Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 291 – The Auction Begins

Chapter 291 – The Auction Begins

Chapter 291 – The Auction Begins

Jiang Chen didn’t take the minor conflict with the Myriad Sword Sect to heart. He and Han Yan continued walking around the square, but they didn’t find anything that interested them. One the other side, after Big Yellow ate the Flaming Stallion’s demon soul, he laid down on Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He seemed sleepy and dispirited.

“Little Chen, Big Yellow is going to sleep.”

Han Yan said.

“Sleeping is a good thing for this dog. Let’s go, we’ll head back to the courtyard now.”

Without saying anything else, Jiang Chen turned around and started walking toward the Blissful Manor, leaving the square. Every time Big Yellow started sleeping, he would gain huge benefits when he woke up. The Dragon Horse bloodline was beyond imagination, after absorbing the Flaming Stallion demon soul, Big Yellow would sleep once again, and he might break through to the Late Divine Core realm upon waking up.

For other people, there was no difference between the Flaming Stallion’s demon soul and any other demon soul, but for Big Yellow, there was a huge difference. He had the Dragon Horse bloodline, making him a supreme existence amongst all horses. He was also able to absorb all horse bloodlines and make it his own, improving his own bloodline. He would also become much stronger from absorbing bloodlines than he would from a sudden breakthrough. Therefore, after Big Yellow absorbs the Flaming Stallion demon soul, his cultivation would become a few times strong. The evolution of the bloodline also allowed him to break through to the Late Divine Core realm.

With Big Yellow’s mighty abilities, he would be able to fight any ordinary Combat Soul warriors upon breaking through to the Late Divine Core realm, and he would become a great help to Jiang Chen.

When they entered the courtyard, Big Yellow had already entered a deep slumber. Jiang Chen placed him in one of the rooms.

Soon, an entire day pa.s.sed, and it early in the morning. The enter Blissful Manor had become extremely lively; today was the day of the auction everyone had looked forward to. The three day trade fair had come to an end, and today’s even was the main attraction. All the preciously rare and unique treasures would appear during the auction. And as everyone knew, the treasures that would appear during the auction were not something those treasures sold in the trade fair could compare with.

Knock, knock, knock!

Gentle knocking could be heard from the courtyard’s door. Jiang Chen opened the door and saw Xiao Wei smiling outside the door.

“Young master Chen Jiang, the auction is starting soon. Master Blissful has given a special guest treatment to young master Chen Jiang; this is the token for private room number three.”

Xiao Wei handed over a palm size plate. The plate was made from pure gold, and it looked magnificent. The number ‘3’ was carved onto it.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan were both startled. They never expected this kind of treatment from Master Blissful.

Jiang Chen took the golden place. With a smile on his face, he said, “Miss Xiao Wei, please send my thanks to Master Blissful.”

Jiang Chen didn’t have any bad impressions of this Master Blissful. When he had a conflict with Mao Sheng, Master Blissful did help him settle it. Furthermore, Master Blissful must have been very satisfied with Jiang Chen’s performance that day, that’s why he gave Jiang Chen special treatment.

“I still have some auction related matters to settle. Xiao Wei will take leave now. Young master Jiang Chen, you can just go to the auction hall later; with this golden token, someone will bring you to your room.”

Xiao Wei bowed slightly toward Jiang Chen, then she turned around and left. Before she left, she didn’t forget to show Jiang Chen a flirtatious smile.

“Little Chen, I’m sure this girl has her eyes on you.”

Han Yan teased.

“Beat it!”

Jiang Chen gazed at Han Yan in a helpless manner. Right at this moment, a tremendous aura suddenly leaked out from one of them rooms. Following the leaking aura, golden beams of light emerged, causing the air to begin vibrating.

“It’s Big Yellow, he’s breaking through.”

Jiang Chen was really happy. He never thought it would take such a short amount of time for Big Yellow to level up this time. He had broken through to the Late Divine Core with just one day of sleeping. This showed that the Flaming Stallion’s demon soul greatly benefited Big Yellow.

“d.a.m.n it, this dog is really p.i.s.sing me off! Breaking through to new levels while sleeping, it’s really making me envious!”

Han Yan felt like he was going to cough up some blood. The cultivation path was tough, it would take ordinary people a long time to break through to the next level, and they also needed a perfect chance to do so. But, this dog just broke through to a new level just by sleeping… If anyone else knew this, they would be p.i.s.sed off and start coughing blood.

“We can’t judge this dog using common sense, you’re just looking for pain by comparing yourself to him.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. He had long ago gotten used to how Big Yellow broke through to new realms and stages.


A loud explosive sound could be heard, then the room’s door was shattering by a powerful force. After that, a huge and majestic dog the size of an adult bull strolled out from the room. His dog head raised high up, as if he was floating through the heavens.

“Big Yellow, can’t you just stay low profile? I know you just had a breakthrough, but that door didn’t offend you, right? Luckily, everyone is busy with the auction. Otherwise, they would definitely ask you to compensate for the door.”

Han Yan said.

“That’s what we call momentum… never mind, it’s something really superior, a mere mortal like you can’t understand what it is.”

