Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 301 – The Great Ocean Surge

Chapter 301 – The Great Ocean Surge

Chapter 301 – The Great Ocean Surge


The sound of the waves became more and more violent, as if something ma.s.sive was going to happen in the ocean. With the continuous rolling of the ocean waves, the ocean’s temperature was constantly dropping.

Actually, the ocean’s temperature was always changing. For example, the temperature in the morning, noon, evening, and night were all different, but the difference wasn’t big. There had never been such a significant drop in temperature before. Also, the temperature was constantly dropping, and it didn’t seem to stop.

“Master Blissful, it’s late in the afternoon now, and the temperature is much lower than usual, and it’s constantly dropping. This has never happened before.”

Xu Neng said with a shocked expression.

“I have never experienced this either. Brother Chen Jiang, since there is an abnormality in the ocean, I’m going to find out what actually happened. As for you, take advantage of this chaotic situation and leave this place.”

After Master Blissful said that, he immediately disappeared from the scene. At the same time, Xu Neng cupped his fist toward Jiang Chen, and disappeared from the auction hall.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan exchanged glances; they could both find the same shocked look in each other’s eyes.

“Little Chen, what should we do? Are we really going to leave now?”

Han Yan looked at Jiang Chen and asked.

“No, we can’t leave yet, something big is going to happen here, and we might be able to find a stroke of luck.”

Big Yellow said.

“We’ve offended so many people, we will face a lot of trouble if we remain here.”

Han Yan said.

“Don’t worry. With me and Big Yellow’s current strength, we will be able to protect ourselves. It’s impossible for Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong to kill us. Come, let’s go check out what is happening in the ocean.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. With his and Big Yellow’s strength right now, they had no fear of any Early Combat Soul warriors. Since something unusual was happening within the ocean, something big might happen soon. Therefore, there was no way they could leave at this point of time.

Within the isolated room in the auction hall, Master Blissful suddenly appeared in a ghostly manner. The man in black was still sitting on the rattan chair with a smile on his face. He was still thinking about the funny scene caused by Big Yellow.

“Young master Nangong, here are three Nine Soul Restoration Pills. According to our deal, you’ll pay me three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water.”

Master Blissful handed the Nine Soul Restoration Pills to the man in black.

“Don’t worry. I, Nangong Wentian honor my own words, I naturally won’t deny our deal.”

Nangong Wentian casually waved his hand and retrieved a golden colored jade bottle. The contents within were exactly the same as the one that appeared in the auction; three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water.

Master Blissful’s eyes lit up, and he quickly took the Nine Solar Holy Water. He would never auction away this kind of treasure him. All he did was provide a place for Nangong Wentian to auction it, exchange it for three Nine Soul Restoration Pills. A deal like this was insanely valuable.

“Young master Nangong, since there is an abnormality in the ocean, where are you going next?”

Master Blissful asked.

“Daddy was hurt by a Soul Devouring Barbaric Beast, and there is barbaric poison within my body right now, and it’s constantly devouring my soul. What I need to do now is heal my soul as quickly as possible and get rid of the barbaric poison. The abnormality in the ocean has nothing to do with me, I only need to enter secluded cultivation here and absorb the Nine Soul Restoration Pills.”

Nangong Wentian said. When he mentioned the Soul Devouring Barbaric Beast, he couldn’t help but gnash his teeth in anger.

“It’s better that way. This place is a forbidden place within the manor, and besides me, no one else is allowed to come here and disturb. You can just stay here and cultivate in peace.”

Master Blissful had learned about Nangong Wentian’s condition before this, so he wasn’t surprised about Nangong Wentian’s decision. This was also the reason why Nangong Wentian wanted to exchange his Nine Solar Holy Water for the Nine Soul Restoration Pills. If he couldn’t find the pills in time, the wound on his soul wouldn’t be able to heal, and that would be a deadly threat to him.

After Master Blissful left, Nangong Wentian took off his bamboo hat and revealed a handsome face. He had a pair of straight eyebrows than slanted upwards, and a pair of clear eyes. Together with his sharp face and strong body, he gave off a manly aura.

He looked like he was in his mid-twenties, but the aura leaking from his body wasn’t any weak. Although he wasn’t a Combat Soul warrior, he was a peak Divine Core warrior.

“f.u.c.k! That d.a.m.n Soul Devouring Barbaric Beast; it’s killing daddy!”

Nangong Wentian cursed. His words instantly ruined his perfect image.

Right at this moment, everyone stood on top of a place with an open view of the entire Blissful Island. They all look out at the rocking ocean, and each of them wore the same shocked expressions.

In the far distance, the border between the ocean and the sky, the crowds could see the heavy ocean surges soaring into the sky. It covered a huge area, and it looked like a ma.s.sive, long dragon. The ocean waves slammed into each other, constantly producing deafening explosive sounds.

The entire scene resembled a coming doomsday. The Blissful Island was floating on the ocean, and it was violently shaking. It looked like it could be destroyed at any time by this incredible disaster.

“Oh heavens! Is the ocean’s doomsday coming? What is happening?”

