Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3043 - Tian Fangjun Family

Chapter 3043 - Tian Fangjun Family

Chapter 3043 Tian Fangjun Family

Tian Junfang Family was not considered as the strongest force in the Central Region Divine Land, however, they should still not be underestimated. In the north of Central Region Divine Land, they can be counted as a n.o.ble family. Not only that, there are Great Emperor Realm experts born from the family. And the most terrifying part is the Ancient Will that was inherited by the Jun Family. The Nine Reincarnated Golden Body of Jun Tianchou was actually developed from the Ancient Will. However, his Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was not complete after Jiang Chen killed one of it and the injury he suffered was unbearable. Otherwise, he wouldve been able to kill everyone here.

Lan Luo said with a dignified look.

How about you? Who exactly are you?

Qian Renji was staring at Lan Luo curiously. Lan Luos real ident.i.ty had remained a mystery and she could not help but feel doubtful about it. Since Xuanyuan Qi knew well about the Jun Family, he tended to treat them with respect and even the Scarlet Flame The Enlightened treated him politely. This was not what an ordinary person could do.

Me? A loser has no right to speak. Compared to Jiang Chen, I am just a drop in the ocean.

Lan Luo answered with a bitter smile.

Qian Renji nodded silently, she did not ask again. But Lan Luo was shrewd and sharp-witted which made Qian Renji burn with curiosity to find out who she really was.

At the moment, Jiang Chen was moving carefully. The Ashura Sword Formation was utterly completed after nine of the Fire G.o.d Guards were killed.

I will see how long you can hide, you coward. Hahaha.

Jun Tianchou was roaring at Jiang Chen, it was deafening and shocking. He was in hot pursuit of Jiang Chen. While Jiang Chen was setting up the formation calmly and slowly. At this moment, it was time for him to launch a counterattack!

Lets see which one is stronger, your Nine Reincarnated Golden Body or my Ashura Sword Formation.

Jiang Chen fixed his eyes on Jun Tianchou with a gloomy look. Nine of the Fire G.o.d Guards were exterminated by him in the twinkling of an eye. He could not hold back his anger at the moment.

Youre going to die soon. Stop making desperate attempts to save yourself. The Nine Reincarnated Golden Body is irresistible and indestructible. Are you trying to trap me with this formation? Youre just being too dramatic.

Jun Tianchou snorted indignantly. However, there was a quiver in the corner of his lips when Jiang Chen activated the formation. There were one hundred and eight Origin Divine Tools in total.

Oh, this is impressive. I am going to take all of these Origin Divine Tools.

Jun Tianchou did not retreat but advanced immediately. He soared high above the formation. At this moment, Jiang Chen finally activated the Ashura Sword Formation completely. Countless terrifying rain of swords were spreading over the sky. Jun Tianchous Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was drowned in the sword rain instantly. Unexpectedly, the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was not constrained by Jiang Chens Ashura Sword Formation.

Your sword formation is nothing more than this?

Jun Tianchou said with a cold smile. Nevertheless, there were still cracks in Jun Tianchous Nine Reincarnated Golden Body after a few seconds and Jun Tianchous face immediately contorted.

Perhaps Jiang Chen could sustain it for one more minute. However, the Ashura Sword Formation was undoubtedly a great drain on his strength, he should at least reach the Mid Hierarch Realm or above in order to control the Ashura Sword Formation perfectly.

Even so, it was considerably terrible to hold the Ashura Sword Formation for one minute. Even Jun Tianchou, who exerted the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body, found it difficult to resist the sword formation for ten seconds and started cracking. It can be seen that the Limitless rain of swords that was cast by the Ashura Sword Formation was dreadful and formidable.

Each second was unbearable and fatal for Jun Tianchou. He finally couldnt hold it anymore after thirty seconds. The Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was shattered to pieces and he ended up suffering a severe injury.

Jun Tianchou was bound to fight to the death but his Nine Reincarnated Golden Body had gone under the attack of the Ashura Sword Formation. He was boiling with rage and was starting to panic. He wanted to fight back but he felt incompetent to do so.

The Nine Reincarnated Golden Body was destroyed and it seemed impossible for Jun Tianchou to resist the terrible Sword Formation with his strength. Even though the long spear was still there, his breath was apparently comparatively weak at the moment.

Get lost now!

Jun Tianchou howled furiously, countless swords penetrated through his body instantly. He could not withstand the rain of swords with merely his spear. He bent down on his knees and collapsed eventually in the full view of the audience.

Jun Tianchou, youre defeated again, after all. Its sad and miserable.

Lan Luo could hardly believe it. While Jiang Chen was standing proudly, full of confidence. But at this moment, Jiang Chens Divine Origin Strength was almost exhausted and he had lost his combat strength.

It is not that easy to kill me. Jiang Chen, I swore to make you pay this debt of blood with your life one day.

Jun Tianchous voice resounded in Jiang Chens ears instantly. The collapsed body got up from the ground then turned and fled away with lightning speed.

Even Jiang Chen did not expect Jun Tianchou to survive the Ashura Sword Formation.

Jun Tianchou possesses the Nine Reincarnated Golden Body. Although there are only eight clones remaining, he still has eight lives remaining. Since you didnt destroy his soul completely, there is no doubt that he is going to be reborn once again. It is a pity that he escaped from you.

Lan Luo said lightly.

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Jun Tianchou was definitely a tough opponent for him so it was not easy for him to kill one of his clones in this battle, and he was seriously wounded at the same time. There was a huge difference between their strengths, after all. Jiang Chen could not fight again for the moment. On the other hand, Xuanyuan Canglan and Xue liang were well-matched and their aura were considerably terrifying. Xue Laing looked completely different after he broke through to the Late Hierarch Realm and received the inheritance of the Immortal Execution Great Emperor.

Xuanyuan Canglan roared ferociously, the body of Tiao Tie was sweeping through the sky, trying to engulf the world. Neither of them could gain the upper hand after fighting intensely for a long time.

The Tao Tie was exceedingly terrible, it was not at a disadvantage when combating directly against Xue Liang continuously. Xuanyuan Canglan looked extraordinarily overbearing with the strength of the Divine Beast. Xue Liangs Heavenly Frost Sword was unable to do anything to him. Although he had just received the Inheritance of the Great Emperor, he has not comprehended and mastered the skills completely at the moment.

Even though Jiang Chen was unable to fight again, he could still a.s.sist Xue Liang to restrain Xuanyuan Canglans strength during the battle. He could also restore his strength at the same time. They would be able to knock Xuanyuan Canglan down effortlessly later.

After Jiang Chen joined the battle, Xuanyuan Canglan was aware of the approaching crisis. At this moment, he was thinking about retreating to survive.

What kind of hero are you? Obviously, I am outnumbered.


Xuanyuan Canglan said while gritting his teeth.

As the proverb says, it doesnt matter whether it is a yellow cat or a black cat, as long as it catches mice, it is a good cat. Hahaha.

Jiang Chen burst into laughter, while Xuanyuan Canglan looked ghastly pale. He had no alternative but to retreat at the moment. Jun Tianchou was defeated by Jiang Chen, it seemed impossible for him to fight against the two of them at the same time.

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