inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor. Hence, he could rarely meet an opponent who could compete against him.

Master Ji, I think you should not go with us this time.

Jiang Chen said. He did not wish to get her into trouble. He was bound to fight to the death with the Profound Connection Divine Palace and he would put Qian Renji in an impossible position.

I am not a person who is mortally afraid of death and it is not necessary for you to call me Master Ji anymore. I owe you a debt of grat.i.tude for what youve done and it is definitely a great opportunity for me to bring an end to my relations.h.i.+p with the Palace. If I can survive this, I am going to Qi Lian Boundary.

Qian Renji wore a faint smile. It was touching to see the warm and elegant smile on her face. Jiang Chen even wondered the reason why Zi Qingtian abandoned Qian Renji and went back to the Qi Lian Boundary alone.

Alright. Jiang Chen will always be by your side, Master Ji.

Jiang Chen promised to Qian Renji even though he knew well that she did not need the commitment. Jiang Chen had saved her from the jaws of death several times in the Great Emperors tomb. She did not deserve to be a mentor of the Profound Connection Divine Palace for a million years if she did not appreciate it.

I think I have to refine some pills. Lets leave for Ji Le City in order to do some preparation.

Jiang Chen said.

Well, we must cover our tracks so that the Profound Connection Divine Palace is unable to find out our plan. Otherwise, theyd start suspecting something. It sounds suspicious if we dont return to the Profound Connection Divine Palace after we completed the mission in the Great Emperors tomb.

Qian Renji explained.

I got it!

Jiang Chen nodded. All of them headed to Ji Le City immediately after taking a short rest and doing some preparation. They did not get back to the Profound Connection Divine Palace straight away.


There were boundless blue waves in the clear pond and hundreds of feet of outpouring streams. The Bamboo groves and gra.s.s grew thickly while the twittering of birds echoed through the forest continuously.

A white-clothed lady was sitting on a bamboo raft, staring fixedly in the distance. Her strength of soul had suffered a severe damage. It was impossible to save her life even if there was a strong Divine Emperor expert here.

Jiang Zhu looked calm and relaxed. She was absolutely charming and stunning.

I am really sorry for not being able to help you, Jiang Zhu.

Yu Qinglong murmured under his breath. He fell on the raft softly with a sigh.

I know you did your best, Brother Yu. I am not going to blame you. Its my destiny and I feel grateful to live for a hundred years.

Jiang Zhu said with a warm smile.

Where is the person youve been waiting for? I cant understand why you have to go through these hards.h.i.+ps just to look for him. What makes you crazy about him?

Yu Qinglong asked in a low voice.

There might be danger ahead but I am not sure about it. I could only wait for him even if I cant meet him again in the future. I am willing to wait for him and recall those old memories with him forever. I think you will never understand it.

Jiang Zhu shook her head. She was filled with antic.i.p.ation and eagerness, although he knew the person would never appear the next moment.

Yu Qinglong heaved a deep breath, his eyes were filled with disappointment and hopelessness. He wondered if there was anyone who was good enough for the wonderful women in the north. Perhaps only Jiang Chen deserved her!

Oh, it has been so long since you left. How was the Outer Palace Contest?

Jiang Zhu asked.

Humph. Dont mention the Outer Palace Contest. It seems like I am still an imcompetent loser. Perhaps I could only fight them when I made a breakthrough to the Hierarch Realm successfully. But I heard that even the Hierarch experts were defeated by that guy.

Yu Qinglong shook his head, said with a bitter smile.

Oh, I am curious to know who he is. I cant believe that there is someone who can defeat our Brother Yu, the Outer Palaces Three Dragons.

He is merely a new disciple who entered the Inner Palace for hundreds of years. Well, that is a real shame. Thousands of Divine King experts did not manage to knock down that new disciple. Even Chen Long, who made a breakthrough to the Hierarch Realm, was eventually beaten down by that guy in the battle. I had met that guy once outside the Profound Connection Divine Palace, his strength was not that great at that time. But now, he is completely different from how he used to be. I think only a talented genius like him deserves you.

Brother Yu, youre kidding me. I prefer an ordinary man.

Jiang Zhu shook her head.

Well. Everything is caused by Jiang Chen and he is the one who decided my success and failure. I think I will never surpa.s.s him in strength, he is absolutely an unbeatable and incredible genius.

Yu Qinglong was truly impressed by Jiang Chen. He felt greatly relieved as he realized that there was an impa.s.sable mountain between Jiang Chen and him.

Jiang Zhu raised her head suddenly and looked back at Yu Qinglong. There was a kind of glitter in her bright eyes.

Brother Yu, what did you say What do you call him?

Jiang Zhu asked with a trembling voice. She could hardly believe what she heard.

Jiang Chen! He is the top disciple from the Outer Palace.

Upon hearing what Yu Qinglong said, Jiang Zhu burst into tears and her body trembled violently. It seemed like her inner world had utterly collapsed at that moment.