“Why are there such large waves in the ocean? Is something big going to happen? I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

“I’m sure something big is going to happen. Otherwise, such abnormality wouldn’t be happening. But, I am wondering, will there be any danger?”


Everyone were shocked, no one here had every experience such an abnormal scene before. Feeling the ground underneath their feet constantly trembling, many warriors started feeling insecure.

Soon, violent storms covered all paths to the Blissful Island; all the return paths were shut. The ocean was rocking even more violently now, and countless dragon like waterspouts could be seen absolutely everywhere. These waterspouts were extremely powerful! In just an instant, many pitiful ocean creatures were pulled out from the bottom of the ocean, and all of them were instantly killed by the waterspouts. It was a frightening scene.

“We’re dead, all return paths are blocked off! With such a great ocean surge, any Divine Core warriors will be instantly killed!”

“We can’t leave now, only Combat Soul warriors have the ability to travel through such a great surge! For the Late Divine Core warriors, even if they aren’t killed by the waterspouts, they will lose their orientation within!”

“What’s going on? Why is the temperature getting lower and lower? And why doesn’t it seem like it’s about to stop dropping any time soon?”


Everyone’s expressions changed, this great surged was simply too devastating. In all directions, all return paths had been sealed shut by the chaotic ocean.

“Abnormality is always accompanied by something strange. With such a great ocean turmoil, something big is bound to happen, something extraordinary is definitely going to appear!”

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression.

“There might be a mighty treasure!”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. When he mentioned treasures, his spirit was immediately boosted.


It was as if heaven and earth was spinning around. The entire sky was filled with ocean waves, and the endless waves kept slamming into the Blissful Island like huge mountains. Some of the people with good eyesight even saw an island not far away from the Blissful Island collapsing because of the gigantic waves.

Right at this moment, countless enormous ocean waves were rolling toward the Blissful Island, and it seemed like the island was soon going to be destroyed.

“Not good! The waves are too powerful, if all of them hit the island at the same time, it will be completely destroyed!”

Someone exclaimed.


Right at this critical moment, Master Blissful let out a loud shout. He leapt into the sky, and started floating in mid-air. After that, he immediately transformed into a huge golden fish. The entire body was covered with golden colored scales, it was 30 meters long, and it looked like a gigantic golden mountain. A pair of mighty wings could also be seen on its back.

This was the Golden Glory Fish, Master Blissful’s true form! It was a terrifying creature!

Under the crowds’ terrified eyes, countless golden beams shout out from Master Blissful’s body. In an instant, these golden beams weaved together into a ma.s.sive golden net which covered the entire Blissful Island.

At the same time, the great ocean waves started slamming into the island from all directions, causing the gigantic golden net to violently shake. But even so, the oceans couldn’t destroy the golden net at all.

“What incredible strength! Master Blissful alone blocked off all the great ocean waves!”

“This is Master Blissful’s true form, it’s truly the most powerful existence in the ocean! Very terrifying!”

“Master Blissful is a Mid Combat Soul warrior, no ordinary men can compare with him. He alone is more than enough to block of all these gigantic ocean waves! We’ll be safe on this island!”


Master Blissful had shown his mightiness, shocking every single person who witnessed it. The overbearing reputation of this strong existence from the ocean was not just for show.

“All my friends who came from far, since there’s an unusual happening in the ocean, and since no one has any idea what is going on, for now, the Blissful Island will be your temporary shelter. I’m going to enter the ocean and find out what’s happening, so I need all of your help. Please keep injecting your Yuan energy into this net, it will help block the gigantic waves. Also, because the temperature is constantly dropping, I’m sure these waves won’t last for long, as the ocean will be frozen when the temperature drops to a freezing point.”

Master Blissful’s voice was loud like the roaring thunder as it swept across the entire island, and was heard by everyone.

After saying that, Master Blissful moved his gigantic body and flew through the gigantic golden net, catapulting himself into the ma.s.sive ocean waves. As a Golden Glory Fish, water was his natural habitat, and with his Combat Soul cultivation base, nothing could hurt him while he swam across the ma.s.sive waves.

But what everyone really respected was his courage. No one had any idea what caused the abnormality in the ocean. Entering the ocean and trying to figure out what was happening was a tremendous risk. There were quite a number of Combat Soul warriors here, but only Master Blissful had the courage to do so.

“Everyone, let’s block these gigantic waves together!”

The Golden Lion shouted. He became the first one to inject Yuan energy into the gigantic net.

After that, all the other Combat Soul warriors started contributing as well. Currently, there were rogue warriors, strange cultivators, and great warriors from different powers in the Eastern Continent gathered on the Blissful Island, and more than thirty of them were Combat Soul warriors. With these Combat Soul warriors’ cooperation, the Blissful Island’s defense would be rock solid.

“Let us contribute as well!”

A Divine Core warrior shouted as he started injecting his Yuan energy into the gigantic golden net. Right at this moment, the safety of the Blissful Island was the responsibility of every single person present, so no one dared hesitate. If the gigantic golden net was broken, the Blissful Island would definitely be destroyed by the devastating ocean waves, and all of them would be dragged into the waterspouts. Countless people would then die, and n.o.body wanted to see that happen. Therefore, everyone worked together with all their strength.