Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 295 – Nine Soul Restoration Pill

Chapter 295 – Nine Soul Restoration Pill

Chapter 295 – Nine Soul Restoration Pill

The black stone had a devilish charm. Its dark amber was breathtaking, and it was clearly an extraordinary treasure.

“This is a Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone, and it was brought to us by a special man from the ocean. The stone was found in a devil cave deep underneath the ocean. Vast amounts of natural devil energy filled the cave and gave birth to this Devil Soul Stone. It contains a ma.s.sive amount of devil energy, and it’s as hard as pure steel. Even ordinary High-Ranked Combat Weapons can’t break it. The starting price for this Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone is 10 million.”

Xu Neng announced.

But this time, the stone didn’t get too much attention from the audience. That was because, although a Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone was precious, it was not something any warrior could use. Those from the Eastern Continent were mostly decent cultivators, and very few of them were cultivating devilish skills, with the exception of some rogue warriors or strange cultivators from the ocean. Those people would cultivate a devilish skill in order to achieve a stronger cultivation base in a short amount of time.

As for this Devil Source Stone, unless it was bid for by someone who was cultivating a devilish skill, or a real devilish existence, ordinary people wouldn’t spend 10 million on it.

“11 million.”

But still, someone made a bid. It was a man in black sitting downstairs. His body was entirely covered by a long black robe, giving off an eerie aura. Clearly, he wasn’t a decent cultivator.

“15 million.”

Another voice sounded out from private room three. It wasn’t Jiang Chen who made a bid, it was Han Yan. Although other people didn’t want this stone, Han Yan was different.

“Brother Yan, you have the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline, why do you still care for a Devil Source Stone?”

Big Yellow asked.

“What I care for isn’t the devilish energy contained within the stone, but its material. I’m preparing to create a Natal Combat Weapon for myself once I break through to the Combat Soul realm, and this Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone is a good material for that.”

Han Yan said.

“He’s right. For any strong warrior, a Natal Weapon is far better than those ordinary combat weapons, and it can help the warrior unleash incredible power. More importantly, a Natal Weapon’s strength will increase together with the improvement of the owner’s cultivation rare, but it’s very rare for a warrior to make his own Natal Weapon. A Natal Weapon is directly linked to the warrior’s life, and creating it costs a huge amount of effort and mental strength. It’s really difficult, and the success rate is extremely low. But, since Brother Yan has the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline, I believe he will be able to succeed.”

Jiang Chen explained. When Han Yan mentioned the Natal Weapon, he couldn’t help but recall his Heavenly Saint Sword. He had put a lot of effort into making it, and it was only a Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon when it was born. But, following Jiang Chen’s growth into the strongest man in the entire Saint Origin Realm, it because a terrifying peerless Saint Weapon.

But too bad, the Heavenly Saint Sword had fallen from the Saint Cliff, and Jiang Chen had no idea if it still existed or not.

After Han Yan bid 15 million, the man in black threw his gaze over to the third private room and went silent. The entire audience clearly knew that those in the third private room were not someone they could easily mess with; it was better for them not to fight with Chen Jiang. Furthermore, 15 million was a huge sum for ordinary Divine Core warriors.

“Alright, looks like no one else is going to bid for it. This Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone belongs to young master Chen Jiang!”

This time, Xu Neng announced the result quickly. This was because he had a really good impression of Chen Jiang.

The auction carried on, and not long after that, Xiao Wei once again came into the room while carrying a golden plate.

“Young master Chen Jiang, master said this Perfect-Ranked Devil Source Stone is a gift for you.”

Xiao Wei said with a smile on her face.

“If that is the case, please help me express my grat.i.tude to Master Blissful.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile. He had helped the Blissful Manor earn quite a lot of money today, so giving him this Devil Source Stone for free was nothing much for them.

The auction hall still had the same heated atmosphere. All sorts of treasures kept appearing, Earth-Ranked cultivation and combat skill, and even two Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons were auction away. But, both weapons were obtained by the Myriad Sword Sect and the Shangguan Clan. Jiang Chen didn’t jump into the bidding war this time, he was still waiting for the final treasure to appear; he was hoping to see the Nine Solar Holy Water.

“Alright, next up will be the auction’s final item. This precious treasure was entrusted to us by a friend who came from a place far away! Also, our friend made a certain request, this final item will not be auctioned away with Mortal Restoration Pills!”

A complex look emerged on Xu Neng’s face. His words made the audience incredibly tense. Everyone were wondering what treasure it was, and they were even more curious, as the rules had been changed.

Under the enquiring eyes from the entire audience, a palm-sized jade bottle emerged on top of Xu Neng’s palm. It was a golden colored jade bottle, and no one knew what material it was made from. Just this jade bottle alone was a rare treasure.

When this jade bottle appeared, a pure Yang aura instantly leaked out from it, shocking everyone who sensed the aura.

As for the most shocked person, Jiang Chen who was in the third private room was the one.

“Nine Solar Holy Water!”