Big Yellow was incredibly prideful. He had finally broken through to the Late Divine Core realm, causing his combat strength to experience a great surge. It also made him become even prouder of himself.

“That’s enough, hurry up and transform back, the auction is going to start soon.”

Jiang Chen said.

“d.a.m.n you! Transforming my mighty and majestic body into a puppy makes me feel depressed! Little Chen, with our strength right now, we don’t have any reason to be scared of those Combat Soul warriors out there, why can’t I just remain as I am right now?”

Big Yellow was showing his unwillingness.

“No way! The auction hasn’t even started yet, I don’t want any unnecessary trouble.”

Jiang Chen rejected. In the end, Big Yellow could only murmur to himself as he transformed into a puppy. After transforming, he jumped back onto Jiang Chen’s shoulder.

After that, the trio exited the courtyard and started walking toward the auction hall.

A huge auction hall was built in the center of the Blissful Manor. It was so huge that at least ten thousand people could stay in it at the same time. It had an appearance like a giant tower. With such a ma.s.sive venue, most people who came to this trade fair would be able to join the auction.

When Jiang Chen and Han Yan arrived at the auction hall, the place had been packed with an ocean of people. However, since there were people from the Blissful Manor around, the place was still in good order.

“d.a.m.n it, it took me an Earth Restoration Pill to enter the Blissful Island, and now they need me to pay another Earth Restoration Pill in order to enter the auction hall! This Master Blissful is really wicked.”

“Precisely, he’s too wicked! But never mind that, since we’re already here, if we don’t experience such a major event, we might not be able to sleep after we return home.”

“It’s only an Earth Restoration Pill! No matter what, we must go in and see what kinds of precious treasures will appear.”


Many people were unhappy about the entrance fee, but still, they were willing to pay so that they could enter the auction hall. Even if they didn’t have the resources to buy any treasures, they still wanted to experience this grand event; they wanted to see what kinds of treasures would appear in this auction.

Soon, Jiang Chen and Han Yan arrived in front of the auction hall’s front gate. He retrieved the golden plate given to him be Xiao Wei. When the Golden Warrior who stood in front of him saw it, his expression immediately changed, and he looked at Jiang Chen with respect.

“Honorable gust, you’re our most valuable guest, you don’t need to pay any entrance fee. Please follow me.”

The Golden Warrior showed a welcoming gesture. Under numerous envious eyes, Jiang Chen followed the Golden Warrior and entered the auction hall. They were heading to the second floor.

The auction hall was an arch shaped building, and there was a 3 meter tall stage right in the middle; it was the auction stage. In front of the stage were a lot of seats, all pointing toward the stage, making sure that every single audience member could clearly see the treasures on the stage.

As for the second floor of the auction hall, that was where all the private rooms were located. Those who had the privileges of staying in one of those rooms were all wealthy people with great influence. For this year’s auction, each of these private rooms was occupied by a Combat Soul warrior. Jiang Chen was the only exception.

Soon, private room number three was in sight. After Jiang Chen and Han Yan entered the room, the Golden Warrior gently shut the door behind them.

The decoration within the private room was simple. There was a long solid wood table right in the center, and in front of the table there were a few big rattan chairs. In front of these chairs, there was a crystal clear gla.s.s. Jiang Chen could see the entire auction hall when sitting on the rattan chair, and he could also clearly see all the treasures placed on the stage.

“This place is really nice, I never thought we’d receive such grand treatment.”

Han Yan sat down on the rattan chair with his legs crossed. His expression show that he was enjoying himself. Compared to the tight seats downstairs, this private room really was grand treatment for the special guests.

Ten minutes later, an ear-splitting bell ringing sound could be heard throughout the entire auction hall. It instantly calmed down the noise. After that, an old man in a gray robe slowly descended from above and landed right onto the stage.

The old man was in his fifties, and his sleeves fluttered with every soft breeze pa.s.sing by. His oily face carried a friendly smile, leaving a good impression on all those who watched him. Furthermore, this old man had a pretty strong cultivation base; he was actually a peak Divine Core warrior.


When the old man landed on the auction stage, he cleared his throat and looked around. After that, with a loud and clear voice, he said, “Welcome friends, welcome to this year’s auction! I’m the auctioneer, Xu Neng, and I’ll be the ceremony master for today’s auction. Next, I’ll explain the rules for the auction…”

The old man started explaining the rules without any stops, but most people thought he was just speaking nonsense. The old man’s name was Xu Neng, and one could tell he was a capable man from his name. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be a.s.signed to be ceremony master.

[TL: Neng means capable.]

“What a talkative old man, hurry up and start the auction!”

“Yea! Daddy is going to fall asleep!”

Many people couldn’t take it anymore. This old man sure knew how to spout eloquent speeches.

“Alright, I think everyone should have a clear understanding of the rules now. Next, I’m going to mention the most important thing for this auction; everyone’s wealth will be calculated with Mortal Restoration Pills.”

The reason for this was to make the auction simpler. All treasures would be bid on with Mortal Restoration Pills; it was the base currency for this auction.