Jiang Chen jumped up from his rattan chair and nearly shouted out loudly. That pure Yang aura came from the Nine Solar Holy Water. Jiang Chen had cultivating the Nine Celestial Solar Energies in his past life, and when he was in his peak form, he was able to condense Nine Solar Holy Water, that’s why he was very familiar with its aura. He had no doubts about the contents within the jade bottle; it was definitely Nine Solar Holy Water!

This was a huge surprise, even Jiang Chen didn’t have too much hope of seeing the Nine Solar Holy Water during this auction.

“Within this bottle there are three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water! It’s a Saint-Ranked item, and I believe everyone knows about it! As for how precious it is, I don’t think I have to explain.”

Xu Neng’s voice was trembling. Putting such a rare and precious item up for auction was really a reckless waste of heaven’s good gift. In his opinion, there must be something wrong with the person who wants to auction this away.

Indeed, Xu Neng’s words once again brought a gigantic storm to the entire audience. No one could remain calm any longer. Numerous powerful energies could be sensed from the private rooms on the second floor. Clearly, even superpowers like the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan were shocked.

“d.a.m.n it, such a waste! How could someone want to auction away the Nine Solar Holy Water? If I obtained it myself, I would definitely consume it myself!”

“A single drop of the Nine Solar Holy Water can cleanse and purify a man, turning him into a genius! A superpower like the Myriad Sword Sect who has so many geniuses, if they give one drop to a genius, that will make his talent become even more peerless! Not only that, it will improve his cultivation! Even a Combat Soul warrior would benefit a lot from just a single drop of Holy Water, it can stimulate his potential and make him break through to a higher stage!”

“I never thought the auction’s final item would be the Nine Solar Holy Water! The Blissful Manor must have poured into a fortune to get this! I believe the special guest’s on the second floor are going crazy right now.”


Everyone present were stirred up again. The Nine Solar Holy Water gave rise to yet another storm which swept through the entire audience.

“The Blissful Manor really put the Nine Solar Holy Water up for auction after they got it. If it was any other people, they would definitely hide it like the most precious treasure.”

Han Yan said.

“If it was the Blissful Manor who obtained the Nine Solar Holy Water, I’m sure they wouldn’t take it out for auction. It looks like it belongs to someone else. Just now, Xu Neng mentioned that it was a friend of theirs who entrusted it to them, and it looks like the person doesn’t want any Mortal Restoration Pills; he only wants some other treasures. If my guess is correct, the owner of this Holy Water must have given some of it to Master Blissful. If not, Master Blissful wouldn’t help him with this matter. But I wonder, what will the person want in exchange for the Nine Solar Holy Water?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shone brightly.

“Little Chen, what if the thing he wants is really demanding?”

Han Yan worriedly asked.

“No matter what he wants, I’m going to get this Nine Solar Holy Water. I have an enormous fortune right now. Furthermore, aside from the Mortal and Earth Restoration Pills, I still have a few hundred combat weapons. Furthermore, the Revival Pills, b.l.o.o.d.y Fleeceflower Roots, and the few other things given to me by Xuan Ye are all precious items.”

Jiang Chen was determined to get the Nine Solar Holy Water, as it concerned Yan Chenyu’s life.

The audience calmed down after a short moment of making noise. Everyone stared at Xu Neng on the auction stage, waiting for him to announce what the requirements for getting the Nine Solar Holy Water was.

Xu Neng cleared his throat and continued, “I’ve mentioned it just now; the Nine Solar Holy Water was entrusted to us by a friend. He doesn’t want any Mortal Restoration Pills, nor Earth Restoration Pills. Even if you have Heavenly Restoration Pills, he doesn’t want them either. He told us, here are three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water, anyone who has 3 Nine Soul Sizing Pills will be able to exchange those for this precious treasure.”

Xu Neng’s words caused many people to stare at him, dumbfounded.

“Nine Soul Restoration Pills? What is that? Why have I never heard of it before?”

“Me neither, but it sounds like a rare pill. I wonder if the Myriad Sword Sect or Shangguan Clan have this pill?”

“Interesting, this is the first time an item hasn’t been auction away with Restoration Pills.”


Many people had confused looks on their faces. The Nine Soul Restoration Pill was an extremely rare pill, and only a real alchemist knew what it was.

“Little Chen, what is a Nine Soul Restoration Pills?”

Han Yan had no idea about it as well, that’s why he asked Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen was a man who knew everything.

“The Nine Soul Restoration Pill is a kind of pill that can nourish a person’s soul, an extremely rare and precious pill. The process of concocting it is much more difficult than any other similar pills. The nine its name represents the nine herbs with different characteristics that can provide nourishment to a person’s soul, and each characteristic requires nine different herbs. In other words, in order to concoct this Nine Soul Restoration Pill, it requires 81 different herbs that are useful to the soul. Also, some other natural herbs are needed to concoct a complete pill.”

Jiang Chen continued, “The soul nouris.h.i.+ng pill is rare and precious, and finding all 81 different types of herbs is even more difficult. Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult to find an alchemist in the Eastern Continent who can perfectly blend over a hundred different types of herbs, as well as 81 types of soul nouris.h.i.+ng herbs together. Concocting a pill like this is almost impossible. Not only does it require ma.s.sive resources; the alchemist can’t make any mistakes. A single mistake will destroy every natural ingredient in an instant.”